Liberals Want To Save The Planet But Who’s Going To Save Us From The WiFi?

(Tea Party 247) – We live in the future. A hundred years ago it would have been impossible for people to imagine the level of technology we have achieved today. While all of this technology certainly makes life easier, it may be coming at a huge cost: our health. Amazingly, we have all the information in the world at our fingertips and yet we are the most chronically sick humans have ever been in the history of the world.

Not only do we have the ability to acquire information with the push of a button but we can also acquire goods from literally anywhere in the world. Any natural remedy you can think of is just a click away and yet we are sick and unhealthy. Why is this?

The WiFi is killing us.

DC Clothesline reports:

Our children are our future and many of them are concerned with advancing technologies and their UNTESTED and UNDOCUMENTED potentially harmful, if not fatal, side effects.

People around the world are extremely concerned with the potential harmful effects of the 5G rollout, but how many people are discounting the dangerous technologies we already have, such as our current Wifi (minus 5G).

First let’s start with a group of American school kids who tested Wifi against sprouting seeds.

They had a control and a set of seeds being exposed to Wifi.

What do you think happened?

Watch and see for yourself.

The results of that experiment are concerning, to say the least. WiFi signals are around us all the time. Not only should we be concerned about WiFi, but Big Tech is pushing the stronger 5G network on us all. How can we possibly see the results of an experiment like the one in the video and think we are somehow immune from the damaging effects of WiFi and the 5G network?

WiFi and the 5G network are harmful for every living thing on the planet. Imagine what it’s doing to the food we consume, both plants and animals.

Do we even care? Obviously scientists don’t. There’s no way scientists have not done experiments and discovered what these school students have.

Scientists are too busy making up “scientific facts” about climate change and global warming to be concerned about our health.

Isn’t it interesting how up-in-arms millions of liberals around the world are over climate change yet couldn’t care less about the very real and imminent dangers of WiFi and the 5G network. It’s amazing how much more liberals care about the environment over the health of human beings. They truly are the party of death. They would gladly see all humans wiped off the face of the planet if it meant saving it.

The left is full of hypocrisy and this is just another example of that. They are determined to depopulate the earth and we’ve all become very comfortable with their efforts.


  1. 5 G is a weapon and surveillance system as well as communication. It is a huge
    benefit the super wealthy that own the central banks and control all the major industries to foist their dream of a one world government that will be everything
    Orwell spoke of and more, unless we stop them. They desperately want gun control
    here as our numbers are a threat. It is a spiritual battle and an E T battle.

  2. 5 g bad period. Has anyone seen street light cancer targeting causing , technology on , Ritchie from Boston , youtube channel?
    Check it out.

  3. 5 g bad period. Who would do this?
    Have any of you seen the weaponized street light , socalled technology that is a severe cancer causing producing technology , on , Ritchie From Bostons you tube channel?
    Check it out!

  4. I agree that 5G and WiFi are among the biggest threats our country is facing. But you’re assessment that has something to do with the left or liberals is absurd. There is nothing partisan about this topic. In fact, it’s Donald Trump himself that is pushing as hard as possible for a faster 5G rollout. People of ALL parties are using this technology 24/7. I started a group where I live to raise awareness about this topic. Of the 500 members we have, 3/4 of them are liberals. How about raising awareness about the topic itself rather than making it have anything to do with politics? You’d be much more effective with your education that way.

  5. What’s not mentioned about our chronically sick society is all the chemicals in our food. Pick up any package in the store or your pantry and look at the looong list of ingredients, even on bread which should have only a half-dozen ingredients! Most of these are unpronounceable chemicals.

    We are given medications loaded with chemical fillers – and many medications have severe side effects, that forces us to take more medications with side effects – pretty soon we are taking 15 pills each morning for one minor ailment!

    And this doesn’t touch on the chemicals used to grow our food, the chemicals we inject into the air to make it smell better, the chemicals that leach from other products (think “new car smell” – it’s formaldehyde leaching from the upholstery!)

  6. I think this experiment is flawed since the proximity of the signal source to the seeds is much closer than would happen in real life. A better and more convincing experiment would be to shield one group of seeds to prevent a WIFI signal from reaching them and allow the other group of seeds to be exposed to normal levels of WIFI signals. Radiation occurs naturally all around us. There is a safe level of exposure.

  7. A microwave oven transmits at 2.2 ghz. The microwave signal agitates the molecules of water. As the molecules rub against one other, the friction of the rubbing molecules creates heat. 2.2 ghz is the most efficient frequency for warming liquids.

    Most wifi is 2.4 ghz which is very close to a microwave signal. That’s why the plants died or won’t grow in the video. A standard wifi router is not powerful enough or close enough to harm humans in most cases. The Inverse-square law comes into play here. If you double the distance from the router, the strength of the signal is only a fourth of what it was before. If you’re concerned you can move the router away from you, or switch to 5.8 ghz.

  8. For the wifi part of the experiment, why not just put the plants into the open space with the waves in the general area vs using a enclosed space with a wifi broadcaster. That device generates some heat from electricity use in a enclosed environment which will help speed drying up the moisture inside the controlled area. Your study needs to ensure moisture is the same in the warmer environment vs the cooler environment of the non- wyfi environment.

  9. That’s the goal of the Billionaire Elites , to depopulate the world , to reduce the world ‘s population to a quarter of the total & create more transhumans or robots & own the world’s lands & resources. And their greed for power & wealth is their grab for control & possession these things.

  10. You right wing idiots write so much lying stupid unscientific crap its amazing. Shame there is no God to ask to give you any intelligence. Gullible fools all

  11. We are being killed off on purpose. Our food makes us sick and there is nothing we can do about it. Unsafe additives are making us fat and ill. Our medicines have bad and sometimes fatal side effects. It is not climate change that is the problem. That is a hoax. It’s our food supply which we need to live.

    • Also our air supply. Heard abt the CO2 eating bacteria? What happens when your pO2 &CO2 get out of balance? (For the medically illiterate, it plays havoc, can even kill, if the unbalance is too great.)

  12. I am a relatively simple man who has lived a relatively uncomplicated life. I must admit to not understanding all of the technical jargon (e.g., 5G, WiFi, etc). I would really hate to die before my time from a cause unknown to me.


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