Meet The 19-Year-Old German Antidote To Greta Thunberg….This Girl Is Awesome

(Tea Party 247) – Greta Thunberg, meet your match.

The famous teenage climate activist/puppet for the global elite now has an antidote.

In a profile from a surprising source, the Washington Post, we meet Naomi Seibt, “…19-year-old German who, like Greta, is blond, eloquent and European.”

WaPo introduces the YouTuber and climate skeptic:

Naomi denounces “climate alarmism,” calls climate consciousness “a despicably anti-human ideology,” and has even deployed Greta’s now famous “How dare you?” line to take on the mainstream German media.

Of course, it’s not long before you realize WaPo’s intention: to dismiss her as a climate-denying racist. Go figure.

In addition to climate change, Naomi echoes far-right skepticism about feminism and immigration.

The German media have described her as sympathetic to the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD), the biggest opposition party in parliament, whose leaders have spoken of fighting “an invasion of foreigners.”

Naomi, who describes herself as a libertarian, says that she is not a member of AfD, but did speak at one of their recent events.

Seibt was interviewed by Sky News Australia recently where she explained her motivations.

“What the climate skeptics, or climate realists say, makes a lot of sense to me, scientifically,” Seibt said in the interview.

“And that’s how I became really passionate about the topic.”

“I think this entire climate mainstream narrative is not about science at all. Because I would say that more than 90% of the people, especially the young people, who go to those Fridays for Future protests, they have no clue what they’re actually talking about. They don’t know anything about the science behind it. All they know is, this is the mainstream, and they are actually scared many of them I think that the planet is going to end like 12 years from now. And so, this is not about science. This is about politics. This is about controlling us.”

As WaPo explains, Naomi says that her activism was inspired a few years ago after she asked questions in school about her country’s liberal immigration policies.

She explained that, when faced with backlash from her teachers and peers, she grew all the more skeptical about mainstream German thought.

More recently, seeing the emotional youngsters protesting as part of the weekly “Fridays For Future” demonstrations inspired by Greta, Naomi grew all the more opposed to mainstream climate narratives.

I get chills when I see those young people, especially at Fridays for Future. They are screaming and shouting and they’re generally terrified,” she said in an interview.

“They don’t want the world to end.”

Naomi will soon make her American debut at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“She’s a fantastic voice for free markets and for climate realism,” James Taylor, director of the Arthur B Robinson Centre for Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute, told The Washington Post.


  1. No one pays att that the same crap from so called ( climate change , that’s been going on for a million years) climate change to immigration is being spewed globally by the very rich and powerful ruling elitist and their prostitutes in all the media’s for the same brain washing things and in the end this young lady is right it’s all about their control over us the 9%!

  2. Naiomi is more subtle with her rhetoric, Greta, well she reminds me of another German. When she speaks she sounds like a mini Hitler. Gets mad & emotional just the Fuhrer used too. Not much snow in the north east this winter season & it’s almost March. is it global warming or the ever changing weather patterns that have been blowing this way for the 60 yrs that I have been living in this area of the US? I’m not complaining about the snow or lack of. I don’t ski, don’t plow don’t depend on snow to pay my bills. It’s about time my back got a break. 2011, 2015, 2017,had bad winters w/record snow storms, had to shovel my friggin roof. And I thought just shoveling the driveway, walkway, neighbors drive was enough. Now I have to shovel the damn roof. Call it what you want climate catastrophe, global warming, or a Farmers Almanac folly or just punxsutawney phil got it wrong. No matter who is shoveling this climate crap, it’s just a soapbox narrative.

  3. I was just looking at a couple of pic’s of the beach by my house that i have gone to for 50 yrs. The pic’s are over a hundred yrs old and guess what the water level is the same as it is today. I also noticed a pic of a big fort in Portugal that was built in the 1500’s and you can see the old water level marks on it’s walls and the rocks guess what no change in the water level marks!

  4. would it be possible to publish all the above to a wider circle of audience in serious Newspapers?
    I think most part of our Population sits like Lemmings infront of GRETAS rubbish and follow her off the Edge of cliffs. And she makes Money for herself and her surroundings.
    How stubid can People become.

    • Are you ever right about this. Thank you for your message! Naomi’s words and beliefs should be widely circulated but with the liberal media bias, I am sure they will try to keep it quiet. This is just like the current virus that is going around. The media wants to strike fear in everyone. It is so obvious what the are doing.

  5. I’ve had this open for years but have never had a satisfactory explanation: explain how humans caused global warming on Mars which warmed when the Earth was warming and flattened out when the Earth flattened out. If someone could explain how humans caused global warming on Mars, I could be converted. Really, does anyone think Martians are polluting their planet? 🙂

  6. It is wonderful to see a young person who actually THINKS. Stay strong….you are on the right track. Do not let the moronic left bring you down. It is the sun that is responsible for ALL of the weather patterns. Sun spots and sun flares….all normal sun things influence our weather patterns. Other influences in our climate would be eruptions of a super volcano which would put so much ash into the atmosphere that it could block out the sun. The last eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano was about 60 million years ago. Humans want to thing that we have control….but alas, we do not.

    • They talk about the sea warming( icebergs melting) is caused by the magma activity in the earth not the sea warming from what the people are so called doing!

  7. The climate of this planet has been in flux since it cooled from a molten rock 4.5 billion years ago.
    On the geological time frame we are moving to another ice age. Maybe a little global warming would
    a good thing .

  8. There is no doubt that the weather changes from year to year and the ocean currents are dependent on the question of the cause such as temperature of the water off the coast of Africa. What really upsets me is that the US is the cleanest country in the world with China being the worst. Why don’t the protesters go there and protest?

  9. Which one are you going to trust? Seriously?
    Neither has much education on the issues. Neither has a fully formed adult brain yet. Neither is a scientist.

    Even scientists don’t have enough data about the long term cycles of earth’s heating and cooling cycles to clearly state that the present warming is due to mankind’s actions.

  10. I have seen much in the comments that require a response, which will reGRETAbly be rather long:

    Seasonal climate changes reflect the tilt in earth’s axis of rotation and the angle at which solar radiation hits the surface rather than proximity to the sun. Earth’s closest approach is around New Year’s day, the beginning of the winter in the northern hemisphere; we’re at our greatest distance around July 1, the beginning of the summer. This is why winter in the southern hemisphere is colder than winter in the northern.

    What you see in climate history depends on your time-frame. Climate has been reasonably stable for the last roughly ten thousand years (i.e., since the beginning of agriculture), but stretch out that time-line and you see major changes, often over very short time-frames. If you accept that there were ice ages, you know that earth’s climate cools, and then warms up, for reasons having essentially nothing to do with human activity. Technically, we are still in an ice age, which is defined to be a period when there are glaciers somewhere on the planet. There have also been periods when there were no glaciers at all. When the last period of advancing glaciation ended, about 20,000 years ago, the seas were about 400 feet lower than they are now, that comes to an average sea-level rise of about 2 feet per century, well within the one- to three-foot rise predicted for this century. Evidence that sea-level rise and the warming that led to it, didn’t result in the end of life as we know it is essentially everywhere you look: If you’re reading this you’re part of that evidence.

    Green-houses gases are a proven scientific fact. Any gas that captures infra-red radiation is a green house gas, and that includes water vapor, but I haven’t heard anyone advocate eliminating the water. That the green-house effect is real doesn’t mean that the models for future warming are correct. Models get better with time, but the only proof that they are correct consists of accurately predicting events well before they occur; Weather models , i.e., what will happen in the next few days, are reasonably good, but get beyond about five days and there are problems. Climate models address years, decades, and centuries, and haven’t had a wonderful track record. The issue is that if there is a problem, it will take years, if not decades, to address, and action is required before we ever know whether the model was correct.

    Green houses gases do not add heat to the planet, they prevent heat from escaping, and thus act as a kind of blanket. Make the blanket heavier and more heat is retained, make it lighter and more heat escapes into space. Plans to address “global warming” or “climate change” that don’t include a provision for reducing the green-house gas load in the atmosphere cannot solve the problem, merely slowing down the accumulation of these gases doesn’t do it. The Green New Deal is one such proposal that has no chance of actually solving the problem to which it is addressed, and it will fail to solve this problem despite spending two years’ of GDP at a time when budgets are already out of whack. Support for this notion may be insane.

    There are at least three techniques under discussion for removing green-house gases (other than water vapor): Planting half a trillion trees may be sufficient. If the United States does this by itself, planting trees beats the Green New Deal if a tree can be planted for less than about $60 each. If we address only our ‘share” of the carbon dioxide, trees beat the Green New Deal if they can be planted for less than about $200 dollars each. India recently planted 66 million trees in a single day as part of its effort to combat climate change. The Jewish National Fund plants tress in Israel for about $5-6 a piece.

    The second technique envisions using about 10% of the ocean to trap carbon dioxide in sea-weed and then using the seaweed to make syn-fuels. I haven’t seen an economic assessment of this approach, but because it doesn’t involve taking land out of potential agricultural use, it may have less of an impact on life on land.

    The third technique is a kind of mechanical lung that extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere much the way our lungs extract oxygen. It was developed by some MIT engineers, and publicized in 2019. Stuart Licht at George Washington University developed a technique he calls STEP that splits the carbon from the oxygen in carbon dioxide, returning the oxygen to the atmosphere and leaving behind elemental carbon. This carbon could be used to make graphene (useful for cell phone and laptop screens), “bucky-ball” lubricants, and carbon nano-fibers that have multiple uses. Some scientists have even proposed “mining” for carbon for these purposes in the atmospheric carbon dioxide, suggesting that the cost for this approach is below what could be charged for the products made from the carbon. Pull the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and the climate change models predict that eventually the earth heads into a cooling phase.

    The final issue is that there is agreement in certain sectors that there is no solution for climate change, no matter what technology is used, without limiting the growth of human population. When this problem was first mentioned, we stood somewhere near six billion. We’re now at about 7.8 billion, with models suggesting this will grow to around 13 billion by 2100. Population models have been around for a long time and most of the bugs have been worked out. If disaster doesn’t result by 2100, by 2200, (beyond the horizon for most models) we could see nearly 30 billion, assuming a cataclysmic famine or war doesn’t result. That is the real threat, and something we must do something about, but reGRETAbly, I’ll bet you’ve never even heard about that.

  11. Too all you folks GOD said in the beginning of the ends days before Jesus comes back their would be a lot of bad stuff happen to our planet. Jesus said seasons would change etc. I think it would b a good idea these people that believe in this whole climate change crap would pick up the Bible and actually read it! All the answers are in Gods word. The Bible is actually like I believe almost 3/4 based on prophecy. A lot has happen already but a lot more coming like weather events more frequent etc. oh it’s going to get a lot worse believe me. But if your a Christian and have Jesus in your life it’s an exciting time cause we know Jesus is coming soon. If man in this world would stop rejecting God and start living for him we wouldn’t even have to worry about nothing like climate. Go back and read in the Bible about what happen the days of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah. Sin was bad so God destroyed all of it. So will it happen again because the world is living in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. Just look at our society today it has become nasty. People need to stop living a worldly way and turn too God in prayer etc. God loves us so much but he hates our sin. That is why when he sent Jesus to earth we had a way out of sin and had the hope he promised to us after death that if you believed Jesus came and died for your sins and you yourself accept you are a sinner and believe Jesus was raised from the dead you would have life after death with Jesus. I know it sounds too simple but God knew mans heart was hard so God made it easy. It’s your choice go to heaven or chose hell? Hope you chose like I did Heaven!! So please tell everyone you know God is the answer not a politician or a scientist etc. They are human they mess up and sin. We all sin but Jesus is their for us to Forgive.

  12. Good for Naomi. An actual Intelligent conversation. A conversation based on Science, not Politics. The left uses fear to indoctrinate these young minds. That is the Left’s biggest Tool, not only with the Climate, but with all the Liberal / Socialist Agenda’s. Imposing Fear is Gaining Power for them. They feed off of it. Facts are there nemesis

    • Rubbish, she’s a dumb right wing racist moron funded by the Heartland Institute in support of the oil industry.She had no fuc*ing data to support her BS. An unscientific turd just like the Trump and the rest of his dumb followers

    • John Smith, please remove your dunce hat from high school. Is Al Gore your daddy? Sounds like you and Greta have no clue about earth axis “even an extremely slight shift” and earth’s magnetic pole shifting “ever so slightly” influenced by son and moon gravitational pulls on the earth can have dramatic climate change on different areas of the earth. These are changes that “earthlings” cannot cause. There have been numerous “magnetic pole shifts” and “slight earth axis” changes in our 4 billion year history as a planet. Several “ice ages” have occurred because of these occurrences. Sure we humans can clean up the air and water from pollution polluters where possible, but don’t spew “doomsday scenarios” in a few years for cooking on the BarBQ and driving our cars to school, work, and the grocery store. We as a planet are not going back to horse-and- buggy days. China and India are the world’s greatest polluters of air and water. Send yourself and Greta to those countries to give your doomsday speeches. Hopefully you both will be able to escape with your lives. Do your homework and maybe then, you can remove your dunce hat.

  13. Most scientists will admit that we are in the end days of our universe. However when they speak of the end days they refer to the sun dying out in 500 million to 5 billion years from now when most of us will not be here. It make one think that it is much ado about nothing. Yes the world should cut down down on carbon emissions starting with China and India. But hysterical irrational behavior that the world is to end in 12 years (how did they figure that time frame out?) and blaming all adults for it is hubris at the utmost. What would these same doom prophets say if the world started to cool down and the glaciers starting coming back? How would the same doom prophets handle the Yellowstone Caldera (a flat surface active underground volcano some 35 by 45 miles in size) that is long overdue to explode and could bring on a world wide nuclear winter that would rival the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. Just remember Mother Nature does her own bidding and mankind is but a very small part in it. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, massive flooding or massive sandstorms, species extinction and other natural occurances do not need mankind to approve or disapprove. They just happen. It is hubris to think mankind can stop or even change natural events.

    • No scientist worth his degree would make such stupid predistions. Earth and human are too complicated and unpredictable to reduce it to simplistic statements about the end of the world. As far as global clkmate change…India and Nepal have had coldest winters in 100 years and bumper crop becaus of rains in desert ares…So did Israel…Negev is full of flowers because of more rain than usual…so for some this climate change is good… ..

      To those who believe foolishly the unhinged Greta from Sweden, I recommend that you keep hour day jo as you may be alive long past next 12 years. Do not worry be happy and use your common sense to decrease your dependence on mega-corporations which sell you electricity gas and other stuff you like to have comfortable lives…

    • That would be fun…but neither of them has sufficient scientific training to be credible…Take caer of your own energy and water needs and you do not need government interventions…

  14. The earth’s axis shifts approximately 4 inches per year… doesn’t anyone think that may have an impact on climate changes??? As a child I was told by my teacher that the earth was slowly dying everyday, the sun was dying and that soon there would be no water and we would all die… I lived in fear!!! Duh! Natural order, get used to it… nothing lives forever!

  15. Climate change is the world’s largest “Ponzi Scheme”, it’s about the distribution of the world wealth and total control of every part of you life by using massive carbon taxes. This is being pushed by the UN that’s the world enemy and the cover for the NWO !!

  16. I can easily disprove man made global warming. Greenland which is under 100’s feet of ice , in the middle ages was called Vineland, was green and the Vikings lived there and grew grapes. Proof that before the Industrial revolution the earth was much warmer then it is now and man had no effect on it. In addition we have the records of Europe then and the ocean levels in the seaports was the same as it is today, also proof the the sea levels rising due to global warming is a lie! in addition about a decade ago we found the camp and preserved body of a miner when the European glaciers receded. he was also from the middle ages , more proof of the warming period and proof the glaciers once werent there or else he couldnt have been there mining!

  17. Global Warming / Climate Change all the same Globalist / now Democrat narrative to gain power! Unforgivably scaring our young! But have faith our young will grow up one day to realize what they have been fed is fake – like CNN, MSDNC and theTooth Fairy

  18. Regardless of whether anyone believes that humans have been around for millions of years or for only a few thousand, the fact is that humans adapt to every climate on Earth, and inhabit every land mass except Antarctica, and even there with outside logistics. Ergo: no need to panic even if the Earth does get warmer for a while.

  19. “…19-year-old German who, like Greta, is blond, eloquent and European.” Greta is not eloquent nor intelligent. Her dad updates her facebook page and writes all her speeches. As soon as she veers off the script she starts sweating and feels triggered and persecuted and they have to take her out of the room.

  20. There is a climate cycle that routinely every few years but exactly opposite each other. But we can “thank” the “scientists” for that. See, it’s like this. The scientist community, via private, public, corporate or government bankrolling, has to ‘justify’ their existence which is ultimately- theoretically- for problem solving. Funding is competitive in some way. Studying the climates, historically to today, is a never-ending vocation, so there’s got to be something they can use the term “unusual” about, needing “serious” attention. So, every few years the climateers sing the “Ice Age!!” tune and get the gullible Gullivers all riled up. A feed down the line their funding tune is about “Climate Warming” and the Gullivers, once again sing their “It’s The End Of The World Song” and some actually commit suicide or go insane. So I say, “It’s OK world, don’t trip, the Ice Age alert is only a few years away.”

  21. We should not base any decisions or politics based upon know-everything teenagers. Teens know it all. Bachelor degree people still know it all but are qualified to work under strict supervision. Masters degree people are qualified to supervise the Bachelor degree people. Masters degree people have learned to mask ill-formed conclusions based on ten gallon words. It takes people with doctorates and years of field experience to find solutions because they always start from the stand point of knowing nothing. Academics kills bias and what is a discarded idea today maybe a valid solution for something in the future. My learned opinion as an academic and a father tells me to take both of these young ladies over my knee and apply the “board of education” to their butts. That way some of the brain that has settled there will migrate again into their skulls.

    • Typical arrogant elitist educator. You are some of the dumbest to graduate college. the college of education graduates just about anybody and you make up airs and elitism to make yourselves feel less inferior.
      Seibt needs no punishment for just speaking the truth!

    • As a former educator I agree that some children need the “board” of education applied to their posteriors, yet realistically this will not happen because the lawyers are waiting to sue and accuse school administrations of abuse. I taught in a dangerous school here in Memphis and I saw innocent children come to school with bruises on their body perpetrated by relatives. The worst I observed was an African American allegedly being assaulted by her uncle. I reported the bruise to our guidance counselor. If that young lady had acted out and I had convinced the assistant principal to spank her WE may have been blamed for the bruise. So school systems all across the US ban corporal punishment for fear of being blamed for what people outside the school do to our children. The issue is not simple as it used to be. Society is out of control and as a teacher I found myself playing CYA (cover your a%#) all the time! Dealing with inner city children can be exasperating and not everything is at is appears.

  22. There was a time not so long ago when a young person such as Naomi who expressed healthy skepticism about everything and anything the mainstream media and politicians were spouting was seen as an example of idealism at its finest. But that was before leftist fascism became all the rage and the young skeptic, rather than receiving praise, was made to suffer demonization. Don’t give up the fight, Naomi. Keep asking questions and never settle for pablum when what you crave is intellectual nourishment and stimulation.

  23. Is the Climate Changing? Yes, of course. Always has, always will.
    More importantly, is man causing Climate Change?
    I don’t know. No one does.
    But, if we start spending vast sums of money to Change the Climate. Then, we are definitely changing the climate!
    Conservation is always wise either way!

  24. We had Al Gore, we have stupid, loudmouthed AOC, and now we have naive, brainwashed Greta.
    They are all in the same boat, and hope that their boat won’t sink in 10 or 12 years!
    Greta is too young and has much better things to do with her life, rather that go around and cursing people!

  25. In 12 years the planet will still be here and largely unchanged as far as climate from now until then.

    What will have changed is much of Europe will have undergone significant political and cultural changes due to the foolish unchecked immigration of Muslims.

  26. Check the book of Revelation, the only danger to the world is the greatest tribulation this world will ever know, the bible tells us that a 1/3 of humanity will be killed in that tribulation, and also a 1/3 of the fish of the seas, now what can cause all that damage? The answer is MAN….not weather.

    • You idiot, don’t go around trying to personally interpret the Bible. Its God that does all that damage to a wicked and fallen world. You need some reading comprehension classes!

    • A major undersea volcanic eruption would do the trick, too, especially regarding sealife.
      Then there are asteroid hits, even if not as severe as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.
      So you see, Nature can do it all by itself… it doesn’t require the hand of Man.

    • Man is not the answer really. Earth will be destroyed when GOD is ready for it to be. The Bible says that it is with Fire & Brimstone.

  27. I learned in 3rd grade science (eons ago) that the earth rotates around the sun which causes seasonal changes. Remember Summerfall Winterspring? As we rotate closer to the sun our seasonal weather changes. Rotate closer to the sun, we get warmer weather.

    That being said, Greta may be blond and European but she is NOT eloquent. She was kind of cute but her hatred is taking away any beauty. Isn’t it said that one man can destroy an already challenged child by feeding the parents’ greed!

    Naomi is pretty and smart. I look forward to hearing more about her in the future.

    • Perhaps this is not the appropriate place or time to try to make a point. . . . Then again. . . . .

      I agree with your skepticism of the raging media, and applaud your willingness to speak up and express yourself. Please keep it up. Out of a desire that you be a better “ambassador” of the cause of climate realism, I offer correction to your 3rd grade curriculum.

      The orbit of the earth IS in fact not exactly circular, but rather, somewhat elliptical, oval-shaped. Most functions of energy transfer across open spaces, such as outer space between the sun and earth, ARE in fact functions of DISTANCE. So, yes, there will be variations in the amount of energy absorbed by/at the earth, dependent upon the distance variations away from the sun, as the earth proceeds through it’s cyclical, elliptical orbit around the sun. As the distance from the sun increases, the energy transfer between the two decreases, while assuming the amount, or intensity of energy at the source remains constant.

      But those variations are NOT what causes cyclical, seasonal changes in temperatures/climate here on earth. They may CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS those seasonal variations, but their contribution is MINOR in comparison to the MAIN CAUSE, which is the TILT in the earth’s axis around which it rotates.

      That rotation, of course, causes day/night cycles. As one can observe daily, that hilites other functions of the energy transfer equations. There must be line of sight is one. If the energy from the sun (light) cannot be seen (night time) then there won’t be energy transfer. Angle of incidence is another. The noon day sun feels much hotter than an early morning sun, or a setting sun. The highest energy transfer occurs when the incidence angle is directly overhead. Two factors can effect the energy transfer due to this angle. One is the pure geometry. As the angle decreases from “high noon,” more of the energy is reflected AWAY from earth and not absorbed. Also, the thickness of the PORTION of the atmosphere THROUGH WHICH the energy passes increases. That will cause both INCREASES AND DECREASES in energy transfered, the NET EFFECT of which varies. But that net effect is smaller in comparison to the increased amount of energy REFLECTED as the angle changes from high noon. Yes, the overall equations can – and DO become complicated!

      Of course, the daily changes due to ROTATION on the axis aren’t the same as SEASONAL changes due to revolution around the sun. There are similarities, due to the angular differences that occur over seasons. The most graphic example is the fact that in the northern hemisphere, the “day” shortens every day after the fall equinox, until the winter solstice in December around the 21st. And of course, the sun doesn’t even rise anywhere within the Arctic circle that day. Very similar cycle to the day/night cycle, with similar affects. THESE AFFECTS, ANGLE OF INCIDENCE and TIME, are the main causes of seasons.

      I hope you take this in the spirit in which I intend. As you CONTINUE TO SPEAK UP AND OUT AS A CLIMATE REALIST, these natural facts about the earth and our climate can better inform your discussions. The better informed we all are, the better we can inform!!

  28. Mother nature’s recurring seasons can only be infinitissimally influenced by human activity, many think.
    Renewable solar/wind/bio energy must be promoted but until such time as they’re economically developed & viable the present oil/gas/coal/wood/nuclear/battery sources can be utilized yet & improved still.

  29. Naomi is correct about her beliefs; the Earth has undergone “heat waves” and “cold waves” for thousands of years. Science has proven this to be a fact. I’m no scientist, but I believe these “waves” originate from the sun. Couldn’t it be possible that every now and then, an eruption occurs on the sun and that affects the climate on our Earth? I believe that people on this Earth do in fact contaminate the air, but not the climate. Excess emissions of carbon dioxide, raging forest fires, and many other less major emissions can be lessened by countries around the world being more conservative of their respective air pollution situations. But even that does not cause “heat waves” or “cold waves” to exist. I have no scientific research to back up everything I think about these temperature changes, but I do believe that is common sense to believe the sun is basically the cause of the changes in temperature around the Earth. I think that Greta has been brainwashed to the point that she really believes what she says. That does not make what she says is a fact. It is only one person’s personal beliefs, prompted by substantial coaching by some other people.

  30. The difference between these 2 girls is we know who is backing Greta and where she gets her money, Soros and oDUMBo. the one world order and one world guvment. Greta is a brainwashed ranting little fool who beleives thes scientists who think they have all the answers but you can’t get 2 of them to agree on anything when it comes to Global warming. The Earth has been doing these cycles for billions of years so it is nothing new and only a waste of money and human lives to chase those wild assumptions and have everyone throw all their money into a collective so the rich and fear mongers get richer and we the so called middle class have our rights and our money stolen from us by the rich, they ran out of ways to control us so they started this “Global warming BS.” They have been declaring mass extinction calamities for 100’s of years and to date, NONE, NOT EVEN ONE HAS EVER CAME TO FRUITION.


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