Leftist Logic: Abortion ‘Medically Necessary’ When A Woman Simply Does Not Want Her Body Burdened Anymore

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most common arguments from the Death Cult Leftists is that abortion is sometimes ‘medically’ necessary. In the twilight zone the Left lives in ‘medically necessary’ can mean almost anything. As one deranged Leftist, Leah Torres, explained, simply deciding not to be pregnant anymore classifies as ‘medically necessary.’ Confused? We are too.

From an Evil News report,

During a recent interview with Dank Pro-Life Memes, Torres openly admitted that not wanting to be pregnant anymore is a valid “medical” reason for wanting an abortion, as is simply changing one’s mind about having a baby. Torres also contends that abortion is just another medical procedure whereby the “products of conception are removed from the uterine cavity” – hence why she also believes that everyone, including people who support abortion, are somehow “pro-life.”

People like Torres are empty on the inside. She has completely removed the aspect of live from being pregnant and reduced it down to a simple medical procedure. Is that what birth is to her? Any woman who has ever had a baby knows it is so much more than a “medical procedure.” Then to contest that supporters of abortion are actually “pro-life” is absolutely demented. Just another attempt to assert their faux moral superiority over people who actually are pro-life, anti-murder.

Though she previously stated on Twitter that unborn babies are, in fact, “human beings,” Torres apparently doesn’t believe that unborn human life has any value whatsoever, let alone human rights. In her view, unborn babies are a “medical indication” for women by their very existence, which means that women should have the right to deal with unborn human life however they see fit until it “no longer alters maternal physiology and no longer poses health and life risks to pregnant people.”

Well, when you put it that way… It’s still completely devoid of rational thinking. To assert that pregnancy is a burden to a woman and therefore should be considered a medical condition eligible of reversing is sick. That’s like comparing pregnancy to shingles or acid reflux. Just another condition affecting a woman’s body that can simply be dealt with so as to ease the burden on the woman’s body. Mind-blowing.

The only medical issue relevant to the abortion discussion might be the mental health of the Leftists who genuinely believe these lies. The fact is abortion is never medically necessary.

Though it might seem to be factual considering how often it’s repeated by pro-deathers, the truth is that abortion is never medically necessary. It’s also a fact that getting an abortion has never saved a single woman’s life – this, according to former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino.

“Dr. Levatino has saved hundreds of pregnant women’s lives, working against the clock in the face of devastating health situations, and not once did he find that it was medically necessary to deliberately kill the unborn baby,” write Lila Rose and Donna Harrison for the Washington Examiner.

“Abortion is not a procedure done in true emergency situations. The purpose of an abortion is to produce a dead baby, not to separate the mother and the baby.”

Pro-murder advocates just cannot digest these kinds of facts though. They are too blinded by their hunger for death to see anything rationally. We have to fight back against this kind of liberal logic and start shouting as loudly as the Left does. Claiming that baby murder is justified because of some kind of emotional response to it, is insane. Murder is never ok. Ever.

“And while Torres breezily waves off ‘not being pregnant anymore’ as a medical reason for an abortion, the reality is that most Americans strongly oppose this kind of pro-abortion extremism.”

If you are part of the sane, rational majority, stop being afraid to stand up to these maniacal, pro-death Leftists.


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