Joe Biden Drops Bombshell: Do You Know If He’s Been Tested For Coronavirus?

(Tea Party 247) – They’ve been keeping Joe Biden in his basement.

But have they even bothered to see if their careful treatment of him has kept him Covid-negative?



During a Tuesday press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told reporters that he has not, in fact, been tested for the novel coronavirus.

“No I have not been protected,” Biden began in classic incoherent fashion before correcting himself. “I have not been tested for the coronavirus for two reasons.”

“One, I have had no symptoms,” he said as he knocked on wood. “As my mother would say, ‘Knock on wood.’”

Biden also explained that he has not been tested because he did not want to “take anybody else’s place in the process.”

Oh wow, what a saint.

Yet he’s going to go around with his poor mask skills and possibly spread the virus?

He did explain that those who are in his direct vicinity, such as Secret Service agents and staffers, have been tested.

“But the Secret Service, they all get tested. They’re around my home. And anyone who comes into my home including staff … is tested to determine whether they have the virus,” he explained.

The former vice president explained that he expects he will get tested “relatively soon,” adding that his daughter, who was working in Florida, has herself been tested.

“But I haven’t yet,” he said. “I have not been tested yet.”

Biden used his remarks on Tuesday to slam President Trump over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, naturally.

He also touted his own plan to contend with the virus, which was formally released on his website.

“It seems like our wartime president surrendered, waved the white flag and left the battlefield,” Biden told reporters, declaring that Trump has “failed us.”

He said, in part:

Despite the administration’s propaganda that their response should be cause for celebration, despite President Trump’s request that we should slow down testing because he thinks it makes him look bad, the Covid-19 is still here and the daily threat to the American health and prosperity is continuing. It didn’t have to be this way. Month after month, as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control, Donald Trump failed us. Month after month, as many of us urged him to step up and do his job, he failed us.

“We absolutely need a clear message from the very top of the federal government that everyone needs to wear a mask in public. Period,” he added.


  1. Joe Biden is saving the time for announcing that he has contracted the Coronavirus until the times for the debates with President Trump gets here, so he won’t have to debate President Trump, and go on to the election without ever having to debate President Trump, which he and his campaign already knows would be a catastrophe for his campaign.

    Think this isn’t what the Biden campaign has planned, then just wait and see, and when it happens, how will you explain that I was right, when I’m certainly no prophet of any kind, but only understand devious people and how they think.

  2. To all very well said. Then the Dems want open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. Plus Medicare for all. Don’t forget they want to take our firearms away.
    The next time that any one of you see your physician ask them what they think of Medicare for all
    In Illinois you can get free to low cost immunizations and some other services at your local health department. Also women can get some free to low cost women’s health care at planed parent hood
    Don’t get me started I have to get some sleep

  3. I am 71 years old and ain’t what I used to be. At least I can think and talk correctly. This charlton is an old fool. Un real that he might be our president and then step down for a worse person. The world is certainly laughing at us…..

    • You can count on the fact that IF he is elected (that’s a big assumption), he will be inaugurated and serve one day before resigning. The vice president will then become president. Who do we think the actual nominee will be, Biden or “his running mate”?

    • This is what we must – MUST- be aware of and make known to all of our fellow Patriots. If good ole’ “Uncle Joe” would win the election, then first of all it would be rigged, but more importantly, he would not be serving very long. We must realize that the Democrats already have a running mate picked for him and that is who they want in the White House. This really frightens me. The Dems will lead Joe around by the nose, but he will not last long. How could he possibly handle this job? He is very old and he is not well. His mind is not clear enough. He shuffles when he walks and has to sit for interviews. The Dems are not this stupid. Once again, they have plans up their sleeves to control us. Fellow Americans, we have a very big fight on our hands.

  4. Yes everyone needs to wear a mask. President Trump is trying to do his job, but the democrats are not letting him do so. They have tried to stop him from day one and now they are using the virus excuse as his fault. I think it is time to get rid of ALL those who have been in office over two terms. They are corrupting and destroying our country. They are not thinking of us only of themselves and how THEY can profit. We need to make America Great Again! Let’s get new blood in there and start over. I have never seen so much hatred as we have had lately and it is NOT because of Trump. People are being paid to do all this destruction and then blaming it on Trump while they are starting trouble in other places so we do not see it coming. How is the trial coming along on Clinton? NOTHING at all is in the news. We want to know!

    • It will go by the wayside like everything else regarding Clinton’s criminal acts. Hate to say this, but we will probably ever know. She should be called Teflon Hillary. Nothing ever sticks.

  5. Remember Swine flue? Biden was put in charge and it was over six months before they took any action.Trump started immediately. A lot of people died from the swine flue influenza it is unknown if many of those were lost because of inaction or would it have made any difference which had a much higher death percentage than COVID. Or did the the actions taken on COVID really make much difference. We will never know with all the false reporting. Quick example; the 2nd week of may CDC changed the number of deaths COVID related from over 70,000 to 37,000 in the 3rd week the media was screaming over 100,000. The numbers, since the beginning the numbers have been bouncing all over the place.So who or what do you believe. Then some influenza’s have the same structure as COVID-19 and the tests take 3 to 4 days, don’t tell you which corona virus you have and is less than 50% accurate. Lastly all these predictions of over run hospitals has not happened. Meanwhile our constitutional rights are being violated and our freedoms are being taken away. What are to believe and accept.

    • This is going on with renewed emphasis in Texas. All of a sudden, there is a “spike” in cases and hospitals are being overwhelmed. Of course, more people are being exposed and more people are being tested and, except on rare days, the number of deaths declines from day to day. But let’s not let that last phrase be part of the conversation. Dallas had a one day spike in deaths yesterday and it was reported with great alarm. Let’s also ignore who it is that’s being tested and how many who test positive actually get sick. Of course, the reports of the number who died never include information about their ages or other medical conditions (co-morbidities) they may have had. The bottom line is that the numbers being reported are completely void of context and therefore useless. That doesn’t stop them from scaring people. I suspect that’s what they intend.

    • And I’m at the place where I believe little Fauci says. He’s bounced all over the place, says one thing one day, and another the next. From what I have read, he was a Hillary fan too. I’m wondering if his advice didn’t kill a real good economy for a while, and put us under house arrest, but the economy is coming back! Rioters can riot sans a mask, but if we want to go to the beach or attend a Trump rally, all hell is going to break loose.

    • The Drs in Houston say the hospitals are not crowded with coronavirus patients. They’re full because people are getting their elective procedures done which was denied during the shutdown. They’re all being tested prior. Secondly, the numbers are overinflated and every death is being counted as coronavirus. Of course everyone is going to be tested positive. That’s what happens when a new virus is introduced into our bodies. Funny no democrats or media cared about it when the protesters when rioting and destroying the democrat cities.
      Everyone forgets that when Trump shut down the borders he was called a racist and xenophobic, essentially by Biden. Pelosi was calling for everyone to go to Chinatown. NY didn’t shut down until 2 weeks before everyone started dying. The democrats weren’t expecting him to do it so soon. They wanted millions to die. Gates plan. We are in serious trouble if he wins. He’s going to pick Obama for VP, not a woman. He will complete the ruination of our country. Whether you like Trump or not people have to vote for him or our country will go straight to communism.
      They’re trying to keep small businesses closed because they want to do away with the middle class. It’ll be the elite. That’s why the media and Hollywood is for them. It’s why all these sports teams are siding with them.
      They don’t care for the blacks and I hope they don’t fall for it. They need to realize they do nothing for them. BLM is a communist group. All the “donated” money is going to the DNC. How do you think they raised so much. Same happed in 2016. I think they’re purposely setting it free in the republican states now so they can try to get those people to vote for him. How can everyone actually believe Trump is responsible when all the other countries had it first. Are people that stupid. Unfortunately yes.
      Now the native Americans. The Indians in SD where paid a settlement of 100 million for the land. But hey why not jump on the racism wagon. The Asians and Hispanics and every other ethnic group are next. BLK and Antifa will not be happy until the white people are slaves. These idiot white people are falling for it. Nobody should be ashamed what color they’re born. We are not responsible for our ancestors. We need to get rid of these history teachers and have the real history taught. There was an interview with one and she says she teaches about racism and LBGTQ. Today’s topics not our history. She should be fired. Everyone should pull their kids from school and home school. What will they do then?

  6. Where is Joe Biden’s clear message. He and his people are not smart enough to even think of a bad solution, let alone a good one. President Trump is doing a great job, in spite of the news media’s sickening narrative.

  7. What if he is ” A Symptomatic and has not been tested!” Could be he has been spreading the virus around.

    • Charles, I agree with you 100%! The Left is only getting away with their [email protected] because WE LET THEM! If we were to step up and protest the way they do (only without all the violence) we would send a loud clear message that we are not going to put up with their [email protected]! Now we need to be prepared to be called racist, because that is the first thing that they will do, but if we have a strong clear message and don’t back down, we could show them that we mean business! And they would poop their pants!

  8. Biden is being very carefully watched and protected by his handlers. I’m sure that they will find a reason why he won’t be able to debate President Trump.
    Remember one thing, if something should happen to Biden whoever is his Vice President will become President. Take a look at that list!!!!
    Biden has been in politics for 45 years and is now promising to fix everything. He’s pathetic.

  9. So if Joe wins, the Dems keep the House, and take the Senate, we will have Joe, Nancy and Chuck in charge. Let that sink in for a moment, folks. On top of that, Joe announced yesterday that if he wins he will appoint Fauci for another term. I believe Fauci is like 80 years old. With these 4 in charge, what could possibly go wrong??? It will look more like a Canasta game at “the home” when these “youngsters” are having a meeting. Seriously folks, if the above scenario happens, we are doomed.

  10. If ole joe wins the election he will immediately step down. Do not be surprised if manly Michelle becomes his running mate then the one world order will begin. GOD help us you are our only hope

    • I don’t think there is a Q-tip long enough to test him. I also think it’s very pitiful, that his family would allow him to be put on display, in the condition he seems to be in.

  11. Should we listen to a lunatic loser who I if he wins, will allow communism to take over America!?
    Biden would not know the difference! He is a pawn in Obama’s Marxist plan to change the US

  12. What a crock! While he was in his basement, President Trump WAS acting! Doing everything Fauci and Birx asked him to do. He stopped travel from China and was called a xenophobe by Biden and his ilk for doing so. He also helped New York, giving hospitals, ventilators, which their elected were too inept to do. All Cuomo could do was cry and yell for help, but why wasn’t he doing what needed to be done? Then a lot of the hospitals that President Trump built, went unused! It was Cuomo who put sick people into nursing homes, where most of the deaths occurred! Ventilators, that President Trump sent, went unused too. While Cuomo was trying to be a star on his brother’s pitiful show, President Trump ACTED, and Cuomo yelled and cried. Biden needs to go back into his basement and STHU! BTW, Cuomo is now out criticizing President Trump! Some Thanks, when it was Cuomo’s job to do the acting!! Isn’t that what Governors are for in their states? IMO, New York has some pitiful excuses for leaders.


  14. Sleepy Joe ought to be called Comatose Joe or Brain-Dead Joe! This Democrat cretin needs to be CONFINED to his bunker for the duration of the pandemic, because his ideology is even more morbid than COVID-19!

  15. It is insane that the Democrats criticize Trump over his handling of the Coronavirus but none of them have publicly said what they would have done differently! You (Dems) can armchair quarterback from the peanut gallery all day but you still come across as idiots trying to push your Communist political agendas.

  16. To be a clown you have to born that way, what a waste, he be first class world clown, Democrats have good puppet in hands!!!!!!
    Democrats better keep him in the basement forever!!!!!


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