Is Jeffrey Epstein Really Dead…Or Was He “Rescued”?

(Tea Party 247) – Jeffrey Epstein’s death was widely predicted, so it’s no wonder the conspiracy theories have been abounding.

And there are some good ones out there, considering how many oddities there were surrounding the conditions under which he was said to have taken his own life.

One of the more far-fetched theories, which we have reported on, is that he isn’t dead at all.

Could this be the case?

The Washington Standard thinks its worth considering:

Aside from Jeffrey Epstein dying from a supposed suicide being the most predicted death ever, it would have been the most difficult to actually carry out. Epstein is said to have been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s special housing unit when his death occurred. We are also told that these units did not have surveillance cameras, which in itself is very suspicious, given Epstein was on suicide watch after he supposedly attempted to hang himself in July.

The July attempted suicide took place in a jail cell, not the special housing unit where he is said to have died. Again, we have an impossibility because the attempted suicide would have been seen on camera and never allowed to take place. We are told the SHU of this facility only has surveillance cameras in certain units according to the nature of the crime.

The truth is, there is absolutely no correctional facility from local city jails to Federal prisons anywhere in the United States that does not have surveillance cameras in every cell or special unit, 24/7. Thus, for Epstein to have killed himself anywhere in this facility would have been impossible.

The official story is Epstein was not on suicide watch during the time his death occurred, which literally translates to him being taken off watch and the extra guards used for monitoring him all this time, were not being used on this day.

There are only two possibilities concerning Jeffrey Epstein, 1, he was outed via a professional hit, or 2, he was secretly released and placed in the witness protection program.

They go on to explain that there were great efforts taken to keep Epstein’s body from being seen by the public when he was taken out of the corrections facility and placed in an ambulance.

You’d think that if they were wheeling a likely already dead man into an ambulance, they wouldn’t be thinking about blocking his body from public view.

If Epstein were actually dead, there would have been no reason to hide the body from view. So, we can assume he was released into the custody of either the FBI or DOJ to continue his business as usual of running a pedophile sex resort. Which is so vital to many politicians in office today and the Hollywood elite.

The mastermind behind such an elaborate scheme and who would have the experience to make it happen would have to go to the Clinton hit squad. Aside from having a long record of eliminating anyone who poses a threat to Bill and Hillary they also are their cleanup team in destroying evidence and anything linking the Clinton’s and their friends to various crimes. The Clinton’s still have many of their supporters actively working in the FBI and DOJ who are more than willing to do their bidding.

It makes perfect sense that the Clinton’s would have Epstein removed rather than killed because he cannot be allowed to testify. If he did, he would implicate them and most of Congress and the Senate in sex crimes committed in his pedophile sex resort. In simply removing him, his business can operate once again, and their visits can ultimately continue.

What do you think?


  1. “Shenanigans!”

    Also one of Egg-steins long time friends was David Copperfield. He made a passenger jet disappear…


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