Minnesota Father In Desperate Fight To Save His Son From Demented Mother’s Push To Make Him A Girl

(Tea Party 247) – The transgender lunacy in America is reaching a fever pitch as parents are forcing their children into a life of misery and confusion. As we have just recently seen in the case of James Younger, it’s becoming much easier for parents to force their children to live as the opposite sex than it is for parents to protect their children from that kind of abuse. It’s mind-boggling. Everything is backwards.

Now a Minnesota father finds himself in a similar battle to save his 10-year-old son. Brenton Netz in the father of Miles, an autistic boy whose mother has been forcing him to live as a girl since he was only 3-years-old.

Netz shared Miles’ story with Activist Mommy:

Brenton Netz, a father in Minnesota, has shared with Activist Mommy the story of his son, Miles Gewirtz, who is being subject to much the same treatment as James Younger.

When Miles was a little boy, his father says he presented as such, and happily so.

Although Netz and Miles’ mother, Sarah Gewirtz, did not live together, Netz was a loving father committed to being there for his son and lived just a few blocks away from Miles’ infancy until age seven. At age three, however, Netz says Miles’ mother, Sarah Gewirtz, began secretly “treating and affirming him as a girl.”

Due to his diagnosis of autism at age 4, Netz adds, Miles was highly impressionable, allowing Gewirtz to impose a new identity on him: a girl named “Miley.”

“Sarah has pushed: dolls, disney princesses (his deepest obsession I would say) she pushed him to grow his hair long, and by the age of 6, had him wearing dresses, nightgowns and even lingerie,” Netz said. 

Much like Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pro-LGBT pediatrician and the mother of James Younger, Gewirtz appears to have an affinity for all things “inclusivity.”

According to Netz, Gewirtz has curated quite the collection of LGBT literature as the librarian at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Also like Dr. Georgulas, Netz reports that Gewirtz has an “emasculating nature about her” and what may very well be “a modern form of Munchausen by proxy disorder.”

Gewirtz’s practice of imposing dolls and dresses on Miles was “kept secret (only in her home that I know of) until he was 7,” Netz continued. “Around age 7, Sarah informed me that Miles was from then on to be called ‘Miley’ be allowed to wear dresses during our weekends and extended summer time, and if I had a problem with this, I wasn’t allowed to have him anymore.”

This is totally sick. What kind of a mother forces her son to live as a girl?

This isn’t about being “inclusive” or “tolerant” this is child abuse. Just like Dr. Anne Georgulas, Gewirtz is psychologically abusing her son and those in the court system are apparently more concerned with being LGBT activists than they are with protecting children.

What is especially scary is that Miles is on the edge of being forced to take puberty blockers which cause permanent, irreversible damage. Netz told Activist Mommy that Miles has been seeing a “’nonbinary’ homosexual ‘gender therapist’ at a clinic called Centracare” and that this individual reports that Miles “identifies as a transgender lesbian.” Miles is 10-years-old, there should be no talk of sexuality whatsoever, yet here is a supposed “gender identity” specialist labeling him as a “transgender lesbian.” What utter rubbish.

Activist Mommy goes on to report:

According to Netz’ GoFundMe page, “Miles has recently reached what is called ‘Tanner Stage 2’ which according to the ‘experts’ at the gender clinic, puberty blockers would be considered ‘standard of care’ for any child with ‘persistent, well documented gender dysphoria’. This will lead to female hormones and eventually surgery.” As we’ve also reported in the past, the puberty blockers Miles will likely soon be subjected to are not reversible and carry serious, long-term health risks.

“I’m currently making it my full-time job to gear up for a similar run [to Jeffrey Younger’s] at the family courts and get Miles away from Troy Weber-Brown and possibly full custody of my son,” Netz concluded.

This is a highly disturbing situation and Brenton Netz and his son Miles need our help. Consider donating anything you can to help this loving father save his son from a life of darkness and misery at the hands of his mother.


  1. #savemiles #savemilesgewirtz #milesgewirtz thank you to who ever runs this website for posting this. If you want to speak to me directly, please reach out to me on Twitter or the savemiles Facebook page or YouTube channel I started. Brenton (Miles’ father)

  2. HAving taught children 3,4,5th graders for over 38 years, this mother is totally insane. And with Autism, no less. He had one thing going against him and now he has two. She should lose all rights pending an evaluation of the mother and father. This child will have enough problems all his life but she is contributing to it. Children do commit suicide qhwn old enough some because they were never allowed to find out who THEY really are. Has anyone listened to the child? Does he go to a regular school or a special school? This child is going to also be going through puberty and how will that affect him menetally on top of a sex change that the mothers seems determined to “FORCE” on this young boy. ANd yeah! for the father!

  3. This post is utter bullshit. Do more research before you post such an article. The father is a piece of shit and Miley’s mother is amazing. Nothing is forced. Educate yourselves before harming the name of this mother and child.

    • Sorry but no child at age 3 or 10 knows for sure what their sex is, nor should they be allowed to make this type of decision. The child cannot vote, drink, smoke, be drafted or enter military, or sign a legal contract at this age. Why should the child be allowed to make such a life altering decision at 10?

    • This post is just another piece of SHIT!! get your head out of the dark between your legs and see the REAL WORLD as it ACTUALLY is and quit STINKING up this site with FILTH!!

    • “Miley”
      So, you think a 10-year old autistic boy is a girl and lesbian, but the father is a “piece of shit”, eh?

  4. This mother presents herself as an insane individual. Who dresses a young boy in lingerie? This is a woman in desperate need of psychiatric counseling and should have no control over any child until then.

  5. This obviously very sick woman, probably wanted a daughter, and this horrible thing that she is forcing on her son, would give her a “Daughter” !

  6. Madness, and it needs to be outed as such. How long are we going to let a minority of disturbed paraphiliacs convince us that black is white, day is night, male is female, sick is healthy, etc.? It’s time to put our collective feet down and stop letting the tail wag the dog.

  7. Miles cannot get a tattoo, or vote, or drive, or join the Army, or buy alcohol or cigs, or sign a contract. What counselor, psychologist, endocrinologist or surgeon can read the future and prescribe life endangering and life altering treatments to a small child. This is medical or mental MALPRACTICE! Who are these PSYCHOTIC SOCIOPATHS and why are they licensed for malpractice?
    According to the DSM5, up to 98% of all gender dysphoric children will accept and embrace the sex/gender they are born with, if allowed to go through natural puberty. No puberty blockers, hormones or operations should be allowed on ANY minor. One must be mature enough to make such lifelong decisions.

    • The sooner, the better. Children’s lives are being endangered and ruined every day while this insanity persists.

    • Please! I want to see this go to the SC. I’m afraid I’m losing my mind sometimes, almost 70 and have always seen myself as open minded but this trend is terrifying me. Especially with judges, juries and “ mental health professionals” going along with it. So much , so soon after thousand of years of human history

  8. “How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

  9. There seem to be a lot of man haters out there who mistakenly had male children. I suggest, when they hate men, they give all male babies up for adoption.

    • I don’t know if it’s coincidence; does anyone know ? We have 2 cases of a divorced or single woman wanting to force their male child to be a girl !? And the one is a pediatrican !

  10. Image what the twin of James is thinking or feeling. Watching his brother being abused. So this will screw up 2 kids in that family.

    • I wondered about that too. Maybe he’s wondering if he’ll be” next “ what about the relationship future if these twins ??

  11. This is terrible. When these boys grow up and see their infant pictures and birth certificates and realize their mommy had their penises cut off, they will seek help from friends, who will stay away from them and call them freaks. They will hate their mothers for doing this and their father’s for not stopping it. Imagine hem meeting a potential mate and having to tell them this and also they can never have children. These kids will likely kill themselves and committ mass shootings. Let them decide when they grow up. At these ages, kids aren’t thinking these things. Lick up their mothers or put the kids in foster homes and let the kids grow up like kids.

  12. When this kid turns 18, he should gain the right to have his mother’s genitals and reproductive organs forcibly removed, just as she is choosing to do to him.

  13. Fight for your child with all that you have, this is a fight for his soul. Anyone who wants to change the gender of a child who really has no idea what or who they want to be at 10 years of age, has to be totally controlled by evil forces. This is a life altering decision, once done is permanent. This should be a decision that someone who is an adult and old enough to understand the consequences makes. Not a decision that a parent makes.

  14. The mother is mentally unstable and will permanently cause her child to be damaged both physically and mentally . What she wants to do is nothing short of child abuse and she should be arrested and the child taken away. Where child protective services?

  15. Omg I wish you the best this is all a bunch of BS this country is turning into they all need to fallow the BIBLE an leave them as they were born !!!!

  16. This Mother should be check for mental illness. On the grounds a sex of a child is what they are born until the Child is old enough to make up there mind if they are a girl and want to be a boy or a boy that wants to be a girl. This mother is did not give the boy child the right to be a boy. So how mental ill is this mother that she would want to turn a boy into a girl at such a young age this should not be the mothers choice but the child when he gets older. This totally shows mental illness on the mothers actions.

  17. Why would any one in their right mind even think of doing such a thing to a child? She should be prosecuted for child abuse and the father given full rights.

  18. I grew up in that area. The two colleges referenced St. John’s University and St. Benedict’s are Catholic schools. What the hell is up with this crap. Mother needs help!!! This child may as he matures decide that he is gay. That’s OK!!! but at this young age and given his medical diagnosis he will do what ever his primary care giver tells him. This is SICK!!! I thought that the folks in that area of the Midwest usually exhibited great common sense!!!…now I’m beginning to wonder. Folks are so afraid of attracting the rath of the way left LGBTQ community that they just knuckle under. Case in point Chick-fil-A, and the fanatics will never be satisfied!!!

  19. This is awful-demonic. For a “mom” to force this on a child is evil. The “mom” needs prayer and plenty of it. She should be seeing a psychologist to get her issues sorted out.

  20. The mother my have done enough damage to the child at this point but we can not know till he becomes an adult. It all depends on the father . At this point it depends on how much damage did the mother do.

  21. The state of Mn an the world around us especially the us has fallen into sin that only God can heal liberals are blind an they think what there doing is right once yet in the Bible it’s called the blind leading the blind when are moral driven people going to fight against this an stand up for what is right


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