London “Street Party” Rages For Third Night, You Won’t Believe What Went Down This Time

(Tea Party 247) – On the third consecutive night of London “street parties,” aka “violent riots,” police seized firearms (so much for all their glorious gun control) and were attacked with glass bottles.

This comes as notably leftist and viruently anti-Trump Mayor Sadiq Khan announced budget cuts to the Metropolitian Police, as part the western left’s latest trendy, terrible policy agenda.

While the street gatherings in London are still technically illegal consider the UK, like the rest of the world, is in the midst of a pandemic that will now supposedly never end, crowds were so massive and riotous that several clashes with police were witnessed on the third night of these “protests,” Breitbart reports.

Footage shared on social media showed officers being pelted by glass bottles as they tried to disperse a large crowd that had gathered on Harrow Road in West London.

In East London, meanwhile, police responded to reports that a large crowd had converged on the streets of Newham “who were setting up a sound system”. The Newham police said that one man was arrested and a firearm was seized.

After a rave in Harrow Road was broken up by police, another “street party” erupted in Maida Vale, where it took roughly 100 police to break up the gathering.

“[Police] trying to engage and persuade those attending to disperse, but some bottles and other objects have been thrown at officers,” Sky News reported.

Some 140 officers have been injured while policing Black Lives Matter protests over the last three weeks and now the last three nights of rioting, according to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Dame Cressida Dick.

It has been suggested that the public feels emboldened to assault police officers due to an apparent lax attitude towards policing such protests and the virtue-signaling move of some “bobbies” to kneel along with the protesters, undermining their own authority.

Last night’s chaos came after an announcement from Khan that there could be as much as £110 million in cuts to the budget of the Metropolitan Police, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), and the fire brigade, among other public bodies, Breitbart notes.

Khan insisted that the police and other frontline emergency services will see the lowest percentage of cuts, as the city looks to cut an estimated half a billion pounds to make up for revenue shortfalls resulting from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, the Home Secretary met with Met Police Chief Cressida Dick to urge her to take a harder line on the riots breaking out in the capital.

“The Home Secretary reiterated the message that there are many people across the country who have given up so much for a long time and there are people running riot across the streets, and the police should break them up,” a Home Office spokesman said.

“The message has been the law is the law and it’s the job of the police to enforce the law,” the Home office added.

A source close to Home Secretary Priti Patel told The Sun: “It’s telling that the Mayor of London seems to be missing in action when there have been riots in his city.”

Earlier in the week, rioters described as “hostile” chased police from an illegal gathering in Brixton. Some of the crowd even smashed police vehicles with makeshift clubs. There was even one man who appeared to brandish a sword (clearly someone has improvised to London’s strict gun control).

The incidents left 22 police officers injured.

There were similar and less severe scenes witnessed on Thursday, with some officers being attacked by rioters with glass bottles and rocks as they tried to break up a crowd in Notting Hill.

Deadline shootings, stabbings, suspected drug overdoses, and even rapes were reported at illegal “quarantine raves” in other cities, such as Manchester.

Breitbart also notes:

Prior to the outbreak of the riots in London, Brexit leader Nigel Farage warned that the issue of “law and order” will mark this decade in the same way that leaving the European Union defined the last decade.

While calling for the government to address “the social problems within society” that result in crime, Mr Farage said: “the sheer extent to which, now, people are regularly victims of crimes and yet they now have got to the point where they hardly even bother to report them.”


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