Liberal Dystopia California Unveils Creepy New Data System To Better Foster Equality – The State Is Watching

(Tea Party 247) – We thought we lived in the land of the free but it increasingly seems like we are living in the land of the ‘watched and manipulated.’ Technology has given us so much connectivity and the ability to accomplish things and organize our lives in ways we have never been able to before. Smart devices are amazing things! Nothing is ever as good as it seems though and technology is no exception. With all of its benefits it also comes with some serious pitfalls. The health risks of all the radiation is one concern but perhaps more troubling is the forfeiture of our freedoms.

The more advanced technology becomes, the more it seems the government is behaving like big brother, always watching and recording our activities both online and in real life and our private conversations. If you have a smart phone or some other smart device, somewhere there is a file on you.

Now, the government is being nonchalantly obvious about their involvement with the spying and tracking of American citizens. In the liberal dystopia of California a new program has been unveiled; the “Cradle to Career Data System.” Sounds totally creepy doesn’t it? Well, it is and we should all be concerned.

The new data system will “study and document” everything about the children born in the state from the time they are born until they start a career. How will the government accomplish this lofty goal, you ask? Simple, with the help of “partner entities,” of course.

The “partner entities” include (but are not limited to) “state entities responsible for elementary and secondary education data, entities responsible for early learning data, segments of public higher education, private colleges and universities, state entities responsible for student financial aid, childcare providers, state labor and workforce development agencies, and state departments administering health and human services programs.” (Pasadena Star)

The system will be used to track various demographics and variables in order to “provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.” (Pasadena Star) In other words, the system will be used for the purposes of ensuring all humans have the same experiences in life so that no one will ever possibly have their feelings hurt or be discouraged in life because… equality.

Not only equality, but behavior control. If you follow along with world events you probably know about the social credit system that citizens in China are forced to live with. For those of you not familiar, you can read more about it by clicking the link, but it’s a system that tracks literally everything citizens do and rates every action based on how agreeable it is with the state’s standards. People who do not score well are punished by losing rights such as freedom to travel, ability to purchase property, and options for education. This will be the eventual destination of America if we continue to allow government surveillance and monitoring.

…the “Cradle to Career Data System” aims to collect the ethnic, economic and educational records of every child in the state, track their grades and their progress into early adulthood, and make some form of the data available to policy makers, analysts and activists.

This isn’t a maybe. It’s already passed as a trailer bill (so it didn’t go through the usual legislative process) and has been funded with a budget of $10 million.

The governor’s Office of Planning and Research is now authorized to enter into contracts with “planning facilitators” who will convene advisory groups “comprised of representatives of students, parents, labor, business and industry, equity and social justice organizations, researchers, privacy experts, early education experts, school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education.” (Pasadena Star)

Now might be the time to consider moving out of California if you currently reside there. The state is determined to track everyone who lives there and make no mistake, this will eventually turn into a ranking system just like in communist China. There is no good reason for a system like this other than to rank people. It starts off under the guise of equality but the government is never satisfied with the amount of power at which it operates at if there is opportunity for more. Once the state sees how successfully they can manipulate people using this data system the rights, freedoms, and privacy of Californians will be a thing of the past. It’ll only be a matter of time before other states follow suit and then the federal government itself.

You can read more on this disturbing development out of California at Humans Are Free.


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