Karl Rove Slams Obama For This Shameful “Politician Drive-By Shooting”

(Tea Party 247) – If former President Barack Obama isn’t supremely nervous about the recent revelations as to how corrupt his administration was–and how much he knew about the actions of his Deep State agents–he’s not doing a very good job at showing it.

He’s lashing out at the Trump administration and in a very shameful manner.

This weekend, many people across the country took time to honor the classes of 2020 from high schools and universities who were unable to celebrate the commencement of their education in person.

The former president was gracious enough to record a commencement speech for a televised event celebrating graduates.

But this is where the graciousness ended.

He used this event, which was supposed to be about graduates who find themselves unable to celebrate their hard work in-person, to bash the current administration.

As The Gateway Pundit notes:

Obama holds the esteemed title of being the first US President to spy on the opposition candidate during an election and his predecessor during the peaceful transition of power. Last week documents released by DNI Richard Grenell show the unmasking of Trump officials led directly to the Obama Oval Office.

On Saturday, he told the graduates “More than anything, this pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing. A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

What does that have to do with anything? Idiot!

It’s bad enough that this man is likely to go down in history as the most crooked and corrupt president our nation has ever seen.

Is he really trying to go out like a desperate and wounded animal? What a joke!

On Fox and Friends, former George W. Bush adviser slammed Obama for what he very appropriately described as a “political drive-by shooting.”


  1. Back in the summer of 2016, a dear friend, who has some VERY conservative beliefs, stated to me “You watch. Obama has NO INTENTION of surrendering the Presidency, per the Constitution.” I thought, “No way. He knows he can’t get away with it.” But I decided I’d keep an eye on the concept.

    When one sits back and unemotionally – i.e., OBJECTIVELY, not PARTISANLY* – reviews what’s happened in the near 4 years since he made that “far out” statement, each day, the case that he was DEAD ON IN HIS PREDICTION builds stronger and stronger.

    Secondly, given – or, let’s assume – this is true. In that case, how/(more accurately)why does Bill Barr come out at THIS POINT in the whole saga and make such an apparently BUFFOONISH statement as he did 2-3 days ago that the O/B corruption train isn’t a/THE(!!!) subject of Durham’s investigation?

    Although my EMOTIONS are seeking to dis-bar the Honorable Mr. Barr (I couldn’t resist!!), my military mind tells me that he knows what he’s doing. I’ll keep beating back my emotions, and pray for the military mind thing to come to pass.

    * The whole mess is OBVIOUSLY POLITICAL. Our emotions come into play when we apply a PARTISAN political perspective. At THAT point, MY side becomes RIGHT, and the (ANY?) OTHER side is WRONG.

  2. Obama is the same arrogant manipulative person he has always been. He is just getting more desperate as the truth is coming out. He is still trying to create division and hate among Americans. That is all he has ever been about.

  3. Obama actually believes in his own narcissistic mentality. He needs to be institutionalized for his own good and America’s.

  4. Obama you really are trying so hard to take the focus off yourself by bashing Our President. Why well we know it because of the Obamabidengate!!!!! And to think I voted for your Sorry A** after you and Hillary And Rice knew about Benghazi you are the lowest of the scum on this earth. All you FNing Democrats thinks we are All stupid.

  5. What a classless joke he is! He has never met anyone he likes better than himself. Obama will go down in history as the abject failure he really is. Gutting the military and creating an almost unusable Health Care Progran, too expensive and laden with bureaucratic Red Tape. Just to name a couple of issues. Crap!

  6. Would like Obummers records unsealed. This would show what kind of crook he is. You don’t seal records unless you have something to hide.

  7. If the truth be told, the Barak Obama bin Laden legacy of corruption will read that “he set race relations back 50 years, and made it possible for men of questionable morals to use the same restrooms as your daughters and granddaughters”.

  8. I’m tired of Obama sticking his nose in politics to defame our President Trump. His glory days are over. I would really love to have the public hear the real truth why Obama keeps trying to create problems; he created enough problems when he was in office.

  9. Donald Trump, Dumb Donny, is likely to go down in history as the most crooked & corrupt president our nation has ever seen. People like ‘Mad-cow’ Mitch McConnell, & ‘Krooked’ Karl Rove, are his enablers & thus co-criminals. May they also suffer terminal Covid-19!

    • D’s have to shout their lies to themselves in order to overcome the small voice of reason and truth inside. Slaves to their own mortal fear of truth.

  10. It is very shameful President Obama thought it wise to use occasion of celebration and joy to recognize graduates to sow his seed of POLITICS of BITTERNESS. What a missed opportunity to have shown he is a statesman not an angry ex-. As famed community organizer – let him organize for South side of Chicago where he left for the WH, so that the murder rate is lowered. Jimmy Carter builds Habitat Homes – enjoin Americans/Chicagoans to fight crime in their neighborhoods. America has moved on and Obama is in the rear view mirror. He should accept the fact he is no longer POTUS and will never again be – let’s the new captain of Ship of State sail the ship to desired destination. It is his to sail and he does not need Obama side swipes.

  11. In his opinion HE is still in charge. He has one of the biggest super ego of anyone else. HE is not only great HE is an AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM.

  12. Shithead soetoro, still trying to divide our country! America is a Republic, if you don’t like it, leave! This POS soetoro, is the enemy of America and for this reason alone, he should be executed! Unfortunately, soetoro has these millennials, these ignorant know it all’s, everything for free, millenials believe in this POS!

  13. God. Bless. Trump &. Adm. while. Trump is trying to rebuild our. Economy , Virus , Keep. Peace in our. Nation. We have people like. OBoma can’t stand what America can do with our. Patriots standing to help. Trump. &. America.

    God. Bless America .

  14. What makes you think that he is going to change he lied for 8 years And divide this country And put us where we’re at toda.

  15. A tough challenge for an administration to make accomplishments while battling obstructionists and False Allegations, the witch hunt, still doing his job AND trying to DRAIN THE SWAMP. This is history being made and TRUMPS legacy will live regardless of what CHUMPS have to say!

  16. He’s such an idiot because he can not get it through his head that his days of being the “Chicago thug that conned his way into the White House” are OVER.


  18. A previous president should speak positive about a current sitting president, always. Barack Obama was wrong for knocking down Donald Trump, when he could of said something nicer. At least words of encouragement for our young people.

    • He was not the only one. Schwarzenegger did the same thing. One is a Rino the other a Democrat not much difference. They are both cowards for getting in front of thousands graduating it was their time not the political cowards that was giving the commencement. Of course most graduates are liberals so I am sure it thrilled them even if their thunder was stolen. Democrats and Rinos both need to go.

  19. Barack Obama’s time is done and over with, why does he not just take a back step and let the currently elected President and his administration do the job of running the country.

    • Everyone KNOWS his time is done and over with EXCEPT Barack Hussein Obama! God knows, you can’t keep a good Marxist Muslim dope fiend down when he’s on a toot!

    • I guess Mr. Obama still likes to be in the spot light. Former President George Bush the second, stays out of the spot light.


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