LOL: “Sanders For President” Reddit Community Bans CNN Over Lack Of Integrity

(Tea Party 247) – Oh boy! CNN has really done it now. The failing network has been combatting accusations of “fake news” for years as they have targeted and vilified President Trump, turning off huge segments of American viewers. Now it seems they’ve run out of conservatives to alienate so they’ve moved on to those on their own side of the aisle: leftists.

The CNN moderators at the latest Democrat presidential primary debate appear to have pushed Bernie Sanders fans too far and now CNN has been officially banned from a “Sanders for President” subreddit.

Breitbart reports:

“SandersForPresident will be removing all content from CNN for the foreseeable future,” reads the subreddit announcement. “They have abandoned their journalistic integrity.”

The statement continued:

CNN has spent the previous four days using all of its media power to try to prevent Senator Sanders from becoming President. All of their top-line stories have been unsubstantiated “hit job” style articles against the senator. This situation came to head last night when CNN hosted a Democratic primary debate. CNN’s debate has been criticized across the entire ideological spectrum of media today because their moderators spent the entire debate asking slanted questions obviously designed to weaken Americans’ confidence in Senator Sanders, the current frontrunner in the first three primary states.

“CNN has forfeited any journalistic integrity it may have once held in the Democratic primary,” affirmed /r/SandersForPresident in its statement. “Its primary goal has become to protect its own profits, which are threatened by a Sanders presidency.”

“It is for these reasons that r/SandersForPresident is indefinitely suspending the hosting of all content produced by CNN,” the statement concluded.

If only lefties would have been paying attention for the past four years they would already know CNN has long abandoned “any journalistic integrity it may have once had.” No one had anything to say when it was only President Trump at the receiving end of their hit-piece, propaganda “journalism.” Now, Sanders fans are outraged. What a joke.

This point was not lost on members of the pro-Trump subreddit “/r/The_Donald,” as one member noted, “Bernie’s subreddit bans content from CNN – ‘CNN has forfeited any journalistic integrity’ – No kidding, we’ve been saying it for years!”

“LOL the Bernie Bruhs think CNN is trash now,” another member posted.

In reaction to what Sanders fans perceived to be slanted questions by the moderators at the most recent debate, Sanders fans started the hashtag #CNNisTrash which quickly began trending on Twitter.

This whole situation should be extremely entertaining for any Trump supporter. It’s about time someone else felt the rabid aggression of CNN and their blatant biases. What adds to the amusement is the downright indignity of Sanders supporters as if CNN has just now lost their integrity because they slighted Sanders. No one in the Sanders camp seemed too concerned about their lack of integrity over the past 5 years.

CNN has been failing in the ratings department for quite some time. Perhaps this will be the hit that will make them reevaluate their biased-driven propaganda and perhaps find their integrity again…though it does seem highly unlikely.


  1. I don’t believe anything opinioned by CNN. They so twist the truth that it becomes unrecognizable. You can actually see someone they politically oppose say on TV that 5+5 =10 and they will report that the person can’t multiply or divide. Or a person can say we need to “protect our borders” and CNN says that person is racist. When in fact being able to add doesn’t preclude the ability to do multiplication or division. Nor does border security equate to racism.

  2. The problem is that most Democrats only watch CNN or MSNBC, so they don’t ever get exposed to the other side of each issue. If we are ever to solve our national problems it will mean some Democrats develop some courage to watch Fox News as well as CBS, ABC, and NBC while Republicans watch Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and we all turn off CNN and MSNBC. Those latter two are just complete liberal propaganda sites. PBS propagates a lot of liberal propaganda too. What we see right now is Democrats are for Democrats, while Republicans are for Republicans and neither put the American Citizen first. We need some real “Statesmen” in Congress who put public good before party rather than party politicos.

  3. CNN is a sounding board for ignorant shit bag democraps, like dumbass Jim Accosted these ignorant shit bags must be taught life isn’t fair and deal with it.

  4. Caption for picture above, crazy Bernie:
    “Damnit!!! I was SO close, too!
    I ate my full bowl of prunes for breakfast…
    I allocated plenty of time on the throne…
    Turned on the bathroom exhaust fan…
    Whispah’d a lit’tle prayah to the poopin’ fairy…
    And STILL NOTHIN’!!!
    When I’m president, ALL LAXATIVES, FREE!!!

  5. Bernie got f-*d by Hillary, Warren, CNN . The dumbest transie, the lying “non-indian” and the Circus Channel . Only a stupid Commie can take so much abuse. No wonder he is slobbering like an old cow.

  6. WHY does Sanders always remind me……….

    When he’s got his fists clenched………

    And he’s clinching his teeth………

    And he’s almost squatting a little……….

    WHY does he ALWAYS remind me of a BABY TRYING TO POOP ???????????????????

    Or should I ask: A COMMIE BABY TRYING TO POOP ?????????????????

    Or should I ask: A STUPID SHT trying to poop ????????????????????

  7. Do we need ANY more evidence that the world has gone whackadoodle????

    The inmates are indeed running the asylum on the Left.

  8. Laughing, in fact rolling on the floor, just love it that Commie Bernie got the purple shaft, from Shaft-o- matiCNN. The best part is everyone on the left watched Warren slip the knife in and twist it. Who knew she was so handy with a shiv?

  9. Finally the Democrats may get off their insanity seats long enough to get the feel of how Americans concur that “ the news” being broadcasted today in these United States simply is not to be trusted, or watched to get the unbiased truth on any event.

  10. ‘… the downright indignity of Sanders supporters’ … I think the writer meant indignation, but either he’s on auto-correct or he’s demonstrating the appalling state of the US education system.

    • Maybe you should brush up on your English. The blogger meant that Bernie’s supporters feel abandoned by the fake “news” pusher; hence INDIGNITY was properly used. Maybe you should comment on content and leave language analysis to the knowledgeable. I agree about the state of US educational circus.

    • Why not he’s not going to win the nomination, let alone the presidency,as the fix is in which was so clearly demonstrated by CNN. Rest will low key it but you know it’s over for Bernie. That leaves Warren to champion the far left’s extreme views, she and senile old Joe will sight it out. Bet she can do more pushups then he can. Which ever, Trump will decimate either one in any debate they dare go against him in.

  11. The Democrats are fearful that Sanders and some of the other, most extreme candidates in a field of unabashed extremists might receive the nomination. The party establishment, while wanting social justice, also wants to win, and they know a majority of Americans who actually vote will resist the radical plans to remake our country.

    What is so surprising? If the leftists are so adamant about wanting to change the United States, why don’t they relocate to someplace where they can establish a new country, or go to a country where their ideas have already been implemented? China, Venezuela, Cuba and much of central and southern Africa are perfect opportunities for them to live the lives and principles they wish to impose on the rest of us. Most of the entertainment industry should lead the charge since they hate the country that has allowed them to prosper. Cher, Barbra Streisand, Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner, Ron Howard, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Joy Behar, etc. need to form the nucleus of an organizing group for relocation.

  12. Poor old bottle Fed Bernie is a communist infact all representatives WHO violated their oaths of office and violated the constitution are communists conspiracies and need to be arrested tried and face a fireing squad or hung or both for violating oaths of office and violated the constitution. No more letting them sell us out.

  13. Is it morally and ethically incumbent for the
    members of the mule party – AMERI-KAN’T SOVIET SOCIALISTS (ASS) Stalinist comrades (presidential candidates) to recuse themselves during the impeachment coup de ta?
    After all, is it possible for them to vote (innocent) for the person they are running against?
    We are constantly reminded by the open mouth – tongue wagging party “morally and ethically, we must impeach the President… – it is “our responsibility” to defend the constitution…

  14. They’ve taken the garlic out of the mouth and pulled the stake from the heart of the antique Marxist-Leninist vampire, the circular firing squad.

  15. There is a not so veiled conspiracy between the DNC, Pelosi and CNN to protect Biden, particularly keep Bernie down, now that Warren has self imploded, and part of it was to delay sending the impeachment documents to the Senate in order to keep Joe’s senatorial opposing senators from campaigning for the candidacy while having to be present at the Impeachment proceedings.

  16. It appears Bernie has a drug addled brain that has him living in a fantasy world.A world that never has existed.He is a communist, He admitted to being a Progressive (the Progressive party during the day of Franklin D. Roosevelt was the communist party). If you took all the money and divided it equally, it would not be long before you had division between rich and poor. Look at Russia and China has it really helped there.Bernie is trying to sell a package that can’t be funded and therefore can’t exist and he knows it.Talk about lack of Integrity.People should remember” it is not by their words but by their actions you shall know them.”

    • Old Bernie has BEEN reading his communist manifesto as is Pelosi, Hillary, Obama and the Muslims on our government, the whole Congress is communist, look what happened when Europe opened their borders, rape, murder and rampant crime, most of our crime is commuted by illegals. Other than people like Biden’s, Clinton’s and the Bush dynasty, Pelosi is the worst communist plant on the government. Look how sic moved on on until on us and tried to take over.

  17. Waaaah, who else is gonna tackle climate ??

    Meanwhile Joe’s telling the media to watch out for the Republicans making up stories about him, his druggie son and Ukraine.

    Ha ha.


  19. He’s a weak man. Just look at what a person has done in the past and that tells you everything about the persons integrity. Bernie has written awful things about women there are no excuses for it.

  20. Why do you hate Bernie. I feel that I need to go to work 8-12 hour days 5,6,and 7 days a week, because Damit I would hate for lazy low life scum to have to wake up early and go to work to pay for their shares of the social pie!! Just stay home the rest of America will pay for it.

    • Mr. McClure, that’s why I work, so those that are too lazy can live the easy life! As for you suckoff how dare you insult doodoo! He’s not that smart! He will never be President, thank God! It’s all about Trump 2020.
      Oh and burnt out bro’s you just figured this out?

  21. Let me just say that as an ACTUAL Vermonter:
    Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa! (Sharp breath) Bwaaaahaaahaa!

    (In case you misunderstand: I hate the Bernie Sanders!)

    • Ah, thank you Little1. I am happy you are around because based on Bernie Sanders and the mayor of Burlington, I was of the opinion that everyone was a raving lunatic. Sanders will kill people if he does not get his way. He cannot handle basic questions of his “policies” without losing it. If he has to put up with anything like Trump, his totalitarian tendencies will be on full display.

    • Wow! I am not the only politically frustrated one! I live in California, but am not of the looney left. Orange County used to be a bastion of conservatives. We are slowly loosing ground here. So sad for such a formerly beautiful state. Hang in there Little1, we will fight to the end!


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