Is China Using Fentanyl As Chemical Warfare? Chilling Warning From Experts

(Tea Party 247) – There is a raging opioid crisis in our nation. There’s no denying it.

Every year, over 47,000 people die in a manner that is linked to opioids. This is truly horrific.

Of these deaths, some estimates suggest about half of these people are dying using a synthetic opioid known as “fentanyl.”

While there is good reason to blame the crooked pharmaceutical industry for the creation of this crippling drug epidemic, experts say that the recent surge in fentanyl overdoses can be traced back to our antagonist in the East, China.

In a shocking report from The Epoch Times, slow-kill “chemical warfare” perpetrated by a foreign power is revealed.

China has already been fingered as the largest supplier of illicit fentanyl in the US, and, at the end of August, a Virginia drug bust reportedly turned up enough illegal Chinese fentanyl to kill 14 million people.

Thirty-nine people were reportedly arrested in relation to the clearly large-scale operation.

If experts are correct, this massive influx of fentanyl is part of a covert attack on US soil.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Chinese and Russian strategy researcher Jeff Nyquist warns that the massive amounts of fentanyl entering into the United States is no coincidence.

According to Nyquist, China is using fentanyl as a “very effective tool,” yet one that is so powerfully dangerous, perhaps “weapon” would be more appropriate.

“You could call it a form of chemical warfare,” Nyquist says.

“It opens up a number of opportunities for the penetration of the country, both in terms of laundering money and in terms of blackmail against those who participate in the trade and become corrupt like law enforcement, intelligence, and government officials,” he explains further.

The money made from importing fentanyl is used by the Chinese government to “influence political parties” here in the United States.

“It opens doors for Chinese influence operations, Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and intelligence services, so that they can get control of certain parts of the U.S.,” Nyquist explains.

Natural News notes:

The problem of fentanyl has gotten so bad that the Department of Homeland Security even considered labeling it a “weapon of mass destruction” this past spring. According to a leaked internal memo, DHS has “long regarded” fentanyl as a potential “chemical weapons threat.” According to reports, the memo also said that fentanyl would be considered a WMD “when certain conditions are met.”

Pharmaceuticals of mass destruction

Per the memo, federal authorities believe that the high toxicity and increased availability of the drug make it “attractive” to potential enemies who might be looking for an “unconventional” approach to war. Fentanyl is an incredibly powerful drug; it is 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine.

Officials say just two to three milligrams of the stuff is enough to induce respiratory depression, respiratory arrest or even death. In other words, this stuff is no joke.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized the Chinese government for not doing enough to stop fentanyl from flowing into the United States. Last year, the president signed bipartisan legislation intended to help combat the opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, it appears that fentanyl is still being sent to the United States from China through ordinary mail carriers such as the United States Post Office, FedEx and Amazon. The Trump administration is reportedly trying to keep fentanyl and its precursor chemicals from being circulated through the mail and is working to crack down on Chinese fentanyl.


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