Irony: Muslim Cleric Killed By Cow He Was About To Sacrifice – Accident Or Message From Above?

(Tea Party 247) – Islam is a wicked ideology that only serves to oppress women and children and turn men into radical, violent terrorists. Islam’s very roots evolved from resentment, bitterness, and anger. Abraham had two sons, Isaac, son of Abraham’s wife Sarah, and Ishmael, son of Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar. Isaac then went on to have a son named Jacob. Jehovah, God, gave Jacob the name Israel. God also gave Israel all the promises he had promised Abraham and Isaac.

Islam is rooted in the claim that Ishmael was included in the promises of God to Israel. This is untrue. Muslims are the descendants of Ishmael while Jews are the descendants of Israel. In case you didn’t know, now you know.

As you can see, Islam has always been about strife and disputing’s. The fighting over the holy land of Israel has always been the main point of contention but anything that is in opposition to Islam, is hated by Muslims. (That includes Western culture and America). Muslims have never been able to move past the archaic religious practices of Old Testament times. Animal sacrifices are still taken very seriously and, despite the fact that they worship a false god, they do not miss the opportunity to sacrifice animals for Allah, albeit in vain.

In a twist of ironic fate, a Muslim cleric in East Java was killed by the very cow he was preparing to sacrifice. While we certainly don’t celebrate death of any kind, we can’t help but appreciate the irony of his death.

Summit News has the report:

A Muslim cleric in East Java who was about to participate in the ritual slaughter of animals to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid was killed after one of the cows fought back.

The 64-year-old man, known as Sureki, was about to take part in the sacrificial butchering of four cattle and 17 goats as part of a ritual for the Islamic Day of Sacrifice at a mosque in Blitar.

However, one of the cows escaped from its tethering and ran at full speed 100 meters towards Sureki.

“The cow suddenly ran toward him and struck [Sureki’s] chin with its head,” an eyewitness told The Jakarta Post. “The cow is big and fierce. Its leash was broken when it tried to escape,” he added.

Sureki fell backward and hit his head, rendering him unconscious, before being rushed to hospital.

Sureki was in a coma for three days but doctors couldn’t save him. He was the head of a chapter of the country’s largest Islamic organization.

While it certainly is an untimely tragedy for those who loved him, we can’t help but wonder if this was the orchestrating of Jehovah God to prove His power and sovereignty. The very first of the Ten Commandments says that Jehovah is the Lord and that we are not to have any other Gods before him. I would say, God takes false worship very seriously and Muslims have been at it for centuries. Perhaps Muslims should take this incident as a warning to stop their idol worship and come to the light.

Since the 600’s nothing good has come from Islam yet. You’d think at some point Muslims would look around the world and see that every society that has been ruled by Christianity and the Bible have become successful, advanced societies and realize that their war-torn countries have seen very little societal advancements or successes. How long do they have to wonder why that might be? They believe in a god but not THE God.

Angels in Heaven would rejoice if just one Muslim saw the killing of this cleric as a sign from the Almighty God of the Universe, Jehovah, and turned away from the wickedness of Islam to the loving, arms of Jesus Christ.

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