Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: Google Censors Conservative Figures – Labels Them ‘Nazis’

(Tea Party 247) – It’s almost impossible to believe in 21st century America we are experiencing censorship on such a level that we are almost on par with communist countries like China. Our “news outlets” have become leftist propaganda machines and Big Tech has taken it upon themselves to censor all conservative voices. Ironically, Google is censoring conservatives and labeling them “Nazis” despite their own, actual Nazi-like tactics.

The left has been accusing Trump of trying to run an authoritarian dictatorship when they are the ones censoring political opposition all along. The hypocrisy is never-ending.

According to Natural News:

Documents from tech giant Google that were leaked to investigative journalism organization Project Veritas show that the company refers to popular leading conservatives such as PragerU founder Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, as “Nazis.”

A report published by Project Veritas on Monday notes that internal documents leaked to the organization show that a Google employee and member of the tech giant’s “transparency-and-ethics” group called Peterson, Prager, Ben Shapiro, and other leading conservative voices “Nazis.”

How can individuals who are consistently standing up for all Americans right to freedom of speech possibly be Nazis? It makes absolutely no logical sense. And it doesn’t have to. The liberal base is full of irrational, drone-like people who gobble up whatever lies and fantasies are served to them by the leftist mainstream media. Now Google is making sure all the information people are finding online are leftist “news” sources.

Of course, they are frantic to censor conservatives now with the 2020 presidential election fast approaching. This is nothing short of election rigging. Once again, with the hypocrisy. How many years and how much money has been spent on the made-up Russian collusion conspiracy and here we have an American Big Tech company purposefully and knowingly committing acts that could potentially sway an election. It is absolutely mind-blowing.

As Breitbart News noted, the email document comes from internal communications within Google’s “transparency-and-ethics” group and strongly suggests that any content that PragerU, Peterson, and Shapiro publish ought to be removed from the “suggestion feature.”

So in other words, censorship. How deeply wrong is this? Big Tech companies are becoming unapologetic in their pursuits to shut down political opposition. The internet is literally being controlled by the left and it seems as though conservatives are powerless against this.

What kind of a world will we have if they are not stopped? Donald Trump has got the ball rolling to start the fight against Big Tech and their unfair, un-American practices but if he is not successful and is somehow not reelected and we see a liberal president, you can say goodbye to freedom of information and eventually free speech altogether.

It is beyond frustrating to watch as liberals shout down conservatives, calling us “intolerant” and “hateful” all the while they are literally silencing us simply because they do not agree with our viewpoints. They have zero ability to have intelligent debates and wouldn’t want to either, knowing that their positions are based on feelings and emotions rather than facts, truth, and actual science.

Google’s censorship of conservative figures has to stop or America, as we have known it since the signing of the Constitution, will be gone.


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