Leftist Group Registered 140K Voters And Now St. Louis Residents Are Getting Announcements For Elections For People Who Don’t Live At Their Address

(Tea Party 247) – This is one of the craziest things you’ll have heard about the 2020 election in a very long time, and sheds light into one of the possible ways that political operatives work to manipulate the vote and disseminate fraud and irregularities that can influence the outcome of elections.

An organization by the name of Missouri Black Votes registered around 40,000 voters in St. Louis City and 100,000 voters in St. Louis County ahead of the 2020 election, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Now, St. Louis area residents report receiving announcements in the mail about upcoming elections… for people who don’t live at their address!

TGP, which is based out of St. Louis, reports that the group was active in 2018 and registered over 87,000 voters across Missouri.

Citing KBIA reports that the group worked as part of an effort along with groups like “Missouri Faith Voices, Missouri Jobs with Justice and Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, is funded by the Black Progressive Action Coalition, which is affiliated with BlackPAC, a super PAC that backed former Sen. Doug Jones, an Alabama Democrat, and Lucy McBath, a Georgia Democratic congressional candidate,” TGP explains.

TGP tells the story of one Gary, who called the St. Louis Department of Elections to find out why someone named Anthony Caldwell was registered to vote at his address, where he has lived since 1984 and where no one else in his family has ever been registered to vote.

The election official, he says, told him that in November of 2018, just before the midterms, someone had dropped a box of voter registrations off which it is suggested was connected.

“I talked to Rick Stream, Election chairman in St. Louis County, and he advised me that 100,000 registrations were dropped off in St. Louis County and his office had to hire additional workers to prepare data entry into the voter system,” Gary said.

“Since that time Anthony Caldwell receives a voter registration card at my residence and receives more voter literature than I receive, from some PO Box in Springfield, Missouri. I have reported this to Gary Stoff at the city election board, Jay Ashcroft at the Secretary of State Office, and the FBI. If we were in a state like Arizona or Georgia without signature verification, I am sure that Mr. Caldwell would have voted several times by now,” he explained.

TGP’s Jim Hoft says that ”At a time when Missouri has signature gathering of registered voters to place on ballot initiatives, these false registrations are counted to meet the threshold requirements. My inquiries reveal local election boards audit 1 in 10 signatures. This could create fraud on the initiatives.”

This means this mysterious group could be collecting fake voter registrations for the sake of getting initiatives on the ballot.

This both means that these measures are going before the voters on a fraudulent basis, but that there could be as many as tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations out there!

And we’re told there’s just absolutely nothing to see here when it comes to allegations of fraudulently registered voters in 2020, 2018, or any other election?

To say nothing of those still upcoming?

Oddly, Hoft also notes that Missouri Black Votes does not seem to have a website or Facebook page. A woman named Angela Pearson is apparently a spokesperson for the group.

Anyone surprised?

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  1. It is not so much as it is happening, it is that nobody is doing anything about it.
    “Since that time Anthony Caldwell receives a voter registration card at my residence and receives more voter literature than I receive,”
    Doesn’t he return the mail with the note ‘No such person at this address.’?

  2. Nope. Not surprised at all! Cheating has become the new norm in the good ole USSA. I’d like to live at least 5 more years to see what the America of the future looks like. I don’t think it’ll take much longer than that to turn us completely upside down. Good luck all!!

  3. This is why we need photo ID to register and vote. No more voter registration drives them must register in person at the proper government office.

  4. Well, well, well. This needs to go viral so that others who are experiencing the same in other states can come forward. This could open up a real can of worms. Fake registration cards equal fake voters. Weren’t they typing in registration names at the counting centers on election night for those supposedly last minute voters. Now we have a true concern over fair and honest elections.

  5. This is just more evidence of how crooked the election was, contrary to what our communist media says! I was recently banned form Facebook, because that piece of human crap, Zuckerberg, did not like that I was telling the truth about the election, and about our communist media! Communism here we come!


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