Is A Civil War Coming? One Professor Believes This Group Is America’s Next Revolutionaries

(Tea Party 247) – It’s become pretty obvious the left intends to radically change the very fundamentals of America and their main strategy in accomplishing this is to usurp the country’s education system, which thus far they have been quite successful in doing. Our universities have long been far-left progressive strongholds but now they have moved into schools K-12 at rapid pace. It’s alarming just how inundated our public education system has become in such a short period of time.

Many of us believe a civil war is on the horizon but this time it won’t be a regional conflict but rather an ideological one. The way in which one side wins will be entirely different than the Civil War which was fought with guns and violence. One college professor believes homeschooling moms have already begun the fight for America’s future.

C. Bradley Thompson, a professor of political science at Clemson University and author of America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It, discussed his concerns on the continuing fracture of American politics and culture in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joe Pollak.

In his interview he pointed out that currently there are two factions that have formed in America. Conservatives represent one of these factions while far-left progressives represent the other. Thompson says that America is not just a country but an ideology and one that is “associated with the principles of the Declaration of Independence.”

The principles of the Declaration of Independence used to be widely accepted by all Americans despite political leanings. Now, the division in politics seems to boil down to ideological differences in the way in which the two factions view the words of the Declaration of Independence.

“So the question is: What is it, what ideas can Americans rally around?” Thompson asked. “If we cannot rally around these words — we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — then we can rally as a nation around no words.”

Thompson went on to say that the sham impeachment of President Trump is really just a symptom of the deeper underlying problem.

“In my view, the problem that we are confronting now in 2019 is that America seems to be hopelessly and ideologically divided, so this show trial that is taking place in Washington, DC, right now, is just sort of the culmination of what I think are much deeper, subterranean ideological divisions that are taking place in this country,” said Thompson. “The problem is, part of the United States — one group in the United States — they seem to despise the principles on which this country was founded, and so we find ourselves in this very difficult position where one part of the nation really hates what this country has always stood for.” 

In 21st century America, Democrats clearly hate what America has always stood for. Not only that, they hate anyone who stands for the principles America was built on.

Democrats also seem to hate truth and reality and have found the best way to combat the principles they despise is to literally take over the very meaning of truth which results in confusion and the breaking down of America’s moral fabric. Thompson points this out.

“Those very simple but graceful words in the second paragraph of the Declaration,” he started, “So, just go through them: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident.’ The first thing to say is that in 2019, the intellectual class in the United States doesn’t believe in the concept of truth. In 2016, the word of the year in the Oxford dictionary was ‘post-truth.’ It said that we live in a post-truth society, that is to say, we live in a world where truth is allegedly subjective. Every person effectively has their truth, or every group has their truth, where as the Founding Fathers believed in truth with a capital T, that truth is absolute, certain, permanent, and universal.”

This is where the battle for America really begins. Are we going to allow an entire generation to be educated to believe that truth is subjective and thus so is morality?

“The reigning intellectual and moral orthodoxy of American intellectual life, American universities would be the twin towers of moral relativism and nihilism, and the idea here, and the goal of the left over the last 50 or 60 years has been this long march through the institutions,” noted Thompson. “What they’ve tried to do — and in fact, have done quite successfully — is to take over America’s cultural institutions, particularly education, particularly K through 12 education, and colleges and universities, and that’s where the real battle is. It’s a battle of ideas.”

Thompson goes on to say, “Unfortunately I think, too many libertarians and conservatives and classical liberals invest too much time in politics, whereas John Adams and Thomas Jefferson believed that — what really is the underpinning — the soul of a nation is how we educate our children. That’s the core issue, and so whoever controls the schools, and now also the universities, will control the culture.”

“As Andrew Breitbart once said, politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from the universities, and so if we lose the battle for the universities — and our schools, K through 12 — then we find ourselves in a very difficult position,” Thompson foreshadows.

Thompson remarked, “I, like many other people, do worry about a potential coming civil war. Now, obviously a civil war in 21st century America would be significantly different than the kind we had in 1861, but it would be a different kind of civil war, and it may not involve violence at all, but it might involve the fracturing of America. Now, unlike the 1850s and 1860s, this is not a regional [war]. It’s not north versus south. It’s really ideological, and how we deal with that issue is unclear.”

With this concern comes Thompson’s theory that the way in which children are being educated now will have a profound impact on the result of a future civil war. He believes homeschooling is the best way to combat the pervasiveness of the progressive left’s agenda, which has infested government-run public schools all across the country.

“I do have hope in homeschooling,” Thompson stated. “I think homeschooling is one way in which we can recapture this culture, and I would argue, and have argued, that the leaders of the revolution are America’s homeschooling mothers. They’re the ones at the forefront of this change, and I would strongly encourage people to pull their kids out of government schools and to homeschool their children.”

We join him in that suggestion. If you can, get your children out of the public school system where they are undergoing intense progressive indoctrination. In the Civil War many families were divided as siblings went to fight for opposing sides. We will see the same division should another civil war occur but it will primarily be children splitting from their parents after having been brainwashed by the government education system for years.

The fight has begun, parents. Which side are you on?


  1. No, it’s Republicans (especially rabid Trump-supporters ) who hate what America stands for, They want to return us back to the 1850’s!

  2. Are you all so gullible as to believe that the progressive wing of the Democratic party is Socialist. As long as I am a Democrat I never heard such nmon scene in all my life, and the fact that anyone would think that we would ever wont to over through our Government. it is not only silly but dangerous to say the least . Where have all the sain people gone. and to insinuate that anyone would instigate a civil WAR IS NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK, BUT THE ALLEGATION IS INSANE and has no place on this site. I for one never talk about right and left I leave that up to the imacill’s.who are trying to disrupt and to bring our nation down and too it’s knee’s for there own gratification
    IT’S ALL ABOUT DISTRACTION, DISTRACTION , AND DISTRACTION. So they can distract the American public from the real problems going on in the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION .. Like TRUMP attacking Iran and other ass a nine things he is doing too that country. If you wont to support him go right ahead . I’m not stopping anyone.but take this from me THIS COUNTRY COMES BEFORE ANY PRESIDENT OR KING, NOTHING COMES BEFORE OUR COUNTRY. not even that lunatic in the White House today.

  3. I am going to drop a hard microphone so if you don’t agree with me you might not want to read these next few lines. “DONALD TRUMP WAS VOTED UPON AND WON FOR PRESIDENT”. Those great video producers will continue to make him look bad. My prior work experience has taught me how to contain threats, maintain rent, and obtain debt. I would just like to submit a proposal to something. What if an OF-9 (Nato Rank) was to take this into consideration. GEN Stephen J. Townsend is a great example of this. He is a great commander and there is second to none.

  4. Yes, the Democrats seem to despise America, which is why I walked away from it. Any person of conscience still in the party shouldn’t walk away but RUN!

  5. I really think the Left wants a Civil War. It is clear they want to destroy the Constitution, God, Religion, the Flag, History, the President, and everything that has made this country great. We better wake up and stop their dangerous Socialist policies.

  6. Its about time real patriots stand up for our country and throw these troublemakers out. It will probably take a civil war to do it, I cant believe any real Americans would vote to put Pelosi, Schiff, AOC and some of the others in office,Our forefathers have GOT to be turning over in their graves. CMON people WAKE UP and ATOP these people ruining OUR country!!!!!

    • President Trump should immediately issue an executive order on all colleges that have an imbalance of Liberal Professors and make them correct this or lose funding. I believe it would hold up in court because the citizens are funding those who preach Socialism and this is not what our country is or wants as we know the ultimate outcome which is implosion.
      The NEA should be eliminated and the teaching of our K through 12 given to the States to administer. Yes, I know the Liberal States will be doing the same thing as now but they are by far outnumbered by Conservative States.
      Make Civics classes mandatory in all States as it is evident our students are woefully ignorant about our nations history, our constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • What will you do about it though Dave Xavier? Sit around and wait? I did that too many times in the Infantry. What the hell is wrong with this country?

  7. From the first day I set foot into my son’s elementary school in 2007 I decided he would be homeschooled beginning with 6th grade. I would allow him to attend public school for K-5th grade only to make long lasting friendships with those children who lived in our community because he was the only child we had living at home. Our two older children had already graduated school, joined the military, as we are a military family, and moved on , so he was essentially an only child. Public school had changed dramatically since my older children had attended. I made sure that I was my child’s room mother in every grade and that each child in each classroom recieved the education they should have. When the teachers couldn’t spell and quoted communist manifestos as to the use of internet information in the classroom lessons and mathematics didnt even conform to accounting standards I decided I would homeschool. Each of my children could read , write and do multiplication before they went to kindergarten. That was an advantage for my older children but not so for my youngest. He was purposely held back and chastised for his intelligence. I corrected text books because the information contained in them was wrong. Yet the administration insisted they must be used. We , my husband , myself and my son have decided he will not be attending any university but instead , at 17, he is starting his own business and will attend a tech school. He will graduate with honors next year. I have strongly urged every parent I have encountered through my own business and in casual conversations with my son’s friends , to homeschool now. Some have heeded my suggestion most have not. The common excuse is “I work and wouldn’t be home to keep an eye on them.” I countered with they can come to my house and work with us , as I have the ability to do so. Still they made excuses. When my older children were in elementary school I was going through a divorce to escape an abusive marriage. I was a single parent fighting to save my home, not receiving ANY aid from any governmental
    agency or child support . I worked three jobs to take care of my children. I lived in fear every day of my life with only myself to protect and guide my children…and I did! Your excuses do not work for me. If you truly love your child then you will defend their right to a safe ,logical and loving future. Please take the moment to review what your child is learning and do not fear contradicting any falsehoods you find. If you cannot homeschool full time then parent them with truth . Grow a backbone ! Protect your child’s psyche as well as their physical wellbeing.

  8. CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE LOST PERSPECTIVE. Especially the young who have never experienced “hard ship”. Sorry, but what we need is a good WAR TO WAKE UP THOSE WHO HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Education in America has taken a dive, compaired to world wide education as both students and teachers are in a dream world of their own. Truly,They are concerned only about themselves and not others.

  9. Anybody that thinks we should go around killing the other side, I don’t want on my team that’s horrible. Most that want that have never spilt blood and are just silly little kids that play too many video games and watch too many movies.

  10. The inalienable rights include Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness.

    There is NO right to happiness, as the left would have you believe. Everyone has the right to SEEK his or her own happiness, but results aren’t guaranteed.

  11. Education is the long-game solution to preserving American values, but the reality today is that the existential threat to America is at our throats NOW.

    We have one chance to avoid a bloody war in which the violence is conducted by Leftist proxies like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, and justified by the Useful Idiots in the Fake News Media, and when those of us that revere Liberty and Constitutional Order will fight a defensive action as the Deep State actions take away more of our freedoms, and the thugs take more of our lives.

    That chance is to recognize the DEMarxists in Congress and #VoteThemAllOut in 2020.

    House Demoncrats have already said they’ll keep impeaching Trump til they can find a reason that the Senate will buy to remove him from office. The ONLY way to keep that from happening is to elect Liberty- and Constitution-loving Republicans to the House of Representatives and US Senate in 2020.

    Impeachment is the job of the House, the adjudication of the charges is in the Senate’s hands. The only way America-lovers will regain control of America is by Republicans taking back the House. And to my libertarian brothers and sisters: Be libertarian in philosophy, but vote Republican because the alternative supports socialists and will result in the tyranny of the majority.

    As long as there are more courts in the land that judge allegations by the facts and not their emotional content; that justice is the rule and not social justice; and that objective truth trumps the confusion and lies of subjective “their truth” then there is hope that the only country on earth “conceived and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” will survive.

    The alternative is terrifying to envision, but there have been books (1984) movies (Atlas Shrugged) and songs (RUSH’s Red Sector A) written about it. Visualize a just and peaceful nation, economically free with individuals controlling their own destiny, and we can achieve it.

    What unites true Americans is standing on the American values of fair play, personal responsibility, and respect for your neighbor. We must focus on what unites us instead of the divisiveness of identity politics if we want to be One Nation Under God instead of One Bunch of Prisoners Under Communism.

    Uniting America starts with recognizing that – especially with the President – policy is more important than personality; personality affects people that deal with the President, while policy affects everyone in the nation, and in the world.

    The next step is to realize that if you don’t vote out the America-haters and vote in the America-lovers, America will destroy itself in civil unrest. Thomas Jefferson said “the Tree of Liberty must be must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” If we want to avoid shedding real blood, we must shed the political blood of DEMarxists, Socialists, Sharia-law advocates and other totalitarians at the ballot box in 2020. Step Two is voting Republicans into office wherever they run.

    The time has come for YOU to decide: Is the idea of America worth saving?

    In the end-game we now find ourselves in, there can be no fence-sitters. Either you stand for Individual Liberty under The Constitution, or you want it destroyed by “those that know what’s best for us” how we should live our lives. If you want help making up your mind, I recommend the new Freedom of Speech movie “No Safe Spaces”, and the long version of “SOCIALISM: A Warning From the Dead” on YouTube.

    It’s up to YOU and to ME and the guy next door. If we care, we can turn back the totalitarian tide. If we don’t, our children will never know the freedom we always thought was our birthright.

  12. The Left has created a bully’s approach to building their ranks. They are no different than the 12th century Catholic Church’s office of the Inquisition, where innocent citizens would be afraid to labeled a “heretic” by extremists. Or in here in the USA in 1692/1693 where extremists in Salem, Massachusetts put fear into innocent citizens who were deathly afraid of being labeled a witch. It’s no different today where the Left, through their PC culture, destroy lives by labeling the opposition with any number of pejorative labels. They are extremists and as with all extremists, their bullying tactics puts them on the wrong side of history. Future generations will look back at this period in time and will view it as a dark age. A dark age when the media, whose neutral role in our democracy is so crucial, failed the citizens of America and instead joined the Left as biast extremists. The same cane be said of the public school teachers. America needs to wake up and not just accept the status quo. We all seem to be waiting for someone else to stand up and lead the righteous fight for our history, our culture, our liberty, our beliefs and our children. God Bless America and the Bill of Rights.

  13. The smart thing to do if we do have a civil war and we win we must remove all the Democrats from are government and put term limits on all are politicians!!! We also must start doing it even before any kind of war!!!


  14. let’s not just blame trumP or Clinton but put the blame where it belongs. that is squarely on the two parties they have used every devicive issue over the last 60 years to separate us over Wmds (weapons of mass distraction) They have successfully devided us over abortion,education,race, even religion…they have successfully partitioned us up on every little thing they can to get us to vote their way..

    • OK, so how do you reason with someone who does NOT believe in “the concept of truth” and for whom everyone and every group has their own “truth” ??? As AOC once said: her “truth” is more important than facts. It helps explain the continuous, grotesque lies coming from the leftist Dems if they believe we live in a “post-truth” society. However, since that leads to moral relativism, nihilism, and the belief that life is meaningless, I contend that’s just another form of insanity and helps explain why the Left seems consumed with hatred and rage: They’re actually sort of INSANE !! It makes the leftist Dems seem like pretty scary folks. Heaven save us from the Democrats.

  15. I believe the all Americans must take a constitutional oil to America a re swearing in of their constitutional beliefs in the Bill of Rights and if they refuse they need to be deported out of America until which time they come back and agree anyone that breaks these rules why under the oath will be subject to deportation or charges of domestic terrorism it is gotten so bad from the left at this is the only way we’re going to write the situation and really get Constitution Loving people back on the side of America we have to weed out the years of illegal immigration of trash that does not belong here and are not and never will be Americans and all the Socialist crap can go with them too

  16. I sincerely hope that this war will be through words and not a physical insurrection, but I am not so sure conservatives can pull it off. It is possible we can effectively gain control of our institutions through the use of mass media, but we must rally around a central point. We must develop a battle plan. As things are now, we have a diverse group that keep hammering away, in different areas. This is making a difference, but ever so slowly. We now have a president that can act as that central point, and if we support him all out, I believe we will make great progress. But we still need someone who will dedicate all his energy toward the whole institution of learning.

    • I don’t see how it could become a physical insurrection since every community has liberals and conservatives. So we’d be fighting our neighbors…..

      UNLESS….. the liberals start moving into homogeneous neighborhoods or cities so that there is a physical boundary to their turf. And even though doesn’t play out well.

      So, I think any ‘war’ will be a cold war and of words and ideals, with occasional skirmishes. I think we are very far away from a physical war.

      Everyone has family members that are violently opposed to their point of view, and I don’t see family conflicts getting that serious.

  17. Taxation without representation…selective enforcement…nullification. We divide ourselves because we divide our belief…polytheism or monotheism…pick and pay.


  18. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all being home schooled or in Charter or Christian/Jewish based schools. The thought that there will not be a shooting war is pure ignorance!!! My family fought in all American wars starting with the Revolutionary War and if it becomes necessary to fight another Civil War, So be it!!!!

  19. I get sick and tired of reading these comments on all of the posted articles relating to the battles going on in our society and schools. They always quote a scripture verse or rant and rave about civil war coming and kick all of the immigrants out of the country… BUT…. they never ask the most important question? “Where are our leaders who should be combatting these attacks against out Republic”. Oh they say our time is coming we’re going to take our schools and country back. That’s nothing but vain talk. We need action!!!! We need leaders who will step up and start leading our own movement!

  20. No one should be cheerleading such talk. Our form of government was built on minority rights and to hold the majority accountable.

    Historically, compromise is the glue that holds our government together. Far to many believe compromise is a bad thing. Demagoguery and the unwillingness to listen and keep an open mind to other viewpoints is fostering a toxic atmosphere.

  21. I fear the next civil war is not going to be limited to just education, and merely ideological in nature; it’s going to be an all out gender war triggered by radical feminist-minded liberals. At some point the legal system’s bias and abuse against decent, hard-working men will have to be challenged. I see no other solution but war. It may not be imminent but things are speeding up in that direction. Curiously though the radical left is to blame for all that’s wrong in modern society these days, reason why I stopped supporting them myself. Their incessant pursuit for gender “equality” has gone a bit too far. And sure enough, they’ve plastered that stain deep in the education system as well.

  22. Not but one truth period. What a bunch of nonsense to think otherwise.
    The best way for human nature is the way of truth.

  23. People Got Fed up with Roman Catholic schools and stopped sending their children there , the same will happen here if Parents get involved

  24. the fraud of the power and greed to own the mind of human kind …the deception is to control the world of life as profit to own the rules of a society to govern and stop the ability of the free soul to live on the money that freedom and education rises…to be the University the hope of a family to make the society of this world NOT the politics of diversion to demand the will of the people to listen to THEM RULE the power to control all…gjmars


    • The left wing commies’ only refrain now is “raciss” “raciss” “raciss” “raciss” “raciss”.

      When you start hearing that over and over and over again you need to start thinking not only victory, but long, wide and deep d-naps for all the commies, BECAUSE they will never change.

      They can never be repaired, the cultural-Marxist indoctrination system cut their brain wires and hardwired marxist only thought patterns in them……..sorry, but it’s true!!

  26. Here’s the big problem! America has taken GOD out of everything! Most of the citizens of America have no morals because of takin God out of everything! This country needs to bring back the beliefs of GOD, GUNS, AND THE CONSTITUTION! THE BACKBONE OF AMERICAS FOUNDINGS!

  27. The Tree of Liberty should be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. It is natural manure.
    Thomas Jefferson

  28. I have heard that homeschooling is an option and many kids, if not some; experience just as an effective nuance in life’s experience by the irony of the generation and ones before that who were then taught in public schools! So, that might be a good option to think about!

  29. Never in my life have I seen the liberal socialist Democrats, and others, acting against our Country, as they are doing. The Democrats only want money, power, and to be in office for the next 1,000 years. While the “Hate Speech” and Left concentrate on Impeachment, no important legislation is being passed by Congress. This hate mongering is destroying our Country. It appears to me that this is exactly what the Democrats want. Question is – who has brainwashed them into this line of thinking?

    • The corporate globalists lead by the Rothschild Bank of London is leading them!!

      The Rothschilds are pushing for global governance, where that governance is administered by elitist bureaucrats appointed by the mega multi-nationa banks and Western private central banks.

      Yes, yes, it’s all about THEIR control of ALL the Earth’s natural resources and all its people….and there is nothing you patriots can do to stop it/them (so they believe)!!

      WAKE UP FOLKS…nothing these commies are doing is a coincidence or by chance….and you can take that to the bank…..Rothschild’s bank that is!!

  30. There will be a wor al probably be what Is left of the libertarians against liberals.if we want the USA to be what the founding fathers planed , then get prepared! Words are fine,but wars can be bloody.ive got plenty too spear.

  31. The leaders in the latest Congress mind as well be called what the they are The Nazi Party of the 20th century they are doing exactly what Hitler did where took over Germany first they got rid of the person in charge of Germany then they made the people turn on each other they disarmed there people before they took over.

  32. Here is that coming civil war, not just in America but all over the world. It also explains why quite a number brought up in the traditional way but publicly educated can suddenly side with terrorists. Matthew 10:34

  33. I hope there is NO war, but, i believe this man is right. This country is so divided that it will not come back from the edge. But, for my grandkids sake i hope no war comes.
    The young people in this country can not handle war. It will be the last war if fought on this soil. Our children will not be able to handle an all out war.

    Pray for NO war.
    but, you may be right.


    • General Patton told his green solders………when you see the boy’s face next to you turn to goo, you’ll know what to do.

  34. Where are the parents of the 63 million Americans who voted for Mr. Trump? They need to attend their schools and fight this indoctrination. Their taxes are paying for Schooling to learn history, math etc. As far as a civil war, the left seem to be forcing the thought of it. Will they be using plastic straws as weapons?

  35. The other side best hope it does not come to guns. As we will have them. The Police and military would be on our side as well.

    I want my grandchild as well my step grandchildren to attend a Christian School. The problem is the government wants to dictate what the requirements are for a diploma.

    Even homeschooling I was talking with a local teacher just a couple weeks ago. The government wants to regulate homeschooling with 1 or 2 tests a year. So the state can make sure we are teaching, what they say.

  36. I hope you’re right about homeschoolers winning out otherwise this country is lost. Praying for President Trump and the Conservative Christian right to someday regain this country. Ideological Civil War has begun though already!

    • Joseph they are Home Schools they will require 1 or 2 tests a year to make sure the teaching is following protocol

  37. It won’t be a civil war like the unpleasantness of the 1860’s with organized armies & a definitive outcome. It will seem more like a series of riots that just go on. The ultimate outcome will be life will become insufferable for white people in areas where POC are a majority like California or even a substantial minority. Whites will migrate to areas where whites predominate & ultimately become a separate country or a largely autonomous region. This is why the left goes up the flagpole over white nationalism. Even though they hate us deep down they realize without us they have no tax revenue. The white areas will have low taxes & welfare benefits discouraging POC migration. If you look at the country now this is already starting to happen.

    • The commies live in the big megalopolises, grow little food, have very little natural drinking water…… got the drift, right!

      It won’t be a war, it will just be the good guys cutting the bad guys off from the resources they need to sustain themselves!!

      Flyover country will be in charge!!

  38. The Democrats are Evil. They are like the Jews at Christ Trial that were hollering to Crucify Him and wanted to free the Criminal. I for one am ready to go to a bloodbath with the Democrats and I will gladly give my life to save America for my children and grandchildren. Democrats are Americas Judas.

  39. Yes there will be a war but not in schools it will be the Democrats and liberals and their mobs and terrorist groups that are trying to destroy our country and take away our constitutional rights and our freedom against the American people to protect our country and our constitutional rights and our freedom its go to be the good American people against the evil Democrats and liberals and their mobs and terrorist trying to destroy our country

  40. I don’t think the Democrats know what they our country to be. They are a hodge-podge of ideologies and don’t really stand for any one principal or policy. They seem to gravitate to the “flavor of the week”. They hate anything conservative or what appears to make common sense. The Democrats whole goal now to regain the “Power” and use any means to get it back. Ruining lives or running folks over is a good means to the ends. They are getting more and more scary as DJT keeps stifling them to achieve their goals.

  41. This article is very discouraging. Apparently the consensus of scientists is “post-truth” nonsense…measles vaccinations and climate change are a hoax dreamed up by libtards and thousands of independent journalists around the globe — all somehow telling the same exact details without coordinating. Apparently every step forward in society that liberals championed, and still champion, is a lie: abolition of slavery, women’s rights, voting rights, Civil Rights, stopping Jim Crow laws, integration — all fought viciously by conservatives. I would appreciate hearing from anyone about ANY social advancement brought about by conservatives.


  42. The worst mistake we made is allowing our government to suspend the military draft. When you served you “lived” with citizens from every corner of our country. You got exposed to every nationality every religion and it worked. Those who have served our country got a real understanding of what this country is about. We all traveled to places and saw things, such as the hate and living conditions of others. How countries treat their citizens. When we came home so did those visions and memories of others and how lucky we are to have a country such as ours.
    Most Americans have never traveled outside our country to see how the rest of the world lives. Americans, pay attention to what some are trying to pass as freedom. Its nothing more than money and power. Most of them have never had a hammer in their hand, pulled wire, roofed a house or had anything but money in their hands and they are afraid of losing their money and power. Socialism doesn’t work. Those in government stay at the top and feed you scraps. Ask the Iranian people how they like it or better yet, try Venezuela and their empty stores, while the government personnel live good. Do not buy what being sold to you.

  43. Buy gold, guns, ammunition’s. Join other trusted patriots. Select objectives in priority order, such as elimination of opposition leaders, and cutting transportation routes feeding big cities, and seizing communications. Cooperate with other like minded organizations.

    By 2021 the streets will run red.

  44. This is so scary but the real answer is for America to turn back to the principles this country was established on. I know its not popular to talk about it but most, if not all the founding fathers were believers in God as the creator of the universe even if they weren’t all confessing Christians, they still knew right from wrong. We need to heed 2nd Chronicles 7;14 If My People, who are called by My Name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.

  45. There’s no doubt that the radical left and their warped minds have done damage to this country, but a civil war? They would have to pull off domestic terrorism like the Oklahoma City bombing to get anyone’s real attention. With broader security measures in place after 9/11, one would think how difficult it would be to pull and organize attacks like that. All college campuses are full of liberal jargon and nonsense and students get naturally caught up in it. But once out of college a lot of these people have to start living in the real world and find out how it really works. The National Guard probably out numbers these radical leftist goons anyway.

  46. The first blatant evidence of what we’re all talking about occurred in 1965 when God was removed from our schools. Then came, in no particular order, abortion, flag burning, drugs, socialism, Timothy Leary and LSD, the so-called “enlightened society”, the World Order, the U.N. over all, career politicians increasingly obligated to mega-corporations and multi-billionaires, and feelings of hopelessness as our elected leaders waste their time and our tax dollars pursuing “projects” totally unrelated to the governing of the greatest country on the planet. And underneath all this is the baggage of our history: slavery, “eminent domain”, indigenous peoples on reservations, political greed, corporate greed regardless of human cost, or cost to the environment which, one day, will turn around and kill us. Runaway federal debt which our progeny will never be able to pay even the interest. Where will it stop? Where will it end? Will it? Not in my lifetime, I know. I’m 75. In my grandchildren’s lifetime? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. There is too much evil out there for humanity to make that big a turnaround.

  47. Good remarks here by reasonable people. It seems all of us are concerned that a civil war of some type is either upon us or is coming. Either way, we have obligations to our children and each other. We surely know that there are some that riot just to make themselves feel important. We also know that during many riots, the people doing the rioting were destroying the buildings that housed businesses. How does that make sense, to violate the hard working people of the community. I first observed it during the Watts riots in the 60s, and now it seems to be the thing to do. Do these morons doing the rioting actually believe that a small business is a danger to society, and therefore deserve to have their livelihood destroyed? With the so called politicians stirring the pot, our freedoms are obviously at risk. I love my country, and hate to see it vilified day after day.
    God please bless America.

  48. The left told us they want a civil war, they threatened us. They have no idea that the people might fight back to prevent the total destruction of the republic by the communist whom control the House. Their agenda forced illegal immigration upon us, to change demographics to achieve global communism, for future illegal political victories. Open borders continued to end sovereignty as an independent nation, and gain membership in the Globalist Socialist New World Order.The end of capitalism and the enslavement of citizens by a socialist dictatorship. Everything they want is based upon ignorance, and hatred for America, yet like parasites wish to suck her blood till she dies. Daily, Communist style news, media, press, magazines articles, and entertainment where as like today we are fed lies and propaganda daily for a political agenda to enslave us. In reality, Soros is the god of the Democratic communist party. God save this republic, the conservatives will not start the next internal conflict, but will end it at the ballot box.

  49. Sign me up …in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost…and I was Tea Party in 09 in D.C., and Bugler for American Spring in D.C. May 2014.

  50. I’ve seen this coming for some time now .Yes, its taking place in our schools , however some of it will be on the streets too. The low life’s invading the country will be a tool of the Elites , our entire systems of values will be trashed at the direction of individuals like Schumer, Pelosi , Nadler , Schiff and other big money mogul’s in ”Kookiefornia”and New York City. The Politically correct creatures now living in caverns beneath the streets of Washington D.C will direct your vocabulary ,CBS ,MSNBC and (most of all)CNN will teach you how to think ! Wow !

  51. Unfortunately, “we the people” have allowed this to happen. All those endorsements by foundations funded by ultra rich progressives are actually destroying our country rather than helping it as all the talking heads in the MSM and liberal dems are claiming. Our education system is on the verge of being nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Global Progressive movement. If we don’t curtail the influence of the Gorge Soros, Tom Styers, and the complete nannyism of Michael Bloomberg we will loose this Republic and become a nothing player in the world. Our children are our greatest assets but, can easily become our biggest detriment in we don’t watch out. The time to act may be slipping by as we sleep. THE EASIEST WAY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING!!! AMERICA, WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE???

  52. I believe that the battlefield will be in the Courts. Home schools, pro second amendment and anti abortion and fundamental Christians will be attacked. However our Attorney (Jesus Christ) will prevail. His promise that “I will come again” will take place in His time. Personally, I am ready and look forward to the Rapture of His Church. I have been a “born again” for 77 years and when I asked Him to save me, He did! and He also said, “I give unto you eternal life and you shall never perish. PRAISE HIM!!

  53. If the United States is to continue to be a superpower the children have to be better educated. The educational system has to go into hyperdrive as it did in the 50’s to win the Space Race. It was done before and has to be done again.
    Todays young people must be taught relevant skills to bring them past the 21st century.

  54. It’s a Cold Civil War, honestly. As for public school indoctrination, that depends dramatically on your state. In some states, like mine (Georgia), it doesn’t exist outside of a few isolated cases in places like Atlanta.

    In others, like California, it is enforced. At least one liberal state currently teaches children to put “flavored lubricants” on used condoms and then consume them.

  55. IT is past time for real Americans to assert themselves. First register to vote NOW and then DO It. Second speak up to your reps by email or phone when you disagree with what they are doing. Get your friends to call. Be civil. They TALLY those calls. Always speak up to defend American values. Ignore the name calling. America is worth fighting for.

  56. You are exactly right. It might start out as a war of words and ideas, but when push comes to shove it will end up in a real war with violence (Shooting War). It always does. Look at history. When those in power couldn’t effectively win folks over to their way of thinking, they turned to violence (Russians did it, Nazis did it and so on). Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that in this day and age mankind doesn’t have the same propensity to get their way by force. If nothing else, when the left doesn’t get what they want, they will result to more violence such as the protests and riots we’ve already seen where lawlessness is their only option. When the right (Conservatives) get pushed back into a corner, then our country will see another side of the right who will push back. But it won’t be with words. The right will take up arms and clear the streets as it were. They have done it in the past and they will do it again and again if needed. The only way you can fight violence IS with violence.
    Trump in 2020

    • and ……….by the way. That’s the reason the left want to get rid of all our guns. Cuz they know they can’t defeat a very determined and well train army of citizens who know exactly how to use defensive tools like guns. It’s the right who own and possess most of all the guns in America, not the left. Over 62,000,000 people have them (Military & Ex-Military Conservatives, Law Enforcement and Ex- & Retired Law Enforcement Conservatives, Most freedom loving and hunters of the Conservative persuasion, along with all the rest who value the Constitution and place it in high regarde who read it for what it says and not some left wing radical interpretation.

  57. I believe also that their is going to be a civil war and it is already has started and what is so sad about it is that a great many lives are going to be lost and are country will most likely go into a very bad depression that has never been seen before!!!! In fact America will most likely not survive and all the freedoms and all are rights will gone, for if the Democrats win we will no longer have any rights or freedoms and the Democrats have already been attacking all are rights, and all are freedoms, and traditions and religions, and every American citizen has already seen it!! I do have hope though because I believe are military and are conservative and Independent religious souls in are country will destroy all these radical wackos!!!

  58. Curtis, I too am very angry at the ongoing effort to destroy America and about the problem in our schools. Ideally, an “ideology war” could be a non-violent war, like an intense debate and lawsuits by parents against schools, institutions, and organizations promoting socialism. However, in my view, the hard-Left doesn’t want that because their “truth” and “facts” are not reality. The problem (about a violent civil war) is there is no line of demarcation for an actual violent civil war, like many years ago. How will you identify the enemy when they are silently all around us? That goes for both sides. In our times, this is not a clearly defined Team Death Match but a Free-For-All where, as it progresses, becomes a very BIG problem for all of us.

  59. I agree there will be a civil war but there will be violence. Just look at the brain washed people in Antifa and the violence their already doing. The schools are a major indoctrination system. They believe in free speech as long as it fits their agenda.
    The Democtat party condones violence. I can see this country fracturing and seperating into at least two different countries.

  60. Let’s see Elissa slotkin sez, Party before country….. always. And tailb, now we can impeach this motherf-cker. Yeah I’d say civil war is here.

  61. The civil war is ‘cultural’ . . . And, it has been in play incrementally for quite some time . . . Buckle up . . . for the conflict will become ever more intense when the silent majority stands up for the ideals and values of the constitutional republic.

    • Curtis, I too am very angry at the ongoing effort to destroy America and the problem in our schools. Ideally an “ideology war” could be a non-violent was, like an intense debate and lawsuits by parents against schools, institutions, and organizations promoting socialism. However, in my view, the hard-Left doesn’t want that because their “truth” and “facts” are not reality. The problem is there is no line of demarcation for an actual violent civil war like years ago. How will you identify the enemy when they are silently all around us? That goes for both sides. In our times this is not a clearly defined Team Death Match but a Free-for-all, and THAT is a big problem.


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