Man Who Plotted Black Church Massacre Numbered Among Obama’s 10,000 Muslim Syrian Refugees

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last few years there’s been a debate raging across America, dating back to the latter part of President Obama’s administration, involving the topic of Syrian Muslim refugees and whether or not we should just let them into the country. The answer is a simple one.


These folks shouldn’t just be granted access to our country. Many of them are coming from an area of the world where terrorist groups hostile to our nation and our way of life are dying to find ways to gain access to America so they can carry out awful acts of destruction. It’s impossible to truly know which ones are responsible for this sort of evil and which ones wouldn’t harm a file. The kind of vetting process needed to check people out like that takes a lot of time.

In fact, as it turns out, Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, the man who planned the massacre of a black church, is a prime example of why you can’t just let refugees in. He and his family were Syrian refugees who came to America, and Mustafa himself was completely and totally radicalized, stating he was willing to shed his blood for the victory of his religion.

Here’s Sons Of Liberty Media with more:

Then a flood of Syrian Muslim refugees showed up. Obama had promised to admit 10,000 Syrian migrants in 2016. The terrorist who plotted a massacre at a black church was one of them.

The Alowemer clan arrived at JFK airport in New York City. The same airport through which other terror refugees, including the World Trade Center bombers, had penetrated the United States. Instead of staying in New York, they were resettled in Pittsburgh joining a growing Syrian enclave there.

Northview Heights’ tenant council head told reporters that the Alowemers had “isolated themselves”. They had spent all their time with their fellow Syrian Muslims while avoiding their black neighbors.

But Mustafa Alowemer was not unaware of his black neighbors. He was plotting to kill them. When the FBI and the police descended on the housing project, neighbors learned how close the call had been.

The Syrian Muslim refugee’s target was the Legacy International Worship Center, a small black church on a narrow street with battered slum houses and cracked concrete. The international part reflected the multicultural population of African-Americans and African immigrants, including Nigerian Christians.

The Christians of Nigeria had been subjected to some of the most brutal Islamic massacres in a decade. The Nigerian Christians who had come to the United States were, unlike the Alowemer clan and other Syrian Muslim migrants, authentic refugees fleeing religious persecution, rather than economic migrants. They thought that they were safe in Pittsburgh. But Islamic terror had followed them here.

In Northview Heights, Alowemer plotted the massacre of the Christians whom he called, “Mushrikeen”, an Islamic religious term which condemns Christians and Jews as infidels and deems them to be fair game for mass murder.

Alowemer plotted to plant a bomb backpack on the side of the gray brick church and then head for a mosque to secure his alibi. The timer would set off the bomb, but by then, the terrorists would claim that they had been at their morning prayers. And other Muslims in the mosque would be their alibi.

Alowemer wanted to have an alibi, but he also wanted to hear the sounds of the massacre, being the sick and twisted individual he is, believing that Allah would be pleased. His ultimate goal was to terrify Christians into not going to church and make them afraid.

He planned on posting up an ISIS flag at the site with a message saying, “We’ve arrived.”

These folks came to this country three years ago, with the would-be bomber himself being a refugee to the United States.

This is why President Trump and many of his supporters have stated time and again that we cannot allow folks from this part of the world into our country. If we do, we’re opening ourselves up to attack and there’s no doubt innocent blood will be shed.

Radical Muslims truly believe Allah will be victorious, that they will be his instruments for starting World War III and bringing about the return of their god to earth to rule.

Enforcing a strict immigration policy is the only way to prevent something awful like this from happening and protecting citizens. It’s time to put our own people first.



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