Joe Biden’s Plan For Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers Will Make You Glad He Can’t Beat Trump In 2020

(Tea Party 247) – Although the Democrats are repelling voters away from themselves the more they give credence to the far-left members of their party who openly want to turn the US into socialistic dystopia with an intersectional caste system, Joe Biden has, for some reason, been doubling down on these radical ideas despite claiming to be one of the moderates among the 2020 candidates.

They’re all radicals.

Most particularly when it comes to open borders.

Biden is now saying that, if he is elected president (hahahahahahaha), he would fire any Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents who arrest and deport illegal immigrants who are not guilty of a felony.

Oh, and he doesn’t “count drunk driving as a felony.”

Would he say this right to the face of angel moms and families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien drunk drivers, one has to wonder.

Biden made these outrageous comments at a Vice News forum on minority issues in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday.

When he was asked what changes he’d bring to ICE as president, the former VP replied that he’d like to change the fact that children of illegal immigrants have to worry about their parents being arrested and deported.

Children of any criminal no doubt lives in fear that their parents will be arrested and sent to jail, so let’s hope the Democrats don’t start using this as a reason to just ditch the criminal justice system entirely so we can just get it over with and descend into complete and total anarchy.

“They go off to school wondering whether their mom comes and picks them up [or] if she’s not going to be there because an ICE agent was there to arrest her. Or she takes him to the doctor, that she’s going to not be there because she is ‘undocumented’ and an ICE agent is going to pick him up,” he said.

“You change the culture by saying you are going to get fired. You are fired if, in fact, you do that. You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony,” he added.

Just let this sink in.

In 2017, 37,133 people were killed by a drunk driver.

This is a man who not only is running for president of the United States, but has already served as Vice President, and yet he’s asserting that drunk driving shouldn’t be considered a felony.

People who not only enter or remain in our country outright illegally and decide to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated should never have to worry about getting deported.

This is literally exactly what Joe Biden is saying.

The Washington Examiner notes:

While a first offense of driving under the influence is considered a misdemeanor in most of the United States, repeated offenses can warrant a felony charge in many states. Some states may also elevate a drunken driving charge to a felony if it causes death or severe injury.


  1. Biden is a friggin idiot,,,,and father to at least two more idiots,,,,he is a train wreck looking for a place to happen,,,,,,no one gives any credence to anything this bumbling muttering egotistical ass has to say,,,other than other far left socialist idiots,,,,,he has never been important in the overall scheme of politics,,,,,this hair sniffing ,,,,child touching,,,,female chasing ass wipe should never be seriously considered for any position in our government,,,,he proved this as Obumshits VP,,,,,wake up democrats,,,,we are not and never will be a SOCIALIST COMMUNIST CONTROLLED Country,,,,all hell will break loose before real Americans allow this to happen,,,,

  2. These Socialists Liberal Communist Democrat’s are doing to America’s democracy what they have accused Putin doing . Which we in America have been intruding in multiple countries election . In all retrospect , I say they the Socialists Liberal Communists Democrat’s have now plenty noose to hang them selfs . President Donald Trump is well on his way to taking the 2020 election, this being said President Donald Trump needs full support from his followers to prevent these Socialist Liberal Communist Democrat’s from ever again holding the Presidency . President Donald Trump Is the one president that will get term limits bill wrote and passed , President Donald Trump has demonstrated his abilities and his word . What President in the Past that has followed through on campaign promises ? President Donald Trump does need us , zzz ONLY we need him way more

  3. Biden is out of his mind he is the poster child of someone that would destroy America just to remove a great president, this lackey to Obama had his chance to help create a great America but instead sat back and watched Obama destroy our country and didn’t say a word …… well for one he was scared to hell of Obama and secondly lackey’s aren’t supposed to give any advice just shine the shoes of the president like creepy Joe did so well.

  4. It’s simple…. Joe Biden is a confirmed IDIOT. His entire family is corrupt and all became millionaires on the taxpayers dime. He makes me sick. And don’t forget he is also a sick bastard the way he “touches” women and little girls. This guy isn’t fit to work in a fast food establishment.

  5. In 1972 and many more years after that he blamed an innocent man who he said was a drunk driver that killed his wife and baby daughter.
    It was very sad of course but the man was not drunk!
    This poor man had to live with this accusation until he passed in 1999 and it was not untill 2009 that sloppy Joe apologized to his family!
    Wonder what he would have said if this was an illegal immigrant. It is ok I forgive you!

  6. Twenty years ago no one would have ever considered Joe Biden as a viable candidate for President. Today when we consider the alternatives to his nomination he almost looks favorable. But we must remember that he is still Joe Biden. And his incompetence has only grown worse with age. He also is demonstrating the onset of senility. He can’t remember things are at best inaccurately. He gets easily confused and often is not even of aware of his location. He supports foreign nationals over American citizens. Like Sanders he would open our boarders to the world and invite anyone and everyone to come to America for free medical care.
    “To compel a person to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas or actions the disbelieve or abhor is sinful and tyrannical.” Thomas Jefferson

  7. Sleepy Joe needs to look up “illegal” in his Funk & Wagnalls! I suppose he has forgotten what happened to his first wife and kid.

  8. Why is it not an impeachable offense for all these politicians, who are currently in office, when they encourage people to break the laws of this Country? That seems to be treason; and yet nothing ever seems to happen. Thank you President Trump for living up to your word these past three years. The accomplishments have been extraordinary!!

  9. When Joe Biden was a freshman Senator his wife and daughter were killed and his 2 sons were injured when his wife swerved into the oncoming lane and were hit head on by a semi truck. The truck driver was NOT at fault and was sober at the time of the accident having passed a drug and Alcohol blood test. No One did a BA on Biden’s wife. The truck driver was devastated and it stayed with him the rest of his life. It stayed fresh in his mind because this POS Joe Biden accused him of having”Drunk his LUNCH”. This is the story he told for YEARS any chance he got. Even as he knew the truth that it was HIS wife that caused the accident. Even when he was confronted by the family of the driver who died recently. The Daughter sued BIDEN to tell the truth. He all of a sudden stopped telling the story or even recalling his wife and daughter. JOE BIDEN is a Piece of SH*T. And the only Son worth a F**K died of a brain tumor. He gave no F**ks that he ruined a man’s life by accusing him of drunk driving> NOW he wants to let illegal drunk drivers off the hook. F**K HIM.

  10. Gotta remember, drunk drivers aren’t the ultimate goal! Illegals with driver’s licenses equal illegals with voter’s cards!

  11. hey joe blow was that a Russian impersonator looking like Joe and sounding like Joe on national tv saying those exact words as described in the article . Time to take your lumps and realize you piked a looser

    • Ironically, Joe Biden originally and repeatedly accused the truck driver who killed his first wife in a crash of being drunk. Police determined he was not and Biden’s wife pulled in front of him. Joe is just looking for the illegals vote and is just a total POS hypocrite!

  12. I do understand about about how people feel about drunk drivers because my uncle was killed by one!!!! But this 💩 about Biden is not true and y’all shouldn’t put this 💩 out there!!! This
    is what Russia wants attacks against him!!!! If y’all want to vote for donny vote for him and stop with the lies!!!

    • What the heck does this have to do with Russia?

      What is it with Democrats today? It’s not that all roads lead to Putin for Donald Trump. It’s that all roads lead to Russia for the Democrats in the absence of an agenda that works for the American people.

    • Richard did you “Verify” that this is not a true statement?
      Because if you didn’t then you’re just making Noise!

    • Yea just like all the lies about them making millions colluding with Russia and China our 2 biggest threats ? Say goodnight Joe you are finished forever – quit pandering to socialist/ Commies in your party.

  13. Sleepy Joe & his wife scare off illegals by shooting a shotgun into the air from their balcony. How phony can he get ? What a Loser !!!

  14. Bb. Unfortunately he has a beach house in Delaware. Hopefully he will sell it and buy one in crazy California. He would fit right in.

  15. New York under comrade Cuomo gave illegals driver licenses then used applications to register them to vote based upon an honor system ? That means they will be followed by other left wing dictatorship in states with democratic governors already sanctuary by royal decree of the Democratic communist party. Now in Virginia they threaten to arrest sheriffs for not enforcing gun control and ignore sanctuary gun counties as illegal? As thousands more march to the border while throwing rocks at Mexican soldiers and police physically harming them. These loads of human shit demand refugee states and welfare and if we refuse they will hurt our people trying to enforce the law. Democrats demand open borders, which means no sovereignty and no country. Forced illegal immigration will result in civil war to preserve the republic from Global socialism under the new world order. Four loads of human shit referred to as the square decided we must embrace near communism or else. God save the republic.

  16. Joe is NOT POTUS Material! . . . to win at THIS game, you need to be PLAYING with a FULL DECK. Heck, he can’t even FIND his “Deck” much less PLAY it. I’ve got a GREAT idea about ILLEGAL aliens – LET’s DEPORT them. ALL of them, ESPECIALLY those who have committed FELONIES (Get it, Joe? ESPECIALLY those who commit FELONIES?!?). We DON’T want them here with all the PROBLEMS they cause (Rapes, murders, robberies, Drunk driving . . . You NAME it). SHIP them back HOME where they belong, and those who are ILLEGAL, make SURE that they are deported PERMANENTLY. And take your problems WITH you. We DON’T want ANY MORE Democrats voters sneaking over the borders. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • I agree with y0u JoeyP but if we don’t seal the border then deportation is an exercise in FUTILITY !!!

  17. I blame the news media for ignoring all the ridiculous democrat presidential wannabes but instead publish the fake news and lies about Trump . Get the real news from Hannity and Rush .

  18. These idiot democraps think more of illegals then protecting USA citizens against their crimes. Buffoon Biden already has proven he is a brainless wonder and possibly early stages of mental illness. .Another case argument that proves the need for term limits.


  20. Biden has a lot of ideas like this. He is a moderate only in comparison to Sanders or Warren. And amazingly there are a lot of people that support him and his ideas. AOC has admitted that they are not only want our money but they want the government to have all the power. The electorate is volatile. It is impossible to tell which way people are going to vote. Polls are completely unreliable. We can not stress enough how important it is for conservative constitutionalists and independents to vote in the 2020 election. The choice is not between Donald Trump and the democrat (socialist) candidate. The choice is between liberty and government control over our lives,
    “To be controlled in our economic pursuits is to be controlled in everything.” F. A. Hayek

  21. I wonder if he would change his mind if his wife or children were killed by a drunk driving illegal. I had two nephews killed by one. The police didn’t arrest him the next day he was back in Mexico. Wake up Biden you will never be president!

  22. I wonder if uncle Joe’s son Hunter is killed be A Illegal drunk driver. I wonder if uncle Joe would change his idea or policy? Now you know why your a republican, just saying.

  23. Republicans and democrats have always had their differences…thus the two parties…..BUT…now there seems to be a definite lack of intelligence going on in democrat circles. Lord help us when/if a democrat beats out President Trump.

  24. Sad, but not unexpected. Joe Biden’s former boss’ Uncle Omar got busted for DUI in Framingham, MA after working at a liquor store and crashing his car, all while living here illegally after his visa expired. Unfortunately, after his nephew, Barak Hussein Obama became POTUS, his file got a big, fat Presidential seal stamped on it, so anyone attempting to deport the President’s uncle could kiss his civil service job at ICE “Good Bye”. Ditto for his Auntie Zeituni, collecting welfare and living in a Section 8 Rent-Subsidized apartment in The People’s Republic of Boston, MA.

  25. Joe has become the Comandeer-of-Pandering. He is a joke but soon to be the Democrat party’s 2020 candidate. The Democrat’s are pathetic.

  26. The Ol’ corrupt Biden is now mentally dysfunctional.Are people so stupid that they don’t see and understand that this creep is not Presidential material .

  27. Joe thinks his radical comments will get him elected. He sees the popularity of wild woman Warren and belligerent Bernie and is starting to feel left behind. Expect him to get even crazier.

  28. I wouldn’t wish death on anyone. That includes sicko Biden. The worst being broadsided would do is probably loosen the last few screws.

  29. I wish we wouldn’t laugh at the prospect of Joe Biden’s becoming President, because making jokes and assuming “it can’t happen” lead to complacency. By all means, we should make jokes and show the stupidity of the truly stupid–and dangerous–policies the Left espouses and statements they make, but let’s never take for granted that everyone sees it as we do. Never underestimate your audience’s intelligence; never overestimate their information. Remember: The Left laughed at the prospects of Trump’s making it to the Presidency, and Hillary Clinton felt sufficiently comfortable to neglect the need to work for key states. Let us never make that mistake. The stakes are too high, and Biden is just too awful.

  30. “In 2017, 37,133 people were killed by a drunk driver.” That comment from Joe sounds like 37,133 people were ALL killed by ONE drunk driver. Should have been:

    “In 2017, 37,133 people were killed by drunk drivers.” Correcting this grammer made me feel like an English teacher, (which I am not)

  31. What a wack job!!! Can u picture Hunter running around the white House if daddy is elected?? Heaven help us all and the female interns!!

    • After what bill did in the white house. Now it’s joe &his sons turn. It’s only rape if it’s a replubican
      4 Democrats its tax payers money 2 pay 4 their shenanigans

  32. Exactly Shelly! All the Liberals are counting on swaying the vote to the left with illegals and criminals that have no business voting.
    Remember, there are many, many liberals that want a revolving door rather than a border.

  33. This guy is a traitor and crooked liar who should be in prison with his previous boss and all of their cohorts in that administration and plus his family who are getting rich with no experience except being crooks.

  34. Joe bite me I hope he never comes to my town or gives a speech or rally cuz if I ever get close to him I’ll snap his throat in less than a second and a half this guy is a pure scum socialist bought and paid for by the corrupt socialist leftist government that has infiltrated the United States I just pray everyday I can get close enough to him to snap that dirty little child groping neck he is a pedophile and has no business living off of our tax money

  35. The DumbocRATS feel thqt they re above the law and now they want people that have already broken immagration laws to be above laws that legal AMERICAN CITIZENS MUST OBEY.

  36. I wouldn’t worry about these kids. If you’ve ever worked in the prison system or in social services, you’d know that these kids join gangs , go to prison and that’s ok because many will admit they get to spend time with brothers, their father, sisters, mother, homies; it’s like a family reunion, and it’s like a lifestyle choice or acceptance. They learn new crimes … it’s a crime school. Letting illegals stay illegally sets them on the probability of the merry-go-round of prison like, where prison is home and a release from prison is a short vacation. State and federal agencies show statistics confirming this truth.

  37. How can anyone take this idiot seriously? We’re in big trouble when close to half of this country is listening to the Demoncrats. I’m hoping for a tremendous landslide next November.


  39. This goes to show our polititians have very little common sense. They swing back and forth from extremes. Can he really be this lacking in intelligence. Apparently Biden is trying to get the vote from those who believe illigals should be allowed in this country. The words ‘illegal alien’ says it….. ‘illegal’ from the very beginning.

  40. Lord help us all if any of the Democrats got into office, might as well kiss this beautiful America good bye for good! Please pray that will NOT happen.

  41. He has also lied about his wife and daughter being killed by a drunk driver so he has never really felt the pain caused by a person who, if the laws were enforced, never would have seen their love ones die. I wouldn’t be surprised if he his still spreading this lie to lend credibility to his position.

  42. Crazy Joe doesn’t care about victims of DUI’s. All he cares about are the new democrats coming over the border and their votes. Smart, real smart!


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