Liberal Policies Lead To Major Tech Conference Bailing On San Francisco After Decades

(Tea Party 247) – California has become a cesspool of homelessness, drug addiction, disease, and violence thanks to liberal lawmakers and their “woke” policies that favor illegal immigrants over actual American citizens. There are literally thousands of people living in the streets but lawmakers are more concerned with pandering to the LGBT mob and flooding the city with illegal immigrants, who suck taxpayer dollars up, in an effort to stick it to Trump.

Now, it looks like this is starting to take a toll on the state’s ability to attract tourism and business. San Francisco is losing out on an annual technology conference that has been held there for more than 20 years. Organizers of the conference cited “poor street conditions” as one of the determining factors for the change.

NewsWars reports:

OpenWorld, a tech confab presented by Oracle, has been hosted in San Francisco since 1996, but will be moved to Sin City in 2020 for at least three years.

The conference has become one of the biggest events of its kind in San Francisco, and its departure will reportedly deal a $64 million blow to the tourism and hospitality industry there.

“Oracle stated that their attendee feedback was that San Francisco hotel rates are too high,” the San Francisco Travel Association (SFTA) explained to its members in an email seen by CNBC. “Poor street conditions was another reason why they made this difficult decision.”

“The estimated economic impact of each of the above is $64,000,000, a huge loss for our city.”

OpenWorld reportedly attracts over 60,000 Oracle customers and partners every year, and the decision to pull the convention out of San Francisco has raised questions about the decaying city’s capacity to host major events.

“The move has prompted concern over whether the city, facing soaring hotel costs and homelessness, open drug use and incidents of violence on the streets that alarm visitors, can hold onto the big-business events that have long been a mainstay of its tourism and travel industries,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The SFTA says it is “sorry to see Oracle OpenWorld move to Las Vegas after more than 20 years in San Francisco,” but claims it will book alternate events to “fill that space in the future.”

Imagine that. Liberal policies resulting in the decaying of a once great American city. Whoever could have predicted such a demise? This is no small loss either. $64 million is a major, substantial loss and will only add to the city’s already deep-seated problems.

We aren’t talking about citizens just throwing litter in the streets, San Francisco is seeing high levels of homelessness, with around 7,500 individuals falling into that category. Of those, many of them are using the streets as toilets for their human excrement while many others are throwing needles and other drug paraphernalia all over the city. Add to that high rates of violent street crimes and it’s really no wonder why OpenWorld has decided to move to Las Vegas.

The blame doesn’t just lay solely on the extreme left-wing politicians who control the city and ruin everything they touch. It falls on the voters too, most of which care primarily about social issues specifically those relating to the LGBT agenda and illegal immigrants.

The voters of San Francisco would rather continue fighting for “equality” for LGBT folks despite them having all the rights of all other American citizens over actually taking a good, long hard look at the policies that have been destroying their own city. They’d rather put illegal immigrants on a pedestal while their fellow citizens live and die in the streets. That’s completely backwards.

This is the liberal dystopian future of America if we fail to pushback against leftist politicians and their wacked-out agendas.


  1. Seattle, is right there with the same issues. They arrest the guys on the street and put them right back on the street. They know they can get away with stealing so they do more stealing and law-breaking. Sleeping on the street is illegal, but they just turn their head and ignore it. Some of the large stores downtown are closing. It will be a matter of time and business will walk away as a difficult place to do business. They want more taxes and fewer places to park and the places you can park are getting more and more expensive. It is not safe, even in front of the Federal Building. Will they learn, not likely? Will they change, no not a chance? Will the rest of us learn to voice our vote differently at the poll, again the same old crap and same old representatives doing the same old stuff? We get the same results and we complain the same? Change is necessary, and we are far from it. Stop waisting our taxes on this stuff. The infrastructure needs fixing, and they ignore it over and over. Change your vote!!!

  2. Liberal controlled cities no matter where they are, all have one thing in common. Increased crime and deterioration. What was once great cities have become cesspools of filth, crime and financial disasters. Would I hold a conference there, NO.As an organizer of a event, my first responsibility is to the safety of the people attending; second,;would be insure there would be adequate safe parking for attendees and partners.Third; has an atmosphere that will instill good memories into the minds of those attending the conference. Last; to experience the traditions, the spirit and the many things a great city has to offer. All for purpose of making a memorial experience that will make them want to come back again.

  3. Good-bye San Francisco – it was nice knowing you. The so-called progressives have finally destroyed it. Chicago and New York are not behind by much in getting the same treatment. Companies are moving their headquarters to Nevada and Utah.

  4. Ignorant shit bag democrap policies are shit, nice, there supporters are going to get assed out and they don’t even know it. Keep voting for these ignorant shit bags they don’t care about you they only care about themselves if living in shit is your thing with no kind of future go for it.

  5. The educational system has been purposely dumbed down, so that people, like we see on this site, have no idea what the hell is going on.

    What’s up folks? All this crap going on is not happening by chance. These liberals are not such naive people that have anybody’s best interests at heart except the corporate globalist tyrants that they are doing the diry work for.

    You see folks, the corporate globalist interests can’t take over America until they literally destroy the country and and its sovereignty. If Hillary had been elected President 3 years ago, the entire country would be on that greasy slope California is right now.

    Don’t ever forget that the original Bolshevik Revolution was financed out of New York City in 1917 by Jacob Schiff, ancestor of Adam Schifty Schiff, head of the Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York. Leon Trotsky was packed up with several million dollars and a passport from the Woodrow Wilson Administration, as well as with a few hundred other Khazarian revolutionaries in New York City and sent to Petrograd, Russian to incite the Bolshevik Revolution. Big money/the big banks and the corporate globalist braintrust is all behind these efforts to destroy American sovereignty.

    Folks, if you are going to do something about it you must first know what it going on, who is supporting it and why are they supporting it. I just gave you folks the intro. Please do the rest of the research it all yourself, while passing along your findings, PLEASE!!

  6. We all make choices but then have to live with the results. You can go destroy women rights with the alphabet soup and put criminal illegal immigrants above the needs and well being of law abiding citizens but don’t come crying and blame the rest of the country for the decisions you made. it’s called “consequences”! You can make Your choice and we can make Ours to stay far far away from you!

  7. I grew up in Southern California. For us, to go to San Francisco was like going to Disneyland. It was a quaint and beautiful city. I remember going there in the mid-70s with my high school sweetheart. We stayed in the Drake Hotel and a homeless lady screamed all night in the streets. This was in the 70s and even then I could see the beginning of the end. I can imagine what it’s like today but I will never know because I will never go back to San Francisco. I want to remember those days when it was a shining beacon on the bay that drew all of us to its majesty. No more. I don’t even think the Democrats go there any more.

  8. california has slowly became what u see now, a cesspool. Literally a cesspool of shit and piss everywhere u look. And the ppl who live there like sitting at a sidewalk café while some homeless person shits on the sidewalk next to them. And the law REFUSES to do anything about it except turn their head and ship them off to another city so they can shit on more sidewalks.
    Try taking responsibility for ur own fuk ups and help those ppl get jobs and when they shit on ur sidewalks then lock they asses up

  9. Holysmokes: Yahoo banned me for speaking the truth. The evidence is right in front of you. Liberals and conservatives are fleeing California in record numbers. So much so that California is now in a NEGATIVE population growth rate. Where are they headed? To conservative states without liberal policy. California is a damned mess and LIBERALS and their idiotic choices are solely to blame. Welcome to TEXAS leave your moronic ideals in the cesspool you came from!

  10. The year was 2019 and suddenly Sherman and I dodged the druglords from The Tenderloin. To our immediate left we saw 3 men injecting heroine into themselves. One man then tried to break into the Wayback Machine but decided to break into car number 30,456 for the year. SFO Wars will return to your screen soon. San Francisco is so bad even PG&E may consider moving to one of the Faralon Islands. Hope and Salvation is there for all ! Just keep paying more taxes and higher electric bills. District 12 is a rathole and Bart is going up next year.

  11. What happens when you put lawlessness before Residents! Liberal/Democratic Politics deserve what they get along with the ones who voted them in.

    Libs/Dems… made you bed….you can’t blame this on Trump!

    If California Lawmakers, congress and Senators would pull their heads out of their [email protected]&….give the Police the authority to actually do their jobs….what a concept.

    Home envisions, car burglary, drug use, homeless, Sanctuary Cities and people being assaulted….just a slap on the wrist while tax payers pay for it all!

    Libs/Dems deserve each other!

    Politicians….Enforce the laws a you already have on the books…. stop kissing the ass of every special interest group that crawls out of the woodwork.

    Maybe someday when you wake up and realize the mistakes you have made San Francisco could possibly be a great city again! Keep America Great! Go Trump 2020!!

    • When Californica comes begging the country to bail it out due to it’s bankruptcy the rest of America had better say to Congress…..”NO FREAKEN WAY” . Build a wall around that state to keep the inmates there because as they leave Californica they take their liberal political agenda with them. Examples are abundant: Washington State, Colorado, Oregon are all liberal hell holes now.

  12. SF was the one US city I always wanted to visit, now I wouldn’t go if they gave me an all expenses paid trip. Too bad the citizens allowed this to get out of hand, but they did keep voting for the same liberal policies for years.
    As the saying goes “ you reap what you sow” .

  13. All my friends that are “still” living in CA have plans on exiting. The stupendous failure of cleaning the woodlands are providing immediate opportunities for people to move out due to the fires. Newsome, Ms Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, is rapidly receiving massive signatures for his recall. Not a bad idea as he has endorsed the illegals getting new identities based on hacked information. A very clever decision in LA is to construct new high rise to house the homeless. That is such a great idea it should draw even more considerable “homeless” from other cities. Of course New York appreciates it as they are paying bus tickets for homeless to leave New York City. Dang, cold feet for the non-emergency “open border”. Oops, Schumer, had to get an emergency $6.5 million for CDC to combat an outbreak of the super bug. The “birther” issue has turned the LA hospital into a baby city. Hmm, reminds me of Dems providing the black inner city with more welfare based on number of kids, BUT, there could not be a man/father in the same house. Blacks are now left behind as illegals (um, new homeless) has taken there important place. Had Obama/HRC taken charge we’d see the priority change to the muslims then all would be screaming or listening to the blustering lies. Ever heard of NoKorea’s brainwashing???

  14. What a shame!…Don’t Democrats have the ability to seeee???….They certainly DO NOT have the ability to admit when they’re wrong and STOP the BS!….All I can say “ Is teach your children well”….Get off your phones and don’t let others fill their heads with utopian lies

    • By and large, the Dem elites genuinely cannot believe that they are wrong. It is just not possible. It’s like the old fable of the emperor’s new clothes. “I am not bare-ass naked. Not, not, not!

  15. The Leftist POLICIES leaves human WRECKAGE and complete destruction on EVERYTHING it touches. It’s time for a Democrat CLEAN out and get some NEW representation. Apparently the Democrats CAN’T handle it. REMOVE them from office ASAP. Vote R E P U B L I C A N. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  16. I wonder what “Other Alternate Events” will want to go to San Francisco. Maybe the SF City Council will have to bribe some CEOs. That would be a switch, city politicians paying bribes.

    • This also reminds me of another issue back in 2006. The SF School Board voted to dump high school Junior ROTC (JROTC) and replace it with “alternative, creative, career-driven programs with the elements of the existing JROTC program.” It took them a couple of years to figure out that there is no such thing, so they quietly gave up.

  17. Wow – Hard to know what to say… the magnitude of problems in a city like San Francisco is really sobering. I don’t see the politics changing until the residents revolt due to taxes, and vote in conservative elected officials.

  18. This is happening in the United States as well and will get much much worse. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party do not care about women. They believe if they get rapped they just murder the baby an go on line like nothing happened. We must stop this evil in America. If someone murders they get the death penalty. If someone rapes they get castrated, if someone commits robbery life imprison at hard labor. STOP GIVING THESE RABID CRIMINALS MORE RIGHTS THAN THE VICTIMS. YOU TAKE A LIFE YOU LOOSE YOURS………. WE MUST STOP THE PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST FASCIST RACIST DEMOCRAT PARTY CARING MORE FOR CRIMINALS TO GET VOTES, POWER AND MORE WEALTH.

  19. Let the TAX Wacko Waters, Pelosi, Schiff and the other LOSERS and the REGISTERED Party in POWER up to 90 PERCENT of their wages by Federal Order!! That is TAXATION with REPRESENTATION – they GET what they pay for!!!

  20. I remember San Francisco as the picturesque city by the bay that it was long ago. Too bad that it meets such a horrid ending…it didn’t have to.


  22. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  23. Vote Pelosi and Waters out. they live in mansions, OUTSIDE their district and let the homeless GROW. They don’t even provide portable potties for them.

  24. That above picture breaks my heart. If your local politician does not get these people off the streets and some help, VOTE THEM OUT. HOMELESSNESS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. IN CALIFORNIA WE PAY HIGH TAXES. USE IT TO HOUSE AND HELP THESE PEOPLE OR GET OUT!!!!

    • Vote Pelosi and Waters out. they live in mansions, OUTSIDE their district and let the homeless GROW. They don’t even provide portable potties for them.

  25. It is only a matter of time that the city with incompetent Democrat politicians who cater to individuals instead of the citizens of their city, You let the city turn into a cesspool and pretty soon many that made a million dollars are going to Take a big loss which is directly do to the idiots running SF!

  26. The less tourism there is, the less revenue the city has to work with, the more the city’s residents will be taxed in one form or another, etc,etc,etc.

  27. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, compared to what’s on the horizon for business in this formerly beautiful, economically sound city. If I even spotted a pile of excrement on a major thoroughfare, just one time, it would be the last visit I would make to that destination. That’s why Oracle is bailing.

  28. I am glad the event was moved to Vegas. Let the Left live in garbage and high crime. They will destroy themselves. It’s only a matter of time.

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