Joe Biden Questioned On New York Post Email Story. His Response? You’ll Roll Your Eyes

(Tea Party 247) – A smear campaign is when an individual makes up a deliberate plan to spread false and damaging claims against a public figure in order to discredit them. Unfortunately, smear campaigns, though full of lies and misinformation, can be highly effective.

Millions of Americans actually believe President Trump was in bed with Russia to rig the 2016 election. Despite having since been disproven and President Trump exonerated of these claims, millions still stick by it today. After the Democrats fabricated evidenced and attempted to frame the President of this wrong doing they then ran a smear campaign against him over it, and they are still very much running it on him today.

Millions of Americans truly believe that President Trump is a racist and a KKK supporter. Despite the fact that there isn’t a shred of actual evidence to support this claim and that President Trump has, on over 20 occasions, denounced white supremacy, racism, the KKK and any other racist groups, this is still one of the left’s favorite smears against the President.

Millions of Americans believe President Trump is literally a Nazi or is the next Adolph Hitler. Just like the first two, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that President Trump is even remotely similar to a Nazi let alone the next Hitler. They call him a dictator and a fascist while they do everything they can to shut down and silence their opposition. This is one smear that is so far from anything based in reality you would think no one could possibly believe it, yet, millions do.

It truly boggles the mind things people will believe if they’re just told to in 21st century woke America.

What a smear campaign is not, on the other hand, is the circulating of factual evidence and the declaring of actual facts.

The New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s email between him and an adviser from Ukrainian energy company Burisma is not a smear campaign. Sure, the story is pretty damning; Hunter Biden received an email in 2015 from Vadym Pozharskyi in which Pozharskyi thanked the younger Biden for the “opportunity” to meet with his father, then Vice President Joe Biden. Just because the story hurts the Biden campaign does not make it automatically false or a smear campaign.

Joe Biden, apparently, disagrees. After going days without any “journalist” even so much as bringing up the email story to Biden, CBS reporter Bo Erickson finally questioned Biden on the subject after a “car rally” in Detroit. Joe Biden’s response was predictable, at best.

“I knew you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.” Biden snapped at Erickson.

Erickson really doesn’t get points for finally being the one to ask Biden since he seemed to be more than content with Biden’s pre-planned response. Erickson didn’t even attempt a follow-up question.

This illustrates just how easy it is for Joe Biden to put out false and misleading information. By calling the New York Post’s story a “smear” campaign he discredits it and millions of brainwashed leftists just accept that since he said it. Apparently, only President Trump can be a liar in their minds.

Leftists won’t even bother to look into the actual facts or review the evidence before regurgitating that the Post’s story is a “smear campaign” because Joe Biden has declared it.

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  1. Biden & his son needs to be Prosecuted as not only traitors, but corruption in the use of his position to get wealthy. He needs to be removed from being able to run for the highest office in the United States. He is a disgrace to our country by leading people believe that he has there best interests. Yet he make deals with China to sell out our economy and ensure that China get all of our jobs. Biden & his family are definitely thieves.

  2. As usual, the FBI is mixed up in this conspiracy. I’m tired of hearing the Right say it’s not the FBI agents who want to remove our President, its just the leaders with a political agenda. Well it’s time for the agents to take a stand or they are just as corrupt as the leadership.

  3. When Democrats (liberals) think they have the “goods” on Republicans (conservatives), it’s “gospel”; when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s a “smear campaign.” If the truth be known, the reality is just the opposite!

  4. The best defense is a strong offense! Biden does not wear a halo! If the media had put as much behind a good investigation into the Biden family as they did with the Trump clan, we would be in a much more enlightened world. Truly amazing actions taken by the Twitter, Facebook chapters of the Democratic party that reek of third world or Communist maneuvering. They try keeping the debate limited to just one set of “facts”. Time to bring down the hammer and hold them to a better set of rules/laws.

  5. Biden is an example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. He felt so above the law he bragged about having the Ukraine prosecutor fired who was looking into the fraud of the energy company Hunter was on the board with and giving half of his 7 figure annual salary from it over to Joe. Quid pro quo without doubt.

    • Hunter’s salary was just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think there wasn’t diplomatic pouches stuffed with cash flying into Dulles?

  6. If it is proven that Joe Biden met with anyone from Burisma, he needs to be tried for treason and thrown in prison. These Democrats think they are above the law. HRC must have taught him how to scam money in the pay-to-play world of the Clintons. Lock them all up!

    • The fake news media and the deep state just have to keep a lid on the Bidens until after the election. If Biden loses, the Left can let the chips fall where they may and claim they didn’t know. If Biden wins, he will be forced out and Harris is President. Thats what the far Left wanted all along.

  7. Most of us, the Trump supporters tend to believe the NY Post story, because that is what we have learned to expect from democrats as they attempt to tear the country apart, one city at a time. If Hunter Biden did what we think per the news, then he should be the one to be criticized; Joe Biden has enough problems of his own making!

  8. you demcrats think this is a joke ifd biden gets elected and harris and china run this country all way in ground and your grand kids ask did you vote for these trades you going lie about it think about it

  9. Sooo SICK of everyone protecting Bidens, one of the longest running corrupt family in DC. He’s in perfect company with Clinton’s & Obamas and their ilk. They should ALL be in prison & it should have happened years ago!

  10. I like the one where a suckup reporter says that joe Biden didn’t meet with any Ukraineian officials because it wasn’t in his schedule log. And their getting paid for their stupidity.

  11. look at joe biden homes it is not posibal to own on the wages he has made in the 47 years i guess the money he and his son. hunter makes up the balance

  12. Control the media control the narrative. It’s up to the NY post to put out the proof now that joe called them out as doing a smear campaign.

  13. Seems Democrats want Harris to be the 1st biological female president after Biden’s helth errods.

    Biden shouldn’t even be a canadate. Like seriously? He seems to be a follower more than a true leader. He acts like someone put him up to it & being aloof with generic statements seems the MO.

  14. I guess they have a hard time posting the truth The media Facebook Twitter google everybody wants to hide the truth but that’s OK they’re gonna lose their special protections on at 230 how to protect Joe Biden What happened to America all the silicone valley people big tech people want to keep everybody oppressed and they think their God it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass God bless America Trump 2020 buddy


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