Las Vegas Police Metropolitan Department Refuses To Release All Records From October 1st Massacre, Despite Court Order

(Tea Party 247) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department may be held in contempt of court after ignoring a judge’s order to release all records from the night of the October 1st massacre. These records include 21,000 hours of officer-worn body camera footage, the John E Hoover YouTube channel pointed out in a report on Tuesday.

The video makes it clear that Judge Richard Scotti of the Eighth Judicial District Court ruled in March of 2018 that the LVMPD must release all records and camera footage from the night of the massacre on a rolling basis, but the LVMPD has failed to comply, holding back thousands of hours of footage.

So far, the LVMPD has released roughly 1,200 clips of officer-worn body camera footage to date.

Many of these clips, however, are fragmented, edited, or only seconds to minutes long.

This raises major concerns, as the body cameras in use by the LVMPD have a 12-hour battery life, meaning that all the released clips should have been far longer.

“I am very frustrated because I think that gamesmanship is going on here,” she said. “It’s now months since the shooting occurred and still the same: delay, delay, delay. If one technique doesn’t work then you switch to another one. That is very concerning for the court,” Clark County District Judge Stefany Miley has said of the LVMPD and their lack of transparency.

The John E Hoover YouTube channel charges that the LVMPD has purposely withheld the body camera footage of ten officers who were in Mandalay Bay room 31-134 and 32-135 the night of the shooting.

These are their names:

Brosnahan **
Mikkelson **

**Appear in room 32-135 but are not mentioned in the FIT report.

You can watch the full report here:


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