LGBT Flags Passed Out At Missouri High School. How Students Responded Is Hilarious

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re getting sick of the relentless push for LGBT everything in our nation’s schools, well, you’re in good company.

Because so are the students.

When a student decided to pass out small pro-LGBT rainbow flags earlier this month, the rest of the students decided to hit back.


The next day, they showed up armed with a confederate flag…which they raised in the lunch room!

“I was kind of mad because you can have your flag and that’s fine but it’s like they were using it as retaliation,” said sophomore Rose Schilmoeller, who originally handed out the rainbow pride flags, to KYTV.

She said that she’d distributed almost 60 of her flags.

“It’s like they were mocking us,” said another triggered student, Taylor Pool, “but not only was it that they were mocking us, they also brought in a completely different subject because people were offended by the type of flag they had.”

So how did administrators respond?

You can probably guess–hypocritically.

While they apparently did nothing about the rainbow flags, the confederate flag was confiscated and the incident investigated!

“The West Plains School District has been made aware of recent displaying of flags on the high school campus during school hours,” a statement from the West Plains School District read. “While we are unable to comment specifically on an ongoing investigation, all board policies will be followed. The West Plains School District is committed to addressing the concerns being raised by our students, parents, and community.”

“The safety and education of our students is our utmost concern. We will continue to be proactive in our efforts to keep students safe, while providing them with the highest-quality education.”

These students still got off a lot easier than a man in Iowa, who landed 16 years in prison for burning an LGBT flag.

Over the last few years, as the LGBT flag is glorified, the confederate flag is being demonized.

Modern people seem to forget that the Civil War involved all Americans, and that many people who fought for the confederates left behind millions of descendants.

This comes at a time when Confederate flags and symbols are under increased attack.

In some places, statues that have stood for over a century are now at risk of being taken down and their memory forgotten.

Those who display any flag associated with the Confederate States of America also open themselves up to scrutiny and possible attack.

It’s still unclear what will happen to the students who hoisted the rebel flag in Missouri.

Hopefully, their freedom of speech will be protected by the school district, as well as the media and politicians who help hold school officials accountable.

If not, these students may have a fight on their hands.


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  14. How about handing these LGBTQT flags to all the LGBTQT people just as they were leaving school to go home. In this way the school does not have to expose all students this affront. Also why the outcry when the Confederate flag was displayed, aren’t the very people who seek acceptance not required to show acceptance of others.

  15. “but not only was it that they were mocking us, they also brought in a completely different subject because people were offended by the type of flag they had.” Does she really not see the hypocritical nature of this comment? Does she not think that some people may be offended by the pride flag? Either ban all flags, or allow all flags, it’s not rocket science. The only flags that need to be promoted in schools are the flag of your state and the American flag.

  16. It was the Second Revolutionary War to Southerners to free ourselves from an abusive Central Gov.. Look who is on the horse in the CSA Great Seal: George Washington. It was about the abusive Tariffs, slavery would have died out soon anyway & as said here, the South didn’t create that.

    • How true Gilmore, but most were brainwashed to believe it was a Civil War in American history
      class, it was actually the second American Revolution.

  17. I like the response made by the students. My own response would have been to throw the rainbow colored piece of cloth in the nearest trash receptacle.


    NOW WHAT .???

    • I am a college graduate and am offended at the rainbow flag. Why is it that they make a big deal about the Confederate flag but say nothing about the rainbow flag which is ten times more offensive

    • that is either a run-on sentence, or a dependent clause followed by an independent clause.

      it is, interesting to note. that many of those who have written comments in this collection never passed 9th grade English.


      it is interesting to note, that many of those who have written comments in this collection never passed 9th grade English.

      doncha just love it when the word police err.

    • jimmie boswell You are incorrect with your assessment of the comment by Chuck. The sentence is correct as is. Both of your corrections are just wrong. (from an English major)

  19. I agree with all the responses! Students are not taught the importance of history and its lessons….only indoctrinated to give honor to immorality! Shame on the school districts that continue this hypocrisy while continuing to deprive students of an honest education!

    • Instead of using a confederate flag as a response to the alphabet people’s flag, they should’ve used a Christian flag. I would have loved to see the response to that!!

    • I don’t know where you got the 1% number. I did some research and found it to be 4.5% Let’s see 4.5% of 325 million people = 14,625,000 people. Even if you were right 1% = 3,250,000 people which is still significant. How high would you like the numbers to be so that you would consider them significant?

    • Their allies in the media provide a wide and reaching platform to push their agenda and victim hood. They do it routinely enough that the lgbt agenda seems common place and mainstream. Intelligent and discerning people like yourself Thomas and many others, know this isn’t true.

  20. And for the man who got 16 years in prison for burning the LGBYN flag, what the fake news isn’t telling us is the fact that Mr. Adolf Martinez was a habitual offender. So this wasn’t his first time with trouble and the law, he confiscated the flag from a church and then burned it. Maybe if he would have bought his own rainbow flag and burned his own property then he would not have gone to prison. Seems as if Mr. Martinez has had several issues with the law and this is not some isolated incident!! Just saying: don’t believe everything the fake news media is telling you!!

    • You cannot use prior issues with this so called crime. If you cannot be punished for burning the American flag than you cannot be punished for this crap. Unless you think the lbgtq flag stands for more than the American one.

    • Why is then that the antifa maggots can steal an American flag from another person or a building and burn it and stomp on it and there are Laws on the books with consequences but nothing ever happens to the culprit but if someone tries to retrieve the flag they’ll get harrassed or jailed over their actions.

  21. Deplorables? Surely you jest. We PROUD Deplorables support the Stars & Bars. You need to get yourself a re-education. Apparently you’ve been misled about the meaning of the word “Deplorables.” Get a clue, OK?

  22. The LGBT people can have their flags and parades but as soon as we hold a Straight parade then they have a problem with it. How can this be right? Shouldn’t we let everyone have their parade as long as they physically hurt others? Our country is under attack where only the left has right and to hell with everyone else. Just saying Liberalism is a mental disorder. Wake Up America!!

  23. I live in West Plains, moved here 11 yrs ago, and thank God I do not have any children in this school system. Sorry LGBT no matter your age, ( and your parents should have taught you better ) but I am totally against this movement and I hold fast to what the Bible says about it. The school administration needs to be careful how they handle this situation cause they will open up a can of worms here in our town. These girls should have never brought these flags to school and if you punished the others for their flags, then these girls also need to be punished. That’s what is wrong in our world, the people that do wrong get the good end of the stick but those of us who stand for the right need to stick to our rights and stand, stand, stand for God. I challenge the true christian churches in this town, pastors leading to start taking a stand and take our corrupt country back from all this sinful stuff they are getting by with. Where are you Christians? Stand for God cause if you aren’t, you are standing for Satan.

  24. Bullies are now “FREE” to bully anybody that offends them. Really kind of obnoxious. We now have FREEDOM FOR BULLIES and restrictions on common sense. In my day, if someone offended you, you simply went and played somewhere else. Seems like there are a lot of people that need to grow up and go play somewhere else. I’m tired of activist groups shoving their ideologies in people’s faces. Everyone has a right to their opinion, whether one agrees or not. Stop shoving it.

    • Freedom for bullies are ONLY for left-wing bullies. When right-wingers push back, we are BAD bullies, even if we are pushing back against violent left wing bullies.

  25. If you burn an alphabet soup flag, it is a hate crime. If you burn a US flag or a Confederate flag it isn’t. What happened to free speech rights?

    • I find so interesting that the Stars & Bars flag is always referred to as the Flag of the Confederacy when it was not back in the day.
      Stars & Bars flag was carried by Artillery units and placed on the ends of the line of artillery cannons.
      The flag of the Confederate Union of States was altogether different in size, shape and colors, to the point the Confederacy has several of them.
      Let it be removed that after the War, the Southern Plantation owners who were Democrats before the War used the Stars & Bars flag at assembly halls where ever they met to discuss the political situation.
      So only a Civil War historian can really explain how this flag became known as it is today. It should also be noted that the Slave owners in America were usually Democrats and it was a Republican President who fought for there freedom.

  26. This is why I do not give a single red cent to the ACLU. They are Johnny on the money when it comes to defending every sick disgusting thing that destroys the Christian moral fabric of our nation but for a case like this where the 1st amendment rights of the students who hoisted the confederate flag is about to be violated you can’t find them.

    But the again many of their lawyers and administrators belong to the same 30 pieces of silver club as george soros so they are really secretly for anything that undermines and weakens Christian society.

  27. Native Missourian here. Born St. Louis raised in Lake of the Ozarks. The history of Missouri in the Civil War is that the people were divided but were trying to unite the state into the United States which Nevada and Missouri were entered. Unfortunately a guerrilla war broke out between the Jay Hawks of Kansas and the likes of Quantrill have left lots of scars about how the war was fought.

  28. There is lies and misconception of the civil war. For example slaves were not imported under the confederate flag. The idea it was over slavery is also not true. There are two point to this reasoning. The point of removing the Confederate flag like the Seminole Indian from a football team helmet. These items represent those whom fought against an oppressive Government and People. I might add that that helmet art was actually created by an Indian and specifically not to offend them. There is far more on this subject as well to prove the lies and points I’m making. Given thought versus buying the narrative would enlighten anyone to the truth. Even the simple knowledge that all wars are fought for money, power and control. Everything else is window dressing used when and as needed. In any-case, it is ironic to use the flag for multiple reasons. It highlights their hypocrisy in a very complex way.. I was also southern born and raised, a conservative, support Trump and more..

  29. I am one of the descendants of the Confederate army – there are millions of us! It is not right to try to destroy or hide what happened whether everyone agrees or not! The Civil War is a huge part of our American history it cannot be denied or buried it’s not right!

    • Hello sister. My great-grandmother was the widow of a Confederate Veteran. She received a pension from the US government for his Civil war service. Evidence of the healing of the war wounds by those lived through the times.
      As Regain said Unless we again become one nation under God we will be come a nation gone under.

  30. I know it’s two different things, but If we can’t have God or Prayer in schools, we shouldn’t have Rainbow flags either. Fair for one, fair for all And to all the Southerners; get over it, the war is over, North won. We are all part of the UNITED States.

  31. Way to go students, stand up for your rights, PROUDLY display the Confederate flag of our forefathers that fought for this great country!!!!!!

  32. People were obviously offended by the rainbow flags – I would’ve likely burned it if I got one. The letter soup people just don’t understand how offensive their flag is to people. (using their arguments against them is fun!)

  33. The school is in the wrong for not taking all of the LGBT flags . That LGBT flag is offensive to people and should not be allowed in schools

  34. The LGBTQ flage is a perversion and represents the filth of the disgusting immorality of the people who fly it. It is flown in a spirit of “in-your-face” hatred that is spewn out towards anyone that opposes these people. Their goal is not equal rights – they have those already. Their goal is forced acceptance of the disgusting lifestyle they live and not a single iota of anything good must not be allowed to exist lest people are reminded there is a clean and wholesome alternative.

  35. Politically correct movements have only the force of man made authoritarian law. We know that PC movements are authoritarian and have no natural law behind them.

  36. Any chance of recalls?
    Probably not, but it’s a thought!
    Certainly vote the wimps out as soon as possible.
    BTW: That ridiculous sentence; write and e/mail Trump and ask him to pardon
    the poor guy. He has pardoned victims of perverted justice before. Certainly I am going to
    start doing the work on this miscarriage right away.

  37. hmmm – Confederate flag represents group which committed treason against the United States of America starting with attacking a US army fort.

  38. Being a student doesn’t mean that you have no right to free speech.

    The kids with the rainbow LFBTQ? Flags were well within their rights to carry them, hand them out, wave them, whatever.

    The kids with a Confederate flag were well within their rights to carry it, wave if, display it, whatever.

    I can see that flag waving during classroom instruction might be a distraction, so school officials would be acting appropriately if they limit flag-waving or flag giveaways to non classroom activities.

    The constitution does mention a right to free speech. It is remarkably silent about any right to not be offended.

    Folks need to calm down, quit being stupid, and quit being butt hurt about every perceived slight.

  39. If you allow one then you allow all: Stars and Stripes, Catholic Flag, Israel flag, Confederate flag, NRA flag and on and on. NEVER just one.

  40. The Confederate Flag is merely a historical artifact which represents a long-gone time in a certain geographical area of the country, and which has no relevance today except as a visual irritant to the progressive movement. Hmmm, that’s not such a bad idea! I just happen to have a good-quality Confederate Flag in my possession, but that doesn’t make me a Secesh, much less an advocate of segregation or slavery! I also have a Cuban Flag, but that doesn’t make me a Communist! In conclusion, I also have a South Vietnamese Flag. Well, I AM a Vietnam Veteran!

    • People are forgetting the Civil War was not over slavery, It was about States Rights to do what they wanted! Which was to have Slavery to be legal.

    • The flag is a battle standard for General Lee, who was dead-set AGAINST slavery, and didn’t want to fight in the War of Northern Aggression, but Lincoln ILLEGALLY marched troops across his “beloved Virginia”, and that irked him enough to join the Confederacy and fight against the illegal war. This was no civil war – the Confederate States of America was a sovereign nation. This was a war of conquest against a neighboring country – much as if the US were to attack Mexico or Canada in an attempt to conquer the country.

  41. I just got a wonderful idea. Whenever those queer flags are handed out, accept them, but immediately fly them upside-down ! It will soon become a “talking point”. The beauty is, that the perfectly symmetrical rebel flag cannot be flown upside-down, so no retaliation is possible. Legally, if flags are handed out, thry become your property, and you can do with those flags whatever you please. Keep that in mind.

  42. Why is it that activists can spit on and burn Old Glory with no recriminations at all. But some guy burn a little LGBT flag and gets 16 years. What happened to the first amendment rights that the bastards use to desecrate the American Flag used. Why is not the first amendment right of that man protected for burning some POS LGBT flag. They need to burn those flags en-mass.

    • While I agree with what you’re saying, the guy stole the flag from others – that becomes a crime in and of itself – then destroyed the stolen property. He was a habitual offender – this was the latest crime in years of committing crimes. Had he bought the flag to burn, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.

  43. Many of you write drivel which means nothing to no one.
    Fact is that Soros backs everything that’s against us………normal Americans.
    So, flamers must go down, period
    As soon as you declare yourselves, you must go down !!!!!!!!!!!
    FLAMERS MUST GO DOWN…………..and take buttahump and his husbandfag with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Amen Brother, no one on this earth living today had anything to do with the civil war nor slavery, if they would leave the history books in school we were raised on and teach the real truth about our history and what MLK,JR. Really stands for, this would be one nation under God and not a divided nation. WAJE UP 🇺🇸🙌🏻

    • MLK Jr. was never about special rights for any Race, but an understood equality of all Race’s! I know his focus was to get equality treatment for the Black’s But his talk was for all, not just 1 Race.

    • The LBGT Agenda is not about acceptance, it is about eliminating your beliefs. They are not asking to be accepted they are demanding you cater to theirs! The Stars an Bars was never about Treason, they never sold out the Union to outside force’s They just did not agree with the rest of the Nation an was wanting to succeed from the Union!

    • The battle standard of General Lee was NEVER about slavery or treason. The standard only demoted that those troops that carried it were under General Lee’s orders. He flew the standard along with the US flag when he was a general in the US Army, and had retired from the Army to his estate in “my beloved Virginia”.

      South Carolina had enough of the stiff tariffs and taxes the North was placing on Southern goods, and seceded. Lincoln ILLEGALLY marched troops across other states to force SC to come back, making many other states join with SC. When the troops ILLEGALLY marched across Virginia, Lee – who didn’t want to fight on either side – was compelled to fight against the illegal actions of Lincoln.

      There was no treason by the Confederate States of America – they had become a separate, sovereign nation. The Union, the United States, started a war of conquest against a neighboring country. (What would you think of the US – under ANY president – if they started a war of conquest against Canada? Same thing.)

      The lgBS flags are a symbol of oppression – the lgBS groups are oppressing those of us who disagree with their stance. They are FORCING us to accept their will.

  45. If the school district comes down hard on the ones displaying the confederate flag , you need to call Bubba and his group in to administer appropriate justice on the lgtb and the school people that that took down the Confederate flag.If one side can’t display there flag neither can the other side!

  46. Sin is on the rampage…since the queers came out of the closet they want to push their sick ungodly lifestyle down everyone’s throat…and try to stamp out truth….time we stood up and took America back to what it was founded on….Only 2 genders..MALE AND FEMALE…PERIOD

    • Exactly right , stamp out this perversity now , it’s ok for queers to be queer but don’t let them ram it down our throats , let them do their ramming to themselves .

  47. I am so fed up with the two-faced, hypocritical attitudes of these people. I don’t care how they spend their private lives any more than I am interested in anyone else’s love life, but I am sick and damned tired of THEM trying to force their filth down our throats; especially the youth. If I had been there they would really have had something to scream for when they tried removing their sick flag from their anatomy. As for the school saying they have a “guideline” for what type of flags are allowed: Flags of all nations should be allowed to be displayed but not ones like the Confederate flag and NOT the faggot flag. This is proof positive that our school systems are going to hell at a rapid pace. The school is NOT a place to tell parents how to raise their children or for our children to be FORCED to accept a defiant life style that they do not agree with.

  48. Way to go Sergio, well said and point well taken. You can not sweep history under the rug because it suits you to do so. It amazes me that the confederate flag is offensive and should not be displayed yet it is OK to burn the American Flag under freedom of speech. Liberalism sucks. What is good for the goose is not good for the Gander. I too am sick and tired of the LGBT and whatever other sick groups there are that can shove their agenda in my face yet I can not shove my Christian beliefs in theirs.

  49. Why does the LGBT think their so special they make up less than 10% of the population. Each to his own, but dont push you shit on me. Its doesnt bother me to see 2 woman or 2 men holding hands walking down the street just dont even try to tell me its normal when its not, you should and can do what you want, that’s why we live in America, the freedom to do what we want… But to try and force it on the rest of the public is NOT right…

  50. If you going to hand out flags make sure the people are of the same mind. As for you showing your pride don’t get mad when others do the same.

  51. Better be careful about burning LBGTQ flags! One man in Iowa is doing 15 years in prison for doing that. Court ruled it was a hate crime! Looks like the Courts are infiltrated and they are making examples! So much for impartiality!

    • Biggest problem is that he STOLE the flag – it wasn’t his property. He also had a long history of petty crimes, making him a habitual offender. If he had bought the flag to burn, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble – or at least not in as much trouble.

  52. They can take the faggot flag and stick it where the sun don’t shine I am proud of the stars and stripes and the stars and bars and I will defend both anytime and any place if you think I am a racist then suck it up butter cup I don’t give a damn what you think

  53. They cldve told them to stick it where the sun dont shine. Personally, I wldve done what I do when the Jehovahs Witnesses stick a Watch Tower in my door I dont want. It goes in the trash.

  54. The Stars and Bars are a great part of OUR history. The LGBTQ Rainbow flag is NOT. It is only waved by a few with an ideology to pander. In our great history, it is meaningless.

  55. Sergio, I could not have said that better myself. No one likes this crap shoved down their throats. How is this even part of the educational system. The teachers know they cannot legally introduce an alternate lifestyle so they encourage the fags to do it.

  56. I have no problem with the LGBT flags but wish the other kids would’ve handed out American Flags the Best symbol of freedom where we can all be who we are- try that in some of these other countries!

  57. This crap is the best thing the fruitcakes on the left can come up with. Americans are sick and tired for this crap and will definitely be voting for President Trump to be our next President in a landslide. We are sick and tired of the lefts anti American anti American values. Along with President Trump being reelected you will be witnessing democrats from every state being kicked to the curb. Republicans will be taking both houses as democrats have shown their hand well before President Trump being sworn into office as even then they wanted him impeached.

    • The Democrats have truly dug themselves a political failure support sinful group like Satan’s LGBTQ and supporting the illegal and legal immigrants. However, I CANNOT support that idiot in the White House,he has no class, no charm, a Big Liar, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honor and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed. I’ll might sit this election, if Steyer don’t win the nomination.

    • To SteveC. You are insane, you need serious help, The best.way is to call on Jesus Christ and ask him to open your blind eyes.

  58. Freedom of Speech is now dead in America.
    What is happening in America happened in Germany, circa 1933.

    Once you control the mind, the body soon follows.

    God Bless America – what is left of it.

    Lawrence Klepinger
    RVN Veteran, PH, CIB, ACOM

  59. The American flag has been our flag first since the beginning of time and Christian principles that was made by our founding fathers and they will never take away the truth and meaning of our flag and being an American that has rights to speak the truth

  60. Why is it that when a single person gets lathered up, they try to make everyone else that this offends into some sort of demon? If they allow a queer flag to be flown, then a confederate flag must be allowed. America is losing it’s mind.

  61. Good, about time our young people woke up and demanded these Commie Ah__es stop with their crap.
    Lib-A-Ticks, blood suckers. all of the LGBT. if the School board goes after the Rebel Flag and students, the they need to be fired for Stopping 1st Amendment rights, Freedom of Speech,


    BURN ANY FLAG . NOT AMERICAN FLAG. !!!!!!!!!!!#!!!!!!!

  63. Missouri was mainly established as a territory by families that came from the Deep South in the 1850’s and early 1860’s. When Lincoln conspired to start the War Between The States, Southern families from Missouri were targeted. The Confederate flag still has great meaning to those families. All of what I say is found in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Suggest you read “The Uncivil War”.

  64. It is disgraceful that the battle flag of the Confederate army should be dishonoured like this and the statues and memorials to the Confederate soldier. These young men, often boys , were fighting for their rights and as they saw it their sovereign state. The federal government bullied the South into war and invaded it. If the federal government had wanted To end slavery in the South it could have done it without war, financial Assistance and compensation for giving up slavery should have been tried ; the Confederate states knew slavery would end in time , financial inducements could well have convinced them to do so. .
    The Confederates wanted to end the Union, the Federal government didn’t . The war was to crush the confederation strengthen the union and raise the American status on the world stage. A terrible waste of lives and now the Confederate soldiers cannot even be honoured.

    • The Confederate States of America didn’t really want to destroy the Union; they just wanted to leave it.

      They had become a sovereign nation. Lincoln led a war of conquest against a neighboring country – much as if we were to launch an attack in Canada. This was no civil war.

  65. I have no problem with the distribution of LGBT flags, as long as the rules for such are applied equally. With the confiscation of a Confederate flag, it’s obvious that they are not. Free expression is free for everyone, or it’s free for no one. It’s that basic, and that simple.

  66. Right On SERGIO ,first thing to do is wait for the next vote on officials on the SCHOOL BOARD and VOTE them out and all of the LIBERALS IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM before they BRAIN WASH the students to think their way . These LIBERALS were voted in GET THEM OUT THE SAME WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. West plains is about 30 miles from Arkansas boarder. I was born and reared in Ohio and retired from the military and now live just at the hills in MO.

    People here in MO (not the blue people in St. Louis and Kansas City MO) live in the Bible Belt we go by; “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. And, don’t push your ways on me.” This rainbow flag (?) an insult to we people in the southern hills of Missouri. Ain’t Christian by our beliefs. Just leave us alone, we ain’t east of the Mississippi River.

  68. The schools need to teach the truth anout this war, as it was never about slavery!!! Slavery would have ended within 10 years as the land was cleared, technology was advancing to soon have a machine that could take the place of 10 slaves, it had become too expensive for a slave owner to support and take care of slaves.
    The war was about money. The North wanted the raw materials of the South for their industry.and tried to enslave the entire South. The South couldn’t fight back as the North was more heavily populated and they voted to only allow a Negro to be 2/3rds of a person. The railroad was another issue. The North wanted a transcontinental route to move their industrial goods, whereas the South wanted a Southern route to move their crops as they were an agricultural society.
    The North was prepared to go to war to get their way and used the propaganda of slavery to convince Americams to go to war.
    Please read the Constitution and you will discover it wad not against the Constitution to succeed!!!

    • That said, slavery was still wrong and glad we all came to our senses. Would have been nice if nearly a million people didn’t have to die. Actually more people died during the civil war than the number of slaves brought here from Africa. Way more! Interesting.

    • The “2/3 clause” was a compromise between the new government and the Southern left wing (later to become democrats) slave owners. The Fathers didn’t want to count slaves at all, since they were considered property and couldn’t vote. The owners wanted them counted as full people, solely to bolster the population numbers and give the owners far greater power in the new government. The 2/3 number was a compromise for population statistics for the number of Representatives in the House, nothing more.

  69. How do you get 16 years for burning a LGBT flag and nothing for burning a US flag! The US FLAG also stands for all who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy! Seems plenty wrong to me! Just a vets point of view. And no i am not against LGBT flags!

    • I agree JUST A VET, but that might be a misprint or some other error. I think you only get 10 years max for arson, so I don’t think you can get 16 years for burning a flag. I could be wrong.

      P.S. Welcome home brother

    • It’s political and sentence handed down by partisan judge. Never should have been this severe. Not win antifa and black lives matters people are beating people and spitting on them and burning their flags and doing everything else violent and only getting slapped on the wrist. Extremely biased and perverted version of justice!

    • This country has less than 40 years of existence left! The Lord Jesus will return and stomp out all of this Evil and will rule mankind on this planet for a 1000 years. Praise the Lord!

    • The guy stole the flag then destroyed the stolen property. This, added to the fact that he is a habitual criminal and has been in trouble with the law since he was a kid, is what garnered him the harsher sentence.

  70. Good for the students. This summer I traveled from upstate NY to Denver, on the way stopped for a few days in MO. I bought a Stars & Bars flag..if you have an issue about my right to have one , Tough s##t.
    If the ? Marks are so thin skinned, it’s their problem, they don’t seem to have any issues shoving their ? Lifestyle on everyone else. FYI, I like to use a ? for the lgbq…since they have an identity problem, not the rest of us. Besides, it’s a lot easier than using half the alphabet..

  71. At what point will the people realize that what is now offensive is only the weakness of todays youth. We are to blame for raising a generation of pampered spoiled weak people who let words torture their very being. The world is headed to a place where humor will soon be a crime and no one will be allowed to speak and all communication will have to be edited for content before it can be released

  72. This is an edge used by ANTI AMERICANS one of many which the purpose is the destruction of AMERICAN CULTURE and identity . American culture rules the world and the enemy want it stopped./

  73. When I was younger I went to some Civil War battle re-enactments with men dressed in the uniforms of the North and the South. Under the politically correct thinking of today the Confederate re-enactors would probably not be allowed to display the stars and bars or appear in Confederate uniform in the re-enactments. The Confederates would probably have to wave the rainbow flags and dress in tutus.

  74. The administration says they want to provide the highest quality education, but I think they really mean indoctrination. I think everyone should have equal opportunity to express themselves. If someone doesn’t want a flag, they can just refuse it.

  75. The idea that display of a particular flag in the USA is “unsafe” and therefore to be restricted is 1st amendment violation of the constitution.
    Prohibition of any rights guaranteed in the constitution with the excuse of “safety” is only appealing to cowards.
    How valuable is liberty? Freedom? Free speech?
    Patrick Henry summarized this issue well.
    “Give me Liberty, or give me death.”
    That any citizen should fear for their safety and forsake their Liberty of free speech should provoke great indignation in all true Americans. ALL free speech should be jealously and vigorously protected by all citizens. This protection must be without regard to being “offended” by the content of the speech. This is the cornerstone of our republic. This requires:
    1) Civility of tolerance
    2) Like mindedness
    3) Upholding the rule of law
    4) Understanding the value of Liberty

    The demonstration as presented by these students is set forth aptly. This is to say: to point up hypocrisy in the authority structure.
    Will the educators use this to strengthen adherence to founding principles, or help tear them apart? Are they patriots or subversives?
    If this account is factual, thus far we see no effort to reinforce the constitution.
    How far will the “unsafe” argument go in destruction of Liberty? Speech is “unsafe” so censor it. Guns are “unsafe” so ban them so only criminals will have them. Cars are “ unsafe” so outlaw them. Butter knives are “unsafe”. Right down to regulation of sugary drinks in NY??
    How much convolution and corruption of the law will greater America tolerate before an awakening of We the People?

  76. The Bill of Rights does NOT have a right to not be offended in it. If something offends you, the proper response is to say so and leave. Any physical response is inappropriate, be it battery on a person or destruction/removal of an artifact.

    The US is overpopulated with people with very thin skins, who are easily offended. Buck up, dudes, and withstand the situation. Some of the things you perfer are offensive to others, too–and we just mostly shrug it off. You should do the same.

  77. I watch daily as the rights of the masses is oppressed by the new” works” . The real history cannot be changed or erased as long as we continue to seek the truth. We all have inalienable rights too bad the liberals refuse to recognize our rights like them or not but they expect me to respect their rights whether I agree with them or not!

    • They are not liberals they are communist trying to destroy our culture and our heritage. The communist rule says to take over the country you must destroy the culture so you can build the culture you want. Which will be people subservient to those who are in power which will be the ultimate communist left.

  78. My ancestors fought in the Michigan and New York Infantry Regiments during the civil war. That being said, the Civil War was not fought only because of slavery-it was states rights. If people want to forget about this, then as history shows—we are doomed to repeat it. Allow no flags except the United States flag and then there will not be any issues!

  79. Time to call F.I.R.E. They decent students for exactly incidents like this. The students who were investigated and had their property confiscated might have a good case.

  80. And that, boys and girls, is the root of most of our problems! They start indoctrinating in pre school, and repress everything that doesnt line up with their agenda. Need to force schools to do what we pay them to do, and leave their personal beliefs and practices at home!

  81. They imprison someone for burning the LGTB flag bur celebrate when the Stars & Stripes is burned! Something is wrong America. Wake up!

    • David: The Civil War was between the Northern States and a group of Southern States, which wanted (more than anything else) to keep their tradition of owning slaves. The South (referred) to as Confederates declared itself a separate nation and the Civil war began.
      The “Stars & Bars” wasn’t a battle flag, it was the rebel’s flag.

    • The “Stars & Bars” was the battle flag of Virginia, Robert E. Lees army. And the civil war did not start over slavery.

  82. It is a shame that the very people who are supposedly teaching our young people to have an open mind have not practiced that very thing themselves. If you do not like what confederates stood for you do not get to erase them from history but instead should choose to be proud of how far we, as an entire country, have come since that time. By the same token, you don’t have to personally support the LGBTQ initiative, but give others their equal right to do so. That being said, I think too many are on the LGBTQ bandwagon because it is trendy right now.

  83. The Democrats want to destroy their damaged history. They want all traces of slavery and anti civil rights removed from “THEIR “ history, not ours.

    • Not if they are a Democrat. I spent 31 years in the military and I’ll be damned if I’ll give in to the evil Democrats! I will NOT defend (with my life) your right to say it. I’ve taken all I’m going to take.


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