Irish Health Minister “Committed To” Restricting Pro-Life Advocates

(Tea Party 247) – The left is full of hypocrisy and double standards. Since abortion has become “on demand” in Ireland, there have been massive protests and social disapproval. Despite this, progressive lawmakers continue to make concessions for pro-abortion enthusiasts while stifling the voices of pro-lifers.

In a recent series of tweets, Ireland’s Health Minister (pictured at top) and health professionals called out pro-life protesters for a demonstration they held outside of National Maternity Hospital in Dublin. The Health Minister is even going as far as to call for restrictions on pro-life demonstrations.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Simon Harris, Ireland’s health minister, has promised to create “exclusion zones” banning pro-life witness around abortion facilities.

Harris said he is “committed” to restricting pro-life speech outside abortion centers after pro-abortion politicians condemned pro-lifers online.

A video of a pro-life witness outside the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin (where babies are aborted) was posted to Twitter by Dr. Mary Higgins, a consultant at the hospital.

“Right here (national maternity hospital), right now 1/1/20; wonder why we need exclusion zones @LeoVaradkar @SimonHarrisTD – beneath the windows of a postnatal ward, in front if people leaving after a miscarriage, with small coffins, crosses and unsavoury images,” she tweeted.

Harris replied to this tweet, saying “Appalled to see. I don’t wonder why we need it at all. Have been engaging with Attorney General, Gardai & service providers about how best to bring it in in a manner that is constitutional etc. Can assure you I am committed to it and will be meeting cross party on it this month.”

Apparently, peacefully protesting the murder of unborn babies is “appalling” and something worthy of being shut down despite the fact that pro-aborts are allowed to gather outside the hospital where women go to have babies. If the pro-lifers aren’t allowed to gather peacefully, than why should the pro-aborts be allowed to gather?

Harris, in speaking to the press, blasted the pro-lifers and made clear his blatant double standards, saying, “How dare you turn up at a National Maternity Hospital and try to intimidate women?” Harris also said the demonstration was “sickening” but apparently it’s totally OK for supporters of abortion to gather at the very same hospital and rally for unborn babies to be slaughtered.

Like all good, lock-step progressives, Harris has made no secret of his enthusiasm for the murder of unborn babies. On New Year’s Day he wrote a series of tweets on his personal Twitter account celebrating the strides in abortion access made in the Republic of Ireland. 

Of course, Harris is not alone, Catherine Noone, the deputy leader of the Irish Senate, also took to Twitter to complain about the pro-life event, saying, “We can’t wait any longer for exclusion zone legislation, it should have been done before now. It needs to be a major priority for the start of the new term. The danger is that it might never happen if there’s a change of Government.”

The very same people who are completely appalled and against pro-life protesters and peaceful demonstrations are happy to support pro-abortion gatherings, even in front of the very same hospital. Those who support abortion do so zealously and with complete disregard for the freedom of others to express their opposition.

You either support the murder of unborn babies or you get shut down. That’s progress, folks.


  1. Apparently the Irish have traded what they saw as English despotism for home grown despotism. Did Irish patriots fight and die for this? So sad.

  2. Hey how about retro abortion, in other words if you are pro abortion we whack you, then we don’t have to listen to you and you will have nothing to complain about.

  3. I’m not saying that abortion is right but time has come for the minority that on religious grounds strictly oppose it will no longer dictate prohibition what is really a private matter between the woman and her doctor. Objectively speaking the reason for a woman to abort is only known to her and not to the protesting crowd. Please remember that behind all abortions are men. So all of you sanctimonious males condemning a woman for her “dirty deed” should ask themselves who is victim here.

    • How about using it as birth control instead of using birth control so not to get pregnant? Could it be that? It happens across the pond all the time, where passion supersedes restrain because abortion is there to bail them out in case their carelessness causes pregnancy. Have you thought of that?

    • Of course you are excusing it. Unless it was rape, incest or the mothers life is at risk, why? This is not the 1920’s where women have no access to birth control. There is even a morning after pill, if they’re that horny and can’t stop themselves?Why wait until there is a heart beat? Have you heard that heartbeat at 6 weeks? I heard my grandchild’s ultrasound at 6 weeks. It’s a beating heart!

    • @Joseph: that’s a load of horse crap! Women has full control of their bodies including saying “ah, no!”!! But having a night of careless, unprotected passion and then getting an abortion because they get pregnant is repugnant. Unless they were forced to do something they didn’t want to do which majority of the abortion cases are unwanted pregnancies, thus, no victimization. Abortion should be for cases of rapes, incests and if it’s a threat to the mother’s life not to be used as birth control. I’m a woman, I totally disagree with your assertion that women are the victims here. Women can’t have it both ways, they can’t claim equal rights, be reckless then be a victim at the same breath. If you don’t want children get permanent sterilization. Instead of killing babies who can’t speak for themselves.

  4. Take heart, Hillary is on her way to save the day. Some libratard appointed her as Chancellor of one of your Universities. Supposedly for 5yrs. (Unless we can work something out and you keep her longer) maybe you could waste a little of your great whiskey to soak her head in. Besides, she believes in murdering the unborn right up to the moment of birth too so she will fit right in with your progressive libraturds!!! SORRY IRELAND we tried to get her busted but the corrupt head s of the DOJ and FBI under Obummer stopped us.

  5. What would have happened to these murderous, ungodly, evil people had there parents chosen to abort them? I am totally against abortion and killing innocent babies but had these wicked people never been born, maybe more precious lives would have been spared……………………..

    • His punishment will be just. He will burn in hell for advocating death to the unborn. Perhaps he is guilty of having a girl abort because he did not wish to support!

  6. I am Irish, 100%. I will oppose you every step of the way. You offend me! I will do everything I can possibly do to take you down. That is a promise! Just to bad nobody aborted you. KMA.

    • What?? Who are you opposing??? WHO offends you? Why bother posting if you can not clearly state your thoughts??

  7. Abortion movement should have been operating when these same pro abortionists were just about to enter the existence. That’s poetic justice.

  8. What the hell has happened to the Irish. They’ve become more and more liberal since Obama and I think they’ve lost their potato famine minds. They used to be a proud and conservative country where my ancestors came from but I wouldn’t step foot in that baby killing place any time soon. You will lose your place in the legend of Nations because of what you’re living now. Change or be destroyed by your own liberal socialist philosophy.

  9. I wonder what people who have abortions because its inconvenient, or doctors who preform these abortions,or politicians who promote these abortions to gain votes are going to say when GOD asks , why did you kill the gift I gave you ?

    • It’s actually both. Careless women who can use birth control but chooses not to and evil doctors who are sworn to protect lives but instead kills the innocent and unborn.

  10. Ireland look at what abortion has done to the USA. The violence is up. Young people killing other young people. Abortion has taught our society and our culture that life has no value. Once you have abortion firmly placed in your culture you will see murder rates go up. Once a human life becomes an option it will become an option thru out your society. It is a sad day when someone anyone can decide another life is expendable.

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