Merkel Makes Stunning Admission About Her Country’s Failed Multiculturalism

(Tea Party 247) – Europe has been committing slow suicide over the last decade with the admittance of millions of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa at the detriment of their own society, security, and culture.

This has all been done in the name of “multiculturalism,” the glowingly ideological concept that everything is better when populations are minority white, and that “diversity is our strength.”

Neither of these concepts are supported by anything except the crushing white guilt that has been ravaging western nations.

In Germany, a nation of 80 million, over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” were admitted in 2015 alone, and the results have been far from “empowering.”

The German people were originally quite welcoming and enthusiastic about the newcomers, but that’s changed a bit over time.

In 2016, Islamic extremists murdered 22 people across German in seven different attacks.

This week, Chancellor Angela Merkel finally admitted that the “multicultural Germany” had failed.

Ya don’t say?


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