Is The Chinese Government Hacking Into Protestors Cell Phones?

(Tea Party 247) – The Chinese government is determined to end the Hong Kong protests and squash any hopes of democracy that Hong-Kongers might have. They are not shy about using oppressive and invasive tactics as a means to control and defeat protestors. Recently, questions have risen as to whether or not the government is potentially hacking into cell phones of those they arrest and even going as far as to install spyware.

Cell phone seizures have been occurring over the last several months as part of “routine” treatment of those arrested as part of the anti-government protests.

NewsWars reports:

More than 3,700 cell phones were seized from demonstrators in Hong Kong between the months of June and November of 2019, according to data referenced by the city’s Secretary for Security John Lee during a Legislative Council meeting on Wednesday.

During that period, police processed 1,429 cases that involved “mobile phones as evidence,” he told lawmakers on January 8, as reported by the South China Morning Post. “Among those cases, 3,721 mobile phones belonging to arrested persons or suspects were involved, and the relevant cases were all processed with search warrants issued by the court.”

Lee asserted that such practices were commonplace and necessary to ensure the safety of the greater Hong Kong community.

“Under Hong Kong law, law enforcement agencies have the responsibility to prevent and detect crime to protect citizens’ lives and property,” he argued. “Over the course of carrying out their responsibilities, law enforcement agencies may exercise their search and seizure … and seize and examine various objects of suspected offenders.”

Lee went on to say that in the case of cell phones and related electronic devices, a “digital forensic examination” is only conducted “after obtaining court warrants.”

Not everyone is buying this government narrative. One former IT entrepreneur-turned-legislator, Charles Mok, is raising suspicions as to the actual motives behind the phone confiscations. “We are talking about 3,700-odd phones. That is a very big number. So far, police have arrested 6,000-odd people,” Mok said.

“You break into the phones and read the contents, all contents, whether they are related to the cases being investigated or not. And no one will even know if the phones will be installed with spyware after being seized by officers,” he went on.

The concerns over state-sponsored hacking seem to have been justified when authorities used text messages from the phone of well-known protest figure, Joshua Wang, as evidence against him after his August 30th arrest. The problem is, Wang never authorized the government permission to go into his cell phone and never provided any passwords. He was also never served with any kind of warrant for a search of his phone.

“Since such functions can’t be found on ordinary user interface, that can only be possible with the help of state-sponsored hacking,” he said December 19 on Twitter, “I doubt whether such a search is lawful. Now it seems state-backed hackers get involved in the crackdown on HK movement.”

This is what socialism leads to, folks. Communism is the natural product of socialism. Americans calling for socialism are seemingly willfully ignoring the ongoing fight for democracy and independence in Hong Kong from the oppressive and invasive Chinese government.


  1. Hong Kong is a Chinese territory and is subject to Chinese Law.The laws and the enforcement of the laws are not same as in the US.So you really can’t make a fair comparison.Hong Kong maintained its independents for a period of time after the UK transferred the territory to China. If I understand correctly that time has expired. With comes the expiration of the old form of government.China is a communist country. Under communism the government controls you from the day you are born until the day you die.Hong Kong has enjoyed freedoms that the rest of China hasn’t and has been able to establish itself as a financial power in the Asian world. It makes money the way it is. The trouble is Liberalism or communism in its effort to take control only destroys. They will destroy Hong Kong.All you you have to do is look at this country and the destruction that the liberal democrats are bringing

  2. As Richard Pruett warned back in 2005, “In the hands of totalitarian and genocidal governments, the new ID technologies could be quite lethal — “die Gedanken sind frei” replaced by “Information macht frei.” In fact, during the violent 20th century, state power directed by governments against their own citizens was responsible for more democide than war. What is to prevent the new ID technologies from being bent to the same malevolent purposes, again raising the question once asked by Juvenal: “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes” [Who will guard us from the guardians]?

    “Standing in stark relief to the optimistic views of the future of globalization now prevalent, this dark vision of a digital gulag posits that, far from witnessing the eclipse of the Westphalian nation-state system by the rising, pluralistic influence of non-state actors, we instead may be on the threshold of an information counterrevolution that will lead to unprecedented concentrations of state power and their possible transformation into one or more supranational entities.”

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