Kentucky Counties Stand Up To Gun-Grabbing Democrat Governor In Epic Way

(Tea Party 247) – Democrat and aspiring gun grabber, Andy Beshar is currently the occupant of the Kentucky governor’s office, something which has prompted several counties in the state to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that the counties of Cumberland, Harlan, Leslie, and Letcher Counties among others are making sure to signal to Frankfort that they have no interest in enforcing the unconstitutional gun legislation that Beshear and the federal government may attempt to enforce.

In a rousing speech by David Johnson at the Letcher County declaration, the ardent second amendment advocate declared:

Tonight, I feel that we the people of Letcher County, and not just Letcher County but the state of Kentucky, and not just the state of Kentucky but of these United States of America, can stand up as law abiding citizens and proclaim that we are constitutional to the bitter end.

Last month, Breitbart News reported that 86 of the 95 counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia had declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuary cities as well. The 86 counties are standing up together in a united front against the Democrats, led by Governor Ralph Northam (D) and the Democrats in the state legislature who seek to strip their citizens of their Second Amendment rights.

One of Northam’s primary desires is to force AR-15 owners to either register their rifles with the government or to surrender them.

Now what do you think a bunch of God-fearing, country-loving Southern patriots going to do when faced with this horrific choice, that no American should ever have to make.

Walter E. Williams, an economics professor at George Mason Unviersity, responded to Northam’s insistence by warning Virginians not to be fooled by “a registration trick.”

Williams replied, “Knowing who owns what weapons is the first step to confiscation.”


These Democrats are playing a dangerous game, one they absolutely do not want to be playing.

This is exactly why our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms, to defend against tyranny.

Because you can’t disarm lawful citizens without complete and utter tyranny.


  1. Why should I care about your rights? Nobody gave a damn about mine when I was attacked. In fact it was the so-called patriot lobby that actually supported the loss. So as far as I can see, you have no allies here!
    The Constitution is supposed to be for all people, not just special people. Well, you’re special now, and you’re losing them!

  2. Would there have been Nazi mass relocations and subsequent deaths of millions of Jews if every Jew had an AK-47 or AR-15? Mass relocation and murder would have been impossible. You never would have heard of Adolf Hitler or Chairman Mao. Only dictators or would-be dictators fear private ownership of firearms. In dictatorships around the globe the penalty is death for owning a firearm, so what does government have in mind when it wants our guns?

  3. It is really a shame that many in this country have forgotten how we came about obtaining the rights that we have today. The manner in which some of our citizens react to each shooting however devastating reminds me of my 1st grade teacher punishing the class because someone threw a spitball while her back was turned. Our country has survived longer than most new countries and it was definitely not because of many of the type of politicians we have roaming the halls of Congress today.

  4. No one is even paying attention sadly. The atrocities of yesteryear are not even being taught in schools today. We are in precarious times. The past is being rewritten and the rules are changing before our eyes. Best that all of us prepare for something else. The past liberties we enjoyed are fast evaporating. Can we as “the people” reclaim it? I doubt it, now that the divisions are so deep and twisted, but I have been know no be wrong. Please America…..prove me wrong.

  5. The only thing I can say is Government Officials take a oath when they accept their position and in it it states to defend the Constitution of the United States Of America , I took a oath like that when I enlisted in the military and even at 70 years old I will still defend the Constitution and Government Officials that brake the oath entrusted to them should be removed from office and maybe sent to jail for treason

  6. I see the governor of Virginia wants 4.8 million dollars to form a “posse” of 18 to round up the guns in his state. Just 18 it what I say. Where will he find 18 individuals dumb enough to try and take the guns from these people. He’s about to stir up a hornets nest that he can’t contain.

  7. No one is asking why. Very few shootings are by law abiding citizens who have gone thru a background check to own their guns. Start asking why gun control when those killing are already breaking the law.

  8. Te Demorats want to “disarm” American citizens so that they can run a “government-controlled country” just like Russia where the only freedoms are what they allow. Bernie and AOC’s “big dream”.

  9. Virginia and Kentucky are arousing patriots all across America and If Virginia and Kentucky gun owners are attacked by leftist socialists agents trying to take their rights and guns patriots across this country will respond the same way patriots did in 1776.

    • The men and women in the big chairs are hoping for this. This is their chance. Their only one. Defending the nation against the unlawful gun “fanatics ” …. while the gangs happily pillage the country. Can’t figure this angle out. Can the country’s government truly want us to be destroyed? Can they? I am perplexed on this one.

  10. The democrats are following Hitler’s actions in the 1930’s – 1940’s. Disarm the people and make false promises. If you give up you right to bear arms then its over, you see a government that fears the people is called Liberty and Freedom but a people who fear the government thats called tyranny with no liberty or freedom. We the People will stand up for our Liberty and Freedom.

  11. This plan by the leftist socialist Democrat party has been put in place at least 20 to 30 years ago their idea of dismantling the Constitution our Bill of Rights and turning America into a socialist country ,if this continues they will be dragged from their beds and hung from the streets lights, just like Mussolini was hung by the people of Italy ,treason is treason I don’t care what country you come from it’s going to cost you your life, Democrats who murdered innocent babies, love killing the elderly, and love putting murderers and terrorists above the lives of Americans, are going to get a rude awakening soon enough, the corrupt federal government needs to be cleaned out, the swamp drained, that’s why God put Donald J Trump in office, this was written long ago and the prophecies are now being fulfilled, evil will be exposed by the Republican party including those in the party itself who were swamp rats and working against our Republic, plain and simple Democrats are Satanist party ,they are pure evil and wish America harm, wake up people and see the truth for what it is,everything they’re doing today should point to the truth of what they are and who they are.

  12. These demons democrats are doing exactly what demons would do. They are connected to the devil and all they preach is evil. Here are my take let’s be proud and great Americans, and lets call out these demon rats for what they are, they are trying to corrupt us along with them. My dear people with Trump at helm we are on our to regaining our country our sovereignty our freedom to be an Americans. Demon rats are infested by foreign blooded members and let me remind every American, a foreigner can be a citizen of this or any other country but their mindset will always remain foreign forever. So let keep our country to ourselves and for ourselves. Vote president Trump back in the Whitehouse for eight more years God bless America and all Americans

  13. As a weapons-skilled, law-abiding, Christian, Texas dad and patriot…..I am eagerly standing-by and watching as these democrat-orchestrated events unfold.

  14. His Tyranny is already showing. Imagine what he will be like when no one can defend themselves. The democrats have no respect for the constitution current laws or the tax payers they are supposed to be serving. Seeing what the people of Kentucky are doing right now standing up for their constitutuional rights makes me proud to be an american. I salute you all.

  15. @ Elaine Stenzel, Really! How naive you are. I hope you never need one of us so-called “rednecks” to protect your hiney from those who would do you harm.

    • Hello, Count me in on defending our constitutional rights. If it comes to dying for this cause then so be it ! When will the stupid gun control bastards realize that guns dont kill people except in the hands of a deranged person. Thank GOD for the church members who were armed that put doen this idiot who wanted to bring death and hate to this church ! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE WHO WILL PROTECT IT !

    • Those state’s flew a different flag over state’s rights once before. I hope they won’t be forced to do so again. A couple of buckets of tar and some feathers may be enough tho.

  16. If you want them,
    Here they are
    Come and get them
    But you’d better wear yourself some armor…..

    You’ll only get them when I’m all out of ammo
    And the barrels are smokin hot
    And your ass is all full of holes
    Cause I’m a pretty good shot…….

    And your blood runs down to the roots
    Of that blessed Tree of Liberty
    You will find America FULL of Patriots
    Waiting to shoot at thee!

  17. These actions by the Democrats are committing a TREASONISTIC act against the citizens of the Commonwealth of Va. and need to be CONVICTED as such. Under NO circumstances should the citizens of THIS great state SURRENDER their weapons to this TYRANNICAL government. This is what the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution was written for. In some states these Democrats would qualify as TARGET practice. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. If the gov’t only wants AR-15’s you can have all the other style guns you care to have.AR-15’s are for killing people and nothing else.You wouldn’t use it for deer hunting or duck hunting so why have one?They are trying to get rid of the style of gun that has been used in mass shootings.Look what happened at the church in Texas,the guy with the gun got off a few shots but was put down with one shot and was being approached by others with hand-guns.If the shooter had an AR-15 there would have been more deaths before he was stopped.The gov’t doesent want your guns just the illegal ones.You ar owners have not come up with a viable alternative-why not?

    • Communists start with 1 type of gun, then they makes excuses for the others.

      Please do your homework my friend, and don’t be so naive!!

      My family is from the USSR…….got it????

    • What is illegal about an AR-15? And where in out constitution does it say we can only have guns suitable for deer or duck hunting?

    • The citizenry are entitled to the same arms as the government. How else are we supposed to stop an out of control government? Our government Representatives are just that. Not our leaders. When they begin to dictate to us instead of serving, we need to put them in their place. That’s what the second amendment is all about.

    • The funny thing is about your idiotic comment is a AR-15 is more lawful and constitutional than any firearm used for hunting. The constitution and the founding fathers never mentioned or wrote about hunting only about arms for a militia and if a AR-15 is illegal we should be issued M-16’s or M-4’s or some belt feed firearms.

  19. 10 -4 ! When “they” tried to pull this crap years ago. My father was 80 something , yea it was NY that tried to pull this…. My father is going to be 90. Then and now we both uttered.
    Further more . It’s only
    ” The United States” when it comes to MONEY. Why don’t we separate the $. All dumbo’s can have there own coffers. If you vote dumb that’s were your tax goes. Three years of wasted dumbo dumb $se BS!?

  20. Democrats are showing their true colors. Most Democrats Congressmen did not run on Impeaching the President but they have spent all this time trying to impeaching Trump. They ran on Health Care, Infrastructure and Immigration and have done nothing about it. Governors ran on many issues but not on gun confiscation. Even the Governor of CA did not run on limiting peoples water use by rationing it or fining people. Democrats will not tell you what they will do if elected.

  21. You, Ma’am are so ignorant of history, you should never post antything like this in public! Remember Stalin, The Turks, Idi Amin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, and on and on. Our Fouindersw knew very well that one day American Polikticians would wa nt to exercise total control, and that could only be done with a disarmed citizenry. That is why they wisely wrote the 2d Amendment forbiding the government from infringeing on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The 2d Amendment is there to ensyre that the citizenry can defend every othr right identified in the Constitution, and any other God Given Rights, notably self-defense and defense of family, neighbors, towns, cities, States, and country!

  22. Remember: this was Hitlers way of protecting the people from theirselves! For their own SAFTY! Sounds like he is resurrected somehow!

  23. AMEN, Brother. Most members of the National Guard are Veterans, who have sworn to defend the Constitution of the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic. And most of them either own private guns or their families own guns that would be made confiscatable by compulsory turnin or registration (so they can find them and confiscate them)! Remember that even the strictly cammanded Soviet army personnel, refused to fire on their family, friends, and neighbors, as the Soviet Union started to collapse. The Nationalk Guard Generals may give orders to confiscate, buty the troops will certainly refuse!

  24. These patriots of Virginia and Kentucky and other patriot entities are exactly right!!! Missouri and 18 other states just gave the Washington Libertards the right to settle Immigrants of all strips and beliefs in our country. It seems that for a few dollars our country is for sale!! But not by me or other patriots.
    These Stupid short sighted Governors can’t see further than their checkbook. Resist and tell your representative that you don’t want to share our freedoms with Muslim, or any other religion but Christianity!!!

  25. I don’t like guns, don’t own a gun myself, but I will defend any lawful individual in this country to exercise their right to bare arms. Our government can no longer be trusted to protect our rights and freedoms. We must band together to protect our freedoms in this country, we are in danger of loosing them to a powerful unimaginable source.

    • bare arms,,,,,,you can bare or not,,,,,,,what we are talking of here is bear arms,,,,,,,pilgrim

    • How will you defend without arms? Unfortunately words no longer work in this country, neither does violence. Better start praying if you don’t plan on carrying a gun to protect yourself and family against the bad guys!

    • Smart reply.
      You will most likely appreciate the armed civilians who have a great interest in protecting your and their property. Most likely against gangs and other problematic groups.
      This is a spark in a powder keg. Best of to put it out promptly.

  26. Praise God for you folks in Kentucky and Virginia who are rightfully standing up against tyranny!!! May your actions spread throughout the nation and put the Democrats at bay.

  27. They will take our guns from our cold dead fingers look they already have the media next is our guns WAKE UP AMERICA! The elite tis dems would love nothing more than to disarm Americans to take total control and have one world order! Like that creep Soros his own country threw him out of read up on that bastard! He’s a POS! Our founding father saw all of this back then thank God they were as smart as they were to prepare us for the treasonous dems!!!

  28. Anybody out there have a Jewish ancestor who was GASSED TO DEATH in the German war against people? I am aghast that the DEMONCRATS STILL receive 65% of the JEWISH VOTES! My G*D! WHEN will they wake up?????? MY ancestors were Jewish citizens of Russia and Poland, many were killed either by the Gestapo or butchered by “soldiers” under ORDERS to kill Jews everywhere. Thank G*D, my grandparents fled before they, too, were sent to one of the many killing “camps” to be butchered or gassed! Does ANYONE ever watch any of the TV programs or any of the movies that accurately depict the EXTERMINATION of “undesirables” during World War 2? “Schindler’s List” comes to mind.

    • No one is even paying attention sadly. The atrocities of yesteryear are not even being taught in schools today. We are in precarious times. The past is being rewritten and the rules are changing before our eyes. Best that all of us prepare for something else. The past liberties we enjoyed are fast evaporating. Can we as “the people” reclaim it? I doubt it, now that the divisions are so deep and twisted, but I have been know no be wrong. Please America…..prove me wrong.

  29. If they think to bring in the national guard and law enforcement Personnel to enforce their anti American laws, they better think twice. These are mostly patriots who also believe in, and will support us patriots and the constitution.

  30. Hooray for those 86 counties. The majority of the anti-gunners have no idea how, or even why, guns have given them the life that they are living! They always sound like they are getting their info from an echo chamber, and have no knowledge of their own. I do feel that most of them come from the 6th rock from the sun. Wish they would go back… Rick

    • This topics rears its ugly head every time there is a shooting. This week it’s the mantra of the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The states/cities with the most stringent gun laws have the highest incidents of gun crimes.

      Those states have basically made it clear that law-abiding citizens do not have the right to protect themselves, and the police have stated time and again that they are very rarely in the right place at the right time to prevent attacks but rather have the task of investigating after the fact. We now have laws that eliminate bail for criminals and simply put them back on the streets until their trials. We have another state that has decided that Rikers Island needs to be shut down and the four replacement facilities will only be able to house about 50% of the existing capacity, which will also mean more criminals on the streets. Since our politicians care more about votes than protecting their citizens, maybe it’s time for those same politicians to be held responsible for any crimes committed under ridiculous laws that expose citizens to a greater risk of attacks while at the same time refusing to allow the citizens the right to protect themselves. The only alternative would be to have a police escort for citizens upon request.

      Florida, once it made concealed carry permits easier to obtain, saw a dramatic drop in armed robberies and car jackings at gunpoint.

      Before anyone begins obsessing about wild west shoot outs keep this in mind; New York’s police officers require firearm qualifications once a year and New Jersey twice a year. As a competitive shooter and qualified range officer I, and most gun owners I know, shoot between 100 and 500 rounds per week and can outshoot most regular police officers. I spend a great deal of my time helping police officers learn to shoot better to protect themselves and increase their chances of passing their annual or semi-annual re-qualifications.

      I believe that the Supreme Court of the United States sent a signal in the most recent case originated in New York that the antigun regulations have gone too far and are an overly aggressive infringements on Second Amendment rights.

      Red flags laws make sense; however, there should be consequences for filing false claims. Universal background checks make sense and police need to be much more diligent in imputing data into the NICS system to make the system function to better protect citizens.

      As a range officer and/or a recreational shooter, every time we leave a range, a competition, or shooting club carrying a gun bag we run the risk of being robbed which would put more firearms in the wrong hands. Allowing concealed carry, with proper training, would completely eliminate this risk. It would also make criminals think twice, since they would not know who has the means to defend themselves. Most states that are more flexible for concealed carry issuance require structured programs before allowing citizens the right to concealed carry. This is the epitome of common sense.

  31. When the anti American governor and other miscreants proceed to trample on the gun rights of law abiding citizens in Virginia, all law abiding Americans, country wide, should pack up their weapons and go to the defense of Virginians and constitution. I have no problem with strict laws and penalties against criminals, including illegal immigrants, terrorists, and gang members who posses weapons. That is where the government should concentrate their efforts to protect Americans. The fact is simple, if you take away guns from law abiding citizens, only the bad will have guns. Nobody will be safe.

  32. There WILL BE a civil war or a revolution….. They Will. NOT survive all the good Ole boys (and gals) with guns. We must stick together

  33. Since when does State Governors and others think they can take matters into their own hands and ignore our basic rights set into our countries Constitution? Somewhere people have forgotten that and try to push their own agenda’s. Our founding fathers were smart people! Since when do we believe we have become smarter than them? Leave it to the radical left and right, this country would be a dictatorship or a haven for terror groups to destroy our way of life. As for me, I love my country, I helped serve it for 4 yrs and would gladly do it again if I had to. I have been to other countries and I can assure you that there is no better country than ours. Our younger generations have become spoiled and soft and listen to the extremists who spread their garbage and actually believe it because they dont know our own history to refute what the radicals are saying.

    • This will keep happening until the Supreme Court of the United States states categorically what the second Amendment say and doesn’t say. Trump needs to push this too. I also understand that over the past week Jewish applicants for CCW have skyrocketed due to the antisemitism actions of others. How about letting law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves and their families. SCOTUS – Wake up and do your job.

  34. The Supreme Court should just make a ruling that ALL gun restricting laws except those dealing with posession by felons are unconstitutional and are summarily rescinded.

    • Our elected officials are throwing the felon charge around like flies. Felons have a right to self-defense, and should only be deprived of that right while incarcerated, IMHO. They smoked a little pot at 15 and were arrested. Didn’t like the effect, have grown up into an outstanding citizen except they can never own a firearm to be able to protect themselves and their family. I’m sure you can think of many more examples.

    • G.W. … you are entirely right. After anyone has paid the price, the deal is done. I am clueless as to why the supreme court has not been forthcoming about this. But then again I believe in my heart that they too have abandoned the weathered piece of parchment that gave them their power….

  35. “KNOW THIS, WE ARE MANY, THEY ARE FEW. TO FEAR DEATH IS A CHOICE, AND THEY CAN’T HANG US ALL” Let all free Americans unite together and destroy those who would enslave us. Let the weak and the meek wring their hands in fear as we patriots sharpen the swords of freedom.

  36. Democrats are working long and hard to disarm Americans so that they cannot defend themselves against terrorism threats. When sleeper cells become active they need America to be helpless, unable to defend themselves. Really, who can defend themselves against a knife or machete attack? Even martial artists will tell you it is almost impossible against 1 armed person. Now defend yourself against 3 knife or machete armed attackers!


  38. The KY and VA governors need to be SHOT ASAP for treason! TIME to drain the swamp of libTARD, leftist/socialists who CROSSED THE LINE…..

  39. What is shocking is this moron even thinking of trying to do this, he just destroyed any chance of reelection and he is going to take any other Dems down with him who supported this.

  40. Have all the Idiots that want to have all weapons confiscated go side to door and do it them self’s they will change their tune when they are ducking bullets !! Enough is enough!!!!

  41. I don’t think any sorry ass Democrat will take my gun or anyone else I will go to my grave defending my right to own and have guns in my home and in my possession

  42. This is the same trick Hitler used . Then look what happened, how many millions died. Do you think the outcome would have been different if the jews had weapons. The Democrats are up to something terrible once they take your firearms, THINK LOOK AT HISTORY.

    • History is not being taught anymore. History is being erased. Man is smart, but the relentless drumming of lies is making us paralyzed and frightened.
      There will be a moment of do or die. I hope we, as humans, can make a good choice. Sadly we have failed over and over before…. but I have a gut feeling about tomorrow.

  43. This is why you need to get out and vote and be heavily involved in elections. Stay home a the wacko dumacrats win. Don’t complain afterwords

  44. It is just a way confiscate our weapons.One thing that keeps the government from taking total control Is an armed citizen.The Constitution was written so the citizens controlled the government and to protect the citizens from abuses by the government.Another sneaky thing is,if I go down and buy a semi automatic hunting rifle, what is the difference between that and military style semi automatic rifle. There is none except style. Both weapons will fire bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger.The democrats are twisting words to make it sound like only military weapons knowing full well there is no difference and that all styles were considered military at one time in our history.

    • Military weapons are FULL AUTO or SELECT FIRE. That is the difference between military weapons and civilian weapons.

  45. In every single situation in the history of man where registration was allowed confiscation followed. Don’t believe for a second they don’t want to take firearms from the citizens.

  46. Those who are holding the reins of political power run the risk of alienating the people by their attempts to legislate gun control at the State and local levels in violation of the Second Amendment. By so doing, they run the extreme risk of placing crosshairs on their own faces! It can happen again, and it can happen HERE!

  47. Is not violation of your oath of office a sufficient reason to make you ineligible to hold that office and exercise its powers? Removal from office by the courts, state police, or other means should follow. As a former member of the US military if I violated my oath I was subject to legal action under the UCMJ. Should we not hold our elected officials to the same standard?

  48. these good ole boys don’t think they have to abide by the law.nobody is taking your guns away from you,what is the harm in registering your ar15 guns,unless you are trying to hide something which is probably the case,that is why they call you guys rednecks,you never abide by law of any kind,but get all bent out of shape if somebody doesn’t agree with ya’all.

    • Elaine, have you ignored the majority of the above discussion?? Registration is step 1 to CONFISCATION. The right to bare arms shall not be infringed. The founding fathers of this country REFUSED TO ABIDE BY ENGLISH LAWS…Just a bunch of AMERICAN GOOD OL’ BOYS…..

  49. Time for a “Round-up” boys…
    Round-up these gun grabbing traitors, and ship them off to a dictatorship where their talents can be fully appreciated. And, once they are out of the US, inform border patrol to prevent them from coming back at all costs! Good riddance!

  50. All americans are watching. We know that these communist congressperson are breaking the law. They shall be tried by the people and face the judgement

  51. Texas stands w/ you folks, because it could be here next the way the wave of Dems are moving to take over our states. They start w/ City councils and then move to local government and no one cares until they run for governor.

  52. Both of those states knew what was going to happen when they elected a Democratic Governor. They can’t have it both ways. They did it voluntarily. Did they not understand what the Democrats had told them about gun control? Very stupid.

    • We “normal” Virginians did not and would not elect “black face” Northam, but we “normal” Virginians were overrun by Northern Virginia “DC liberals”, and socialist preaching University Cities. Check out the VA election maps. KY may be the same. Murderer Northam and the philandering Lieutenant Governor are not representative of the majority of Virginians. It may be high time for the “real” VA to become South Virginia, and let the “beltway libs” become North VA! After all there is North Carolina, South Carolina…North Dakota, South Dakota…

  53. I’m not sure what makes the DemoRATs think that now is the right time to heavily push their gun control wish list, but it is complete and total folly.
    If anything, 2A supporting patriots are more energized than ever to defend our civil rights under the ENTIRE Constitution, not just the parts DemoRATs like.
    It looks like they’re willing to push it too far this time. They know not what they do.
    The entire US military is approximately 3 million. The entirety of law enforcement is less than 1 million. There are over 100 million gun owners possessing approximately 400 million guns and billions of rounds of ammunition. How many military and police will refuse to turn against their family, friends and neighbors regardless of “orders”? A lot, I would think.
    The anti-freedom crowd is heading down a dark road without headlights. If they don’t back off, they’re going to see a very bright light coming right at them.

  54. If any state wants to keep their guns which is their constitutional right and also for much need protection get rid of your commie democratic governors

  55. I figured it out! All these liberals live in metropolitan centers: Richmond, NYC, Portland, Seattle, SF, LA. They’ve lost their sense of America, freedom & liberty…although it available to them a few miles out of town. In their cowardly feckless irresponsibility, they’re allowing crime, drugs out of control, killing each other, thinking gun confiscation is their answer to their city-self-made problem. At the high end, they can’t contain enslave an armed population. This is serious
    Liberal Democrat Socialist Communist drift. As we’ve seen in their “impeachment”, they’re delusional and will do and say ANYTHING to complete their control.
    Our best option is to vote out democrats & RINOS Nov. 2020….if no one fires the first shot first.

  56. To the Commonwealth of Virginia in the 89 counties that rebuke these draconian gun laws that the Democrat Governor is looking to instill stay strong and stay united give me liberty or give me death

  57. God be with the Patriots of this great nation. Those in the far left be damned. “Don’t tread on me” is not just a slogan, it’s our belief…. when a government starts to take away our rights it must be stopped.


  58. That is exactly what the Counties In California should Do. We have a Democratic Governor in California that is The Nephew of Nancy Pelosi that is turning California into a Garbage Dump. Filling our State with Illegals by making the State a Sanctuary State. We have Homeless living in the city’s Also on the side of the Freeways. He is giving the Illegals Housing, Medical, Food, anything that they want, But he says to Hell with the American Citizens, He cares less that we have Veterans living on the Streets or anything about the Citizens of California.

    • For got to add he is doing the same to the Citizens of California on gun Control and Ammunition for our Weapons. He is not a Governor Ruler would be a better name.

  59. Stand by our Constitution. Without any changes or revisions. It has, and will continue to serve the American people. Vote out anyone, regardless of party, who do not live by its Creed.

    President Trump, is more of a Constitutional President, than any and all of his predecessors. THAT is why, he IS our Commander in Chief, and disliked by those who challenge the Constitution. Think about it.

  60. Hang tough Kentucky and we will all join you in our fight against these politicians who think they can “stomp all over the Constitution” and we will NOT stand up to them. NOW IS THE TIME TO STOMP ALL OVER THEM AND PUT THEM OUT OF OFFICE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. You bet. Time to put these traitors, communist and nazi leaders on notice.
    We know the history of gun confiscation. Young people wake from your slumber. keep America the land of the free!!


  63. It’s awesome to see that American’s are steadfast on preserving the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. You all are a testament to upholding the right of every American to defend themselves. Thank you for taking this stance, we are all behind you.

  64. How did he get voted in,in the first place.
    He needs to be removed from office now and anyone else who supports him. Or hang them all by the neck until dead for treason. That would send a message that we will not surrender our guns or our rights!

    • He got voted in by too many people staying home and not voting…..or too many people brainwashed to believe President Trump is the one taking away our constitutional rights…..or voter fraud. The first two can be overcome in the next election. The third reason is the one that concerns me.


  65. In this country there are literally hundreds of PRO GUN, PRO CONSTITUTION, PRO FREEDOM Groups, bit State, Local and NATIONAL, and NOT A DAMNED ONE is pushing for ACCOUNTABILITY for VIOLATIONS OF OATH OF OFFICE against these politicians.


    Definition of oath

    1a(1) : a solemn usually formal calling upon God or a god to witness to the truth of what one says or to witness that one sincerely intends to do what one says
    (2) : a solemn attestation of the truth or inviolability of one’s words The witness took an oath to tell the truth in court.
    b : something (such as a promise) corroborated by an oath They were required to swear an oath of loyalty. took the oath of office.


    So WHY NOT CHARGE THEM WITH A FELONY, TRY and CONVICT them and call it a day?


  66. The gun grabbers want to take my guns will get the business end first and a lot of lead coming at them. We need to take there rights away from them. Like breathing.

  67. Reportedly it has been stated: “And your nation will be destroyed, not by Huns and vandals from without, but from within, by products of your own institutions.”

  68. Knowing that most democRATs will be voted out of office this November the gun grabbers are going full Nazi frenzy to disarm as many law abiding citizens as possible. A disarmed populace is easy for a dictator to take over and destroy.


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