Jonathan Turley Has Been Receiving Death Threats For Defense Of Trump – He Isn’t The Only One

(Tea Party 247) – Unhinged is the perfect word to describe leftists and their ridiculous behavior. If you’ve been following along with the impeachment hearings you will recall law professor and self-proclaimed Democrat, Jonathan Turley, gave a powerful and unbiased testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in which he argued there was no evidence to impeach President Trump on and that House Dems were abusing their power by proceeding on with the sham process.

The left has turned on Turley, sending him hate mail and death threats. He isn’t the only one being threatened though. Apparently, the left hates him so much for speaking truth that they want to hurt his dog too. That’s right, his dog has been receiving death threats from unhinged lefties.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Law professor Jonathan Turley revealed that even his dog was violently threatened after he testified in favor of President Trump during the impeachment hearings.

Turley already spoke about death threats he received following his testimony last week, but went further in an interview with CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell.

“I know you received a lot of threats after what you did last week,” O’Donnell told the George Washington University law professor.

“And my wife and dog,” Turley responded.

“To be fair, you did talk about them during your testimony. You did bring up your wife and dog,” O’Donnell said.

“Who would shoot a Goldendoodle?” Turley asked in response. “Maybe a Shih Tzu, but not a Goldendoodle. I don’t understand where the anger comes from. Although as an academic, the thought that you could talk about James Madison and that would be fighting words is something I haven’t seen outside of a law school.”

While conservatives praised Turley for taking a stand for truth and the rule of law, despite his personal views and opinions of President Trump, the left saw this as deep betrayal to the cause. As you know, the only cause that Dems expel any energy on accomplishing is the destruction of Donald Trump and the usurping of the presidency.

Liberals have the nerve to yell “fascists” in the faces of conservatives while violently trying to control our speech and hurling vicious threats at anyone who dare take a stand for what is right and true.

The Hill quoted Turley as saying, “Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands that I be fired from GW.”

The left’s hate for Trump and all things conservative is so raging and blinding that it won’t even allow for them to sit and calmly listen to an opposing argument. The first sign that someone is going to defect, they become instantly triggered and meltdown resulting in them seeking to harass and destroy whomever is speaking. Turley experienced this firsthand as looney libs couldn’t even wait until the conclusion of his speech before sending off heartfelt death threats.

It is appalling and shameful that Turley is being treated this way but not surprising. The “tolerant” left truly has no tolerance for anyone brave enough to have an independent, free thought outside of the demented paradigm they’ve created.


  1. @Sandie: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re no longer a democrat, you just haven’t realized it yet. I was a democrat once. Then I discovered they had abandoned me. They’ve been taken over by a radical, dangerous, destructive force that wants to replace American citizens with a guaranteed voter block of illegal immigrants that will keep them in power forever. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of our country and control of all it’s people. I can understand why people still cling to the democratic party. Because their true agenda is so shocking, it’s almost too much to absorb, but eventually all decent and reasonable people will come to see the truth and realize we have no other option but to vote for Trump in 2020. Peace and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Turley when he spoke out against the impeachment trial was trying to reason with a group of deranged people. Only people who are deranged would want to hurt an animal this way. It speaks for all the violence that the left resort to if they do not like what the next person is saying. These are dangerous time when desperate and dangerous people are given a platform to express themselves in any fashion they choose. There really aren’t enough jails in the USA to house these lunatics should they be brought to book.

  3. The bad part is, Turley, who voted for Hillary, was speaking out of honesty when he said the was no foundation for the claims. None of these individuals were “witnesses” because they saw and heard nothing! They gave opinions, nothing more and, seeing how prejudice 3 out of the four were, only one felt it necessary to protect the righteous. Turley sounded sincere and was bound to protect the rights of all concerned. Three other three were flat out bias towards Trump. Especially that woman.

  4. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  5. Those looney liberals. If someone doesn’t agree with them, they go crazy. Reminds me of another party from long ago. What were they called? Oh, that’s right, NAZIS.

  6. Many Democrats have become sick, deranged, Godless, mean terrorists. They have no conscience or morals. Any of them who have a ounce of smarts would “walkaway”.

  7. It’s way past time for the Left as it currently exists anywhere under any other name to be taught a hard lesson in preemption. What goes around comes around!

  8. Keep in mind that these are the same people who are suggesting that their states use the National Guard to harass their citizens if they don’t do what they want. Never mind the constitution.


    • Agreed. The Left is evil. If you are a little girl impersonating AOC, you’re life will be threatened. If you are a Republican playing golf, you will be shot.

  10. He wasn’t necessarily speaking the truth. It was his interpretation of the law as he saw it. There were three other Judicial professors on that panel , that interpreted questions differently.

    • Turley is NOT a Trump fan, but a registered Democrat who did not vote for Trump. However, his statements defended Trump and criticized the Dems biased “impeachment” hoax. The other three are leftist Democrat activist donors who HATE Trump and have an obvious political agenda. Seems pretty obvious and I would prefer Turley’s “interpretation”. And by the way, it takes a vicious, violent psychopath to threaten to kill someones dog because you disagree with their politics, but that’s just my “interpretation”. Those threats by the deranged leftists to kill him and his dog need to be exposed and publicised, repeatedly, on a national forum so people don’t forget what the leftists are really like.

  11. These democrats are simply CRAZY. I don’t think they have realized that Hillary lost the election. Pelosi and Shifty Shiff are out of their minds and I truly believe they should be investigated and made take an oath about all the crap they have accused Trump of. A lie detector would work and if found guilty of lieing ( which I think they will be ) then they should spend some time in prison and not the country style prison either.

    • The only thing their actions have to do with Hillary losing is that the one who beat her was not another Deep State puppet. This is all about President Trump exposing the corruption in our government. They want him out before they lose all their “gravy trains”. This is why they are ignoring the Biden-Ukraine scandal….because too many of them can be caught with their hands in the foreign country cookie jar. If they let anyone dig too deep they will all be caught. Just watch them attack Bill Barr. Before anything was ever released they were attacking him personally. Look at what they did to Mueller when he didn’t give them what they wanted. They couldn’t say enough good about Mueller UNTIL he didn’t take President Trump down. Then they destroyed him personally. The only offense or defense they have is personal attacks.

  12. Did anyone read Odonnell’s comment, that to be fair, you did mention them. Sounds as if she is defending the people making the comments or threats. What kind of statement is that for a Professional Journalist.

  13. This is why we have to go at them in every direction to not only disband it but make sure it can never happen again stop the abuse of the democrats which has been going on for years now to stop the abuse is to clean the dirty stinking swamp that is made of the democrat party

  14. Mr. Turley those who cannot handle the truth want chaos . Thank you for having the courage to be honest . Most citizens appreciate you wanting to do the right thing. You will bring more unity in the end. God bless protection over your wife and family. My self and many others will lift you up in prayer.

  15. The fact that the Left resorts to violence and intimidation to suppress opposition to their radical ideology should be fair warning to everyone that tyranny will reign if they gain power!

  16. It’s pretty sad on how the Democrats have acted since the election of Donald Trump and the way they continue to act. No party in history has reacted to an election the way Democrats have. 3 years of wasted taxpayer dollars in bogus investigation after investigation and now impeachment proceedings. Barely no legislation has come from Democrats with the exception of attacks to the 1st and 2nd Amendments. It is pathetic the way they have acted since the election. Calling for then President Elect Donald Trumps impeachment before he was even sworn in as President of the United States. I just have to wonder how they would have reacted if the tables were turned and Republicans had done the same to Hillary Clinton.

  17. This is why we have to vote or impeach everyone of those against Trump ASAP. If not CV11 will be starting soon. The left think that they are in charge and they are not

  18. Turley is not standing up for Trump. He is standing up for truth and the rule of law. The leftists do not believe in the importance of truth. If they did they would call out Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi. You know, Nancy Pelosi, that one who stated that Trump is “ruining our civilization.”

  19. So so sad. It still brings tears to my eyes every time I see the flag being raised. We love our country so much.
    My husband s a democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m a Republican and Votedfor President Trump. That’s what our country is all about (or so I thought)
    Shame on all of you and your anger that harms people and our beautiful country
    Thank God for Americans like Prof Turley ,(not because he defended President Trump,because he didn’t) for defending the constitution and attempting to bring a voice of reason

  20. This is truly disgusting!! I’m totally embarrassed to be a Democrat. We can’t even bring up politics in our own circle of democratic friends without arguments and hateful remarks if there is disagreements. Can we really be living in a FREE America? My own party has become the party of hate – just listen to the hate in our Congress. We look to our congress to help lead and now they just ooze hate. Almost make you want to switch sides.

    • Don’t be embarrassed, just don’t vote for a Democrat. It’s telling that you can’t politely discuss politics within your Democrat circle of friends without hatred cropping up. Conservative Republicans are NOT your enemy. We are fighting for the values you seem to cherish(and our country needs in order to survive). The level of hatred directed at us is unforgivable.

    • @Sandie: Why do you still consider yourself a democrat? In spite of eveything you’ve seen about how blatantly corrupt “your” party has become, it makes no sense! I, too, was a democrat until I witnessed the Kavanaugh hearings. It was all I needed to RUN, not walk away from a party I no longer recognized. Don’t be embarrassed because of their shameful behavior. Just stop supporting them!

    • @Sandie: Why are you still supporting a party that you, yourself, can clearly see has abandoned all the standards and ideals it once stood for? They have also abandoned all the people, like you and me, they once represented. I, too, was a democrat. They are no longer the party I once recognized and respected. You have nothing to be embarrassed about….THEY abandoned YOU.

  21. Push your republican representatives to prosecute all involved in this scam, once the horrid truth comes out, fully, and no mercy must be the order of the day. Is it a coincidence that those involved in this blatent cover-up are representing California, which is becoming American, shit central!

    • Calif. has almost,de-facto, seceded from the union. Open borders, sanctuary cities(sanctuary state), refusal to cooperate with ICE(state attorney general threatening to arrest sheriffs who do), driver licences to illegals. Federal law is supposed to overrule state law but apparently not in Calif. The fact that so many hateful, treasonous politicians come from Calif. is sort of the natural result of a state in open rebellion.

  22. The Democrats all need to be turned upside down for illegal activities. The word despicable fits the liberal Democrats perfectly! From the dribbling chins to the fried chicken freaks and all the liars they are the worst of the nation.

  23. Not surprised democrats are atheist and communist obama started all of this hate separated this country and still doing his dirty work behind the scenes 😤

  24. Seriously?? Norah O’Donnell. You said
    ‘To be fair you did bring them up’
    (Regarding that Turley mentioned his wife and dog during his testimony to Congress). This makes them subject to death threats. You are unhinged! No one. NO ONE should be subject to death threats for speaking their mind!

    • Sorry, Did not read your comments before making my own. Totally agree with you. Why would she even make that statement?

    • Turley should NOT be on the Supreme Court. There is no one more anti-2nd Amendment than he is. I will grant you that right now he is correct that the left doesn’t have any kind of rational case as to impeaching Trump but a stopped clock is right twice a day too. That’s no reason to count on it giving the correct time.

  25. Really! It truly angers me that these men would draw death threats for their “opinions”. Both Turley and Dershowitz deserve to be on the Supreme Court. They are only making cogent legal analysis of the Constitution, the history and debates which occurred during its drafting, the history of prior impeachments and the facts. Law requires, so far as us humanly possible, dispassionate and calm unbiased analysis such as they both exhibit in juxtaposition to other biased and self styled firebrands relied upon by Democrats in this dangerous game of political power they are playing which I believe is turning off the vast majority of The American Electorate and is an existential threat to our very Union. As the Greeks would say Logos as opposed to Pathos and even Ethos.Thank the Lord that our Founding Fathers instilled our Constitution with Separation of Powers which will bring this political charade to an end in the Senate which is a far more balanced and deliberative body. Why the Democrats did not take their grievances to the third branch of government for resolution as opposed to inventing alleged obstruction as a new basis for impeachment is truly telling. When the Senate acts to end this National embarrassment perhaps then Congress can get back to the People’s Business. Alas, since we are nearing another election cycle the angst, hand wringing, and mindless crying out will continue to sour the average American’s opinion of Congress. God please, continue to Bless America if not for our sakes then for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Trump is not my favorite leader but even in the presence of constant Democrat opposition has proved effective and like it or not is our duly elected President under the rules of our Republic. If we allow those who viscerally oppose President Trump to tear down and trample our Constitution and the rule of law to get at him we seriously risk losing our cherished freedoms. As a Student of History and one who was educated in Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School in the turbulent years of the Vietnam war and one who has practiced law for a half century and one who has voted in every Presidential Election since granted the franchise and one who has voted for both Democrat and Republican nominees I can honestly say that there has been no President in my lifetime
    ( or ever for that matter) who was without human fault which either fortunately or unfortunately is not a Constitutional requirement of the Office. In 2020 we will either re-elect our current President or another flawed human being with high hopes and promises to do better in what is truly an impossible job. The key point is that whoever it is he or she will be “elected” by the system and Constitutional requirements of our over 200 year mostly successful political compact which more than any other in history insures our lives, liberties and happiness above the raging chaos which otherwise delineates the human condition. And that person will be and rightly so, our President and all of us would be well advise to live with that fact.

    Robert L Israel
    Harvard Law
    Class of 1969

  26. It starts with violence and civil unrest. Then, the government takes our weapons away, as probably will happen in Virginia. Lines are drawn, and the batter, for real, begins.
    I am license to carry and conceal. And, many more of my friends are getting licensed as well.
    We will do what we can to protect our great Nation from radical Socialism.

    My thought: It all begins in the schools and the education curriculum being taught.

  27. Does this surprise ANYONE? Believe the way I do or I will harm you and anyone associated with you. Let me see, who did this before? Oh, yeah, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Adolf Hitler…need I go on?

  28. Is this what our Country is turning into? If you don’t like the Law, change it. If you don’t like what is being said, combat it with threats?
    I thought we were a society of laws and rules that were well thought out and fair. I guess I was wrong. It seems that every subject with historical precedent and proven result is wrong today. And, the objectors are way too fast to result in riots, civil disruption and death threats for speaking the truth.
    I, for one, appreciated Mr Turley’s opinions at the hearings, as he was the only impartial review and spoke from facts and historical knowledge.
    While the others spoke from bias, Mr Turley instructed us how the system should work. He gave us the reason of “how to” with a fact based discussion.

    Thank you Mr Turley for being honest and straight forward.

    • @Bill Campenni: I’m confused….if Prof. Turley is such a patriot, why did the democrats bring him aboard as a “witness”? Surely they must’ve known, or even coached him, as to what to say. I’m suspicious of all politicians at this point and something doesn’t add up. Especially if a democrat is involved.

  29. This is quite disturbing, a professor asked to give advice about the law, then delivers nothing but the facts of the law and people are making threats to the man who delivered those comments. Just proves there is a serious problem with these fools.

  30. Well I say it’s time to clean up the government. If people are getting nothing but butthurt from the Democrats then they are as weak as there witnesses. We the people hired them and we the people can fire them. This is all a joke. I am but one man expressing my opinion but I hope for Americans that we are willing to stand up for what is right. This man did not turn on them but with all that’s going on now you would think he did. I feel sorry for them because they are GODLESS.

  31. You rightly condemn death threats to Prof Turley, they have no place in civilised discourse. It is a pity that you don’t equally condemn the more frequent abusive, threatening behaviour of the self described ‘patriots’.

  32. These Radical Progressive Socialist Communist Leftists that are making death threats need to be caught, arrested and Prosecuted ! STOP letting these things happen and make ramifications happen with strong prison terms !

  33. Hi All,
    First let me start off by wishing all a Merry Christmas. I know this will P.O. the secular and nutty left. Isn’t it about time we labelled all these folks, who send death threats to whom they disagree with, by their real name, evil. Let’s stop with the niceties. Let’s a spade a spade. The problem is, is that we have not beeb weeding our garden for too long a time. The weeds are now over growing the pretty flowers and choking them out. Shame on us and the Christian churches who, with their multitude of bad shepherds, has lead us down the garden path. Evil has now overtaken the good. The only way fore evil to become more and more powerful is for good people to stand by and do nothing. Will this change not until we call our foes by their real name and that EVIL.

  34. Thank you Professor Turley for speaking at the impeaching hearing honestly.
    Sorry that you and your family are having death threats.
    You were honest and recognized all that our forefathers did.

  35. Professor Turley is a brave man, for standing up and speaking the truth. I have great respect for that and can only say: God bless you, Professor! Standing up for your principals, is a great virtue, and much more so in this environment poisoned by the radical Left, that does not accept, nor is willing to cede to points of view other than theirs. Keep standing strong, God will protect you, your wife and your four-legged friend!

  36. Don’t ever hold your breath waiting for the liberal-left to apologize for something that they did wrong, it’s just not in their DNA to apologize. If anything they will always find a way to justify their evil ways.

  37. At least the Democrats are FINALLY being honest, albeit unintentionally. The country is seeing them as they really are; power hungry despots that are eager to destroy anyone who opposes them. They are the epitome of “Their end justifies their means.”, that’s any means whatsoever. Their goal is to RULE, not govern. We only have to look at California to see the inevitable outcomes when Democrats RULE.

  38. Just as vampires cannot bear sunlight, liars cannot tolerate the truth. They don’t listen and evaluate, the immediately respond with violence whether rhetorically or physically. We can see that an entire segment of our population is no longer sufficiently civilized to live in a free society.

  39. This violent behavior was engendered by Obama during his administration. The riots in Ferguson Missouri were promoted by the appearance of both Eric Holder and Al Sharpton. Racism, divisiveness and violence ensued. This continues to be ginned up by not only fringe types but by mainstream Democrats who now are leftist and who run the House of Representatives.

  40. Carry your gun , John, you may need it! Cowboys say : keep one foot in the stirrup and one hand on your pistol, when you dare to tell the truth!

  41. The left play christen but are a den of evel baby killers who hat truths God and black people who dont think as thay. This to me is a sad day for us all and our freedoms are at stake


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