Liberals Are Starting To Push…Cannibalism?! This Is Insane.

(Tea Party 247) – Yet another leftist, consumed by his obsession with climate change and crippled by a characteristic inability to come up with real solutions to supposed problems, recently proclaimed on Swedish television that in order to protect the earth from climate change humans will need to start eating the dead.

Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund (pictured above) went on Swedish TV to tell viewers that in order to combat what the left sees as catastrophic damage caused by animal agriculture, people of the future would need to abandon these farming practices and instead eat their dead.

Magnus, in perfect leftist form, would rather advocate for the abhorrent and hazardous practice of cannibalism instead of advocating for better food preservation, eating smaller more efficient animals like chickens, eating more vegetable protein, or anything else that is not insane.

Social taboos and taste apprehensions are what Magnus says he anticipates will be the largest obstacles to altering human dietary behavior in the most drastic way in history. He didn’t mention the health effects of cannibalism or the health effects of eating anything that dies from natural causes for that matter.

Let’s hope that Magnus and socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-VT) don’t team up. Sanders was recently “brave” enough to address what leftists insist is an overpopulation crisis (despite birthrates telling us a very different story, but you know liberals and data), lamenting current US law prohibiting tax dollars to be used for abortions in foreign countries. They might not be satisfied waiting for their next meal to die of a drug overdose or be aborted.

Whether Magnus has any malicious motive is unknown, but what is obvious is that the left, who can’t stop talking about climate change, can’t manage to speak about in an intelligent manner and offer a feasible solution to save their lives, which they claim are at stake.

If the earth, and all on it, is truly at stake here, then the last thing we want to do is listen to people stupid enough to suggest eating corpses to solve this problem.

Has Magnus eaten a dead person? Will he? More than likely we will never know, because like all leftist he doesn’t want to solve what he claims is an existential threat to mankind, sorry peoplekind anymore than the celebrities and politicians that show up in private jets and private yachts to climate conventions to virtue signal while advocating for policies that would destroy the standard of living for the average person while empowering them.

Which is what this is all about, power. Every time climate change is the issue, power is the goal.


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