Minneapolis Protestors Set City On Fire During The Night. You Won’t Believe These Videos…

(Tea Party 247) – Violent protests have erupted in Minneapolis Wednesday night resulting in businesses and other structures, including an unfinished apartment complex, being burnt to the ground. The protestors are enraged over the death of George Floyd who died after a police officer held his knee to Floyd’s neck effectively suffocating him.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports:

It was the second night of clashes between protesters and law enforcement following Floyd’s death Monday evening, shortly after being pinned to the ground beneath the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin until he lost consciousness. In a viral video that captured much of the incident, a handcuffed Floyd lying prone on the ground can be heard telling Chauvin that he can’t breathe.

Chauvin and three other officers involved in the incident were fired by the department on Tuesday. At a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called on Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to charge Chauvin in Floyd’s death.

Wednesday evening, demonstrators at the third precinct hurled rocks and bottles at the building and officers assembled outside, while the police fired tear gas, stun grenades and less-lethal projectiles at the crowd.

The unrest escalated as the night wore on. By midnight, dozens of stores and restaurants for blocks around the third precinct were looted and vandalized, including the Minnehaha Center strip mall, which comprises Target, Cub Foods, Dollar Tree and other businesses. Through broken windows, security alarms blared unanswered until dawn.

The most damage was caused by fires which utterly destroyed an AutoZone and an apartment building that was still under construction.

One journalist was able to get footage of the blaze being set before it completely consumed and destroyed the building:

Posted by Alpha News on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The crowd also launched dangerous fireworks at police officers:

It really isn’t clear what “protestors” are hoping to accomplish with these violent acts of aggression. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo pointed out, “Justice historically has never come to fruition through some of the acts we’re seeing tonight, whether it’s the looting, the damage to property or other things.”

He’s right. These violent protests won’t serve to accomplish anything positive and are only destroying the community in which these vandals live.

The chaos ensued all night long:

Firefighters were even being harassed and attacked as they showed up to do their job and protect the community from the fires:

This case is very different than other cases in which blacks have been killed by police officers. The officers involved were immediately fired and the mayor is calling for criminal prosecution. I think the country is united in acknowledging that Floyd’s death was murder and most definitely not warranted.

The massive looting, arson, and destruction now plaguing Minneapolis only serve to make more victims. If the mayor is already calling for the arrest of the officer who killed Floyd, what exactly do the protestors want? Perhaps just to cause chaos. They pretend to value the life of George Floyd while destroying the livelihoods of their neighbors.

This violence is absolutely senseless.


  1. Call in the military and lock these animals up right now and the democrats runing every city and state allowing these animals to run around burning down the country. Send them to DC also and arrest that mayor for allowing our national monuments to burn down and ST Johns Church, She is a disgrace and those are not just her monuments they are the peoples. And this person is pissed she allowed this to happena nd she should be held accountable for a change. Lock her up and make her pay for all the damage to the monuments that belong to us people,

  2. It is liberal thugs doing the looting and burning Minneapolis. That is the liberal mentality but Pelosi will some how try to blame President Trump.

  3. These thugs that are looting and burning the city need to be shot on sight. The people they are hurting had absolutely nothing to do with the reason for their protests and will acomplish nothing. These people aren’t protesters they are criminals.

  4. The new normal for mourning. Burning and looting. Some of the folks doing this seem to be enjoying themselves by their posing for photos.

  5. dear Stephen, We get it! You are all for destroyig your innocent neighbors and local property in retaliation for something that NONE of them had a part in!! We are all worrying about racism but have you thought of DISGUST. I have friends who are black and I would do anything for them. They would never tell their friends or children to go out and tear down the city they live in, because after that they get to live in the ruins around them. This kind of behavior does not make the rest of the country think well of those who did this. This has nothing to do with racism. I don’t think well of the Antifa thugs operating on the west coast who terrorized blaacks, whites and Asians. The eldery man those thugs beat up was white! They love the feel of power as they intimidate and destroy. That is what is going on in Minneapolis right now. All those involved in destruction should be arrested not given a “get out of jail free card”! Yes the officers need to be arrested and tried but this kind of behavior leads to more division and more difficulty not less. Then people like you can hollar discrimination and racism.

  6. Lowlifes doing what they do whenever they can find an excuse. Idiots with cameras trying to be the first to get pictures of peoples possessions being stolen and destroyed. What else is new?


  8. There is wrong doing on both sides. Look at the abuse on cops in NYC. I didn’t see the punk who punched out the cop arrested . By the same token there are cops who are unfit to serve. We need just laws that serve all citizens. Rioters should never be tolerated. Apathy by the population allows these things to happen. Hold your leader’s accountable. Shut down Antifa, a bunch of retards. Vote out the race baiting leftist/ Marxist who exploit the underclass.

  9. Stephen, it’s exactly your moronic opinion that allows other crimes to be committed because of one injustice and crime.

    Tell that to us the next time you need a police officer, or your home or your livelihood is destroyed for no good reason.

  10. So the mayor is calling for the arrest of the officer. I agree.

    Is he calling for the arrest of the looters, those who set buildings on fire, the thugs who beat up the elderly woman in a wheel chair or will he accept those crimes committed as people “venting” like the mayor of Baltimore?
    Will he repay the owner’s of the businesses for their damage and loss?

    Make no mistake, this is a tragedy and those who committed this murder must be held responsible and receive the proper punishment.
    The same should apply to those who destroyed, burned, looted and physically harmed innocent people.

  11. Why is it that you NEVER see riots when a white criminal is killed by police? After all, it happens twice as much to white criminals as it does to black criminals!

  12. These riots have nothing to do with the unjust death of that man. These are scum bags who want to destroy and steal things.

  13. Yah the next time a white person is murdered by a black person we should run out and loot, steal and destroy innocent people’s property. Just so we can show how uncivilized we really are. These people are always just looking for a reason to be the low life criminals that they are. They should be stopped with lethal force!

  14. Watching the carnage for one bad single mistake on TV reminds me of DEVILS NIGHT IN DETROIT AT HALLOWEEN!!
    Yes a bunch of evil devils when Satan comes out and controls! It is dangerous today to allow demonstrations, especially of this nature to take place, as we see attracts subversive and deadly groups whose only purpose is to divide and conquer !!!ANTI-FA, Socialist/ Communist, and more . Stop Satan and make peace and healing!!!

  15. I do not understand people who allow militant thieves, arsonists, and racists to destroy their community! How does looting, burning, and threatening honor a man’s memory?

  16. While I cannot condone what transpired between the late George Floyd and the local constabulary, I also cannot condone the reported participation of ANTIFA in the ensuing riots and senseless destruction and waste which followed. ANTIFA is a progressive, metastatic CANCER on the Body Politic and should be excised before terminal anarchy becomes the order of the day! My solution: the total extermination of ANTIFA as an active militaristic agency of enforcement for the so-called “progressive” Left down to the last surviving member! Put another way (and this is by far my favorite), OPEN SEASON! NO BAG LIMIT! NO LICENSE REQUIRED!

  17. I don’t agree with the looting and fires BUT here we go. If you or I had done what that officer did, where would we be? BEHIND BARS. To stop the rioting, just maybe the mayor should have those for cops arrested and put behind bars until their court date comes up just like the rest of us citizens would be. The officer with his knee on the guys neck should be charged with MURDER 1 and the other three should be charged with accessory to MURDER 1.

  18. Some people never let the justice system work. They look for a “reason” to loot and destroy. Like some say, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Normal, law abiding folks do not react this way to anything. Peaceful protests, yes, but this NO. This attitude is destroying a life of freedom for all of us. People who hate and destroy should, as punishment, be sent to live in some country like China or Venezuela for the rest of thier lives. But this will all go unpunished, the same as threatening the life of the President of our United States goes on being ignored. What has happened here? Deeply saddened.

  19. Please stop calling them “demonstrators”! They’re your basic thug rioters, and should be dealt with as such!!!

  20. Until things change in the United States this is the only course black people have. Of course it is useless but if they go to white neighborhoods they will be killed. The United States doesn’t want to change.

  21. When the prosecutorcould have stopped mpost of this with a simple arrest of at least the person who actually had his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck, but itseems from all the other instances, it ssems like the prosecutor is in bed with the police, not wanting to arrest a police officer for anything. Now an arrest is not a conviction and there is a long road even before a trial of any police oficer. Now when our law enforcement are not going to be treated like anyone else in the community thenm we have a big problem in this USA. The US is more like Autocratic countries when it comes to police actions. Especially with black people. Now a few bad police officers do make it hard for the rest of the good law enforcement officers.

    • Why is it race has to come into when a black person is killed by a police? They are just as many white people killed by people, but you don’t even hear about it on the mainstream media, much less the senseless destruction of innocent people businesses by thugs. NO THIS GUY DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE GIVEN THE INFORMATION AND SEEING THE VIDEO AND YES, THAT OFFICER AND THE OTHERS SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND TRIED IN THE COURTS OF LAW. Al Sharpton needs to stay the hell away, he is a race baiter and lives off of the poor blacks money. My thoughts are with the family of Mr. Floyd.

  22. We have seen this before beginning in Watts way back when. Then it got really worse under the Obama administration and was called free speech when it was really anarchists at work. In Seattle during the World Trade Conference rioters were destroying private property just because they could, said one rioter destroying a shop sign. At least the Seattle police rounded them up and stuck them inside the Kingdom and cleared the innocent rounded up letting them go but brought criminal charges to those guilty. This is mostly what is wrong with the new Democratic Party and the liberal establishment and needs to be dealt with by force of law and Martial law if needed on a local basis. Even on the campuses of colleges and universities, we see the same thing happening and no one is held to account. Anarchy is wrong and Illegal and needs to be dealt with forcibly. Our National Guard needs to be deployed in such situations and Martial law established locally until all of us can peacably assemble to address grievences to our govenors and lineral judges are another part of the equation.

  23. National Guard should have been called in at the beginning,
    I agree with the murder charge. These men need to maintain their anger and aggression, this whole ness is on Chauvin.

    • they wouldn’t need the national guard if they had arrested the damn cop that’s why the rioting because of the Injustice of watching on film of a cop actually killed a man and they don’t want to do nothing about it except well we got to investigate all you have to do is watch the video you can sit there and watch him kill the man what more do they need

  24. I am upset more is not being shared around all three of the officers holding Mr George down and the multiple people begging the officer to get off him and put him in the car. The KILLING was and is gross negligence and intensional. Justice should be swift and charges filed ASAP. However, the protest now RIOTS must stop as well. All this is doing is showing ignorance and destroying there own community. America is with them on outrage not on LOOTING and Property distruction… Stop the Madness… before more lives are lost!!!!

    • I’m sorry if I watch the videos and that was my son I would tell the protesters to burn until the cops are arrested until they arrested riot every night and burn the damn City to the ground. if it was my son I would find after watching the video. I would find it hard not to hunt the son of a b**** down and kill him myself it would take every ounce of restraint to keep me from doing that and I honestly I don’t know if I have that kind of restraint if it had been my son

  25. Floyed will get Justice but this arson and theft should carry charges also. The criminal system works for everyone. Wrongs are done everyday but you can’t burn cities down for every wrong. Let the system work.

    • The justice system is broken and has been for a long time as their is no equal anymore. You and I would be sitting in jail right now. You watch, the cops will get off with minor charges. The cop on his neck committed murder 1 and the other three accessorys to Murder 1. Most people say that most cops are good, I disagree with that as the supposed good cops stand by and let the bad ones be bad without saying or doing anything about it. Believe me, it is gang mentality with the cops as you make one move and you have 15 cops taking you out.


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