Judge Rules That “VOTER GA” Can Unseal And Inspect Fulton County Georgia Ballots For Voter Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – While it may seem as though the fight for the 2020 presidential election has grinded to a halt the reality is that there are people all over the contested states still digging and fighting for transparency.

On Monday in Georgia, the fruit of this labor was realized as Henry County Judge Brian Amero conditionally granted members of Georgia-based VOTER GA, a coalition group of concerned citizens, the right to unseal ballots from the 2020 election in Fulton County.

Members of VOTER GA may now inspect the ballots for evidence of voter fraud which they will likely find.

VOTER GA spokesman Garland Favorito said that Amero’s decision to allow the group the right to inspect the ballots “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history.”

President Trump had a good lead in Georgia over Biden until the last minute when the state miraculously swung for Biden and Trump ended up losing by only a narrow margin.

The Georgia Star News asked Favorito if he thought that he and his hundred volunteers could possibly find enough evidence of voter fraud in Fulton County to change the results in favor of Trump. Favorito responded saying, “That’s possible.”

Naturally, Fulton County officials have been resistant to VOTER GA’s attempts to inspect the ballots and bring transparency to the process for Georgia voters.

Favorito pointed out that it’s likely because they don’t want the well-documented accounts of voter fraud to be proven true.

“We have sworn affidavits from several poll managers who say they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count audit because those were mail-in ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument like a mail-in ballot should be,” Favorito said.

“And they appeared to be on suspicious paper stock.”

Fulton County spokeswoman Regina Waller declined to comment on Monday saying, via email, that they were “unable to comment” because of the “pending legal matter.”

As part of the conditional grant, VOTER GA members are required to remain silent about their findings until they are presented in court. Favorito said that VOTER GA has hundreds of volunteers and dozens of people to help inspect the Fulton County ballots.

In other Georgia news, it’s been revealed that Georgia officials, including the shady Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, have been lying about the infamous phone call President Trump made to Raffensperger.

Raffensperger lied outright about what President Trump had said on the phone and then proceeded to let the crooked Washington Post run the fake story, and then went ahead and opened an investigation on the phone call.

The Washington Post has quietly added a major correction to their smear story on Trump’s phone call, saying that they “misquoted Trump’s comments on the call based on information provided by a source.”

WaPo said in its big correction of the original propaganda piece that “Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be a ‘national hero’ if she did so. Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, GA, asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there. He also told her that she had the ‘most important job in the country right now.’”

Instead of doing any kind of investigation, however, Raffensperger went on ahead with certifying the election results, which included around 400,000 invalid ballots, for Joe Biden and smearing President Trump along the way.

This guy should be in jail.

Let’s hope VOTER GA can finally get to the bottom of what went down in Georgia.

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  1. Let’s hope that whatever is going to happen regarding fraudulent voting and Biden’s election will be settled quickly before Biden/Harris screw up the country to a point where it is unrepairable.

  2. It is amazing how short of a time it has taken Biden and his minions to set the country back onto an uneven “keel” just by some of the stupid “executive orders issued; a few million more unemployed just by stopping the pipeline project, and others all designed to make President Trump look bad.

  3. The amazing thing about voting is that there is so much fraudulent voting; non-citizens because they somehow managed to get registered using a driver’s license as ID, absentee ballots from P.O. boxes, mail-in ballots from non-citizens, a multitude of suspicious sources including “fake” ballots that were counted. The newspapers cite stories of illegal immigrants voting, and sometimes voting more than once, yet those same newspapers will editorialize about Republicans trying to restrict the voting rights of people. Sure, there should be an easy way for people to vote, but it was ruled in the 1800’s that giving out free beer in saloons was illegal, so why would giving out “free” food and water for your vote be any different?

  4. LOCK UP all FRAUDS in FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution for SEDITION and TREASON . . . and GIVE BACK the Presidency to it’s RIGHTFUL placeholder, POTUS Trump who WON this election. And, DO it BEFORE The BIDEN Administration does ANY MORE damage to this COUNTRY! Biden is a FELON and a DISGRACE. One Enlighten Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  5. There are 133 million LEGAL voters in the U.S. The total voted for President is 154 million! That same amount is not reflected in the down ballot votes so YES there IS fraud!!

    • That is mathematically correct for sure. So the question is; where did those extra 21 million ballots come from? I’d bet, from 21 million illegal voters who may be in Kalamazoo, Atlanta, or even Moscow! Fraud, indeed.

  6. Georgia is only one of six so-called “battleground States” (along with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada) where President Trump held an otherwise insurmountable lead in the national election which “mysteriously” vanished overnight! If the truth be known, President Trump would still be sitting in the Oval Office and this country would not be in the condition to which it has deteriorated over the past two months under Biden!


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