Jeffrey Epstein’s “Sex Slave List” Exposed With Newly-Released Document

(Tea Party 247) – Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death and sickening crimes may have faded from the headlines, but the fight for justice continues.

It is imperative that we do not let this disturbing case slip through the cracks.

Epstein was linked to some of the most influential and powerful people in the world and he could have taken many more down with him.

It’s it vital that these people are exposed and brought to justice, and that whoever took Epstein’s life, whether it was him or someone else, does not get away with burying his crimes.

Hundreds of people have been implicated in new documents in a legal case involving alleged sex slave accuser, Virginia Roberts, who has named the UK’s Prince Andrew as one of the men Epstein “lent” her to, the Sun UK reports.

Roughly 10,000 pages of files have been made public, which is five times more documents than previously released. In the documents, individuals are named who were allegedly involved with Epstein.

This includes an unnamed man who wrote to Manhattan’s Federal Court ot say that to disclose his name would cause him “permanent and unjustifiable harm”.

The files are related to the defamation case involving Roberts, who alleges to have been a sex slave supplied to men like Prince Andrew, who adamantly denies knowing her.

Roberts has brought the case against Epstein’s alleged “madame,” the elusive Ghislaine Maxwell, who called her a liar for making her accusations.

The case reached a settlement, but a higher court has ruled that the files should be made public.

The Sun reports:

Miss Maxwell’s attorney Jeff Pagliuca – in an effort to block or at least delay the court paper’s release – said that among the documents were 29 depositions, most of them on video.

It also included Epstein’s black book of contacts. Epstein hanged himself in jail last month while on a sex traffic charge.

Prosecutors have said their investigation into his alleged accomplices continues.


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