Italian Intellectual And Philosopher Makes Damning Indictment Against Pope Francis

(Tea Party 247) – The Catholic Church seems to be all over the place under the leadership of Pope Francis. Catholic Churches all around the world are adopting doctrines and traditions that buck against the very foundations of Christianity, such as embracing same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and Islam.

Not everybody sees Pope Francis with the same rose-colored glasses as many of the lock-step churches around the world who simply do as he prescribes because he is the Pope. One Italian intellectual and philosopher, Marcello Pera, has called the Pope out, saying he is “openly going against tradition, doctrine, and introducing inexplicable innovations, behaviors and gestures.” Those are some strong words and they are very much grounded in truth.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A philosopher of science, former president of the Italian Senate, and close friend of Pope Benedict XVI, Pera asserted that Francis had turned Catholicism into “a Church so outgoing that it can no longer be found anywhere.”

In an earlier 2017 interview with Il Mattino, Pera was even more outspoken. In answer to a question about “indiscriminate” welcoming of migrants to Europe, he replied: “Frankly, I do not get this pope, whatever he says is beyond any rational understanding. It’s evident to all that an indiscriminate welcoming is not possible: there is a critical point that can’t be reached.”

He continued: “If the pope … insists in a massive and total welcoming, I ask myself: why does he say it? … Why does he lack a minimum of realism, that very little that is requested of anyone? The answer I can give myself is only one: The Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it. … As he aspires to destroy the Christian tradition.”

This may seem like a harsh indictment against the Pope but how true it is. If the Pope is fully supporting the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants to the towns and cities of European countries, how can he claim to love Western society or even Christianity?

Islam is literally founded on the principle that Christianity is wrong. That Jesus was nothing more than a prophet. That God’s promises were indeed meant for Ishmael and not just Isaac and therefore Muslims are owed everything the Jews have received, including their promised land. There could not be a more clear-cut enemy of Christianity.

Flashback to the crusades, the very purpose of millions of Christians going to war, fighting, and giving their lives, was to defend Christian nations against Islamic takeover. Now we have Pope Francis with open arms, welcoming hundreds of thousands of Muslims right into the midst of Christian nations. Muslims who refuse to assimilate. Muslims who openly and defiantly swear allegiance to Islam, an ideology that dictates that all infidels must be converted or killed. Yes, it surely does seem like the Pope hates Western society and the very religion he purports to be the leader of.

The LifeSiteNews article goes on to say:

Does Francis consciously desire to “destroy” the West and traditional Christianity (aka Christianity)? Or is he simply a well-intentioned do-gooder who doesn’t understand the consequences of his experiments?

That’s a serious question, but it’s unnecessary to know the answer in order to raise a related question: Whatever the intention, do his policies and programs actually tend toward the destruction of the West and of Christianity?

I would say, “Yes, they do.” And I would argue, as Professor Pera does, that they “lack a minimum of realism.” Future historians may well look back upon our era as the Age of Unreality. And many in the Church have embraced this unreality as though it were a newly revealed Gospel.

Catholics all around the world are being brainwashed into believing Islam is the “religion of peace” and that we have much more in common with Muslims than we do differences, and that terrorism is completely unrelated to Islam. These are all bold-faced lies, being pushed on Christian believers as if it were some new revelation from God.

The Pope is leading the Catholic Church down a very dangerous road. Islam is not a friend of Christianity and any Christian leader who promotes this lie is either completely ignorant of the realities of Islam or they are knowingly and concertedly making an effort to destroy Christianity and Western civilization.


  1. Well, maybe he will be the subject of Fourth Profecy from Fatima…
    What? You didn’t know there was a fourth? The first three came to fruition already.

  2. This pope is part of the jesuit order. The jesuit order consists of those jews who pretend to be Christian in order to destroy Christianity from within. They early on went to China and taught the judaic ideas that prepare the mind for the acceptance of jewish communism. So the ‘China project’ was a smashing success, leading to the rise of the CCP and the destruction not only of traditional Chinese society, music, traditions, respect for elders; etc, but also the destruction of about 100 million Chinese lives.

    Because the Chinese were not fortunate enough to have been exposed to TRUE Christianity before jewish communism’s destructive rampage among them they have no Christian seed crystal around which to reform their former glory. Russia, having had a Christian tradition over a thousand years long, was able to quickly move back to a stable, happy, prosperous, demographically positive, Christianity-based society not long after the 1989 destruction of jewish communism among them.

    It would be interesting to see if Mao’s family was the descendants of jews who moved to China to make mischief.


  4. Many are picked and few are chosen! “There is One among us that has been chosen and Standing in redress with Themis with His arm around the eagle being ignored for His efforts to save Family America designed and chosen by Almighty God”! Unchallenged and Unrecognized!

    • Why America? Or more precise why Only America? After all America hosts the biggest statue of the Hore of Babylon, their elites are preaching to Moloch, and infanticide by abortion is common business. Does this sound as God creation? Which should be saved?… Or which God would really save?…
      Don’t really wait for an answer…

  5. “Could it be possible that there is an Individual that has envisioned the destruction of The Holy Mother Church and by Divine Guidance designed by the Holy Spirt and bestowed upon by God Almighty the Intellectual Property of Pope of the New World Order Ecumenism Federation Fellowship with All Rights Reserved and All Others Globally chosen to defend and protect procreation, human traditional values and behavior that are of the very basic fundamentals of this Life in a Troubled Time in World History”! Quote to wit:: “Many are picked but few are chosen”!

  6. I’m not Catholic, but I don’t have to be to see the damage the Pope is doing to the Catholic church and the disenchantment many of the members are having at this time. My understanding is the Pope is supposed to represent God and the teachings of Jesus Christ and be a beacon of light that is built on a solid base of rock.The teaching of God are eternal and not subject to changes to the whims of man His polices are hurting the the people both Catholic and non Catholic alike. His policy is laying a strong foundation for violence and war.Just the increase in crimes should have been an eye opener.If there is a way to remove this pope short of killing him they should exercise it. My Opinion for what its worth.

    • Are you hinting the Fourth Prophecy from Fatima is close? …
      And let me clear few things for you. See, Jesus was God’s choice. Pope is men’s one. Since Moses went up in the mountain and brought us The Ten Commandments, the simplest code of behavior, men … actually the parasites of mankind started inventing “laws”, ” rules” and “regulations”. Also they invented ” religions “! Which by the way are not eternal or unchangeable. Even Ten Commandments are only 6,000 years old. How Egyptians could live and prosper without them before Jews slaves went AWOL? How Phoenicians manage to set foot on South America and circle all Africa without Jesus protection?…
      There is really a God there?… Maybe, but ,at least for me, that’s a personal endeavor to find him/her/it! No need a quir like Francis to guide me in my search. Finding enlightenment is a personal challenge, not a cruise ship vacation…

  7. I pray that the Holy Spirit will send us a TRUE pope and that we will get our beautiful Holy Mother Church back and away from the evil that has infiltrated it.

  8. Maybe you should stick your comments to the realm of human power; the Pope functions under the
    realm of Divine Power. You know there is a difference in the two. I recommend reading the biblical
    history along side of human history to note how ancient and modern empires have god-like kings
    and how they dealt with peoples ‘under’ them.

    • The pope has no more Divine power then I do, I have Prayer power, and God hears my prayers, this pope of yours doesn’t even know Jesus, he will stand before the Great White Throne Judgment Seat of Christ as all unsaved sinners will. Real Christians who have been born again and has a new Spirit can go directly to the Father (God) in prayer.

  9. We are to love each other, including our enemies. What I see is the compromise of accepting the aspects that Muslims believe and that cannot be the case. I am to love those that hate me, but I must hold true to the Truth that God brought us through Jesus and salvation. I feel the Pope perhaps has attempted to compromise Christianity instead of bringing the Truth to the nations.

  10. The Deadly Romance Of The Anti-Christ
    The Left’s Betrayal And Islam’s Deception

    Impetuous Suicide

    An ember of destruction falls peacefully upon the fertile grass of indifference… fueled by the winds of iniquity, it soon burns with the violent rage of hate and malcontent… a fire quenched only by God’s eternal love.

  11. I have seen since his first utterance that he is the Left Behind pope who embraces satan. His hatred for Christianity and Western values has been obvious from the first. Like Obama, he is actually a muslim infiltrator who is hellbent on destroying the catholic church and christianity.

    • The catholic church is but a cult, claiming the power of God, and they do say, if you are not a part of the catholic church, you can’t be saved, all cults say that! They are very religious, but real Christians know what religion is; Religion is man trying to reach up to God, and Christianity is God reaching down to man….Go ahead, you follow your pope, it’s like a piper leading you over the cliff….as for me, I will follow Jesus, He is my King, the King of all Kings, He alone renewed my Spirit and gave me salvation, only because I believe in Jesus, who had the Soul of Jehovah in that baby born of Mary, Mary gave the birth of the man called Jesus, but God put the Soul of HIs son Jehovah in that body and while Jesus walked on earth, there was no Son of God in Heaven, but walking on earth in the body of Jesus. Do not except the pope, the bible says; believe in Jesus and be saved and that’s the whole truthful story.

  12. Jesus,who is God the son,2nd person of the trinity said you can`t see the kingdom of God unless you are born again.All mankind is born with a heart corrupted by the sin nature inherited from Adam and cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again.Everyone must come to God personally,admit their sins to him.Turn from their sins and in faith believe that shed blood of Jesus was the payment for our deserved punishment.God is a family person building his kingdom with many adopted sinners who throw themselves on the mercy of God to save them.You don`t need a middleman (priest)to do business with God.The shed blood of Jesus is the only remedy to our dillema.The shed blood of the lamb has the power to cleanse us and restore us into relationship with our maker.The preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who perish but to those who are being saved it is the power of God unto salvation.There is no other name given to men to remedy our dilemma than the name of Jesus.Like a big brother who would take the punishment you deserved,he took our place,working salvation on our behalf and making the necessary payment for our sins.Sins brings the judgement of spiritual death.There is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood.

  13. Pope Francis is a Rogue POPE and needs to be removed he is doing more harm to Christanity and the Catholic religion than Hitler, the Russian revolution and Xi in china. He needs to be removed or the Catholic religion and christianity will be removed from our earth.

    • I agree. Pope Francis is honestly a heretic. I don’t know if he’s one of those bleeding-heart, do-gooder ‘types’ who thinks everyone on Earth will ‘do the right thing’ when given the opportunity and that somehow embracing Islam will make the Church stronger . . . but it doesn’t matter. He’s still a heretic.

  14. What’s the big deal? First of all Jesus Christ loved all of us without judgement. To be Christ like or Christian in faith how can we be doing his work and not placing judgment on each other. We are all sinners. Don’t throw stones, show love and mercy. Move into the 21st century already and feel love and grace and peace in your heart and pay it forward without excluding anyone.

    • Dear Susan, You better learn more about Islam. Most of the lands the Muslims occupy used to be part of Christendom before they conquered them. Either you convert, pay a hefty tax (to live) or you are killed. There is no mercy in their religion. Sharia Law treats women like their are owned – just like animals. True Islam’s goal is to take over the world. We didn’t have the Crusades for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Susan , you are a fool who doesnt even know the scriptures. Even Christ, in his day vehemently condemned the Pharisees and told them they were going to hell. Twice he took a whip and beat men selling goods in the temple. With the whip he drove them out of the temple and overturned their tables. Though he may have “loved” all men he wasnt nice at all to the wicked!!! So dont put out your propaganda about how Jesus was all love and accepting of everyone because its a LIE!!!
      Islam is the religion of Satan and Satan’s counterfeit of God’s true religion just as the antichrist will be Satan’s counterfeit of Christ! They are a bunch of murdering bast*rds!

    • and HE said Judge yourself so you will not be judged, that means we are suppose to look at ourself and judge with fear if we have sin, and if we agree with GOD, we will all be judged, but not all condemned

    • Susan Upshaw: While your naivete is touching, it is unrealistic and dangerous…islam is NOT a religion of peace…it is an IDEOLOGY OF HATE & VIOLENCE…you will either convert to it or be beheaded…

    • Susan…you are very well deceived at this moment…proof the Propaganda is working that spews from Islam. Yahusha (Jesus) did not day to love everyone. He said to love your brother and sister in the faith. Then…to pray for those that are outside the truth…and to be ready to give an answer for the joy and hope in you. Yahusha said he prayed for the disciples to be kept from the demons..but he also said I pray for them not the world. JOHN 17 he stated in his prayer that he had not lost one that The Father had given him(disciples, not the whole world). Yahusha would pull the disciples to the side and teach them the higher truths of the kingdom but not to the lay people of his day. We are being called through predestination as the Bible states. The whole world is not being called in this age. Islam and Hinduism and the rest are not like minded believers. We should have compassion and show mercy and ask ABBA that they not suffer for wrongs they didn’t commit…but we are to not associate with them in a close familiar way.

  15. Truer words were never spoken! Islam is not a friend of Christianity nor is it peaceful! It is only peaceful if the whole world is under Islamic rule but they don’t tell you that when they say it to peaceful religion. When you follow Jesus Christ and accept him as your personal Lord and savior he doesn’t expect you to kill someone if they don’t convert to Christianity! In fact, Christ teaches love your enemy; but that doesn’t mean you’re to be a doormat either. Christianity is not even remotely close to Islam. I could go on and on about how the land belongs to the Israelites and not the descendants of Ishmael but I will just say this Isaac was the promised seed spoken by God to Abraham. God didn’t mention a child from Hagar. Islam started 700 years after Abraham. Peace, in the name of Jesus.

  16. Maybe he is the anti christ. Put into the position of Pope to destroy the Catholic organization by the very things he is doing in attacking Christian traditions. There is more of you all than of him. If you want change make yourselves heard and do it. Won’t be easy but anything worth doing is hard work.

  17. It is Interesting that Marcello Pera happens to be a well-known Italian atheist who does not base his arguments on Christianity, but advocates a kind of secular and cultural Christianity perhaps somewhat suggestive of The National German church during the 1930s and 1940s that was seen as protecting the purity of the German nationality from outside influences and cultural diversity. That fact about his background certainly doesn’t make his arguments invalid as everyone is free to read them and decide what fits the Christian gospel message and what does not.

  18. I am so glad that he came out and spoke the truth about this pope when I saw him get on the ground and kissed a Muslims feet that went overboard for me I have been very vocal about this pope it is not normal what he has been doing they must get him out before it is to late

  19. This pope is the Catholic version of Barack Obama, who set out to, “fundamentally transform America.” This pope, while not saying so right out, is essentially fundamentally transforming the Catholic church. It’s no secret that Francis is a rabid socialist, and much more political than any other in recent times. He is very close to the world globalist’s mindset. Just as Obama, their idealology melds perfectly and fits like a glove. I really don’t care personally because I feel that the pope is the “man of sin” spoken of in the Bible, and the Catholic church is the fallen, false church spoken of as well. However, billions of people follow this religion, and that is the danger. We will see what happens, but I don’t believe it will be anything good.

  20. Mr. Marcella Pera, Sir, I was about to change my Protestant Religion to The Catholic Religious Faith, when Pope Francis Became the Pope, but after the first couple of Months, which I reframed from changing my Protestant Faith! Pope Francis is a Fanatic! He Needs To Go Back To One Of Those Un-indoctrinated Catholic Schools, ASAP, OR BE DEFROKED!!!

    • Fred, I am Catholic and I will stay that way because the Church is made up of sinners. If I can’t receive my Lord and God in Holy Communion I would just almost die. No man can take me away from the doctrines of Jesus. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church carefully. Any changes Pope Francis makes that doesn’t agree with the Catechism, I won’t follow. I am saddened when PF said that there is no more Christianity. Of course it is going away. You are inviting all the Muslims into once Christian nations and they don’t assimilate. PF actually wants the UN to lead us in climate warming. It sounds like PF is going for a one world religion. I won’t follow him, but I will stay in my Church because my faith is in God, not man! My soul is very important to me and my heart knows the religion Jesus started with St. Peter is the true religion. Don’t be afraid to become a Catholic. Please pray for this pope.God bless you.

  21. 1000 years ago there was a pope who predicted the last pope, and this is the last pope he is from the black order call the Jesuit order would order, This guy is a thug and trying to destroy the Catholic Church, And I also believe he was one of the things that was told by the blessed virgin to just center of the predictions of the future and this guy is here to destroy the church.

  22. It requires a lot of ignorance for people to blindly be led into the absolute disaster by their supposed “leaders”, while fervently applauding the deceivers.

  23. We are living in very exciting times, things seem to be lining up with end time prophecies, and the pope could very well be the false profit in Revaluation. World events seem to be on course for a soon to be event like nothing before. I truly hope I’m alive to see it

  24. I do not think Catholic priests are trust worthy. Too many of them are pedophiles and need to be imprisoned. Sorry Catholics but this pope is evil, through and through.

  25. The Pope IS leading the Catholic Church down a very dangerous road but I can assure you, many of us are waiting for the Holy Spirit to correct a grievous error made in 2013. If the RCC continues on its current path, it will be gone in a few decades – along with Western Civilization.

  26. Could this Pope be the False Prophet?
    He’s advocating One World Religion.
    Scripture tells us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    The False Prophet deceives by gaining trust from the masses then leads them to destruction.

  27. The pope is of his father the devil. There is nothing “godly” about him or any of his ideas, he is an adversary of Jesus Christ, the one true God. He is not a “well-intentioned do-gooder”, he is purposely and consciously attempting to destroy this great country.
    islam, lower case intended is not a religion, it is a political, militaristic, theology, the ideology of their false moongod allah, dreamed up by a pedophile, raping, murdering false prophet mohammed. It supports jihad against non-muslims; and if not strong enough to war against non-muslims to outbreed non-muslims using our own charitable-minded citizens to support them taking us over. Therefore, we should prohibit all muslim immigration into this country, NOT welcome them in!

  28. Muslims have killed over 1 million Christians in the last 10 years all around the world. This isn’t history, it’s the present.

  29. The pope is socialist. He talks about letting illegal migrants to enter Europe. Is he willing to open the Vatican and all Catholic churches to them. NO. Houses for 10 people can not accommodate 30. He is a liberal pope without any standing. His lack of religiousness was demonstrated when he slammed the woman who hold his arm. The lady is stupid because she thought she was touching a saint. Nobody is a saint in this world, only those that do not need to be recognized. But he showed his lack of manners. He is not a humble man. He is a socialist. He should has stayed in Argentina.

    • Agree completely! He is part of the socialist movement to take over the world. it is not an accident that he is the pope. It is part of the socialist plan.

  30. Satan is in Pope Francis! That’s all there is to it! But then again look how many Catholic Priests have raped little boys! All of this is of Satan!

  31. Everyone seems to be missing the point. Pope Francis is a Jesuit priest first and foremost. The Jebes tend to be very liberal. Take a look at their universities, colleges and prep schools and look at their graduates and their influence on society and what they have succeeded in doing. Georgetown Univ for example. as well as others demonstrate this. As one who has gone to a Jesuit college and now university (SJU) as have both sides of my family it is not surprising he espouses such views. He may be unpopular and ruffle the old established parochial view but in matters of faith and moral he reigns supreme. He is part of the intellectual shock troops of the Catholic Church. Even the head Jesuit formerly known as the Black Pope now has one of his order as Pope. Expect to see more changes ie married priests (especially in remote areas lacking priests). divorced Catholics getting remarried in the church and the church welcoming ALL not just the chosen few. ALL means ALL. Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air. The Catholic Church here in the US is turning very socialistic in its outreach and programs. Wait more is coming. Change is inevitable.

  32. The Catholic Church began with Constantine a few hundred years after the crucifixion and has much on its hands. Jesus did not Peter who name Cepheus means little pebble. The word he used for Rock was translated from Greek word that meant a huge Rock like unto a mountain. This is the same Rock the builders rejected. Only Jesus is the Head of the Church and none including the Pope can recite the Word of God. Catholics were responsible for killing Christians who would not recognize their false doctrines such as infant baptizing, teaching the bread and juice used to Remember Christ birth, death, and resurrection literally turns to His flesh and blood. They also responsible for the death on many Jews by blaming them for crucifying Christ. Yes many of them cried for it, but Jesus said He laid His life down for He had the power to lay it down and take it up again. Our sin, all mankind, caused Jesus to die to satisfy the wrath of God on sin. Indeed His Christ is very different than the Jesus I know. We don’t work our way into heaven or pay our way into heaven, we simply believe His word and seek to live as He lived, knowing we will always come short of the Glory of God. For it by grace we are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast.

    • Lora, if you are following the Holy Bible, you can’t say that Jesus didn’t appoint St. Peter because Jesus did say He would build His Church starting with Peter. As a matter of fact the Holy Bible was put together by the councils and not by Constantine. His mother, St. Helen was already a Christian BEFORE Constantine JUST made it legal to be a Christian. Before it was against the law. He did NOT start any religion.

      Jesus showed his Apostles that he wanted them to have the power to change the unleavened bread and wine into his BODY and BLOOD. Remember how Jesus told his disciples that they MUST eat his body and they walked away. He didn’t stop them from leaving. He wanted them to have faith in him and to believe that what he was saying was coming from His Father. If you don’t eat His Body and Blood you have no life in you. That is what He said (I’m paraphrasing). You don’t know much about Catholicism. And yes there were some Catholics who did awful things, but we are all sinners. I follow the doctrines of the Church that came from the Apostles through their three years with Jesus. Not everything is written in the Bible. You have the Bible because it was put together by the Catholic Church. I am glad you have faith in Jesus Christ,but He did tell the Apostles certain things that became sacraments to keep us on our journey and to be close to Him. Google Eucharistic Miracles.

    • Very ignorant response. Save your anti-Catholic (i.e., Christian) rants for a crazy protestant site. The Catholic Church (i.e., the Church) is the Church. One cannot deny the historical basis for it. Your interpretation of “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church” is not one that anyone had for two thousand years. I’ll go with the traditional understanding of that statement rather than your five minute old false, and self-justifying interpretation.

  33. The pope is a liberal globalist and is the enemy of not only the Catholic Church but all Christians …. no worries he will be gone …..

  34. Fact: It appears all leaders are corrupt. From the Church to Politics. Humanity has lost all of its human morals just like Sodom and Gomorah.

    • Just what the Muslims want. To cause dissenting amongst us, the to swoop in when we’re fighting each other and take over.

    • That is “A False Prophet “. But that False Prophet can be a Pope! I am not Catholic, but this Pope sure seems to be diluting old Godly traditions. And he says he will welcome migrants, but how many are currently living on Vatican grounds!

  35. It comes down to this : it’s them or US and I vote for us 💪🇺🇸👍😎 Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior and no Mooslims or Islamists will ever change that …. if it should come down to life or death then … we’ll I’m locked and loaded and ready … come and get it Mohammed 😡

  36. Glad to see someone other than myself seeing this Pope in a different light. Thought I was the only Catholic wonder what the heck is he thinking. Islam is a cult not a religion , and should be treated as such.

    • Agree when in Rome over 10 years ago there was only room for one or 2 more popes pictures NOT a good omen. I have always wonder why the last pope resigned he is still alive but you never see him.
      The Pope is only supposed to be involved in church business not Politics or other nations business. I think this Pope missed that and rereading the bible and explanations when needed and apparently he is great need of those! Many like him because he is out spoken and accepting but he is accepting of things totally against the word of God in the bible. I do not think it is suppose to be that way. Look what happened to Babylon!

    • I’m with you! If this moron wants to excommunicate me that’s ok…..I’ll use the money that I was giving to the church and buy (more) ammo for when we have to defend our country.


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