Jane Fonda Has Meltdown Over RBG Death, Says Leftists “Have To Rise Up” And Stop McConnell, GOP

(Tea Party 247) – Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, leaving behind a legacy of activism and almost three decades on the United States Supreme Court. She also left behind a vacant seat on you can bet things are going to get real ugly, real fast.

Liberals, stuck in their echo-chambers, are already panicking and fear-mongering over the prospect of President Trump nominating someone to replace RBG in the nation’s highest court. As is expected, celebrities are literally having meltdowns and fervently explaining exactly why President Trump should not fill the seat, despite the fact that in the entire history of the United States, the precedent that has been established completely supports him filling the seat. Never mind precedent, though, the Democrats think they make the rules.

Friday during HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher announced the news that Ginsburg had passed away, pointing out the fact that now there is a vacant SCOTUS seat just weeks before the most tumultuous election in American history. Naturally, Maher and his two cohorts said this is why we can’t allow “someone like” President Trump to become President. Apparently, conservatives are no longer entitled to representation in the US government.

After he and the other two men expressed their fear and angst over the dually elected President observing his right to nominate someone to fill the court vacancy, Maher introduced his guest, radical activist Jane Fonda, who announced in typical dramatic fashion that she was “reeling” from the news of Ginsburg death. She then went on to urge viewers to “rise up” and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) effort to replace Ginsburg.

“We have to be as tough as Mitch McConnell and not allow them to do one freakin’ thing until the election is over,” she said. “We have to rise up and not allow them to do it. If Mitch McConnell can do it, let’s grow some balls and ovaries. Oh, my God.”

Apparently, Jane Fonda really doesn’t understand the basics of how the government works. We, the people, get to vote in elections which determine who represents us in Washington DC. That is how it works. Yet, Fonda seems to think that if she and enough other people oppose something strongly enough that they can just “rise up” and stop it from happening. Democracy be damned.

Fonda doesn’t care that the Senate is controlled by Republicans because Americans voted for them to be there. Fonda doesn’t care what us lowly peons want. She and her wealthy elitist friends get to decide what happens in America, apparently.

The dust has barely settled from the news of Ginsburg’s death and liberals are already flying off the deep-end. It’s truly insulting that this wealthy, privileged group of people think they get to tell Americans how America should be and what should happen just because it’s what they want.

This is not their country, it’s all of ours, and President Trump is within his rights to nominate the next Supreme Court justice whether they like it or not.

Things are about to get real ugly, folks. Buckle up. 2020 isn’t done yet.


  1. Is this treasonous Hanoi Jane?
    There is nothing that can be legally done. Just because Pedo Joe isn’t picking isnt a reason to stop it. Pelosi can’t stop it. She hasn’t time to impeach and the senate will have to claim him guilty with 60 votes thats not happening.
    More sour grapes just because a crooked HRC messed up her own election. That’s per her husband

  2. She was over 80 years old and had cancer, still working? My mom retired at 65 and didn’t die very rich. She was not too greedy to keep working until such age. As Biden says, “Come on men”……

  3. Hanoi Jane is full of crap,nut her and the rest of the Hollywood already have committed treason and other crimes to America. Along with
    Democrats aiding and abetting terrorists. What more proof does anyone need? There us more of us than them and I for one am past fed up with their threats and damage they have done to America! American made monsters!

  4. Bill Maher chooses his company to match his politics. America for the few. Servitude for the masses. Jane claims she is a born again Christian and is ashamed of her Hanoi ploy. Then you hear her trying to sell out the country again. Sad little old lady.

  5. And again, this hag Fonda is in open Rebellion against the U.S.A. and the U.S. Constitution! Has laws about ‘Treason’ become null and void? Why hasn’t she been executed or ejected from the U.S.A. yet?

  6. There are many problems here. RBG could have retired during Obama’s administration. She certainly was old enough and had health problems already. This would have eliminated all this uproar. Now the Republicans are going to follow the Constitution (which does not mean anything to the dems.) and name a new Supreme Court nominee according to the list President Trump has pledged. Dems will not even put out a list. Pack the court, well RBG did not agree with that and dems have threatened that before. Impeach the Pres to stop it. Well there goes the rule of law and ignoring the Constitution again. Everything I see the dems doing is all done to destroy the USA as we know it. Socialism, no freedoms, no Constitution, citizens take a back seat to illegals, and on and on. Let me end saying this, Even though I did not agree with RBG, I respected her and her work ethics. Even RBG said she did not agree with packing the court and she respected the Constitution and our countries rule of law. I am sure she was sickened by the lawlessness and the disrespect for the law and the citizens of the USA. May She Rest in Pearc and may God comfort her family and friends.

  7. This is the same Hanoi Jane that manned an anti-aircraft gun in North Vietnam against American aircraft and later proclaimed to American newsman ” your children will be communists”

  8. Who cares what Hanoi Jane has to say. She has always been a Hollywood elitist liberal. Who doesn’t have a clue of what liberalism is and why it has always felled and always will. It reminds me of a saying by Will Rogers,” more harm has been done by those seeking to do good than by those seeking to do evil”.You can see that in democrats today who think they can run our lives better than we can.

  9. Who the Hell cares what Hanoi – Trader Jane Fonda’s opinion is ? She had no respect for this country nor the fighting men of this country .
    She should shut her mouth and go away – she is a traitor of this great country!

  10. Tell this TRAITOR to crawl BACK in her HOLE with the REST of the SNAKES . . . Enough of her MINDLESS DRIVEL! She should be HANGED as a TRAITOR in a public HANGING ceremony – with POMP and CELEBRATION. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • I vote for hanging the hard way. You know, don’t drop her, lift her up just enough that her toes don’t touch the ground, and watch her dance. I’m still pissed about Vietnam!

    • One swift slice with a Katana blade and then place hear head upon a tall pole along the freeways. Along with the heads of all traitorous leftist liberals heads on tall poles lining the major freeways of all major cities!

  11. All these Holyweird “has been” hypocrites and miscellaneous other progressive b*tchf*cks need to settle down and get a real life before someone who truly loves our country comes along and deprives them of the ones they currently possess! Believe it when I say that it can be arranged with little effort!

  12. Sis old enough now she should be dead. If she thinks anyone cares what she thinks she really is dumber than a rock. She can go and be with her friends in Viet Nam. Spoken just like a true Marxist. Do as I say not as I do.

  13. Was Hanoi Jane cloned from Pelosi or vice versa? Most people moved on from the 60’s rhetoric and became responsible adults. The rest became democrats wandering thru life without a clue. Quite sure her dad was right proud of his spawn.

  14. Hanoi Jane is mouthing off again. Take your money and move your skinny ass to the south pole so we don’t have to listen to your BS. When is the book burning, I’ll bring the flame thrower.

  15. The whore of Hanoi is still breathing.
    Fuq that biotch. She is lucky she isn’t buried with her boy McStain. There should be a parade when she takes the room temperature challenge.


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