Joint Chiefs Of Staff Issue This Military-Wide Memo On Who Will Become Next President

(Tea Party 247) – The ball continues to roll towards the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

This is a dark day for America—there are many faithful people across the nation praying for a miracle.

We’re in God’s hands now.

A military-wide memo has reportedly been released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Tuesday firmly stating that Biden will be the next President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military on Inauguration Day January 20th.

This comes, of course, as Trump and his supporters still firmly believe that the 2020 election was craftily stolen through a series of voter fraud and manipulation schemes in six key states that Biden won by just tens of thousands of votes.

“On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief,” the memo to the whole of the armed forces read.

The missive was signed by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley (pictured at top) and Joint Chiefs within the Defense Department.

The military leaders also firmly condemned the events at Capitol Hill last week, when protesters breached the Capitol building.

They called the acts “violence, sedition, and insurrection.”

President Donald Trump himself also strongly condemned the violence, having told protesters that day ahead of the march that they should conduct it “peacefully.”

“The violent riot in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 was a direct assault on the U.S. Congress, the Capitol building, and our Constitutional process. We mourn the deaths of the two Capitol policemen and others connected to these unprecedented events,” the military memo also said.

“We witnessed actions inside the Capitol building that were inconsistent with the rule of law. The rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition, and insurrection.”

“As service members, we must embody the values and ideals of the Nation. We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath: it is against the law.”

They are sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States.

This is a Constitution that has been sorely violated by Democrat—and Republican—leaders across the nation and within the halls of Congress by certifying the results of a highly suspect election.

The enemies are in the gates—both foreign and domestic.

Featured image credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff –

Copyright 2020.

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  1. I have been trying to email this to the SCOTUS repeatedly for weeks, but as of late they are blocking me from sending them messages, probably because they don’t like what I have to say. What, “The People” mentioned in the “Constitution” no longer have a voice?

    You have disgraced your country and your oaths. You have disemboweled your authority. You have caused chaos, and division in our country. You are responsible for the people’s trespass into federal buildings and offices on January 6, 2021 by allowing half the country to believe they have been disenfranchised without redress as those people who felt they have been backed into a corner followed the behaviors seen approved for the past decade and digressed into madness over the past year by democrats when riots, arson, vandalism, looting, domestic terrorism and other crimes ran roughshod across our nation.

    When you failed to understand how the “standing” of the Texas Case has caused harm. This was not a case of “debasement” this is a case of states on the orders of a few bureaucrats and biased politicians failing to follow the laws, statutes and constitutions of both their sovereign states and of the US Constitution.

    If socialism takes root in the USA you are the weeds allowed to be grown; Matthew 13:29. GOD help us for the transgressions of your sins you have born onto our Republic. Your evil will be recognized for millennia! That is, if your names are remembered at all when history is altered as things like, liberty, freedom, justice, and pursuit of happiness are devoured and expelled leaving only the excrement of your decision to fertilize the growth of totalitarianism.

  2. I cain’t do anything but pray for our country and my children grandchildren and great grandchildren.GOD PLEASE SAVE OUT COUNTRY. JGB

  3. Did you forget about China. He said everyone needs to get the vaccine, everyone. He said he is going to take a big chunk of our money.

  4. Everything that has happened to this Country has been a violation of the Law and/or the constitution! With the Biden Team in authority! There will be No Constitution! The military will be the sub servants to a Fascist government! Which side do the Hearts stand on? Nobody will have an opinion again? We all will be cloned Zombies following Sataniistic values into Hell ! Choose Your side now Joint Chiefs of Staff?

  5. Since when is it a constitutional duty of the head of the joint chiefs of staff to meddle in the country’s internal affairs (forbidden by the “Posse Comitatas”) by announcing his decision – on behalf of the little people in the civilian population – declaring who our NEXT President is GOING to be, and then forcing that unconstitutional decision down the throats of the sons of daughters of that civilian population, who put on that uniform to defend the constitution?

    I was never on Twitter (Twatter would be a better name, since, beside the memos to the people sent by President Trump, it is a total wasteland, and one has to truly be a ‘twat’ to waste time on that platform), I have downloaded “Gab” to replace Youtube, and I am leaving Facebook. Never posted anything to Facebook so I don’t have to download a bunch of stuff to a flash drive, or upload a bunch of stuff to the cloud.

    I have seen the garbage that people post on Facebook and most of it is garbage ‘philosophical gruel” or else ‘food/pets/flowers/landscape pictures’; etc; with no value that should be deleted instead of being ported anywhere.

    If the Republican Party does not purge from it’s ranks, those RINOs who backstabbed him, and then Elect him as Party head, then I urge President Trump to leave the GOP and to form a new party.

    If Biden begins squatting in the White House on Jan 20, 2021, I will be leaving the GOP the day AFTER.

    I will ONLY rejoin the GOP after it sheds it’s RINOs and starts to fight as a united entity. But Im not waiting around.

    I urge President Trump to give the GOP a list of people whom he wants gone, and a one week period to get it done. At the end of one week without positive action he should move forward with starting a Patriotic Party to run candidates in hundreds of local elections, especially Sheriff and Police Chief…

    I am sure that he can do like Nigel Farage in the UK who make a sweep of government seats six weeks after his BREXIT Party was formed. The people of the USA are just as starved for real leadership, and real change for the better as were the British people.

    We are sick and tired of worn out, and DISHONEST slogans about “Hope and Change” when that “Change” is crafted to screw us out of jobs (sent to China), homes (taken by Lenders thru dishonest means as in 2008), bank savings (Bail in law passed by Obama that gives banks the right to seize your money to bail out their debt which would have never happened if the Glass Steagall Act to protect depositers had no been repealed by congress during Bill Clinton’s administration), 2nd amendment gun rights, 1st amendment free speech rights, real estate rights, the right to be safe, the right to be left alone, etc.

    I guess the “Hope” we then have is that we can “Hope” then that the foolish decision of low IQ voters to vote democrat doesn’t screw everyone in the nation too hard, but screw us it will.

  6. Then reason why the Military Ranks and Generals were scared of President Trump is because he is against getting into more wars that kill our Military Warriors instead of letting other countries fight their own da-mn wars! What the h-ll are Generals and the like going to be in charge of!

  7. But yet Miley said nothing when America was being destroyed for 8 months. He sided with the democrats. Another bought general. He’s a disgrace to our armed forces. They’ll listen to brain-dead Biden but not Trump.

  8. The Joint Chief of Staffs, regardless of their political opinions, must be apolitical. The President is their commander and chief and they must be able to work with him or her. His response was well worded and I would have expected nothing less. This so called riot in the capital has gotten politically and media out of hand. It is all part of a hate Trump program and an attempt to make sure Trump doesn’t run again. Its effect on me is I will never vote for a democrat again. I am having second thoughts about republicans. I believe in the Constitution and believe in supporting it. If this country followed the Constitution we would not be in the trouble we are now. It is now my belief, we need to get back to following the Constitution or this country will totally fail.

    • This is why the career politicians need to go and it’s important to vet the candidates instead of just voting for party and familiar name.

  9. The only defense we have is to secede.
    We’ll have to fight if the democrats won’t agree to a division.

    What is happening is unacceptable for half the country. I don’t believe the democrats can rule effectively with that division. They should be happy to get rid of us. It would be easy sailing for them then, and we could go our own way.

    • True, but they will fight to keep us. Why… because their half doesn’t work and they need our hard earned money to keep their hoards at bay!

  10. Since the military refused to defend the constitution against domestic enemies, I would say that we are pretty much on our own. Obama figured out how to get a third term. Since he hates the police, the constitution, and the military, he will dictate to his puppet what to say think and do. This of course after speaking with his masters the CCP.

  11. They are all full of crap! They are all drunk with power and money and wicked avarice! The only thing that will stop this evil will be Divine intercession where the innocent will sadly perish with the wicked. This is an evil and abominable generation that must be struck down and brought to God’s justice.

  12. “We witnessed actions inside the Capitol building that were inconsistent with the rule of law.
    As service members, we must embody the values and ideals of the Nation. We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath: it is against the law.”


    Of course, none of this applies to “mostly peaceful” BLM & Antifa “protestors,” nor to adherence to our election & voter registration laws. The Constitution will be used by the Left only to the extent that it gives them an excuse for seizing & maintaining wealth & power. For years now, we have been unable to rely on the Federal Judiciary to follow the Law’s clear intent & enforce the strict adherence thereof. As such, the Constitution is essentially null & void, & we are now in the corrupt & incompetent hands of China’s venal friends & allies (and they obviously number in the thousands). The Biden Administration will never have “the consent of the governed.” Patriotic Americans will not settle for this. What will be done to set things straight is yet to be seen; but rest assured, it will be done!

  13. This is not the first time Democrats were caught using voting machines to cheat! Remember their DIEBOLT machine caught changing votes????? AND GUESS WHO BOUGHT THAT COMPANY?? Funny how no Democrats went to jail over that either! And to quote Democrat Chuck Schumer and Crazy Nancy! IF THERE WAS NOTHING TO FIND! THEY WOULD BE DEMANDIND SCREAMING IN THE STREETS! FOR A FARE AND VERY PUBLIC INVESTIGATION FOR ALL TO SEE!! SO WHY ARE CHUCK AND NANCY IN HIDING???????WHY ARE THE COURTS???? THAT NANCY ADMITTED TO DEMOCRATS STUFFING??????? SO DO WE GET TO BURN AND LOOT DEMOCRATS???? LIKE THEY DID!

    • Just put on black suits, backpacks and bring make believe weapons. Then you’ll be allowed. Although we know they use real weapons we won’t allow them ammunition about weapons.

  14. I don’t agree with the violence that a number of idiots and antifa infiltrators caused at the Capitol either but is the violence, sedition and insurrection he talks about the same as the violence, sedition and insurrection that took place a couple hundred years ago and started the American REV-O-LUUU-TIONARY, say it again WAR???!!! I think it is. A group of Patriots didn’t like what they perceived were wrongs being done by the mother country and REVOLTED. Remember the Boston Tea Party for example? So they did some violence,sedition and Insurrection and VOILA THE US OF A! So what’s his problem?
    Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

    • Young kids don’t understand that because they’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated right under our noses. Lesson learned is to stay informed of what our grandchildren and etc are doing in school.

  15. I understand what the military is saying, but evidence to prove the elction was stolen has been squashed or ignored. There comes a time the military has to decide whether to defend the constitution or capitulate. WE can’t just roll over and let the enemy take over. I only hope is God. God helped found this Nation and saved it many times. God we need you now more than ever. Don’t let this great experiment die because some forgot their sworn duties.

  16. Confusing article for me. Trump & Milley seem happy after meeting? I’d still welcome some version of the plans we have heard, it might look way diff than explained openly. Should look different. This could be part of it but I can put all my hopes on that. We have a fight on our hands & we are the majority of people who voted by far. The side of Truth will prevail if we don’t tuck tail & give our Country to them willingly. 2022 is looming large to me for us. If Trump has the receipts as he says, naked pictures, correspondence of collusion on them whatever, he’ll use it at the appropriate time.

  17. When Pelosi went & tried to get Milley to remove Trump, he didn’t seem to like it based on his press release. Maybe that was to clear up Pelosi’s false accusations that she knew military leaders who were worried about Trump too. That act by Pelosi seems like an attempted coup right there on her part. Sedition? Probably everybody on here read all of that. Now, he’s declaring Biden will be sworn in. Maybe dispelling any rogue elements, impersonating MAGA again or whoever they are from thinking something big is going to happen? All the “plans” we hear about are nothing to do with us doing anything. We wouldn’t, couldn’t & it’s not the way Trump supporters act, ever, including last Wednesday. I believe Trump has plans, we should never know good plans really, the Left would know them too if we hear them. Just not giving up is my only plan & I stand by Trump. We are so close to the majority, we can’t mess that up, all this wrong doing by Censorship & election fraud may be the only current battle we can push. Censorship of everything we do or say & getting worse by the day. That is bold & any of it is unacceptable. Any trial would kill the left, I notice they never allow any chance for our side to be heard, like last week. That was their plan surely. Why would we kill Trump’s last chance for some evidence to come out before certification?

    • This was Trump warning us to primary the fake republicans out. Notice how nobody said anything about Pelosi doing that. Image if McConnell did that! She should be removed. That sedition and treason what she did!

  18. How does the military justify their existence when other countries participated in our election fraud? We have a fraudulent President ready to take office and they KNOW this! Does someone know the answer to this?

    • For 4 years all we heard was Trump is an illegitimate president. The left is consistent, when they say it they did it. Now we have a real illegitimate president and VP. We didn’t lose the senate either the stupid republicans allowed that to happen. They knew there was fraud but did nothing. They had plenty of time to look into it but didn’t want to help Trump so they paid a price for it.

  19. “GOD” FORBID





  20. Those of us who served in the military urge every American to follow the Constitution and obey our laws. We swore an oath that most of us still consider that our sacred duty to support and the defend the Us Constitution against all enemies, that include domestic enemies. We understand why people are upset and disgusted about what happened in Washington on 1/06/21. If the election was stolen by the Democrats there would not have been a Stop the Steal rally. President Trump is not the person who should be blamed, it’s the Democratic Party they planned the steal it the first place.The MSM and Big Tech, China and of corse Russia share in the blame. Shame on the Democratic Leaders who planned this devious plot to steal the election and the State Legislators that allowed it to happen. The Supreme Court must decide if this was an election that violated the Constitution. No other branch of government has that right. Maybe it should be required reading for everyone on our government to swear the same oath as our military. I’m a Veteran of the USAF and voted for Democratic and Republican Presidents. I’m fair and balanced.

  21. so, because someone with forethought put these players in the various positions they hold over a long period of time, the WE the American People have no recourse. WE have been blocked by our own government and overthrown by our own government with the people WE put into office with votes and unofficial bureaucrats without votes. The senate, the representatives, the judges from both lower and Supreme Court – people WE fought to get into office even have betrayed us. Now the military is apparently betraying us as well. The next admin intends to take our defenses from us even as they prepare to bow to blackmail from China, Russia, Ukraine who knows who else. Not only no jail for any of them, but they get to continue to lead us to slavery unhindered.

  22. Democrat Fascists have proven they can rig national elections. Next they will stack SCOTUS, add states, continue to censor and punish political opponents, and erase our 2nd amendment and other liberties. This will set up a defacto one party Fascist system (or communist, if they get rid of private business and property). At what point in this transition will the red states decide to live under the Constitution and secede from this cesspool? If they do, I’ll be happy to move there and defend their freedom.

    Until then we have to survive, spread the truth, and do what we can to promote freedom and help the people around us.

    God save the Republic.

    • A legislator in the Texas Congress has put a secession bill before the new session. It will be an involved and time consuming process, and I don’t really want to see it, because it will create chaos in the world – and our enemies (mainly China, Russia, and Iran) will see the weakness and possibly invade.

      HOWEVER – I’d rather see the chaos and have us (and I’m referring to the United States of Texas!) come out on top than live under the socialist dictatorship of Biden then Harris!

  23. Sounds good but, many in Congress have broken their Oath to The Constitution and ino one holds them accountable. You are suppose to respect the President but, when they violate rights including the Second Amendment which it says “Sha,, not be infringed” then will they step up and stop the destruction of our Constitution?!

    • No they think they forgot protect against domestic terrorism was in it for 8 months. Only when it could make Trump look bad did they remember. They don’t recall that Obama dismantle pd the military and it was Trump who built it back up . Biden was also responsible as VP. This allowed China to build more military than us. Then again they probably paid Biden for it. They enabled Iran to get nukes. Who in their right mind would allow a terrorist country nukes and give them money for it? Good old Obama, Biden, Clinton and Kerry!

  24. Trump and Milley just had a long meeting. Both had smiles on their faces. Perhaps there’s more going on behind the charade than we mere peons can see. I will only give up when I see the final results and it’s a for sure done deal. Then, and only then, will I weep for our country and our children’s future. MAGA!

  25. SOOO . . . Since the U.S. Constitution had been violated, what guarantees do we have that OUR rights will be preserved? This sounds like the BEGINNING of TYRANNY which MUST be STOPPED, through either a SHOOTING war or OTHERWISE (hopefully OTHERWISE). A CONVENTION of STATES is in order, to let the FEDERAL Government know that they WILL go by THIS U.S. Constitution, or risk SUCESSION by MANY numerous states. POTUS Trump MUST be REINSTATED as the RIGHTFUL President, and those responsible for this SEDITION and TREASON be sent to FEDERAL PRISON . . . Permanently. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  26. I never would’ve thought OUR GREAT (with support of a Biden administration not to sure about the great now) Military would approve of a Chinese compromised potus ……makes me sick & lost respect 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Will the military protect the citizens (me) from Biden’s encroachment on our rights to defend our lives and property? Once Biden opens the borders up and allows all these illegals in, the criminal and terrorist element will span out all over the country and will threaten people like me.
    We have a right to be able to defend ourselves. With Biden’s opinion that white people are just meat for the slaughter we don’t stand much of a chance. I see Milley is a white gun. This will effect him and his family just as much as me and my family members. I truly hope the military will be here for us as much as we have been here for the military. I don’t think he and the military will be happy if China accomplishes their goal. There doesn’t appear the incoming crowd has a desire to do that and so far their actions seem to be more along the communist side of life.

    • Brian, I agree with you and see your point. But you’re worried about Biden. He hasn’t yet taken office and we’re already seeing that we have no representation in Washington. The United States government is owned by BIG Tech and BIG Business and the Chicomms. A large portion of our representatives are bought and paid for, and that is blatantly on display. The Constitution is a complete joke to far too many of them. Our 1st amendment rights are being stripped while our representatives point their fingers at us because of the actions of very few who’s allegiances are yet to be determined. They repulse me. It’s unimaginable what will become of us on and after 20JAN21. We need to pull together, peaceably, and find the lawful way to replace our representatives. We need to make every effort to see that 2022 finds this nation with true leadership for the people. The SWAMP is far larger than anyone imagined. I’m in it to have the traitors removed, legally. You’re not alone.


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