“Islam Is Right About Women” Signs Pop Up In Texas…The Reaction From Leftists Is Priceless

(Tea Party 247) – Of all the time that humans have walked the earth, you were born in the era of the internet troll.

I hope you’re grateful.

After appearing in several cities around the world last month, signs reading “Islam is right about women” have now been spotted in Austin, Texas.

A picture of the sign was posted in The Donald subreddit along with the caption “Which of you beautiful bastards plastered these all over SW Austin last night? My next door app is blowing up with confusion. Absolutely hilarious.”

The posters had previously appeared in Winchester, Massachusetts and leftists were so confused as to what to think, they legit called the police to investigate.

Some also appeared in Limerick, Ireland, which prompted a local councilor to assert that the signs were intended to “incite hate” towards “either women or Muslims” but was unclear which.

The meme was created by a 4tran troll just to slap liberals in the face with their own glaring hypocrisy when it comes to the way women are treated in Islam.

What’s particularly funny is that leftists do react with outrage to the meme, they just have no idea what, exactly, to be outraged about.

It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. If they find the message offensive, they can be accused of being bigoted towards Muslims.

However, if they don’t get offended enough at the sign, they can be accused of being misogynists.


“The result is that those who attempt to explain why the act is offensive end up simply tying themselves in knots, while revealing that they have never given a moment’s thought to the position they find themselves defending,” writes Alla Al-Ameri.

“This seems to generate even more anger, with the inevitable online mob quickly joined by politicians, journalists and other public figures, eager to see that the heretic is made an example of.”


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