Italian Police Claim Islamist Ideology Is Radicalizing Nigerian Mafia

(Tea Party 247) – There’s no doubt that radical Islamic ideology is one of the greatest dangers facing the Western world, a point we have seen made clear countless times by the amount of bloodshed and devastation these folks are willing to wreak on innocent people who have done nothing more than belief in something differently.

The 9/11 terror attacks and others across London have proven that the greatest threat to our way of life is an ideology, which means if we want to wage war against terrorism, we need to wage war against the tyrannical ideas propagated by the Islamic religion.

Adding to the proof of these dangers are claims by Italian police who say that Islamist ideology is now radicalizing Nigerian mafia.

Via Voice of Europe:

The Italian Anti-mafia Investigations Directorate (DIA) released the report which claims that members of the Nigerian mafia are constantly in contact with people still living in their home country – a key outpost of the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

The DIA says that there exists a very real risk of Islamic radicalization among this group, while it has pushed for the strict monitoring of Nigerian mafia members who currently serving time in Italian prisons, Il Giornale reports.

The nefarious methods used by the Nigerian mafia are well-documented. Such methods that are commonly used to force women into sexual slavery include intense physical threats combined with twenty-first-century technology and voodoo rituals.

Ruthless punishments are also dealt out to members who try to leave the mafia. It’s not uncommon for members who try to leave to be killed by other members of the mafia.

A cell operating in Bologna is reported to have threatened to torture and burn members alive if they disobeyed the group’s internal rules.

In 2016, a member of the Nigerian mafia who decided to assist Italian authorities investigations said, “When I entered this organization, the things I saw were horrible and made me unhappy. You can stop being part of it only with death.”

While describing the initiation ritual into the mafia, he said, “They told me to undress, to stay in my underwear and kneel down. They started brutally beating me, with kicks and punches for twenty minutes.” Following the brutal beating, they allegedly burned a piece a paper with the group’s symbol into his hands.

The Nigerian mafia has been known to employ especially brutal tactics, according to prominent Italian criminologist and psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi, who has said members often cannibalize their victims are murdering them.

“The Nigerian Mafia, the most ruthless mafia in the world… Its sects are colonizing Italy and stealing business from the traditional mafia families,” Meluzzi said.

Just how sick and twisted are the members of the Nigerian mafia? Meluzzi recounted this group of individuals are known to cut victims into small pieces and even to eat their body parts. You know, real Texas Chainsaw Massacre type stuff.

“In the Nigerian mafia, ritual cannibalism is not an exception, but a rule. These are normal things for them, but here nobody talks about it, out of fear of being called racist. We should get used to these things: this is just the tip of an iceberg destined to grow larger,” Meluzzi said.

How much more ruthlessness do we need to see before it becomes clear that Islamic ideology is where the real battle against terrorism resides? We have tried time and time again to stomp out terrorist organizations, but for every one of them we destroy, another springs up in its place.

The only way to stop the violence is by destroying their ideas. How do we do that? With superior ideas, of course. Preaching the gospel, promoting Christianity, showcasing the benefits of a free society. We have to do informational warfare or else this threat is simply never going to stop.

Let’s hope countries around the world come to understand this truth and start coming up with new strategies and tactics that will accomplish this mission with as little bloodshed as possible.



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