Michigan’s Democrat Governor Issues Threat To Doctors And Pharmacists Who Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus; Here’s What She Said

(Tea Party 247) – How much do Democrats hate President Trump? Enough to threaten doctors who try to prescribe or dispense hydroxycholorquine for the coronavirus, which has thus far been successful at treating the illness, simply because the president suggested this information in a briefing meant to update us on the latest information from his taskforce handling the pandemic.

Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is the latest governor to issue warnings to doctors thinking of taking this route to help provide relief for patients suffering from the virus, clearly caring little for the fact this medication might actually save lives.

Welcome to the politicization of a global pandemic.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Detroit News reported:

If you live in Michigan, and you or a loved one is infected with this potentially lethal disease, you’re out of luck.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs literally threatened all doctors and pharmacists in the state who prescribe or dispense hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

The agency’s March 24 letter warns physicians and pharmacists of professional consequences for the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine (and chloroquine). Beyond the rational recommendation against hoarding as production of this medication needs to be ramped up, the letter deviates into open threats of “administrative action” against the licenses of doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.

The letter from Whitmer also tells pharmacists to completely disregard orders from any physician that might call for this medication to be used in the treatment of the illness. How sick and twisted is that? It’s okay to force a doctor to go against his religious beliefs and make him or her fill a prescription for an abortive birth control pill, but perfectly acceptable to tell them to ignore doctor’s orders for a potentially life saving medication?

Folks, the left has completely lost their minds over this issue. People are dying right now. Lots of them. Their lives might have been saved had they received hydroxycholorquine to help deal with the illness. Why in the world is it such a big issue to just let people have what has been proven to be helpful?

Even worse, the letter indicates health care providers are “required to report” their fellow physicians who are prescribing these medications. This draconian measure carries ominous Gestapo-like overtones of neighbor reporting neighbor to “authorities.”

Turning physicians and pharmacists against each other during a pandemic? Seriously? What in the world is going on with these people? Listen, it’s an unfortunate thing that the man who swallowed fish bowl cleaner thinking it was medicine died. However, that’s no one’s fault but his own for not doing what the president said and seeking the medication from a doctor.

Stopping this medication from being dispensed to those who could benefit from it is cruel, unethical, and just plain evil. Someone needs to step in and put folks like Whitmer back in her place. If she truly cares about the American people, she needs to let doctors do their jobs and stay out of the way.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/michigans-democrat-governor-threatens-all-doctors-and-pharmacists-who-prescribe-or-dispense-hydroxychloroquine-for-coronavirus/


  1. SAD people of Michigan voted this Govenor into office. Now you have to live with her bad choices for you the people. SAD SAD SAD STUPID Votes

    • don’t worry they wil keep voitng her in. In NY the governor has issued a similar executive order, according a poll he has 87% voter acceptance

  2. This what happens when you a person in power who can not lead. So she will kill people who may have a chance to live. The AMA should bring her up on murder charges. When Dr. finely receive there full practicing lenience the oat they take to help there patients to the best of there ability.

  3. see what happens if she gets sick and needs her “forbidden cure”.
    her chances of reelection (or for any public office) are now slim to none.

  4. If I knew anyone who had the virus and was denied the ability to get it by the governor, i would make sure they sued the governor and filed criminal complaints of attempted murder. If they died I would charge wrongful death.

  5. If the people in her State are happy with that and they continue to support her. Well whatever happens is on them, one way or another.


  7. Poor John Smith.

    Since “All Republicans are unscientific idiots” maybe he can tell me where to return my three college degrees (B.S., M.S. Ph.D.) all in biological sciences. I guess that those three nationally recognized universities are much less informed than he.

    Or maybe it is just his hate.

  8. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life…By FAR, she is the worst governor we’ve EVER had…When she was on the campaign trail, I said: “Uh-Oh…she sounds like Granholm 2.0” She’s even more sick & twisted than J.G. ever was…Glad I voted for her opponent… GOD HELP US!!!

    • that’s one way, or y can’t the president use executive order for plain justice for this issue and all related?

  9. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC TRAITOR JERK recalled in a Special election with a REAL governor replacing her? . . . Sounds LOGICAL to me! One Inquiring Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Gotta get that body count up …..vote and vote often or the communist socialist’s will take over!!…this is how your life will be every year the flu happens…MAGA 2020!!

  11. Has the FDA approved this medication for treatment of this? Last I heard it was still in clinical trials.

  12. Maybe she will get the virus. I would let her die. Just following orders!. If one of my love one died because she wouldn’t let the doctor treat them, she would have to answer to me!!!

  13. David I agree with you!!!! John Smith needs help!!! I’m like this if a person doesn’t like what these people are saying. Don’t get on this site and post plain and simple. It shows John Smith that you get highly aggravated and bothered on what people say. I’m sure what these people are saying will have up all night and you can’t sleep!!!! They get under your skin huh!!! Actually I think it’s funny that they bother you. Lmbo!!!! You don’t know how to handle words or the Truth!!!! Lmbo!!!! Maybe you should go see a Dr. For help

  14. This sick excuse for a person should be injected with the virus and allowed to die with the treatment just out of reach. Fair is fair.

    • U get a degree whether U’re the top of the class or the bottom, and it doesn’t state on the degree your standing in the class. Guess its fair to say she was at the bottom.

  15. Where did she get her medical license??? She is as ignorant as AOC s Ass and her group of five! She should butt out of areas she knows nothing about! She is killing her own people!

  16. I would hope that if I were a physician that I would disregard these directives and do what my conscience would tell me to do for my patients. Who died and made her the Boss over Physicians and Pharmacists? By this, I think she has shown no competency for the elected position she holds and hope voters turn her out of office ASAP by a recall election. IMHO she is dangerous.

  17. She is an ignorant wench that got elected because she wasn’t the ugliest candidate. She is, however, an idiot. For some reason liberal Democrats are terrible public officials. Almost every state and major city are flops due to Democrat leaders like her.

  18. This fool needs to be taken out of office immediately……..If someone dies from this virus because they cannot get this medication, I hope they sue this idiot and she goes to prison for LIFE!!

  19. If this true, Governor Whitmer is as evil as she is stupid. I wonder if her life was hanging in the balance if she would choose to die over trying hydroxychloroquine. I doubt it.
    It’s easy to judge if you have nothing at stake. It’s easy to judge if you don’t understand. It’s easy to judge if you don’t care. Anyway you slice it the governor it is not fit for office.

    • This med is FDA approved and is prescribed for other ailments. My sister in law takes it. I would venture it’s illegal for a pharmacy to refuse to fill a prescription. I hope you sue this big box pharmacy.

  20. Vote this moron out of office and if anyone dies because she held back the medicine she is totally responsible. Bad karma will get you.

  21. Where’s the Michigan ACLU? Don’t they have any backbone? Are they willing to see people die for political purposes? She is using her position in Government for political purposes which can cause death to Michigan residents. That is a violation of their civil rights. The minute one person dies because of this order, the United States Attorney or the Attorney General Barr should criminally prosecute her. It can be done. Various Federal criminal code sections are used against local, State and Federal employees when needed. Maybe Trump can issue and executive order that nullifies her orders. The Federal government has already temporarily suspended State licences so doctors can treat patients in all States.

  22. Don’t you dare leave the plantation of the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communists!
    Keep in mind, Wayne County Michigan has Rash – i – dah Talib as their representative.
    Wondering what the purchase price was to empower these two ASS representatives?
    These two TEI toxic estrogen imbalanced individuals know what is best for you…?
    You must continue to nurse from the nipple of AmeriKan Soviet Socialist indoctrination.
    AND – – – -> imagine the worst case outcome. . . The Republic goes away and un-admitted communists gain all 3 branches of govern-ment?
    There would be a new flag for the new “United Soviet AmeriKa!

    • Cheetoh Gives Head….wanna bet when this is over the loonie toons will try to take credit for this!….thank God you and your kind are not in charge!….can you imagine how many more would of died from the flu!!!

  23. She is out of order and cannot stop medicall personnel from doing the
    Things they think best. Who is going to support that kind of event?

  24. This is almost unbelievable (even for a progressive democrat). If this C–t really did that she should be recalled immediately. What an utterly ignorant politician.

  25. Something to be said for one who;
    C = Can’t
    U = Understand
    N = Normal
    T = Thinking
    and has authority over others!
    Wondering if this is symptomatic of;
    T = Toxic
    E = Estrogen
    I = Imbalance (surge or deficit)

  26. Well, she evidently knows what is best, since she is a Democrat, who was elected by the people. Apparently, the people in Michigan do not want the medication, otherwise they would have not voted her into office. We have the same problem with our evil Governor, here in Nevada. Real idiots!

  27. Impeach this woman. She is unfit to be governor. What a shameful person. She needs to go. Denying possible medicine to patients is as low as one can go. Please God help us all!

  28. What happened to the “right to try” law? As a state of the USA, shouldn’t Michigan residents have the same right to try as those elsewhere?

  29. If someone dies because she won’t allow this medication to be used to help save a life she should be charged with murder and be prosecuted. Same goes for any other governor who does the same thing. Get her out now!

  30. Shouldn’t this decision be between a doctor and the patient? Listen folks, this is just the beginning if we ever let these leftist loons get a hold of our country and our healthcare system.

  31. This POS governor should be booted out of office ASAP.
    It just proves she is a worthless democrat that doesn’t value life.

    Trump 2020

  32. The governor should be brought up for lawsuit or indictment for murder not allowing physicians and pharmacists to prescribe/fill same to save a life. The families indeed have grounds for a lawsuit.

  33. The governor should be brought up for lawsuit or indictment for murder not allowing physicians and pharmacists to prescribe/fill same to save a life. The families indeed have grounds for a lawsuit.

  34. Governor; Your not a doctor. The Dr. and Pharmacist have the medical knowledge to prescribe a medicine and the Doctor has the patients medical history. The patient has the right to decide, if he or she wants to try the medication. So Governor; who gave you the right to decide.

  35. She needs to resign or be voted out. She is a cold-hearted B****. I have never seen a Governor be this mean in ordering doctors & pharmacists to not be able to save lives they have vowed for to heal.

    • Amen! Betty fortney! Amen~ You are Right in My mind and so many others~ God Bless and May God Bless America! Stephan’chucknors’Stenzel Midwest U.S. Cowboy*of Southern Minnesota, Wells and Minnesota Lake Thanks to My Great Grandfather Vincent and Johanna Peace*

  36. I can just see the upcoming legal ads:
    “If you or a loved one lived in Michigan and were infected with the COVID-19 virus and suffered pain, discomfort, or even death, you might be entitled to substantial compensation from the state and its idiot, Trump-hating governor.”

  37. I think that her demands are clearly based on her hate for President Trump (politically motivated) and has no credibility. I want to know what background she has in the medical field to deny an FDA approved drug from being used on a person who may be on the brink of death or to prevent them from getting to that point. She should have no say in this matter!

    Mary Ellenbogen

  39. As a retired heath care professional, no doctor I know would ever withhold care that they felt would help. She can threaten all she wants. The people in her state should take note of how little she cares. She has crossed the line in her job description. She’s not a doctor and she’s a a dangerous leader.

  40. Does this Democrat want people to die? I am beginning to think she does. It
    would look bad for the President so she and her masters do not care for the
    people they may be killing. It has been proven that the hydroxychloroquine has
    saved lives and those it does not may very well be beyond help at this time. I
    would opt to try it and so would millions of others. This lunatic Democratic
    governor should not and does not have the right to prevent the use if the patient
    requests it. I am beginning to think the Democrats are looking at this pandemic
    as a method of culling the herds. Maybe they think more of the Conservatives will
    die than their Democratic slaves. This appears to be the premise of the Pelosi
    and Schumer crowd of “despicables”.

    • more likely it will hit the densely packed ghettos hard, but they will still vote long after they’re dead

  41. Maybe Governor Whitman should get the virus and then lets see what see wants to do about the possibility of the treatment if she is offered it. If she does not take it maybe she could die how would that set with her stupid attitude.
    Maybe her family could have a taste of the virus and lets see how see reacts to treatment offered then. ONE BIG STUPID FEMALE THAT THINKS SEE HAS GROWN TESTICLES. You know what they say you cannot fix STUPID.

  42. She tells doctors how to treat patients even though she has not been to medical school. Ties their hands in treating the illness, complains of not getting medical supplies needed, blaming it on the Trump administration. Probably her staff is who is telling vendors not to send supplies. Looks like she wants her state to fail in treating patients so can blame it on Trump administration.

  43. Does she have a medical degree? If not, then it is not up to her to make a proclamation like this. Perhaps the state board of medical examiners should be engaged as to what kind of practices they are allowing by unlicensed practioners……..

  44. This type of mentality from the Democratic
    Party is absolutely sicking.
    They should all be dismissed from their postions
    and never again be allowed in the political arena again.

  45. There are too many doctors who are advocating this drug for a no-nothing politician to try to stop them from saving lives by threatening their careers. Threatening the jobs of doctors by a politician for trying to save lives is counter-productive to getting rid of this virus. If she wants to do something to help, she should get the people off the streets of detroit and the other hot spots she is about to encounter before they turn into another New York, who also ignored the warning signs. Its pretty simple when you think about it – Quarantine the ones who aren’t sick, and use these new medications to heal those who are about to die. You aren’t going to please those who don’t want to stay home, but you would save some that don’t want to die.

  46. This woman is absolutely disgusting! Is she a doctor? Where is her medical degree? Does she know more than the doctors who may be treating critically ill patients? I think the people in this state should immediately call for her resignation or impeachment!

  47. Clearly liable for lawsuits from those potentially harmed. Should be enough to bankrupt the state under this moronic, sick, governor. Truly Trump derangement syndrome is a mental illness.

  48. Well She Needs To Be Removed From Her Job She Is Not God Sense When Does She Get To Tell A Doctor How To Do His Job Clearly She Can’t Do Her Own Job

  49. What is the Michigan Governor’s GDF PROBLEM? Is she out of her GDF MIND? Answer to Question #1: She’s a Democrat! Answer to Question #2: CERTIFIABLY! The Democrats may think they have all the answers, but they never stop to consider the possibility that someone along the way has changed the questions!

  50. Due to the humanitarian nature of this situation, the Governor is powerless to stop medical treatment. She is not a dictator with unlimited powers.

  51. Perhaps she never received the memo that a French co. has already confirmed the benefits of that drug…before Trump ever said anything about it. And since when does a governor tell doctors what they can or cannot prescribe…unless of course if she’s also a doctor herself?

  52. Comrad Michigan Governor if you catch the virus we will be absolutely sure we follow your directive to the peasants as we will have one more dose to use on someone more deserving!!!!!! Michigan your governor needs to be removed, where in the hell did you get her from??????? USSR perhaps, Cuba, Venezula????????????

  53. …and yet Witmer and other Democrats INSIST that whether or not a woman kills her baby is a decision between her doctor and herself and no one else.

  54. She is out of her league. A patients health is between him/her and the Doctor. Only a stupid left wing nut would intervene with that practice. Maybe she thinks she’s God. Resign or be thrown out of office.

  55. I do not live in her state–but I suggest that her Photo should appear on the first page of Time and as many magazines and news papers as are distributed–with a suitable caption.
    Mel Paul

  56. This is unbelievable how stupid this major is. That medication is well known and be used by many doctors. Witmer needs to be impeached out of offs ASAP before many people have to die. She is a performing a criminal act. Let the doctors decide what is the best. No a walking idiot.


  58. Is she crazy. What is her reason and sh9be imprisoned. Impeached immediately. How far are the Democrats going to destroy America

  59. We must always remember that Doctors Practice Medicine and that is what they are trained to do. Politicians are trained to lie and that is what they do. We all need to practice getting rid of Evil Democrats!

  60. If the people of Michigan have any sense at all this idiot should be a one term governor. First of all, I don’t see how she or any individual can dictate to doctors a patient’s treatment. I’m fairly certain that’s illegal and it’s certainly immoral. Personally, if I was a doctor I would ignore this demented lunatic and uphold my oath to myself, my profession and my patients. If doctors follow her demand it will be the doctor who is sued, not the governor. I pray for the people of Michigan that doctors do what is right.

    • And what are your qualifications, John Smith ( a name you’re hiding behind)? That is besides being an amatuer name caller.

    • Mr. Smith, I am praying God will soften your heart so you will stop and think about the nonsense you are writing. Hug each other? Can’t. Churches are shut down to help the government stop the spread of the virus. You may think we Christians are a bunch of fools because we are supposed to be living for the hereafter. People like yourself who live for the here and now will be shocked when you die and find out that there IS a heaven and hell and you are headed to one of them.

  61. Forget it docs….let her sue you. Or better yet mich med society ought to take her to court now. Proof to me that the dems want to use the pandemic to take down trump..thank you trish Reagan who said that on fox business and has been fired!

    • This is not a trial medication, it’s prescribed for other ailments. Whittmer isn’t doing this to protect citizens, she’s politicizing the virus because Trump advocates using the med. How deranged is that? Any doctor or pharmacist that “prescribes” to following this maniac’s warning should be sued. Whittmer is a lawyer, and of all people should know the real threat is litigation against Michigan for witholding treatment to Coronavirus sufferers.

  62. If she gets Wuhan Coronavirus will she still enforce the ban.

    Could she watch a child with immune deficiency die because he/she cannot be given a potentially lifesaving medication?

    Vote Witmer out.


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