Liberal Immigration Policies Lead To Bedlam At U.K. Movie Theater

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist immigration policies and the complicit liberal media are ruining western societies one-by-one. Americans need to be paying attention to what’s happening in Europe; if we allow our immigration policies to become as liberal as many European countries this will be our fate. Violent crimes are on the rise all across Europe, there are neighborhoods police can’t even go into in some major European cities, and bedlam regularly erupts.

A U.K. theatre became under siege by a crowd of 100 “youngsters” as the local media reported. The media failed to mention these “youngsters” were all Pakistani.

EU Times reports:

A shocking photograph showing a young gang armed with a machete outside a cinema complex has been circulated on social media after a brawl broke out and police officers were attacked.

Pockets of fighting erupted in a 100-strong crowd at Star City cinema in Birmingham this afternoon after a ‘group of people arrived with machetes’.

Several arrests were made and police officers were assaulted as they descended on the scene armed with guard dogs at 5.30pm. It has also been alleged that they were carrying tasers.

Families and young children were at the cinema to see Frozen 2.

Pictures from the scene show police cars blocking access to the area as a policeman is seen standing with a guard dog.

Shocking footage shows young women appearing to push each other as officers try to get control of the situation.

Flashing blue lights are also seen as a group of at least eight officers stands on the pavement outside in front of a large crowd.

The cucked British media has reported the attackers as “youths” and “youngsters”.

This is the result of liberal immigration policies. The biggest problem with these policies is not that immigrants are being brought into European countries but that they are not being required to assimilate to the cultures of the places they are moving to. Liberals have a “come as you are” attitude towards immigrants; the only problem is multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Some cultures are more violent than others. This cannot be denied. We can’t honestly believe that if we take millions of immigrants from the violent Middle East and spread them around Europe (or America for that matter) that magically they are just going to change their mindsets. Their culture is deeply engrained in who they are. They don’t leave it behind, they bring it with them unless they are required to assimilate, which is not happening. This is being clearly seen all across Europe.

The worst part is the denial from leftist politicians and their lapdog media outlets. They refuse to acknowledge the connection between the rising rates of rape and the rising number of Middle Eastern and African immigrants. The U.K. media wouldn’t even report the facts about this incident at the theatre and that the mob of attackers were all Pakistani.

If media outlets were honest and did their jobs with integrity, society could hold these immigrants accountable and demand they assimilate or leave. Instead, these violent immigrants continue to get free passes and coddling.


  1. Can you spell MUSLIM? The article tip toes around the fact that these are MUSLIM youth from MUSLIM countries and the “culture” that the article speaks of is the MUSLIM culture and religion.
    Wake up America; any “religion” or “culture” that advocates the murder of those opposed to its beliefs or “culture” cannot be of God or therefore a true religion. Same goes for any religion that calls for the annihilation of other countries or cultures or even lifestyles for unbelief in that religion.
    This country was founded on the principle that ALL of mankind has freedom of choice and of speech and of association.
    That region is then of Satan and his minions; only Satan preaches compulsion to his ways and philosophies and uses the compulsion to pollute and undermine the human condition and those who would believe in the true God and His resurrected Son.

  2. The UK leaders are afraid of being called Islamophobic, so the cater to the muzzies and lie about incidents like this. The US is becoming a haven for Muzzies, by letting and supporting sharia law patrols in NYC. They MUST be stopped before they take over the US like they are taking over the UK.

  3. The difference is Americans haven’t “allowed” the ruling crass to disarm us, and won’t. That might be the breaking point. We need to start hanging a few federal judges, and leftist politicians that are bringing the muzlim filth to America…..

  4. I am in fear that this will happen here. When you look at the demographics of places like the USA home of Ilhan Omar, assimilation is not going to happen or will take 50 years for assimilation to happen if it does.

  5. God Bless President Trump for the Travel Ban!!! America would be a violent, muslim-infested hell hole like Britain, If Not for Our President Trump’s Travel Ban from the most jihaddi-shit-stained countries of the world!

  6. Americans need to seriously wake up and think about who and what they vote for.The Europeans are an example of what Liberal/Socialist governments have created.Voters are brain washed and believing they are “humane” when taking in these savages.We see some of it here already in states that the Democrats have destroyed with Muslims

  7. This is what George Soros and his Open SOCIETY Brings to the table. He buys these left leaning politicians and they gladly hand over their countries for a couple of Euros and Pounds!

  8. These Violent Youngsters are not Innocent Children, they are Deranged Animals who are Hell Bent on Destroying Civil Society and need to be treated as such. You would not hesitate to Put Down a Dangerous Rabid Dog, and these Animals are no better, they should be dealt with swiftly and not allowed to continue unchallenged. Burn them down, drive them out, end their Reign of Terror.

  9. It’s a disgrace that the European liberal Leaders have such a disrespect for their own Countries, by permitting thousand of foreign savages to practice their own laws and traditions which most of the time are violent and destructive!

    • It is sad what the government in UK has done letting this cancer to do what they like. It is to bad this nonsense doesn’t happen where the any of the government lives and let them feel what others feel. Put this cancer to an end one way or the other.

  10. How nice,our so-called governor and Richmond,Va. mayor,RALPH NORTHAM and LEVAR STONEY,have recently decided that sanctuary city and open borders policy is something Virginia needs! It’s not that they are stupid(they are),but rather they are intentionally sabatoging this country in favor of anarchy and new world order. The U.K. Has a similar mayor,SADIQ KAHN!

  11. Good thing it was a sanctuary theater where the oppressed pakistani refugees armed with machetes could watch the kids movie in peace and not be discriminated against by the racist police and citizens of that country.

  12. They either need to assimilate or let it be known in no uncertain terms which they must read and sign…..if just one member of the family screws up, the whole lot of them are sent back to where they are from.

  13. And democrats don’t want the wall and want to impeach trump criminals are getting in and they wander why people buy guns da 😤

  14. we have to stop ALL immigration – LEGAL & ILLEGAL! these people don’t want to become Americans! They want to take over America to turn us into “muslim” country! we have to educate our young people about what & who muslims really are! they’re here to take over America! democrats are paving way for these evil people! AMERICANS WAKE UP BEFORE THIS LEADS TO SECOND CIVIL WAR! Lord help us JESUS! we have to pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence & all our military leaders & our true American lovers that represent us in Congress! God bless President Trump & give him wisdom, knowledge & courage to get America back to being great CHRISTIAN NATION putting Almighty God at top of heap to lead us back to following Christ!

    • Hi Dianna, time to wake up and smell the gunpowder, taste the blood and feel the hatred. We are already in a Civil War, racial, cultural, ideologically, gender and religious. The United States is so BROKEN AND DYSFUNCTIONAL, we are far beyond any easy or even possible fix. The only recourse is an open, violent and deadly fight to the finish among the separatist tribes. Don’t send them home – THEY WILL ONLY COME BACK – they either leave on their “own dime” or we feed their black deranged souls to the sharks. People who have tried to be tolerant, understanding and patient for positive evolutionary and cultural change for the betterment of our country, ARE DONE WAITING FOR A DIVINE MIRACLE. Civil War and the putrid smell of death are already in the air. We old geezers and Baby Boomers have, for the most part, lived long, happy and prosperous lives. Most of us have already fought in one or more wars and are much closer to the end, than to the beginning of our lives. I for one, would happily fight our domestic enemies to my last breath (and theirs); so that my progeny may continue to enjoy their lives, prosper and value free choice and free will, as I have. I am ready, willing and most able to eliminate the threats I see walking and slithering among us; and just over the mountain. ‘Rule of Law’ in the United States is but a fond, but DiSTANT memory. Since most of our elected and appointed government “leaders” are corrupt and lawless to the core; and our law enforcement officers are overwhelmed by our growing civil disobedience and domestic unrest. WE THE PEOPLE, ARE THE FINAL FRONTIER AND THE LAST HOPE TO SAVE OUR REPUBLIC. The time is NOW; lock and load!

      US must wake up; we’re in a war and the (muslims) enemy wants to destroy us.
      And the liberal pols are simply chasing votes and to hell with all of us.
      Thank God for Trump!

  15. If we ever went to their countries we would have to totally abide by their Sharia Laws and if you were a Christian; than it would mean torture/death….Isam countries have been very cunning and by the way they are told to lie to anyone that does not follow Islam, they are not REFUGEES!!! They are not asylum seekers, this is just there schemes to enter the western world and then they want to take it over….they want to take over the whole world. We never in the West had fake news until millions of muslims lied their way over.President Trump was honest about muslims in New Jersey cheering and dancing in the streets as they were watching the Twin Towers 9/11 falling down I saw it that first day and I know others that also saw it on the news, however George W. Bush had it taken off and hidden for good as his whole family are Saudi Arabia lovers$$$ OIL!!! Wake up people do some research about what muslim believe and I will tell you you will find it is NOT a peaceful religion and they hate Westerners.

  16. As long as the Monarchy is in place Great Britain will continue to slide into the abyss. The multiculturalism is the monarchy invention. The Royals can’t give up the charm of an EMPIRE. That’s the reason they never allowed full independence of the former colonies. But that allowed “subjects of the Crown” to obtain Britt passports and descend upon the home island. The average Brit grew up with his/her nose in the clouds, they looked on the immigrants as tools to use to improve the islanders own lot, cheap labor, silent obedient cattle. How did that turn out? England is on the verge of social collapse largely due to the Monarchy PC policies. No matter that the the Palace has no political power their influence over the cultural and social structure are still intact. And that is the deadly infliction destroying once great society. The problem is ,it is contagious for the rest of the West.

  17. Wonder why all those misfits are trying to get in UK, Sweden or US. After all Babylon, Pyramids and Library of Alexandria were all built on their land. Not mentioning is much warmer there if you chose to live on the streets…

  18. Well people, you’ve seen it for yourself. There is so much damage that has been done in the Clinton and Obama administrations, that it makes any one’s head spin. PS A brief note to all: Make sure you do research and homework before you vote in local, state and national elections. It’s imperative to the USA survival.
    God speed, Christian, Patriot, hardworking legal American,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  19. This is one of the reasons Americans have been wanting a wall so long and elected Trump to do it. Every president for the past 25 years have promised to do something but all they did was a token part. Trump is the first to actually get real things done in spite of Dems fighting him every step of the way. Many immigrants are looking for a better life but lack the respect for the country that lets them in. Legal immigration is needed so we can control who gets in and keep out the criminals other countries do not want.

  20. This is what happens when you import people you cant do a background check on. When you import people who refuse to assimilate. Who want to bring their antiquated laws to your nation instead of live by the laws of the nation the choose to immigrate to. THIS is why I keep screaming close our borders.

  21. GOOD! . . . A little “bedlam” never hurt ANYBODY to get rid of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, especially if they do ILLEGAL acts. Ship them BACK to their country of ORIGIN to fight the enemy. Let them put to GOOD USE all that “pent up” energy to do good – For once. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • If they commit crimes while here, first they should be convicted and do time. THEN send them back from where they came!

  22. What I saw in a lot of the footage were quite a lot of mothers and young daughters who were darker complexed than your average Brit. This seems to possibly be their own “youth” preying upon them and terrorizing them. Why aren’t they stopping their own culture. Not only is this a “Muslim” problem, it is a “male” problem. The culture being imported into Europe must be broken like a wild horse, or no good will result.

  23. We dont need this in America. We are a Christian country. Ban all Muslims. They will not assimilate. Its allah or they will kill you.

    • Oh, PLEASE ban Muslims as Alice says. And send as present ones living in the USA BACK OUT of the US before they start taking over as they are in the UK!

  24. But according to the U.K. politicians and the crooked and FAKE News Media, these are just “youngsters” who should be tolerated and ,heaven forbid, you should mention their nationality because then you will be thrown into jail! The British politicians are crooked and evil to allow all this to happen under their watch. The Queen is crooked and corrupt as well! They want their country destroyed so that they can achieve their satanic One World Order. Of course that means they will kill all God honoring people! It is time to stand up against these evil monsters who pose as our shepherds! Enough is enough. We will not tolerate this garbage in this great country! MAGA!!!! WWG!WGA!!!!! God bless our POTUS!!!!!

    • However youngsters grow up & become adults to act as their parent & those who were adults when they were kids. So get rid of them also! Trump is not crooked, regardless what you say about the rulers of the UK. I agree with you that we will NOT tolerate garbage in the USA. KAGA by doing away with the garbage. KAGA!

  25. Face it the ‘media’ today is filled with bleeding heart, know next to nothing, crying little liberals. and when they get mugged cry, ‘Please, somebody do something,’ instead of stepping up themselves. I wish they could introduce me to the ‘somebody’ that they want to step up.

  26. A yes, the joys of Islamic cultures. Show me one tolerant muslim society. From what I’ve seen it is pretty much a religion of hate, intolerance and oppression. Remember, Mohammed was a pedophile that liked boys. Oh and a coward, leading his troops from behind. As far as I’m concerned, if immigrants don’t want to assimilate let the go back to the ‘shithole’ countries they came from and try to fix the original homeland.

  27. We see this happening again and again in France and Germany! Sad to say, there are so many bleeding hearts here, feeling sorry for all immigrants. Some of them want open borders, which won’t work out at all!

  28. Why does somebody always try to turn this into Racism. My grand parents immigrated from Italy. They were not mafia and they did assimilate into the american culture. The Irish at first were not wanted or liked because what they brought with them. and you can go on. The thing is we pasted immigration laws to control the flood, check criminal back ground, check for diseases and allow people to assimilate into our culture. That worked until we allowed a flood of illegal of Hispanic immigrates into our country which open the door for mass migration from the middle east.When the flood gates were open crime rates increased dramatically. Just a fact. That is why it needs to be controlled and is not a race issue

    • all of our ancestors came from other countries if we’re not Native Americans! all of our ancestors had to “assimilate” into this country! we all have some family traditions – German, Irish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Swedish, English – all of our ancestors came to America for a better life for their families! muslims don’t come to America to become Americans! muslims come to America to make it into a muslim, allah worshiping nation! America will never ever surrender to allah! Glory be to JESUS! Praise be to Almighty God! I’m proud Christ loving America!

  29. We must stop this leftist crap of giving free passes to illegals and letting real criminals go and walk the streets. Philadelphia is an excellent example of a leftist idiot not willing to prosecute criminals. All of these bastards should be kicked in the ass and thrown out of office. Europe is another example of what can happen when the left and their rotten media take over. It is war people and we must stand strong with our voice and more importantly our vote.

  30. History says the Italians weren’t wanted in the US and nor were the Irish. The comparison of some to a monkey was used on the Irish.
    The FBI hit the Italian and Irisg gangs, but the liberals coddled them. The Italians and Irish got smart and assimilated.
    The middle Eastern and African muslims don’t want to and won’t. They a desease(sp) on Western civilization.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

    • Before those, it was the Poles, & Germans. NO new people group has been readily accepted, for a few generations, ’til the were assimilating and becoming AMERICANS, regardless their origin. Chinese , Japanese, and Koreans to have experienced this. The difference now is these are coming with a mindset that is hey have the right to take or demand compliance with whatever they want, regardless the laws or others’ rights!

    • The problem Sandra is they don’t want to assimilate. They want us to assimilate to them. Do we have to wait until they start throwing LGBTQ’s off high-rise buildings before we realize what we are doing to ourselves? I want to abide by our laws not Sharia’s!

  31. How long did it take the Italian mafia to adjust to living in the US? Or are we still living in the us with outliers of mafiosi? Were there complaints about Italian immigration? Were citizens uprising over the influx of these criminals? Or was it ok because they are white? Ditto the plague of Irish coming to the us? Drunks, thieves, wife beaters. Or was that massive immigration ok because they are white?

    • Not long at all. By WW II they virtually owned all our ports, which they diligently defended against sabotage efforts, in fact, & were operating legitimate businesses, which continued after the war too.

    • This isn’t about skin color. These people want us dead if we don’t believe in their fake God Allah. Christianity’s God is a tolerant and forgiving God.

  32. This is coming to a city, mall, etc near you. We must stop this madness as quickly as possible. If these immigrants will not or can assimilate they should not be allowed into western civilizations. When you move to a country to claim asylum you embrace the culture! If you can’t for ANY reason you should NOT go there!!!

  33. FACT…
    All cultures are NOT equal and anyone who respects a culture who bases their entire ideology & laws on “HONOR KILLINGS””(killing their own children for shaming their family), stoning women to death, 8 yo. child brides, rape, marital rape, molestation, pedophilia and torture is to say that you respect the atrocities that it perpetrates. They can call themselves, al qaeda, boko haram, isis,devout, moderates, etc., the COMMON DENOMINATOR is ALWAYS SHARIA which violates our Constitution, breaks every single LAW in America and should not be on American soil.All cultures CANNOT COEXIST & that’s why every nation has borders & laws. REENACT the NATIONALITY & IMMIGRATION ACT of 1952 that the dems QUIETLY abolished during BHO’s term
    What defines a religion from a cult is what happens when you try to leave either one:#ExposeSharia
    PS- there are NO “lone wolves” or “copycats” when it comes to the SHARIA CULTURAL IDEOLOGY

  34. The use of euphemisms such as “youths,” young people etc. is now immediately recognized as a means by which the press and the police refuse to identify minority mobs whether that minority is black or Muslim or any race other than white. The participants can be 30 to 50 years old and by God, they will be identified as “youths.” We know, of course, that the police are instructed not to respond as they would certainly respond to any conservative, right wing group even if no violence was involved. This is where we are — Western Civilization is being destroyed by the oligarchs of the New World Order and ordinary whites are expected to roll over and play dead. Let me point out, that very soon, we won’t be “playing dead,” we will BE dead.

  35. Why doesn’t Tea Party 247 have Facebook Icon’s so we can easily pass
    these important news segments on to our friends and follower’s?


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