Judge In The U.K. Orders Forced Abortion On Woman With Mental Delays – “My Body, My Choice” Not Valid Argument

(Tea Party 247) – Whenever mankind dabbles on slippery slopes we always find that the descent takes us much faster and further than we were originally planning to go. We always think we have it under control but the problem with drawing lines in the sand is that the tide of corruption always comes and washes them away.

We started by saying abortion must be “rare, safe, and legal” now we, as a society, murder 3,000 innocent unborn babies every day. As if this wasn’t enough, now a judge in the U.K. has determined a woman there should be forced to have an abortion. When murdering babies is reduced to a medical procedure that revolves around the health of women, it can be easily forced onto people via court order. The U.K. is the kind of nanny-state that Liberals are pushing for here in the United States.

According to The Blaze,

The unidentified woman in her 20s is 22 weeks pregnant, and suffers from developmental disabilities that reportedly have left her with the mental capacity of a grade school-aged child. The origin of the pregnancy, whether it was conceived consensually or not, is unknown and under police investigation.

What is most disturbing is that the woman’s mother, a midwife, has said she would take care of the baby but the judge, Justice Nathalie Lieven, believes that would be too much for her to handle. It sure seems as though Justice Lieven is more concerned with setting a precedence rather than protecting any life.

Justice Lieven tried to justify her decision and said, “I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn’t want it is an immense intrusion,” she continued “I have to operate in [her] best interests, not on society’s views of termination.”

First of all, this should not even be something that the State has any determination in at all. This is a matter of personal choice and as the Left would put it, bodily autonomy. “My body, my choice.” Clearly the pregnant woman in this case is not entitled to bodily autonomy and neither is her unborn baby despite the fact that it has a willing caregiver.

The woman is under the care of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service under an NHS trust, and her doctors have said the abortion would be less traumatic for the woman than giving birth and giving up the child to foster care. The judge agreed, and suggested that the baby, while unborn, is not “real” yet.

“I think [the woman] would suffer greater trauma from having a baby removed [from her care],” Lieven said. “…it would at that stage be a real baby.”

How sad that the judge can’t even acknowledge she is ruling to end a human baby’s life. She is literally sentencing this baby to death and acts like it’s just another medical procedure with terms like “termination” and saying at the point of birth the baby would be “real.”

This case is incredibly disturbing on so many different levels. The fact that the state is overreaching to this level is just scary. Ruling that a baby should be murdered despite the fact that a family member has come forward and offered to take care of the baby, is abhorrent.

They have made this issue to be about the woman’s mental health and what is best for the woman but they fail to consider that there are TWO lives here. What about what is best for the unborn baby? There is no way to look at this situation in a justifiable light. It’s wrong on all levels. Now a precedence has been set for future state-mandated abortions. What’s next?

Here we go, further down the slippery slope.


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