Is The ‘Deep State’ Attempting To Become The Secret Fourth Branch Of The Government

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most basic facts we all learn in elementary school — way back before liberals destroyed the education system — is that our government is split into three branches, a separation of powers that is meant to keep any one branch from usurping complete control of the country and shredding our individual rights and liberties.

We have the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches of government. Granted, this might be a brand new fact for you if you’re someone like Rep. Alexandria Ocaiso-Cortez who is a pure product of not only a government run public school, but also the recipient of a liberal college education. However, the vast majority of us knew this kind of thing early on.

Well, it seems now there’s actually a fourth, hidden branch of government, the administrative state.

Here’s more from DC Clothesline:

As early as 1937, in a “Report of the President’s Committee on Administrative Management,” the authors write:


The problem of waste and lack of accountability in this fourth branch, the report notes, has “been clearly recognized for a generations and ha[s] been growing steadily worse decade by decade.”

The report isn’t wrong. By the late nineteenth century, “civil service reform” had ended the old system “spoils system” and the advent of lifelong “professional” civil servants, brought the establishment of a bureaucratic class which saw its interests and loyalties as separate from the elected civilian government. This detachment from elected policymakers meant the administrative state was not terribly concerned with either efficiency or responsiveness to the public. It became an interest group all its own, but with far more power than any ordinary interest group.

The creation of the professional civil service had been a victory over the legacy of the populist Andrew Jacksonwho had demanded a move away from the old “professional” bureaucracy established by the Federalists. Jackson denounced the professional bureaucrats, concluding such persons “acquire a habit of looking with indifference upon the public interests and of tolerating conduct from which an unpracticed man would revolt.” Instead, the Jacksonians insisted “rotation” in government offices “constitutes a leading principle in the republican creed.”

In practice, of course, this new non-political bureaucracy was anything but unbiased. Over time, the bureaucracy became self-consciously devoted to the “merit” system under which the bureaucrats imagined they gained and retained their offices by virtue of their own excellence.

Nonetheless, this problem of the bureaucracy as self-interested class would have remained quite limited were the powers of the bureaucracy more limited. Yet with the advent of the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt, the size, scope, and power of the administrative state multiplied.

Moreover, as the New Deal progressed, the regulatory agencies came to assume all the powers that were supposed to be reserved to the branches of government that were given specific powers in the federal constitution. In his book Ex America (aka The People’s Pottage) Garet Garrett described this transformation:


Thus, thanks to the rise of this fourth branch of government, an American is subject to laws not passed by any Congress, and subject to judicial punishments not commanded by any court of law. It’s all done “administratively” but nonetheless allows the agencies to “make and execute their own laws.”

It has perhaps become impossible to discuss the realities of this headless fourth branch of government without noting the increasing awareness of a so-called deep state within the federal government. What portions of this administrative state constitutes the deep state, however, remains a matter of debate. Some contend it could include any and all independent administrative agencies. Others suggest the term ought to be applied only to the national-security agencies.

Certainly, the term “deep state” carries connotations beyond just regulatory agencies, but tends to point toward those agencies that can – by invoking national security and the need for secrecy — stifle efforts and oversight of the organizations in question.

President Trump faces tremendous challenges each and every day from the Deep State, a group of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to ignore the will of the American people and fight against the president and his agenda toth and anail. They want nothing more than to see him removed from office, to overturn the vote of middle America and silence the voices of those who spoke so clearly against the mainstream media and liberal political policies by supporting Trump in 2016.

It’s critical for the Trump administration to flush out the individuals who work in the Deep State and to remove them from their positions of power in order to neuter the movement and put down the coup that is currently expressing itself through the impeachment inquiry. If this isn’t nipped in the bud, it could spell the end of our way of life.



  1. Hey dumbasses — there is no Deep-State. Y’all are running around yelling out this B.S. like Agent Mulder on steroids (or meth), all of this s**t has been disproven ,many times, but since y’all can’t read or follow along logical arguments…

  2. This article is an eye opener and of course going to FDR’s attempts to stack the Supreme court and creating the ponzi scheme social security which if you look at today’s reality as opposed to it’s start it looks like the biggest single hoax on the American people where politicians were able to spend all the money making it a slush fund which makes SS almost bankrupt today. My recommendation is to print this article for your perusal in the future, it’s a fact that will be proved in the next year or two.

  3. There are many bureaucrats in the unelected bureaucracy who believe that they are the ones who run the country. They believe that they know more than our elected officials. And certainly more than the American people about establishing policies and regulations. They don’t represent us the American people. They are above us and dictate to us from behind the scenes. They don’t believe they should be made to answer to the President or to Congress. And Congress has mostly let them get away with it. They are part of what the President has referred to as the swamp and promised to drain. But the swamp (bureaucrats) are fighting back. They are especially angry over what the perceive as the President’s interference in their foreign policies. And these bureaucrats are being aided and abetted by politicians like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer who want revenge for Hillary’s defeat, This has been their goal and dole pursuit since the day after the election. Everything they have done has been with the intent to undermine the President. By this time the must know that they can not get a conviction on impeachment. But no doubt they hope to influence the 2020 election enough to keep the President from be reelected. Their key problem is that any of their potential candidates would be a devastation for the nation.

  4. I totally agree but offer a counter point to consider. After witnessing the recent madness in the House of Representatives do you trust Congress more than an entrenched bureauocracy? Have the citizens made good choices at the polls? Do we the People need to awaken to our responsibility to make our precious system work equally for everybody. Rooting out corruption with Justice for all should be our goal.

  5. Deep state is simply civil servants doing their jobs. Experts often. People above reproach. Apolitical. Fair. Nonpartisan. This is a good thing. Usually.

    • History proves you wrong time and again. FDR’s death ushered into power, once again, the financial and political elites who were responsible for causing the market crash of 29 and banking collapse of 33. Powerful rich families together with their allies on Wall Street, commondered Truman’s White House after the passing of the great President Roosevelt. Anglophilic partisans set about to alter the course of industrial progress that our nation had realized as a consequence of WWII. Instead of winning the peace through fostering peaceful scientific and technological progress, places like Detroit’s “Arsenal of Democracy” were dismantled, resulting in more unemployed in 1947 than 1937. Keynesian financial stimulus was substituted for productive investment, causing the great recession 10 years later. Americans witnessed the Truman Doctrine, popularized as the “McCarthy Witch Hunt” which setback First Amendment Free Speech, for decades! It was done by the “Our Town” crowd of political and financial elites and was only stopped because of Eisenhower’s intervention. It is the same Eastern Establishment which are attempting to remove the current President today. Not because of anything he has done so far, but because of what he may do when the current bankrupt financial system disintegrates in what is estimated to be only days or weeks away, at most. But the title “Deep State” is a misnomer. Historically, they represented powerful interests associated with US military production, investment banking, and individuals from their ranks who garnered political power via public elections. They were often identified as the Eastern Establishment and their power often overlapped. Eisenhower (and recently President Trump) identified this cabal as a “Military-Industrial-Complex”. We should add the words international and financial to complete the circle. For it includes the current British ruling class, together with City of London Bankers, allied with their “junior partners” in New York and Washington DC. There is book in paperback available at Amazon called, DOPE INC, BRITAIN’S OPIUM WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. It’s in it’s 3rd edition, so as far as identifying the Imperialists known today as the deep state, it is up to date. You should read it.

  6. The deep state is practically included in the society, in the rule of law, in our way of living. It is rooted all the way down to the smallest village that has some government, even if this “governments” are elected. The elected officials are in many cases replaced at election times, although many of them are elected and reellected for life, if they are good or good at promoting themselves and controlling the electorate. Then the people working in the offices are practically never changed. They’re the so called professionals. At all levels, from the smallest town to the USA government, in Washington, DC, through all villages, towns, cities, counties, and states. The deep state is the way of life, do we live in the world greatest country, the free world, or in small communist controlled countries everywhere! The only way around that is to have all “officers” replaced at all elections!

  7. Brilliant article that pinpoints the issues of such an enormous and unaccountable federal bureaucracy! As a victim of Obama’s purge of conservatives inside the federal workforce, I am firsthand witness to the power of upper-management bureaucrats accountable to no one! THE DEEP STATE IS A REAL THING!! Don’t believe any different!!

  8. The “Press Corps” has always been referred to as the 4th. Estate. The “Deep State” must be the 5th. Estate. Either way we are seeing a whole division of government and it’s not good. Hopefully, the American People will see through their treachery.
    May God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. I will stand my post at my property and local and state as freedom fighter against any and all enemies of the the United States of America I will believe and uphold my right to serve Jesus Christ and Jehovah God

  10. And, of course, we are all perfectly aware of who are the authors and orchestrators of the Deep State and its many branches such as the ‘administrative management’ wing referred to above.

  11. These people are very deeply rooted in DC.
    When I was younger I heard a bureaucrat speaking (this was at least 50 years ago). He stated that ” elected officials come and go, we run the government” At that time I was a young soldier in Vietnam. I couldn’t believe the audacity of that statement. I was young and nieve. This asshole and all of his brothers and sister bureaucrats think the people of this great country are to “stupid” to choose our leaders through elections. How utterly arrogant. As another commentator stated they must be weeded out and sent packing. Not necessarily prosecuted as some of them really are Patriots and do good work NOT undermining administrations but supporting them. All others should take their chances with the judicial system.

  12. I always believed that the bureaucracy needed to be cleaned out and show a real for each department to be there and the need for the personal. Where there duplicates that out all but one and it has to justify its self. Place each section under one manager and have each manager meet quarterly with an oversight committee to report their activities and justify again their existence.This way the congress can gain control back. I don’t believe we will ever get rid of all the bureaucrats, but a least we can get some control of them.

    • Any rule change or new rule must be given a public hearing and congressional approval. Each rules should be handled individually and voted on by congress as a separate law. This would slow down the rule making process and give the public a chance to see what is happening.

  13. Trump has truly exposed this group and has started a take down. But I do believe without the full support of congress and the judicial branches all working together to to break up the deep state. Grab a friend and go to the polls and let’s get rid of the ones who stand in the way. TRUMP 2020

  14. If it IS, then it needs to be ROOTED out and DESTROYED. This MASSIVE corruption has NO business being allowed in our government. That would be SEDITION and TREASON, and the members ARRESTED and led away in HANDCUFFS. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).


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