Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Calls Out The WHO For Crooked Coronavirus Cover-Up

(Tea Party 247) – The deputy prime minister of Japan is calling out the World Health Organization for the role they played in China’s cover-up of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

He went as far as to declare that the WHO should change their name to the “Chinese Health Organization” for the role it played in helping Beijing to downplay and even flat-out hide the severity of the coronavirus outbreak.

Taro Aso also referenced a petition which has nearly 700,000 signatures calling for the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, to resign. Aso accused the organization of conspiring with Beijing and failing to stop the pandemic which has now taken the lives of over 44,000 people worldwide.

“People think the World Health Organization should change its name. It shouldn’t be called the WHO, it should be renamed the Chinese Health Organization (CHO). This appeal is truly resonating with the people,” said Aso.

“Early on, if the WHO had not insisted to the world that China had no pneumonia epidemic, then everybody would have taken precautions,” he added, noting that the WHO excluded Taiwan, leaving them to fend for themselves.

They still call the virus the Chinese virus in Taiwan.

Infowars notes:

Indeed, as we have highlighted, the World Health Organization repeatedly amplified Chinese propaganda that the coronavirus outbreak was under control, including a January 14th tweet which falsely claimed there was no human to human transmission of the disease, despite this having occurred in December.

Throughout January, the WHO praised China for its open and “speedy” response to COVID-19, even as Beijing authorities were silencing and disappearing doctors like Ai Fen who tried to warn the world that China was engaged in a cover-up.

The global health body also repeatedly told countries not to enforce border controls that could have stopped the spread of the virus, instead placing more importance on avoiding the “stigmatization” of Chinese people.

Featured image credit: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aso_taro_20160622.jpg


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  2. The Dems will never accept his incisive analysis because they still think Putin’s behind it. They can’t accept that the Chinese are the big enemies.

  3. Good man! The truth is not always easy to speak for fear of stepping on someone’s toes. You are right on and the WHO should be defunded.

  4. It’s way past time that we withdraw from the U.N. and send them packing. They seemed like a good idea once upon a time, but they have proven to be a waste of resources with the lions share coming from the U.S. With this despicable action by the World Health Organization, we need to see the light and stop supporting the U.N. and all it’s subordinate organizations.

  5. The WHO is nothing more than a puppet of the Chinese government. It is appalling and disgusting that they would place the entire world at risk of COVID-19 just to protect their close friend China. WHO director Tedros Adhanom should be compelled to resign immediately and be replaced with someone who will be concerned about doing what that job actually is designed to do.

  6. It is time to use our economic leverage with the UN and other world organizations. We should insist that in the UN only those countries can vote and receive services if they are paid up in their financial obligations. It is time for the freeloaders to fish or cut bait.

  7. The more I learn, the more I realize how the different political factions are using this pandemic to booster their political power. The people be damned. The democrats held up the stimulus bill up in order to get at Trump and add a lot of wasteful pork. It didn’t matter that people were getting sick and many have died. They used that as leverage. Chinese cover up and now it has become apparent that most of our medical supplies comes from China. Leverage!! The WHO has been crooked for years,I don’t why it is a surprise to anyone. The truth is, if holds to form, This is the first phase of the pandemic the second one will hit in the fall and it will be worse than first one. That is what happen with the Spanish flue and the swine Flue.The question is are we going to continue to Panic or take the time to prepare?

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    • Bravo, agree completely! Now where is this partition, we need to add another zero, make it 7,000,000.

  9. It seems that US politicians are more interested in political correctness than finally realizing that this pandemic could have been stopped except for Chinese efforts to hid it from the world.

    Also, these same politicians were willing to risk our health to keep borders open. Those still spouting open boarders should be fired at the next election.

    The Corona Virus COVID-19 is in fact the Chinese Virus.

  10. US economy is in a medically induced coma, with the WHO as the anesthesiologist, and the American taxpayer is paying the hospital bill. We foot more of the cost to run the WHO than any other global source…so don’t tell me that we can’t follow the science. Time to pull the plug on the WHO and Tedros’s control and incompetent, and pray that the patient can recover


  11. Thank you, Deputy Prime Minister Aso Taro, for taking a stand.
    Other countries need to take a stand and demand a full investigation. As for our country dems and msm are just using this for their agenda of hate and bias against President Trump. Very sad!

  12. What if;
    This is classic espionage – via biological warfare and with support from the Communist Network News (CNN) AND – the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communists??
    What if;
    The AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) party leaders actually conspired with their mentors the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to do what ever necessary to take down President Trump? ( SEE PLEAS FROM THE OPEN MOUTH 👄TONGUE WAGGING 👅 AMERIKAN SOVIET SOCIALIST DEMANDING A RECESSION AS THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT PRESIDENT TRUMP)
    What if:
    The CCP have agents actively working in AmeriKa who receive and spread the live Covid 19 virus 🦠 in ways we have not considered?
    What if;
    This is in retaliation for the trade embargo / war against the CCP?
    What if;
    We The People willingly gave up our Second Amendment and turned in our last line of self defense? (SEE RECENT GOVERNORS DEMANDING ALL SALES OF AMMO AND ARMS BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY)
    What if;
    We the people have been so dumbed down over the last 50 years – to think 🤔 this is a mere coincidence?
    What if;
    You are looking through the wrong end of the funnel?
    What if;
    This is a way for God to bend your knee?
    What if;
    I am right?
    What if;
    I am wrong?

  13. The WHO is part of the UN and thus believes the world is over populated so would allow a pandemic to spread killing millions in its wake. I would never believe them and do the opposite of what ever they first claim. If they deny it is a dangerous disease that can spread from person to person then believe it can. They are like the liberal news, until you find out they are lying and prove it they continue to lie.

  14. It’s long overdue for someone to reveal the cover up that China perpetrated costing thousand of deaths around the word.and not allowing any help for Taiwan not something that can not be forgiven
    They are not a free country and should suffer some sort of punishment. Unfortunately their people would suffer not the government

  15. The WHO organization is tainted with miss direction and out and out propoganda to smother any negative news about China’s dangerous behavior when it comes to there were markets and consumption of dangerous foods . Not only has this organization covered up for them they now have a political climate in the US where the liberal take down President Trump are echoing this propoganda to try and influence the US elections in November what a discrace . This needs to be stopped

  16. If there are only 44,000 deaths world wide, why did over 3 million cell phone plans in China get removed? Did they run our of people to call, or did they die?

  17. Pelosi & the democRAT Commie party also Covered for Chinas’ LIES about the Chinese Virus aka Corona Virus. The democrat Party is a dangerous party to the freedoms of the USA citizens. They should be banned from the USA & lockup their leaders in the US Congress Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer crooks.

  18. Im not so sure that the Dems didn’t have a hand in all of it, there hate is over the top, Pelosi has said some things in news bits that lead me to believe that they have a vary devious part in all of this, in fact if i rember there where top congressman from the left making trips to China for some reason, Trump has always stood firm against China and their underhanded dealings with the United States, the Dems have been sided with them and they’re trying to push a socialistic agenda it makes sense to me that they have their hand in this chaos, from what I’ve seen out of them for the past three in a half years I wouldn’t put it past them for 1 minute, they don’t give a damn about anything but their agenda,, and we know how crooked that is.

    • We need more countries like Japan to condemn China. To prove what you said is right, Chi, look at all the millions of dollars of pork the Dimocraps put into the bill which was to fight the virus and help small businesses and the American people. And Pelosi and Schumer will add more non-essential items into the next bill. We need a clean bill passed but the Republicans may not have the stomach for it in the false name of compromise. Even if you don’t like Trump, vote for him anyway because he is doing more for America than Obozo and Sleepy Joe did when the last pandemic happened during their watch and which they ignored for 6 months. Trump jumped on it in less than 3 weeks but he was probably aware of it and making plans long before.

  19. The Chinese has built their economy on the back of our USA economy. Its now time to stop this economies growth by not dealing trading with them at all. America needs to return to work and do no business with China at all.

    • I agree but, PsOS like biden, bloomberg and all corrupt politicians, are making billions selling our business to china! We must have term limits or this will not only continue but it will get worse!

  20. I believe the world opinion would be well said Prime minister .You stated exactly what we suspected coming out of China.It takes a Honorable man to call things for what they are. Instead of what the corrupt want you to believe.

  21. who is checking shipments from china to be sure contens are not laced with virus to realy make death toll real high hope someone is we need make a way to stop that from being done on all shipments into this contry if not already to late on all millions mask stuff
    justt got hear


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