Listen: Tulsi Gabbard Goes Scorched Earth On DNC Establishment After Rule-Change That Favored Bloomberg

(Tea Party 247) – While you don’t hear much about her these days, decidedly anti-establishment Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is still running for her party’s nomination for president, and she’s not planning on quitting anytime soon.

Her chances of winning the nomination are pretty slim, but we should nonetheless be listening to what she has to say, because few in her party are willing to say it.

The latest round of Democrat debates in Las Vegas on Wednesday night will feature, for the first time, former NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg who many agree is simply buying his way into the campaign.

According to CNN journalist David Wright, Bloomberg has spent $400 million on advertising just to thrust his way into the living rooms of the American voters.

As Bloomberg funds his own campaign, the DNC announced earlier this month that they’d be changing their requirements for participating in the debates which had prevented the latecomer contender from participating previously as he’s not actually receiving a whole lot of donations.

So, while other candidates who have been working hard to raise money without a private fortune to draw from sit out on Wednesday night, Bloomberg will participate.

According to the most recent average from RealClearPolitics, Bloomberg is polling at just 15.9 percent nationally, behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Well, Gabbard has a lot to say about this.

“It’s wrong, and it’s voters in these primaries and caucuses that that are unfortunately losing out because of the DNC decisions in Washington,” she told Fox News Radio’s Jessica Rosenthal on Wednesday’s “Fox News Rundown” podcast.

You can listen here. The segment featuring Gabbard part begins around the 15:15 mark.

Western Journal explains:

On paper, Gabbard should check all the boxes Democrats claim they’re looking for in a candidate:

She’s a woman (obviously).

As a major in the Army National Guard who served with a medical unit in Kuwait and Iraq dealing directly with the effects of combat, she can speak with authority on matters of national security.

And as a Samoan-American, she’s even a “person of color” — seemingly the highest virtue among modern Democrats.

But she’s a political enemy of Hillary Clinton — a woman at the apex of the Democratic Party establishment.

And, even more importantly, she’s not a billionaire with huge amounts of money to blow — which apparently means the DNC doesn’t particularly care much if she ever makes it onto a primary debate stage again.

As she told Rosenthal:

“It’s clear that the DNC would rather hear from Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire, rather than hearing from me — the only person of color left in this race, the first female combat veteran ever to run for president, and the voice that I bring from so many Americans that really challenges the establishment of the powerful elite.”

Considering how the Democratic Party stole the 2016 primary from Bernie Sanders to pave the way for the Ice Queen herself, Hillary Clinton, and considering the party’s psychotic hatred for President Donald Trump, it’s clear that the DNC hates anything that “really challenges the establishment of the powerful elite.”

Bloomberg, who it is humored is considering Clinton as a running mate, is about as establishment as it gets.

By changing the rules to allow Bloomberg on the debate stage Wednesday night, the DNC showed just how ready it is to sell its soul to the highest bidder — especially if it’s the only way to stop the disaster that would be a Sanders nomination for a showdown with Trump in November.

The Democratic establishment wants more than anything else to defeat Trump’s re-election bid, and if that means rigging the primary process again, so be it.

But before they can get to November, they’re going to have to deal with Tulsi Gabbard — because the rest of America can hear her, too.


    • no, she wasn’t in the Army. Hawaii National Guard. Never saw a combat. She was a desk jockey. From her first tour:

      While serving in a base in the Sunni Triangle at the height of the war, Tulsi had the heart-wrenching daily responsibility of going through the list of every injury and casualty in the entire theatre of operations, looking to see if any soldiers in her unit were on the list, so she could ensure they received the care they needed and their families were notified.”
      Later she served in the Military police.Still part of Hawaii National Guard.
      “n March 2007, she graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy. She was commissioned as a second lieutenant and assigned to the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Hawaii Army National Guard, this time to serve as an Army Military Police officer. She was deployed to Kuwait from 2008 to 2009.”
      She never used her gun in combat. That in my book is non-combatant.

  1. Tulsi is the best non Democrat, Democrat. She has an excellent perspective on our Nations/polatics of any one on the stage. Her other plus is she has achieved the rank of Major. The training in leadership in the military by the time someone reaches the rank of Major is 2nd to none. Keep on going Tulsi. You’re doing great! Can you imagine Tulsi and Nikie Haley on the same ticket.

    • She served in a medical unit. Non combat. Rank of major there is easily achievable. Actually doctors choosing to go that route start with a rank of captain. After initial boot camp. Tulsi is every bit “Pocahontas” err Hawaiihontas……. vulture in eagle’s clothing

  2. Tulsi doesn’t fit in either the Democratic or Republican party. Either she needs to go over the political CLIFF with the Democrats, or she’ll need to change her stance to complete CONSERVATIVE to be a Republican (NOT a RINO). She won’t do either. Tulsi Gabbard, R.I.P. politically. Your presidential run is over, and so is your political career, without the necessary CHANGE. Team Trump and his allies.

    • Agree, she is in the wrong party, but she cannot bring her progressive idiotology over to the republican party which has been conflicted with rhino/progressive coyotes in conservative clothing.

  3. Biden still has all the super-delegates. So he is STILL in the lead. Republican Party dropped this super delegate crap decades ago. The DNC is your problem.

  4. Although I like her honesty, serving with a National Guard medical unit does not make a person an authority on national security. That’s like saying that an orderly is an authority on being a doctor. Or that a private is an authority on being a General. She is receiving too much credit for her service with absolutely no hard questions about it. But that’s what happens when the media panders to the military. The men and women of the military should be on the watch for blowhards who want to use them as a voting bloc.

    • You know what? I was mistaken earlier when I said she’d also been Army. But, since she has not used her gun, and has been forced to observe and not defend, she has a better chance psychologically to improve the pitifully and even criminally neglectful VA system. In every way, they pretend to be great and deserving of funding and applause, when all the while, they complete the throwaway mentality of our government, when it comes to using other people’s kids to do “our” dirty work. I see Tulsi Gabbard as a hero, no less bc she hasn’t had to suffer the lifelong horror show of a soldier in combat. She chose to be an active witness. Most opt out for a slew of somewhat valid reasons. She is a very brave person.

  5. The power of God Almighty is far more powerful than money, so my dear people we notice a great changed in our country since President Trump took office and its all spiraling upward and the best that our country has ever been in half centuries or ever.
    So why go backwards, our country is respected again greater again millions of people employees again jobs flowing back into the country again stock market keeps braking records. So why go back to a party that will bring destruction to America. We certainly don’t want.

  6. I can’t believe how many of you here lost your senses, only because she opposes Bernie, Hillary and Bloomberg. She still is a Democrat with warped ideas about right and wrong. She is every bit as white hater as the rest ,2nd Amendment hater, she will continue The Dept of Education communist indoctrination of our kids, she supports abortion rights all the way. What color is she ? She already separated herself from the rest of the people by making the color claim . Another racist in the White House? Didn’t you have enough of that during Obama? If this nation doesn’t move away from the racial divide, we will not survive long. And that’s the endgame for the One World Order cartel. The reason the oceans are rising is the cartel is salivating too much. Don’t go that route, people.

    • aleksandar is SPOT-ON. Tulsi Gabbard sounds great when she’s trashing establishment Dems, but ultimately she IS a Democrat, and her policy positions are overwhelmingly so. I will say the one way she could be very useful to conservatives, however, would be if she switches to Independent and splits the Democrat vote.

      If she threatened to do that though, to go Independent, she would have huge sums of money offered to her to drop out of the race. I believe that is what happened to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, last time around. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  7. I typically Vote Republican but I would Vote For Tulsi Gabbard .Actually she is the only one Qualified the Original Democracy’s required there Leaders to have served there Country were Intelligent and were for there Country the Leaders of this Country were suppose to be moral Intelligent and for all the people not just the Elites . Tulsi has all of those Qualifications .Im a red blooded American my father and step father fought in World War 2 .We have spent Billions fighting wars in the middle east simple so the Super Rich can get Richer so many young Americans losing there lifes and limbs for the Super Rich. Do u want your sons fighting so the Rich can get Richer. Vote For Tulsi if u want a honest very Qualified don’t be brain washed by Millions of Dollars Of TV ads use your own Brain

  8. The foolish RATS are just that. This is probably the one candidate that could truly give Trump a valid challenge. They are too busy fighting among themselves and dismissing her because she is not yet a member of good ole boy established demonic-rats .

  9. I like this lady in so many ways but, for me she has a major flaw. As a person who served in the military, I can’t fathom how she could be a Democrat, considering the Socialist hold on the DNC! Additionally, the DNC, since Clinton’s days has been consistency anti-military toward the PEOPLE in uniform. Look at Hawaii and tell me what the Democrats have done for Hawaiians. Nothing, like in every – repeat- every place they have held political power! If she is truly smart, she be changing to Republican where the conservative views she does have will be appreciated. Standing up whining “it’s not fair” to the biggest group of self-serving crooks is a waste of time!

  10. Tulsi is the only candidate who still resembles a Democrat. She is easily the most compelling in a decidedly unappealing field of candidates. This is Trump’s re-election, well-deserved. The Dems’ only chance would have been to throw Mini Mike’s money behind Tulsi. But that isn’t something lemmings do.

    • I’m not a lemming. I don’t even know why I’m writing, or reading (mostly comments, not the actual articles) on this website. Do YOU notice that there are grammatical errors aplenty and not from dyslexia or typos? Isn’t it obvious to superior people like yourself, that this is a “phony,”probably foreign, website? Lol.
      Mike and Yang sound like a great combo to me, btw. However, Mike Mike minus Yang—not so much.
      Waiting to be bashed.

  11. I’m a Republican and Trump supporter. I do not understand why the Democrats do not embrace Tulsi Gabbard. She’s very smart. Handles herself very well. She has good experience. She doesn’t sling mud at her opponents and is a good speaker. Oh, that’s why.

  12. They will tell you anything you want to hear if it sounds good. Unfortunately, they never keep their promises. Doesn’t matter who they nominate we all know that Obama is still pulling the democrats strings.

  13. I am a Conservative, but I support Tulsi Gabbard’s candidacy for President and I am ashamed that she is being treated so disrespectfully by men and women who have never served this country nor written any worthwhile legislation.

    • I am a fiscal conservative and i agree with her policies! But she has been marginalized by the power brokers in the DNC. Listen to her. Let’s start reigning in the t r runaway budget

    • There ya go… She is fiscally conservative, respects the military and their sacrifices, and makes plain that we need security!
      Btw, from my last comment: yeah I know I typed the name Mike 2x. That’s not what I meant.

  14. Tulsi, you ain’t an old white guy. How do you expect to get on stage?? Even Steyer spending $200M could not find a podium with his name on it. Pocahontas and Minnesota Amy will be gone soon.

  15. With as conniving and disingenuous as the DNC revealed to the voters in the 2016 election, it’s shocking that those who vote on the left have ANY trust, faith or confidence in them. While I’m not a Bernie supporter (socialism would be the death of America as we know it), he at least deserves a fair opportunity to run w/o the DNC rigging the debates/primaries/caucuses in Hillary’s favor!! That was an outrage!! And what they are now doing to Tulsi Gabbard is even WORSE!! How are they able to get away with that??!!

  16. I love her. Why the hell she doesn’t leave that dirt party is beyond me, as well as the Senator from PA. His father was not allowed to speak at the DEM Convention because he was pro life. He was our Governor twice. His son is great Both good Catholics not like Kennedy and Chris Matthews. ( Ash Wednesday Catholics only.) you now have 2 non Democrats running for the presidency. Independent Bernie the Commie and Rep., Ind, now Dem. midget Bloomberg who hates blacks, browns, women, ( why would any woman allow that creep to touch her) farmers and working people. He is the most disgusting human being I have ever seen. Good luck DemoRats.

  17. Keep spreading the word, Tulsi. If the DNC tries to pull another 2016 on Bernie, the entire country, Dems and Republicans should revolt.

  18. Tulsi Gabbard is the only Democrat candidate who deserves to be heard. Unlike the others, she has integrity, sanity, and an accessible agenda instead of pie in the sky babbling or nice-sounding platitudes.

  19. It amazes me that the party that is SOOO for the poor has spent a Billion $$$$ on campaigns! Oh yea, but to mention ALL the pollution travelling around the country!

  20. If they want to save there party, from a total meltdown. They need to get back to the core values. She has the best qualities of any running from the Democratic Party. Look how far the party has moved from the John Kennedy presidency. They used to love America! I remember when in president Kennedy’s speech to the nation. He said, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!

  21. Gabbard is the only demo candidate that realizes America sees no viable candidate in the Democratic Party,,,,the DNC cares nothing about fairness as the moved her out of the way so little bitty bloomers could buy his way on to the debate stage,,,I am not a fan of Gabbard and I am a solid conservative republican,,,,but this just goes to show you how narrow the focus is in the DNC,,,,,just money,,,that’s all they see,,,letting tiny Minnie Mouse buy his way in,,,,the entire DNC is crooked and totally disgusting,,,,

  22. That’s a party of communist whores that’s why they change the rules money money money power power power as long as they do what they’re told by the ruling elite they have no problem doing whatever murder rape robbery anything unethical all things are fair under the communist rules

  23. I may disagree with her politics, but she is the lone voice of integrity in the Democratic Party. I really hoped she would continue in the process and not lose her voice to the hoary Democratic establishment (pub intended).

  24. Congresswoman Gabbard should change parties. She’s way to good of an American to belong to a bunch of cheating, lying and corrupt losers.Join us Republican Veterans that have total respect for you and your service to our great Country. You would make a great member of President Trumps National Security Team. Democrats don’t deserve you. Trump 2020.

  25. Tulsi is a real thorn in the Dem’s Establishment but. She really fits all the profile of the ideal Democrat presidential candidate, except for one SHES NOT A SWAMPER.

  26. Please forget the color bullshit. Doesn’t float with anyone concerned about the future of this country.
    Forget the immigration bullshit and you will have a real chance to become a front runner in this campaign. Be a Democrat not a Socialist follower!
    Pay attention to what real America wants, quit whining and see what happens when you come back to the middle (sanity).

    • What the hell color are you? The Democrats ALWAYS put labels on everyone. These labels, are they a badge of honor or what??
      Personally, I cannot believe that an attractiven woman and intelligent is a democratic!

  27. If the Dems had enough sense to be able to pick their noses without help they’d be trying to get Tulsi Gabbard nominated as hard as they possibly could. Although she’s every bit as much of a flaming liberal twit as any of the rest of them ,she at least comes across as someone with a single functioning brain cell. And that’s certainly a lot more than can be said for the rest of them.

  28. Tulsi Gabbard is the only DmoRAT Candidate that I could possibly even consider for electing to any office, possibly even t some future date, the Presidency of the USA. he is the only voice of once Patriotic Democrats, in the current crop of Wannabe’s. he cannot beat Donald Trump, b ut none of the current crop of DemocRAT Candidates will be able to beat President Trump this November. All of the Mchinations impelled by severe TDS have failed and will continue to fail, and all they wkill have accomplished is to give the Prfesident the coat-tails to bring in a strong GOP Senate and House!

  29. She makes some great points. She has EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE WHERE SHE IS!!! Bloomberg is buying his way in. That is all the people of this country should need to know about the Democrat Party!!! They are willing to sell their souls the people be damned!!! Bloomberg wishes to buy what’s left of the US to SELL IT TO CHINA. Bernie is a Socialist, but at least he is authentic and has been consistently a socialist/communist his entire adult life. Bloomberg bounces which ever the wind blows…as long as he can profit from the direction. He’s already in bed with China. WHAT ELSE DO WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!!!

  30. Tulsi needs to switch to the Libertarian Party if she cant consider the Republicans. I am convinced the crooked Republicans are the Never Trumpers like Romney and the rich elite. Alan Dershowitz. The Federal Government is run by rich lawyers and the so called rich elite. There is a tough time ahead but Trump has started it and it can be done with hope and prayer,

  31. If it weren’t Trump running I could easily vote for Tulsi Gabbard. She is right in the center of left or right. The country was designed to be run just slightly right of center, but she says a lot of good things.


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