Live Stream Freezes After Joe Biden Says Something Mortifyingly Stupid About COVID-19 Deaths And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

(Tea Party 247) – Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to provide plenty of evidence that he is mentally unfit for the job of President of the United States, and yet, like good little puppets, the mainstream media is refusing to ask the tough questions about whether or not something might be wrong with their newest political golden boy.

On Thursday, Biden made the ridiculously stupid claim that the coronavirus has killed 120 million people, which isn’t even remotely close to being true. Hilariously, just moments after this comment, his live stream went dead.

The level of dumb that is dripping off Biden is reaching dangerous levels. Either this man is the dumbest human being alive, or he’s got some sort of health problem that needs to be taken care of. Either way, he’s not fit to be in the Oval Office with his hand on the nuclear launch codes.

Via Breitbart:

“What people drastically underestimate is the impact on the medical health of people who, now, everything is complicated,” Biden told supporters during an event on health care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “Not only is the healthcare piece, but people don’t have a job, people don’t have anywhere to go. They don’t know what they’re going to do.”

“You have, unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID,” Biden added, right as the live stream appeared to glitch out. Biden’s image froze for over a minute, then the feed cut to a placeholder screen for the broadcaster, then resumed at a different venue for a prepared speech. It is unclear what, if any, correction Biden made for the inaccurate statistics.

To date, the United States has approximately 2.43 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 124,000 deaths, along with 747,000 recoveries, according to the COVID Tracking Project. Worldwide, nearly 9.5 million cases have been confirmed and 484,000 deaths, while 4.78 million have recovered.

This is not the first time Biden, known for his frequently verbal flubs, has given the incorrect figure on the number of coronavirus deaths. In May, the former vice president twice told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that 600,000 Americans have passed away from the disease. At the time, data showed that the U.S. had experienced a far smaller number of deaths, with 65,068 fatalities.

In the same interview, Biden appeared to forget the name of the Ebola virus.

“We led— Barack Obama led on the corona, I mean, excuse me, in the pandemic that occurred when we were in office. It was kept in Africa,” he told host Joe Scarborough.

This is enough to make your brain explode. And lest you think this is something that has recently developed, Biden made a huge goof back in February during a debate, stating that 150 million people have died since 2007.

In order to give this comment some context so you can clearly see the sheer lunacy of it, that would be almost half of the United States population. He actually said half of our country’s people had died off in a 13 year span. This is obviously not true.

There’s no planet that exists in this universe where this man should be in a position to wield political power. None.



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  2. Smilin Joe, he don’t know, where any of his thoughts may go, his mouth is moving and words do flow, it’s a teleprompter dog & pony show; ask him a question, he’ll tell you no lies, he’ll just stare at you with blank blue eyes; the Dems will tell you he’s perfectly fit; while they’re screwing America and don’t give a sh!t!!! I hope everyone gives this a great deal of thought!

  3. Smilin Joe, he don’t know, where any of his thoughts may go; his mouth does move and words do flow, it’s a teleprompter dog & pony show!; ask him a question, he’ll tell no lies, he’ll just stare at you with blank blue eyes; the Dems will tell you he’s a perfect fit, they’re screwing our country and don’t give sh!t! Hope everyone thinks about this!

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  5. Sleepy Joe as president is a tough thought. His VP taking over is a dreadful concept. It shouldn’t happen in the good ol’ US of A, but here we are with mail-in voting favoring Biden because of “handling errors” or some such thing. Voting is necessary for the continuation of the line of presidential leadership, but is Biden a sleepy leader with no clothes? Let’s hope we don’t have to see that happen.

  6. Senile Joe has been an idiot his whole life. That problem can not be fixed. Senile Joe is also suffering from dementia which is a problem that can not be fixed. He also has been a liar and a crook his whole life, and it is to late to fix that problem.

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    • Three fried eggs, fried side pork, fried “bulb” or 9 cloves of garlic and fresh fruit every morning for breakfast, get a cold about once every three years!

  8. Touchy-Feely will never be President, even IF he gets elected ObamASS and other DemonRARS will tell him what to do and what to say.

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  10. Man, Joe Biden is BRAIN DEAD! . . . He’s BEEN that way for a LONG while now. You are going to trust your COUNTRY to HIM?!? If so, You’re BRAIN DEAD as well. One Observant and ENLIGHTENED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020 Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. No one in there right mind would vote for Biden. This election for the Demo-rats is all about sliding in a VP that otherwise would NEVER get elected who can then take over after however long is required before they put poor ol’ Joe in a nursing home where someone can take care of him.

  12. The truth is: The Democrats want to elect Biden so they can slip n unacceptable candidate from the vice president office via the 25th amendment. Biden’s vice president nominee is the key. Who could fight a move to replace him due to dementia

  13. Presidents are human. Ergo, an occasional misspeak is expected, but also expected is an immediate self correction. It is sad but unacceptable for Joe to keep committing the same gaffe. Such is his 120,000,000 when he really means to say 120,000. He is never corrected by his producers and, of course, the media ignores it because they know what he meant. We know President Trump would have been breaking news and front page lead if he said “it don’t” instead of “it doesn*t”. For goodness sake, President Trump’s unique sarcasm is treated s a serious statement of suggestion.

    There is always the chance that Joe could win. His veep candidate choice is down to four. We are in deep kimshi if he wins because none of the four are worth the space for their names on the ballot. Any one of them would be his worst gaffe because that choice will be President.

    • Haven’t you heard the Public finds the debates to be boring and not worth watching. This is what the experts are telling us. I would put a bet that this years first debate would be a record setting event.

  14. Look for the puppeteer waiting in the wings…. There is a yet undisclosed person planning to step in at the last minute. Bumbling Biden will not make it to the election, he will be ‘removed’ by disease or an ‘accident’. The replacement wil be The Devil, who plans to bring down our Republic and will usher in Communism under a false name.

  15. Old STINK FINGER Joe should have Pelosi as a running mate. Can you imagine these two POS trying to talk during a debate or anytime for that matter? The only people more brain dead than these two are the POS that would vote for them.


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