Left Freaks Out Over Trump Comments About “Good Genes.” Here’s What They’re Forgetting Obama Once Said.

(Tea Party 247) – The left has always hysterically accused President Donald Trump of being a racist, and their comparisons between POTUS 45 and Adolf Hitler have become so frequent, they’ve barely been worthy of note for years now.

The sick thing about all this is, that the more the left compares a populist, pro-American, pro-capitalist, pro-freedom POTUS to a national socialist who mass-murdered millions of people, the less significant Hitler’s horrific rule of Germany and crimes against humanity become.

This is why kids need to learn history, folks.

Yet again, the left is drawing comparisons between Trump and Hitler, but this time around, they’ve inadvertently thrown Obama in the same boat.

In a speech last week, Trump used the phrase “good genes” in a speech last week, a phrase that POTUS 44 also once used.

Breitbart reports that Trump told an audience in Bemidji, Minnesota, on Saturday:

From St. Paul to St. Cloud, from Rochester to Duluth, and from Minneapolis — thank God we still have Minneapolis — to right here, right here with all of you great people, this state was pioneered by men and women who braved the wilderness and the winters to build a better life for themselves and for their families. They were tough and they were strong. You have good genes. You know that, right? You have good genes. A lot of it’s about the genes, isn’t it? Don’t you believe? The resource theory, you think was so different? You have good genes in Minnesota. They didn’t have a lot of money. They didn’t have a lot of luxury. But they had grit, they had faith, and they had each other. That’s what you have now. You have each other.

The Huffington Post breathlessly reported:

Critics continue to tear into President Donald Trump’s shocking praise for Minnesota’s “good genes” as chillingly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s murderous eugenics policy.

Holocaust historian Steve Silberman on Sunday called Trump’s determination of who possesses worthy genes “indistinguishable from the Nazi rhetoric that led to Jews, disabled people, LGBTQ, Romani and others being exterminated.”

A spokesperson for the progressive Jewish advocacy organization J Street told HuffPost on Monday: “Again and again, President Trump and his allies publicly, gleefully embrace incredibly dangerous white nationalist tropes and ideas.”

It’s “clear the president’s far-right worldview poses an unprecedented threat to refugees, immigrants and vulnerable minorities in this country ― one of the many reasons why he faces vehement opposition from the large majority of American Jewish voters,” said J Street communications director Logan Bayroff.

Flashback to Pennsylvania in 2012, when an incumbent presidential candidate Obama said the following:

I believe America only thrives when we have a strong and growing middle class. And I believe we’re at our best when everybody who works hard has a chance to get ahead. That’s what I believe. And I know that’s what the founders of this company believe as well. We were talking about these guys’ dad, who I understand just passed away at the age of 101. So these guys have good genes in addition to inventive minds. And the story of generations starting businesses, hiring folks, making sure that if you work hard, you can get ahead, that’s what America is all about. And that’s at the heart of the plan that I’ve been talking about all year.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, in fact, also used the phrase while gushing of the beauty of NAACP chairwoman Roslyn Brock in 2010.

Calm down, leftists.


  1. You liberal fruits get the f out of my country!!!! You you taunt hatred and racism and try to divide a country just because you don’t like a president grow up or get out!!

  2. How ironic that the President mentioning good genes is equated to euthanasia. The left and the dems are the ones who promoted that very thing. It was the left not the right. Hitler was a socialist. A leftist dictator. Euthanasia came from the left. How stupid does a person have to be to not understand that? Or maybe these liars do understand and are just doing what they do. Trying to deceive others. Either stupid or deceivers. Maybe both.

  3. The word “nigardly” means stingy. But if a Republican uses that word, he is condemned as a racist. Leftists will look for any little statement by a Conservative to find fault. They have turned the language upside down.

  4. Silberman and Bayroff obviously know what they are speaking. They know of a gene or gene sequence that only exists in certain groups that account for white supremacy or in other words account for non-white inferiority. I only ask that either of them identify that gene or gene sequence and the proven and undeniable evidence thereto. If they can’t, they’ve proven themselves untruthful and purveyors of racism the very thing they accuse of others.

  5. I guess Trump supporters do not understand what racism really is, a racist is anyone who disagrees with the liberal view and does not fully support their ideas. Wake up Trump supporters and stop being racist.

  6. Explain it to me, please! If this site has the ability to edit/censor any comment that THEY determine “irrelevant” or
    “inappropriate“, how is it all these bogus “ I got rich” replies get posted, but many of mine and other people’s just disappear (probably like this one will) ???

  7. “Haters be Haters!” Too many Jewish Americans expect empathy over the Holocaust, but support Democratic cry’s for State-funded abortion, now up to time of actual birth! Too many Black Americans rightfully denounce slavery, but support “ institutional slavery” put in place by the same Democratic Party that fought to keep slavery a part of America. So who are the real Haters and Racists?
    They’re still running the DNC !

    • Plus what about all the white people taken as slaves in the other countries even to this day..or how that poor little 5 year old white child shot and killed while riding his bike by his black neighbor..but none of this is racist..right? It’s because they have changed and mid-used and redefined the term racist. Time for the left to invest in the Webster’s dictionary.

  8. Denseocrats hair has been on fire for so long it’s starting to singe the roots now. Any little thing said will trigger them into frothing maniacs. After four years they still haven’t figured out the president is playing them like a fiddle with no strings. They’ve done plucked those clean off for the enjoyment of the less gullible.

  9. The only reason President Trump is called a racist by the left is to discredit him among minorities. Certain statements that the President has used were miscontrued as racist when they weren’t. The Democrats use identity politics to control minorities and enrage them against Trump and his supporters. I’m the Democrats worst nightmare, a black conservative Republican who supports President Trump. Trump 2020!!!


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