Michael Moore: “White People Are Not Good People” – How Tolerant

(Tea Party 247) – Few people are more detestable than film maker Michael Moore. He has really taken the whole liberal elitist thing to another level. He has for a long time now been openly racist and hateful towards white people, specifically white men, of which he is one. He’s enlightened and woke though, whereas most white men are just angry and dangerous.

Dangerous to who, we aren’t entirely sure but this is what Moore has just recently asserted in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Film maker Michael Moore told Rolling Stone “white people are not good people” and that “you should be afraid of white people.”

During an interview on the ‘Useful Idiot’ podcast, Moore said that people should cross the street if they see three white men approaching them because at least two voted for Trump.

“Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street toward you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them,” Moore warned.

“I refuse to participate in post-racial America,” he added. “I refuse to say because we elected Obama that suddenly that means everything is okay, white people have changed. White people have not changed.”

Perhaps Moore might want to check FBI homicide statistics and then revisit his statement.

This is by no means the first time that the rotund film maker has collectively demonized an entire group of people based on their skin color.

Last year, he called on “angry white American guys” to “give it up” because they are demographically doomed.

Back in January 2018, he asserted that America needed to be “cleansed” of its white privilege.

He also previously celebrated the fact that that white men are “dying out” because America “will be a better country.”

Moore is one of those liberals who claim to be all about “tolerance,” “equality,” and “love” while simultaneously hating an entire group of people based solely on the color of their skin. How tolerant and loving. It’s even more hilarious that the group of people Moore has chosen to target is exactly who he is: an angry white man.

What a hypocrite and a racist.

Why does Michael Moore even think people should care what he has to say?

He acts as though he is some kind of authority on social matters in America because he’s made a few successful documentaries. No one really cares what Moore has to say outside of the Hollywood echo chamber in which he resides.

The liberal bubble is exactly what conservatives rose up in 2016 to combat and what they will unite to fight against again in 2020. We are tired of self-congratulating, arrogant liberals shoving their “wokeness” and obnoxious virtue-signaling down our throats. The rest of America is sick of rich, entitled liberals lecturing us and trying to make us feel like bad people just because of who we voted for.

Michael Moore thinks he’s part of the “resistance” and fighting against Trump but the truth is, he’s just giving people more reason to vote for Trump in 2020. Moore is just too stupid to see that.


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  4. Michael Moore says, “All white people are not good.” Michael Moore is a white person. Therefore, using basic logic, Michael Moore is not good. So why listen to him.

  5. Michael speak for yourself!!! Don’t speak for me!!! Some of you white Hollywood scum of the earth Producers, actors, and Actresses and I’m speaking of you Chelsea talk host B**** want to talk about us white people your own race and put me/us in this white privileged BS that’s all in your RICH A** FM’s. Well I’m not and I’m not RICH, or a privileged white person you claim we all are. And I don’t want to be. Michael your washed up as a Director and Producer.

  6. Is Michael Moore talking of himself. This guy is judging himself and the race he is part of, leave aside race Michael you an idiot to put it mildly. The problems of the nation have more to do with ignorance, wickedness, greed and other negative traits that has less to do with race. The way to face society’s ills has more to do with solving them. The current President which your party is desperately trying to bring down is doing just that, creating more jobs, getting American men and women out of unnecessary wars. Trying very hard to create a safe and secure nation by building the southern wall. Creating an environment for businesses to thrive. Michael Moore you poor mutt, you really need to take some counselling sessions.

  7. Moore shows how great America is. Even a fat slob with half a brain can make millions if they pander to left wing radicals that hate the USA.

  8. When one looks at real history it is White men, along with White women, that have produced better societies that include everyone. But Michael Moore is a typical “Progressive” who can not deal with facts and reality. He uses the failures to demonize and distort the successes. But that is what “Progressives” always do to advance their agenda of “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. And another item people like Michael Moore don’t like is that Christianity is also one of those key items that builds societies that give everyone opportunities. Real history is inconvenient to “Progressives” and many other people.

    SAY IT.

  10. Mr. Moore says “the white man is doomed by demographics”. Not only has the white man be the greatest of all warriors, he built society for all people of every color. No Mr. Moore the white man is not doomed, in fact, when threatened by idiots like you, you best hide because if you incite violence against white men for no reason other than the color of their skin, the police or the white man will apprehend you and drag you to prison for a summary trial for inciting violence, you will be judged in a court of law and most likely sentenced to life in prison for your action of inciting violence and the resulting deaths of innocent people. So yes Mr. Moore, if you incite violence you will be doomed, not because you are a white man but because you incited violence for no rational reason.

    • Damn right.

      You can paraphrase Churchill when it comes to the white race.
      We are the worst, with the worst record…except for all the others.

  11. I would worry about the one white guy who DIDN’T vote for Trump! And Trump isn’t just supported by white guys. Look for him now to get o er 30 percent of the Black vote and 50 percent of the women and Hispanic vote.

  12. Angry, dangerous white men. Yes, it describes Moore to the “T”. Unfortunately, the only way he will feel better about himself is to clean himself up. I guess, however, it’s easier to lead a crusade against yourself then clean yourself up.

  13. We MUST admit……..

    That Big Fat Stupid White Man Michael Moore surely is not a good person.

    He’s a liberal sicko evil sh*thead from pseudo-Hollywood.

  14. The Press have given far too much attention to what persons like Michael Moor have to say. Rolling Stone knew that any comments MM made would SELL COPIES of the publication. They used MM as a shill pure and simple. The Public however is not without guilt because their attention to the drivel MM spouts keeps him in the press. Ignore the views of the celebrities, they have no more credibility than other person but the press gives them space that they would not give to any other citizen.

  15. The fact that they don’t want to have anything to do with YOU doesn’t make them ‘not good’, it makes them ‘not stupid’.

  16. Michael Moore is a dump liberal, guess he has not looked in a mirror for the loon is white. The most dangerous people in the USA are the liberal democrats who think they are above everyone. Fake impeachment, wants every illegal to come into the US so they can force them to vote democratic.Oh Michael, you are one of the reasons why there will be another civil war in the US you can include Schumer, Sanders, Warren, Gillabrand, Obama the racist, Holder another racist, Biden the traitor and the American hating left.

  17. The only racists in the world are liberals, they are the ones that are never happy and cause tumult and turmoil everywhere the go and with everything they do.
    In fact if they weren’t the ones yelling “Racist” “Racist” every time things dont go their way that word,”Racist” would disappear from our lexicon

  18. It’s really a sad testimony when you belittle the messenger, irregardless of whether there is truth in his message. Name calling, insults and disrespectful responses do nothing to strengthen your position.
    It is well documented that these past three years have socially and emotionally driven a wedge between our society. Our cities are crumbling, our suburbs are in a state of flux, and the south, north, midwest, west and southwest treat each other as strangers passing in the night.
    One important thing that we as a country seem to have forgotten, and I quote ” A command based on words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; The Mosaic law contains a parallel commandment: Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.”
    Our responses and indictments of others should usually be placed with these quotes in mind.
    Here’s wishing a prosperous and healthy New Year to All. TJBJ

    • When you consider the fact that most people judge others based on how the look at themselves you have to agree with him! He an his unhinged bunch of so called entertainers are nothing but paper machete. Self centered, self served, introverts.

  19. LoL… Coming from a fat liberal white boy!

    Please speak for youself. You sound a little judgemental, are you?
    Many take it personal when you claim whites are not good people.
    You dont know me, my family or friends, so don’t judge us!

    Minorities are catching on to your race baiting BS. They realize you try to divide to control. Are you beginning to panick because they see through your BS, empty promises and are starting to realize how the conservatives are creating jobs and opportunities for ALL AMERICANS?

    Are the above the reasons I mentioned the reason you feel you have to make extream stupid race baiting remarks like you did?

  20. You know, with people like Moore, Jim Kerry and many, many, more brainless whites, it makes you almost believe that the insane idiot Moore is right!

  21. He’s white and complaining about whites.!!! Is that a paridoxical statement? To make it simple, Mickie, take Mark Twain’s advice, “keep your mouth shut and appear stupid rather than open it and remove all doubt.”
    Remember, it’s the food stupid.

  22. Michael Moore’s life pursuit conflicts with Dr Martin Luther King’s belief that we should ‘live in a nation where they (our children) will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

  23. moore everytime you open your piehole you convince us good people just how stupid you really are you say white people are not good people look in the looking glass your white moron oh im sorry your from Canada so im not sure what you are

  24. Michael Moore is a 2-digit IQ Californian. Why do we give these clowns “air time” to spread their hate? Enough said…. maybe in 2020 he will somehow disappear and the world will be a better place.

    • The dude is a yoghurt colored horse-apple.

      FYI: “horse-Apple” are those little brown ball-like things horses leave in the street after they pass in a parade, or you find on the floor of a stable.
      “Yoghurt” is a thick, white fluid that has all the charm of spoiled milk, but people load it up with all sorts of stuff to kill the taste and eat it anyway.

  25. After a cataclysmic event (bringing everyone down to their knees), that neighbors will not come together for the common good- because of race? Not my experience. You may have differences with your neighbors over a variety of issues, but when circumstances smack you down, we all come together and help each other until the crisis is over. Many will resolve their differences. Some will create them. It depends on their upbringing, who helped who (contributed) and who did not.

  26. Moore has a schtick that has made him a lot of money. I don’t believe he believes his on dribble. As long as we recognize he’s alive he’ll continue.

    • tapped into a market, yeah, I’m sure you are right that that is part of it.

      Outed as an self-serving hypocrite ahole by his own employees/crew on 60 Minutes..

      The fact that he is still able to operate after that show went to air says something about the texture of his following.

  27. Does MIkey include himself in this announcement? But I got to agree with him. All of the white people are evil and need to be rounded up and put into their own country where they can’t hurt anyone.

    • Your a racist pig . You can’t possible know the millions of white folks in America . Your a brain dead drone of the democrat slave masters . Your a drone a clone of the Nazi propaganda . White people telling you that white people are evil , vote for them and your life will be great . HAHAHAHAHA !

  28. If you haven’t noticed yet that’s the same kind of juicy BS they’re teaching nowadays in the colleges and universities. They don’t teach tolerance they teach only hatred and ignorance.

  29. To categorically label any group of people as bad based upon their skin color is racist regardless of who says it. Michael Moore is both wrong and foolish. I will pray that he comes to his senses and sees the error of his ways.

  30. He is just projecting about all the white male Democrats. They are the evil racists full of intolerance and hate. Democrats have always been and will always be the ones who put people into segregated groups it’s how they divide

  31. As a child, I was taught to say nothing if I couldn’t say something nice. It’s getting harder every day to live this way. People who are so hateful and try to influence others that is normal, quite frankly stymie me.

    The Democrats today are nothing like they were even a decade ago. I know when “entitlement” and subsequent “sensitivity” started (1960s) but spread to all walks of life quietly and slowly til now it is almost epidemic. What a shame those adjectives are now synonymous with “obnoxious boor”. Unfortunately, Mr. Moore is a product of and a major representative of this era.

    • Exactly!!!
      John & Bobby Kennedy would never have been in accepted into the Democratic Party, as well as MLK Jr… They were ALL ABOUT helping legal immigrants, as well as bringing education the city’s & of the minority populations & poor communities….

      Joe Jr was killed in WWII, on a secret mission while a Lieutenant Navy Pilot, fighting for our Country….


  32. Hey don’t you realize you’re a white man? Don’t depend on white people to watch any of your documentaries. The Muslim liberals really did brain wash you. You think your not white but all you have to do is look in the mirror. I guess you hate white men because they don’t leave many white girls for you. Idiot. All you’re doing is promoting racism in your own race. Hey do a documentary.

  33. i just want to know if white people are so bad then who are the good people? what moore is saying the good people come from third world countries? the same people we help support?

  34. Hey “Mickey” you do realize you are a “Whitey” and a really overweight one at that. You my friend are absolutely right -be afraid-very afraid when strolling down the street and 3-white folks are approaching. Since you are easily recognized, you just don’t know what could happen. Probably nothing but?? Plus your multitude of body guards will provide some level of comfort. AS far as whites dying out, Sorry pal but there are whites all over the earth in multiple countries,will take some doing to eradicate such. Actually cross breeding with white cuties (preferred by blacks) will minimize the obvious difference as time goes on. So keep up the rants makes interesting reading. Plus it reinforces my ability to determine the demonstrated IQ of a radical lib. Find out an individual’s shoe size, double it add 20 points and you got it. Your case:. size 12, double it=24 + 20 and presto 44; maybe too high for you???

  35. I once worked with a lady who went to high school with M Moore and she stated he was a very strange dude. She has since past away but the story she told us was more enlightening then my one line. How the left is so tolerant isn’t it funny how the racist party seems to call out racism? It’s all smoke and mirrors, this is jus a distraction from what they’re really up to. Don’t take the bait , continue to do your own homework and stand up against these leftist bullies.

  36. I guess Michael Moore isn’t white. I am sick of these scum with with all their hateful daily crap. Tell me to my face because I am white that I am not a good person and I will personally kick your worthless ass. I fought for this country in a very unpopular war and lost a lot of friends white, black, and Asian and I never thought of any of them as less than me. They were all my friends. You Leftists are destroying this country and this has to stop before you start another Civil War. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. How dare you judge me by the color of my skin?
    Do you wag your tongue attempting to justify your existence? Perhaps, you will want to recapitulate your validity in another way!
    Judge not least you be judged!
    You who are without sin cast the first stone!

  38. You who are without sin cast the first stone!
    How dare you judge me by the color of my skin!
    You, are not my judge!
    If the wagging of your tongue is how you justify your existence, perhaps you might want to re-capitulate your validity!

  39. Gotta love it. Why does the entire world want to move to evil white societies? It’s also to be noted “white people” are the world’s minority at approximately 9%. Guess I’m not “woke” enough to get it…

  40. Wow. His father and grandfathers must have been evil incarnate. Somethings offf. Reality tv fat show says people get so big to hide inner turmoil. Hello? Mm?

    • Relax. We are actually a tan color people. Not white- that’s a misconception. And those called black are really different shade of brown, some having facial features just like the tan colored people. Is he referring to the painted geisha women?

  41. The only bad people in are country are the white Democratic politicians that lie cheat and steal to enrich themselves, and empower themselves, they cheat in are elections, whatever they give to people of color or to Whites and Hispanics or to the poor you can bet they get it back by raising are taxes and then whatever was given means nothing to the people for they just end up right back were they started so nothing was gained, and if the people would only wake up to this fact the Democrats would be finished forever in are country and that is what really needs to be done!!! Just listen to all the false things they say and promise for it is all Bull Shit it would put an end to this countries democracy and are freedoms and rights as well as are prosperity and way of life!!! Yes these Democratic white politicians and black Democratic politicians are the evil we have in are country and we all should know this by now!!!

  42. For the life of me, I can’t understand why ANYONE pays any attention to Michael Moore. I guess he makes enough money to invest in the slime media to make a fool of himself. Don’t care what you say. He still looks like “Jub of the Hud” in (Star Wars)

    • You forget about George Washington Carver, the black guy that invented peanut butter. That’s a real hero.

  43. DEFINITELY a racist. Funny how racist people hate racist people….Michael Moore-the only people who care to hear what you have to say is the Hollywood people who think like you. Just stay in your fairy tale bubble….

  44. Michael you are in desperate NEED of psychoanalysis!! What on earth is wrong with you… white man? Look in the mirror please. There are good and bad in every race, color, and religion. Are you that desperate for attention that you come up with such crazy statements?

  45. Moore needs to go back to the buffet and stuff his mouth!!! I can’t believe anyone would take this buffoon seriously with the nonsense he spews. He sounds mentally confused. He and Rob Reiner need to get together and make a film. It would be the comedy event of the year!!! Oh wait, someone already made the Dumb and Dumber movies.

  46. Jabba the Moore is a fat POS who get’s more insane with each passing day….he’s eaten too many liberal shit burgers that melted what little brains he had.

  47. Perhaps if he would bathe, brush his teeth, buy some decent clothes and shoes, maybe he would SEEM to be credible. However, he would still be exactly what he is = a rich, dirty, loud mouthed know-it-all who is pandering to others by downing white men, one of which he appears to be. What a moron. May he soon realize that no one gives a care what he thinks or spouts out of his mouth.

  48. Why is it any liberal who makes a buck, suddenly thinks he/she is some kind of social guide for America. America is the reason the could make a buck, and it wasn’t necessarily for their brain power. This narcissist fat turd has absolutely NOTHING of value coming out of his mouth. Go away,….. and don’t come back.

  49. I am exasperated to understand why MM thinks all white people are rich elite! I have worked all my 74 years of life on 2 or 3 jobs to attain what I have., My children are also working 2 jobs or killing themselves with overtime to provide a good living for their families. Just because MM is obviously one of the rich bigots does not mean we all are. I challenge him to get browse out of his comfort zone to middle class America of ALL races and see the real working class USA people of every ethnicity! It would be very easy for me to utilize vernacular terms in challenging him, as he does with his articles to impress the media. However, I would also challenge him to get some help with expressing himself better than he now does.

  50. I know a lot of fat slobs that hate all men because they are plain fat and don’t connect with others. More not only has a fat problem he has a mental disorder. It’s so sad he hates himself .

  51. Does he not know what color his skin is but at this point who cares because this POS is not American and should not have say in American business.

  52. Mirrored refection and it ain’t because you are white. It’s because you are a dumb ass and you know it keep your opinions about yourself to yourself. No one wants to hear what should be contained in a circle jerk of straight jacketed psychos in a mental institution therapy session.
    Get medicated Michael. You seriously need a psychiatrist.

  53. A wannabee if there ever was one. His only route to fame and to accepted for something was to join a group of followers to soros money machine and obamabrainwashing and hypnotic suggestions to spread hatred and blame everything on someone else, ie., manipulation by way of fake news and lies and made up stories hollywood style. After all Moore worked his entire life to become a stoolie and mouth piece for something and obama and soros used him explicitly for what he wanted to do. A loser if there ever is one

  54. DOH !!! Has Old Mikey looked in the mirror lately?? He bes a white guy. Is he talking about himself??? The bad white folks seems to be on the Blue side of the aisle. The Democraps say the strangest things.

  55. and what color are you? Are you pink? Look in the mirror to see your rainbow colored face.
    You want to talk about white men? You need to clean the Dingle Berries off you fat Lard Ass first.
    Crawl back into your hole, you dummes schwein, you are contaminating Americas air. Your Judgement Day is coming, too, believe me, and your foul mouth will not help you.


  57. Why is every extreme idea or act tagged onto the definition of Liberal. Just because anyone person or group promotes extreme action or concepts and identity as Liberal their behavior or thinking then becomes attached to the ideology of Liberalism. The same of course happens when a conservative linked to obvious racism or some extreme act or concept their action gets linked to the definition of conservatism. Um, can we stop this already!!

  58. Self loathing whites are the worst. Do you really think that other races will except you. Hell no you will the first ones they kill off because your a traitor to your own race and can’t be trusted. .

  59. My comment is on the Liberal tag, there are levels of extreme that do not fit the general ideology of Liberal. I have noticed that every idea or action seems to be automatically woven into the fabric of liberalism making everyone who identifies an

    • Does me mean all non black people which includes the” olive colored ” peoples such as the Jews and Arabs, and North Africans? In the US Census forms they are considered as “non black whites ” So Micheal who is more racist Trump or the liberal leftist …

  60. Like R DeNiro, if I saw this fat slob walking down the street, I’d love to punch him in the face, useless human trash, not to mention a terrible film maker, total loser..

    • Does me mean all non black people which includes the” olive colored ” peoples such as the Jews and Arabs, and North Africans? In the US Census forms they are considered as “non black whites ” So Micheal who is more racist Trump or the liberal leftist …

  61. Moore is a racist, anti America cancer. Like all cancer, he should be eradicated. He’s a predator, pedophile, dirt bag communist. How do these shits live from one day to the next.

  62. I think we should encourage Michael to be more vocal. The more he pontificates the more reasonable people will know he is one sick, mean puppy. He will be totally rejected by all who know he’s not mentally right. He;s two peaches shy of a full peck.

  63. Go to his beloved home city of Detroit and change the race to Black, and he would be telling the truth. Otherwise, he’s a racist idiot.

  64. Same old Hollywood BS. If I saw Moore walking down the street I’d shut his pie hole for him. He’s a nobody in my book along with the rest of his Hollywood friends. Who cares what you think Moore !

    • He is just pile of 🐎💩 Iam still upset that he is from the state of Michigan and some else he went MSU (MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY) that explains he moronic stupidity

    • And typical liberal as he believes that all are the same as he. Same as when these liberals accuse a conservative of wrong doing it’s because that’s what they are doing themselves.

  65. Well thanks Michael for telling us you are a bad person–so we are not believing anything you say. You are bad Michael. Very bad. Stupid as well.


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