Kanye West Gives Stern Warning To Parents, “The Devil Stole” Entertainment Industry

(Tea Party 247) – A man who should know better than most of the evils of the entertainment industry is issuing a stern warning to parents to steer their children clear of this “indoctrination.”

Kanye West has been boldly declaring the truth of God’s word in every platform he can secure which, considering he is a massively famous and successful music star, is some pretty big venues.

And he’s giving God all the glory.

He’s also, however, plainly spelling out the influence Satan has in the industry of which he is a part in no uncertain terms.

His warning to parents is that they need to protect their children from being “indoctrinated” into embracing shallow, meaningless lives by the powerful grip of the media and entertainment industry.

Kanye delivered this message to the audience at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston on Sunday, where he was holding one of his Sunday Service events.

He said that many famous people live in service to Satan and not God, because they place their trust in money and status.

“You start to feel like Satan is the most powerful and you start to feel that if you service God in life it means you will not prosper and the only way to prosper is in service to fame,” said Kanye.

“The devil stole all the good producers, the devil stole all the good musicians, all the good artists, all the good designers, all the good business people and said you’ve got to come over and work for me,” he added.

He told the crowd, however, that a shift is happening and that his own declaration of the Gospel is part of that shift.

“Jesus has won the victory because now the greatest artist that God has ever created is working for him…All of that arrogance and confidence and cockiness y’all seen me use before, God is now using for Him,” said Kanye.

He then noted the grievous decay of the rap industry, noting that “We have our own daughters and we’re still rapping about trying to hook up with somebody’s daughter.”

He went on to warn parents that they must be “protecting your kids from the indoctrination of the media, the thousands of thousands of images that are fed to children by the age of 6 or 7.”

He also added that images are “purposely mixed in to lower the kid’s super power and esteem so that they can be more susceptible to consumption and feel that they need to consume and become a part of the robotic numeric system that controls so much.”



  2. Over these last few years, as a 61 year old woman, who has spent decades working in community with the criminal population, as well as indigent, disadvantaged and/or mentally ill, to witness what Kanye and his family are doing to educate the masses on such previously important matters is so INSPIRING and so very AWESOME.

    Bless you all. We never know who will be chosen to serve a role in God’s divine plan. All that matters,… the righteous intent of one’s heart is the true test and measure to focus upon.

    He is so extremely brave, especially knowing how certain groups or individuals can act out so violently.

    May the angels be with you, as your righteous messages continue to spread like wild fire to those who are most desperately in need of spiritual nourishment and guidance.

  3. I also heard someone say the Kanye was pushing the idea of self responsibility – people must reach inside themselves and create the life they want. He was talking to “his people” (black people) that they should stop waiting for someone else to fix their problems – stop waiting for the white man to fix things. I have been waiting many years to hear the black leaders relay this thought. NOW, in the least expected voice, we are hearing truth to the racist power hores. Too many black leaders have nothing if the black community decides they are not victims of the white man. Several years ago, a young leader of the NAACP tried to promote the idea of education, family values, etc to the black community. He was roundly denounced and voted out of leadership.

  4. Kanye proves that Jesus can save even the worst sinner and change their lives to glorify God. Praise God for Kanye being obedient to Jesus and spreading the TRUTH!!!!

    • I just hope you all know that the antichrist is coming first in an attempt to deceive the whole world. So beware!

  5. I believe God said: “In the last days I will poor out my Spirit on all flesh.” This could be our last chance (I’m not saying we’re in the last days, I do not know this for certain but what is going on in this world sure points in that direction). So, if you are still sitting on the fence, you might want to give some thought as to what side you want to be on…Just saying.

  6. Pray for Kanye, if he is Real, Satan has already moving to deceive him, starting with using his Servant False Teacher Joel, to redirect Kanye into the Ecumenical ‘Falling Away’

    May God give Kanye the Discernment to Follow the ‘Narrow Road’

  7. Good work Kanye, be sure to say to all, Satin will cower when confronted by a devote Christian such as you. Fear no evil, stand tall.

  8. I always prayed God would raise a celebrity from the entertainment industry to deliver the Gospel message to the youth and He has chosen you, Kanye! Thank God! May He continue to grant you the wisdom & fortitude for the mission. Keep up the good work!

  9. I believe it Kanye West is working for the Lord he’s giving the message especially to young people That by excepting Jesus as their Savior they will be accepted by him in heaven. Thank you Kanye you’re doing a wonderful job and making a huge difference in many young lives

  10. I am so proud of you Kanye! You make my heart sing to our Lord for you opening your heart to our Lord Jesus. God Bless you and your family and please never stop loving and trusting in our Lord Jesus. For he is the truth and the way to eternity. Please bring our kids back home to Jesus where they belong and let Hollywood and the rest of the satanic worshipers burn in hell. No more indoctrination of all things evil and A moral.

  11. I’m not a religious person but Kanye made a lot of sense and I agree with him. Not only music but films, TV, education, MSM are all filling our youths heads with garbage…It has to stop

  12. Go do good with your family and Don’t let your in-laws mess your kids up. I my be to late for North. Kim is in the Devils group. And the rest of her family and friends. U need to save your kids. Good luck.

  13. Thank you ,Thank you Kanye West !
    You hit it right where it hurts!
    Our children are our most important treasure in this Country !
    It’s never too early or too late to start protecting them !
    God Bless you for bringing this to our ATTENTION !
    GOOD LUCK !!!!

  14. Fantastic. I feel Jesus’s presence reading this testimony. So powerful so real. The rewards are priceless but only to those that seek HIM with all their heart and exercise true repentance.
    Thanks Kaye. God will use you for sure.

  15. I’m loving this new Kanye. He’s taking a stand for Christ. If he never sells another record, he’ll still be alright financially because he’s using his platform to spread the gospel of Jesus.

    • Yes, but that is just a small part of what he has to say. I do support the rest. It is a refreshing change from all the garbage that comes out of Hollyweird.

  16. Oh yeah Kanye watch out for that guy Joel I personally think he is a silver tongue devil! In it for the money🤷🏻‍♀️👍

  17. Kanye West “already cashed that check,” as Samuel L. Jackson would say!

    If West is serious about his conversion, he’ll give away his ill-gotten fortune to charitable organizations, as Christ would do.

    Let’s see, if ole Kanye walks the talk.

  18. So true Kanye !God bless u for standing strong for our President and bringing the young people back to God.Be safe Kanye there is evil in our government they know who they r🙏! I pray they will see justice soon for destroying lives. and trying to take our vote away from us we the free thinkers!

  19. God Bless Kanye West and his witness for Christ. We need to pray for him everyday, like we pray for Trump. Christ will reign!!!!! His people are coming back to Him. We can’t stop praying night and day for Christ’s return to His people. This country has become sick with sin. Pray for Trump, Pray for Kanye and his family and keep our brother’s and sisters in prayer. Pray for Trumps election in 2020 and allow him to continue to drain the swamp of all the evil it has created in this country. Pray for Trumps and Kanye’s strength, as the Devil will continue to try to tear them down!!!!

    • He is talking about all of those movies like Power and those nasty
      hip hop, drug movies.
      He said that Outta Compton was Satanic.

      Of course he left out that this is a Judeo Christian nation.

      His movies are Amos and Andy and All in the Family.

  20. Hurray for God! He really hits the home runs out of the park. We love you Jesus! Keep it up Kanye. You’re making our Lord famous and loved, as He should be.

  21. We’re praying for you that you stay on the right track,cause you know satan will be trying to trip you up around every corner. but now that your savior is Jesus no weapon formed against you can prosper.. Keep it up! Speak loud,speak boldly our kids need this!!

  22. “Kanye delivered this message to the audience at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston on Sunday, where he was holding one of his Sunday Service events.” “Event!” Strange.


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