Mark Hamill Becomes Latest Celebrity Twitter Casualty As Liberals Turn On Him For This…

(Tea Party 247) – The left’s cancel culture is chugging full-steam ahead. After viciously turning on Harry Potter author JK Rowling, they turned their sights on Star Wars icon Mark Hamill simply because he “liked” her post. The post, which stated fact, was deemed “transphobic” by the lunatics on the left and therefore anyone who dare “like” it is evil and deserving of being completely torn apart on Twitter.

According to Paul Joseph Watson:

The Harry Potter author was blasted yesterday after she tweeted her support for Maya Forstater, who lost her job at the Centre for Global Development, a think tank that campaigns against inequality, because she dared say that biological sex exists.

“Men cannot change into women,” said Forstater, aiming her comments at the person pictured below, SNP councillor Gregor Murray, who claims to be a transgender woman.

Yes, really.

After Rowling was subjected to a mob outrage “cancellation,” Hamill was dragged into the controversy after mistakenly liking her tweet.

Rowling’s original tweet stated, “Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?”

When ‘woke’ morons noticed that Hamill had liked the tweet, they ideologically set upon him like rabid dogs.

In response to the feverish backlash, Hamill was compelled to issue a statement, “Ignorance is no excuse, but I liked the tweet without understanding what the last line or hashtags meant. It was the 1st 4 lines I liked & I didn’t realize it had any transphobic connotation.”

So, it’s ok to say that people can dress however they want, sleep with whoever they want, call themselves by whatever they want but saying that everyone is born either a male or a female (an indisputable scientific fact) that is crossing the line. Stating that there is indeed biological sex is a violent attack against people who are demanding that the rest of us deny reality and common sense in favor of a deranged fairy-tale land where we can all just play pretend.

This insanity has to stop. The outrage that ensues on platforms like Twitter towards anyone who dares state obvious facts is beyond ridiculous. One Twitter user even accused Rowling of “promoting a harmful fundamentalism that endangers the LGBTQ community,” by saying biological sex is real.

Wasn’t it the LGBT community who has been trying to convince us all that “gender” and “sex” are two completely different things and that “sex” is what you’re born as and “gender” is “who you are inside?” Now, look how quickly the LGBT zealots are taking us further down the slippery slope of confusion and immorality. Suddenly, we are required to deny the truth of biological sex. If we don’t we are literally endangering the LGBT community. What absolute rubbish.

Hamill got dragged into this hot mess of a liberal meltdown simply for recognizing truth and agreeing with it. In 21st century “woke” Western societies, the inmates are truly running the asylum.


  1. Nice being torn apart by the left wing goon squads merely for expressing an opinion, eh, Rowling? Eh, Hammill?
    Don’t expect any sympathy from the right side of the fence.

  2. What you are are born is a biological fact. What you choose to identify with is not, it is a choice. As consenting adults, you have the right to make that decision. To attack someone for stating a biological fact is ridiculous and only shows that Liberals only support freedom of speech as long as it is in total agreement with them.

    • Could not have said it better Robert. Thank you.

      As the article highlights, the inmates are truly running the asylum.

      That’s all.

  3. I liked the first four lines, myself. Personally, I have no doubt that I know even LESS, about “hashtags”, and other, computer “gibberish”, than even this movie star does.

    When I think of “hash”, I think of corned beef. When I think of “tags”, I think of price tags.

    Ofcourse, I have NO idea what “platforms”, “SEO”, “url”, or other, computer terms mean, since I only speak HUMAN English.

    I guess this makes me just as “evil” as Rowling, or Mr. Hammill.

    Not everyone, on Earth, has a Ph.d in computer programming.

  4. Don’t underestimate what the radical Democrats are up to. They don’t care what facts are presented. They have mega dollars behind them and this is not a game to them. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

  5. Well Mark, you just need to understand the only free speech rights the Liberal Left will allow you, or anyone else to have, is that with which they agree. If you cross that boundary you will be censured, ridiculed and openly attacked for stating an opinion not approved, and or sanctioned by the radical Left.

  6. Whether you like the gender you’re born with or not does not matter. It is done. Even if you surgically and hormonally change what you were born with you would still be identified as Male or Female by your DNA which you cannot change. Some people are born with both genders and can choose one or the other. Most people are born with only one and should learn to work with what they are.

    • Looks to me like the Libs don’t bother to READ completely before they are quick to jump down someone’s throat. In this season of love, Jesus’s birth, which they will deny, can they not ALL try to get along? Jesus was about loving and peace. WE NEED that today desperately.

  7. Yet, they want to use science for “Global Warming”…. scratch that….. “Climate Change” or to allow someone to get out of jail, using DNA (which I agree with) but not for gender or when a life begins. The wacko left changes the rules all day long and commits hypocrisy every second of every day. They are like pathological liars and they don’t think that we are keeping score. They bend over backwards to say that what they said yesterday was misconstrued because now they have to change their opinions based on something that is happening today, for convenience sake. They tell so many lies that they can’t keep them straight.

    • Change is the new “original”. If the original doesn’t fit the narrative, change it so it does. DEMONCRAPS LAW!

  8. Life was less complicated before LGBTQ came along. For the rest of us if you (LGBTQ) has a gripe about something; tell somebody who cares.

  9. It is appalling what ridiculous ideas people will embrace just to follow a popular trend ! It is especially appalling when the trend is to deny the truth then persecute and ostracized any who will not follow along. Get behind me Satan for he is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

  10. Yes Nick they are called Hermaphrodites. What do you do I suppose that would be a decision of the parents to perform the surgery. It’s probably a crap shoot on what they “Feel” like when they reach maturity.

  11. XX = Female, XY = Male, no matter what you “Feel” you can not beat Nature in this scientific fact deal with it and live your life anyway you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone nor infringe on what others believe there are Males and Females. The left wants it all different ways to suit their agenda, Climate Change is Science based as they say well people on the left XX and XY have more fact in being scientifically based. If you believe that the climate is warming you have to get on board with there is only Male and Females nor matter what your pea brain tells you.

    • Liberal idiots get bent out of shape about boys born as boys and girls as girls. You can’t change the biological facts but can alter the physical aspects only. But we have to realize that the liberals who claim to be Christians don’t believe in the scriptures of the Bible where God our Creator states clearly that Male and Female-He created them. So what are they going to argue when they stand before Him in front of His Bench of His Court on the day of judgement? It’s guaranteed that they won’t like the decision that the Heavenly Father hands down to them. But I’m not here to judge them as that’s between them and the Lord. In the meantime people here will just have to tolerate their beliefs or fetish’s of what they pretend to be.

  12. Hammil is Complete woosh. If a man who says he identifies as a woman follows my wife, daughter, or any of my granddaughters into a restroom, they will become as close to women as is possible for a man to become, because I will personally cut off what he so abhors. And slowly with a dull knife.

  13. You are born male or female, deal with it, no matter what you do on the outside, your DNA doesn’t change. Biological Fact !!!

    • That want everything to suit their agenda. “the climate is warming” based on science so they say well XX and XY is also based on scientific fact. Get over yourself and move on, feel what you want just don’t tell me that you are something you really can’t be no matter how many hormones, meat butchering surgeries you have had.

  14. Neither one of them should care.
    Speaking Your Own Truth Is. God Given Right.
    Agree or Disagree, Speaking Our “Truth”, makes the Sane part of the world go round.

  15. Folks can “be” whomever they want to be. But don’t try to ram your ideology on me. The LGBT zealots are doing more than they realize to turn off any sympathy or tolerance to their cause.

  16. So let me get this straight: You’re “transphobic” if you point out a scientific fact and you’re “transphobic” if you agree with what that person is pointing out. Sounds like the Nazis/Communists way of thinking is alive and well in the leftist elites.

  17. Transphobic Skywalker? Inconceivable. How awful for that back woods Hollywood hick. Who’d want to invite his tired woke butt to a party any way?

  18. Sorry, Markie, but the toothpaste is outta the tube, bro … your “peace and love” brethren will now commence to chew you up and spit you out. They ARE sooo loving, peaceful and understanding, right? Multi-culti, you-and-me-hug-a-tree-free-to-be…etc. Hilarious! November is coming at your entire cabal like a goddamned freight train, friend.

    • I will bet within a decade no physical touching will be allowed as it violates personnel space.

      Watch Demolition Man that society is where are heading.

  19. You are born a male or female, end of story. If you want to get your wang cut off and take female hormones, ok, but you will never be a woman, you will not have a period, you will not have a baby, you are a man and you will die a man. Just get over it, and accept it.

    • Exactly. What God created is who a person really is. The plumbing and the appearance may change, but God still knows.

    • That surgery is not medically needed thus it is cosmetic surgery . Never should it ever happen to a child under 18y/o.

    • For Bean; I don’t know about you but I know a person and also worked with them whose male genitals didn’t appear to much later. The term used is Hermaphrodite. He was treated like a girl for the first part of his life. Because of the male genitalia that appeared later he Identified as a male. This cause some major medical problems and mental issues that he was having a hard time struggling with.Unlike the LBGT, his issues are real and are a problem that stems from a biological birth.


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