“Moderate” Manchin Goes Full Tyrant On Senate Colleagues Hawley, Cruz — Suggests 14th Amendment “Should Be A Consideration”

(Tea Party 247) – Senator Joe Manchin of Virginia (D) told PBS on Friday that his colleagues Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) ought to be considered for removal under the 14th Amendment for the role they played in objecting to the election results on January 6th.

Manchin, who has been a swing voter in the Senate, told “Firing Line” Friday that Cruz and Hawley were responsible for the riot in the Capitol Building earlier this month simply for objecting to the electors.

This is doublespeak—it is not the senators’ fault what people who shared their opinion of the legitimacy of the election did.

How can we ever expect to fairly scrutinize the election now—or protect the integrity of the democratic process—if it’s now verboten to even believe that an election has been stolen?!

It’s utterly fascistic. Things are far worse than we thought.

“They should look, absolutely. That should be a consideration,” Manchin replied when asked if the 14th Amendment could indeed be triggered as a result of the Senators’ stance.

“He understands that, Ted’s a very bright individual, and I get along fine with Ted. But what he did was totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities or our privileges,” he stated.

The 14th Amendment states that no lawmaker in office “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

Of course, Cruz and Hawley did no such thing.

Cruz and Hawley and the over 150 lawmakers on Capitol Hill who pledged to object to the electors that day objected to the electors, they did nothing to incite violence on the very building they themselves had been sitting at the time of the violence!

Is critical thinking utterly and completely dead in this day and age, or what?

Meanwhile, many members of the group that sieged the capitol that day were members of Antifa, a group that members of the House and Senate alike have refused to condemn and even denied it exists at all!

The double-standard is beyond infuriating.

The FBI found, in fact, that the riot had been planned long in advance and took place when President Trump was speaking to the crowd at the Ellipse!

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  1. Manchin knows if he votes against any policy the dems put up he is committing political suicide, the dems will destroy him, he’s a lying wimp and will follow along with whatever they tell him to.
    In front of the cameras he talks the typical political BS, like he’s such a reasonable person, he loves the title of being a so called “moderate democrat” he’s full of shit.

  2. Just another blabbering idiot democrat that has shit for brains and balls the size of ants. Ok now another one gets press time for being an idiot. When will sites like this refuse to print there statements. As twitter does his statements are disputed!

  3. For many arrests, we’ve seen the FBI and other agencies display various weapons, money, and drugs. For this assault on the capital, where are the hundred AK-47s that they intimate would be necessary for armed rebellion. Are they going to show the Seized weapons?
    What about the cop that shot the patriot? where is the video of that did he ask her to stop before he shot her. no one is asking questions about this. No buildings were burned?

  4. Senators Cruz and Hawley did exactly what was ask of them from their constituents and is their sworn duty to the people of the states they represent. They did their job! But in the communist government that we have become that’s consider inssurection! If they were wrong and this was a fair election, why is there 25,000 national guard in the capital for the inauguration of a illigitamate President elect?

  5. Not one judge, governor or election official has said “no fraud” — especially after seeing ballots pulled from suitcase in midnight counting. The statement is “no WIDE-SPREAD fraud. Well, the spread was wide enough to illegally elect a very crooked candidate and disallow a very qualified, performance justified candidate. America was robbed. We are mired in the SWAMP again. I pray for the bravest, for Cruz, Hawley and Trump family.

  6. Manchin is not just a moderate Democrat, he is an outright fool that flows with the prevailing wind. Most have already forgotten; but, do a little research and you will find that he is as shady as the East side of a large oak tree at 5 pm in the middle of summertime. Since he was a Democrat, his involvement was pretty much hidden; but, check out his family Involvement in the price gauging fiasco of the EpiPen a few years ago. Just another Democrat!

  7. Even the moderate demos will fall in line, with the radicals. It’s all about the job and benis. Have you seen a.o.c.’s wardrobe lately. Do you really think about the average American?


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