Is Harvard Going To Do Anything About This Crazed Ex-Student Who Threatened To Stab Students Who Said This

(Tea Party 247) – If someone went online and declared they would stab anyone who said “black lives matter,” they would get a visit from federal agents after their careers and lives were completely ruined forever.

But threatening to say you’ll stab anyone who says “all lives matter” in a viral TikTok video will apparently not amount to much at all.

These are the chilling times we’re living in.

A Harvard graduate named Claira Janover appears to be totally escaping accountability for making such comments to her 113,000 followers.

BizPac Review reports:

In the video, an enraged Janover huffs: “The next person who has the sheer nerve — the sheer entitled caucasity — to say ‘All Lives Matter’, Imma stab you! Imma stab you. And while you’re struggling and bleeding out, Imma show you my paper cut and say ‘my cut matters too.’”

Janover used the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” in her racist rant threatening to kill people. She has used other hashtags, including “white people suck.”

Claira, who appears to be half-Asian, has a white mom (Madeleine Janover), who died in 2019 according to an online obituary.

According to her deleted LinkedIn page, Janover works at Deloitte’s Boston office as an incoming “Government and Public Service Business Analyst.” She graduated from Harvard University in May 2020.

Amid backlash, Janover later disingenuously claimed that she was joking when she threatened to kill people.

It certainly won’t shock you to see her party affiliation:

Deloitte Boston did not respond to multiple calls from BPR requesting comment. The receptionist at Deloitte’s Boston office hung up on them, and then refused to pick up the phone when they called back several times.

While Harvard may not care about Janover’s comments, Twitter sure did.


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