London Billboards Encouraging Anti-White Eugenics…This Is Disturbing

(Tea Party 247) – Billboards have appeared around London encouraging white people to sterilize themselves.

This is apparently serious, too.

For some reason, the left thinks that they can simultaneously call everyone a Nazi and yet advocate for the practice of the very thing that Hitler was guilty of: eugenics.

The narrative is that the world is overpopulated and that white people are evil, thus, white people should no longer populate the planet.

There are many errors in this logic, but nonetheless, it is apparently pervasive enough that someone felt the need to pay for an ad campaign promoting it.

The sign, which was placed on Holloway Road in London, reads “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

Interestingly, the models in the billboards only seem to represent white people, not the other many ethnicities represented among the British people, including those who tend to procreate more than white people.

One Twitter user commented on the tweet, noting that a similar ad campaign appeared in their home country of Portugal.

In 2017, Londoners were subject to a slightly different message after someone painted the message “SEX WITH REFUGEES IS JASMINE-SCENTED AND BEAUTIFUL” on the side of a building.

So white people should sterilize themselves, but Londoners should welcome non-white refugees with open…legs?

Summit News notes:

Promotion of sterilization appears to be having an impact in some western countries where native birth rates are already dropping.

The number of Swedish men seeking voluntary vasectomies has risen by 70 per cent – from from 1,430 men in 2013 to 2,470 in 2017. In cities like Stockholm, the number of men sterilizing themselves has doubled over the last five years.

This has contributed to Swedes having a 1.78 birth rate, well below the replacement rate of 2.2 children per woman. This compares to just over 2 children for women from migrant backgrounds.


  1. More irony! The subhumans cannot increase their populations without a genuine human person regardless of color. Vasectomies are done on males before puberty and females at the on set of the first menstrual cycle because of AUTISM AWARENESS in Genetics.

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