Irish Health Care Workers Are Standing Up Against Abortion In The Most Awesome Way; Americans Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Them

(Tea Party 247) – One of the greatest tragedies and blights against American culture is the fact that we not only allow the murder of innocent children through the process of abortion, but we in many cases celebrate such a vile, wicked crime, a sin that violates God’s law in the most egregious of manners.

While there are a lot of great organizations and individuals popping up to aggressively fight against this scourge of our day, there’s still a thing or two we could learn about standing up for the sanctity of life from our friends across the ocean in Northern Ireland.

Apparently, hundreds of health care workers have threatened to quit over the pro-abortion legislation that was recently passed doesn’t make some key changes.

Here’s more from LifeSiteNews:

Medical professionals, including GPs, have threatened to quit if the pro-abortion legislation forced on predominantly pro-life Northern Ireland does not make adequate provisions for conscience rights.

Dr. Andrew Cupples is among the 135 medical staff, including doctors, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists, who signed a statement indicating that they are unhappy that they may have to participate in abortions in an “ancillary, administrative or managerial capacity.”

“It is indeed welcome that healthcare professionals who object to abortion do not have to participate in a ‘hands-on’ capacity in the procedure,” the signatories conceded.

“However, for many, requests to act in an ancillary, administrative or managerial task in abortion provision may be equally problematic,” they continued.

“Performing such tasks may be key to an abortion taking place and could lead to the professional in question feeling they are complicit in something they believe to be deeply wrong.”

The group stated also that some may now choose to leave the medical profession.

Abortion was decriminalized in Northern Ireland after pro-abortion legislation was introduced by predominantly English Westminister MPs last October. A so-called “consultation” about the planned new abortion services was introduced in November and closed yesterday. Such pro-life peers in Northern Ireland as Baroness O’Loan and Lord Maurice Marrowhave objected to the vagueness of the questions in the consultation.

Philip Lynn, the development officer for the Northern Ireland branch of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews that forcing medical professionals to commit abortion violates the foundation of health care in the nation.

“Abortion, by its very nature, is an act of lethal violence against a child; it is not healthcare,” Lynn said via email.

“Compelling medical staff to participate in acts of abortion undermines the Hippocratic tradition that underpins medical practice in Northern Ireland, and violates their freedom of conscience as guaranteed by the Human Rights Act 1998,” he continued.

“Section 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 creates the most extreme abortion regime in Western Europe, which will exclude contentious pro-life medics from an already tottering health system. As such, this legislation cannot be ‘improved’ or reformed: it must be repealed in its entirety.​”

Niamh Uí Bhriain of Ireland’s Life Institute said the integrity of pro-life professionals should be respected and their right to act in accordance with their conscience upheld.

“Every doctor and medic knows abortion kills a baby, so any regime that tries to force pro-life medical professionals to take part in a life-ending procedure is truly authoritarian,” Uí Bhriain told LifeSiteNews via email.

“We’re seeing doctors and nurses in Ireland increasingly say they’d rather leave medicine than be forced to play any part in killing an unborn child,” she continued.

Uí Bhriain added that Irish health services need to retain all the professionals they can.

“At a time when the Irish health service is desperately short of staff, politicians should be doing everything they can to facilitate conscientious objectors, not bully them out of medical practice,” she said.

At the end of November, thousands of Northern Irish people protestedthe radical new abortion legislation imposed on them by Westminster MPs. Until then, Northern Ireland was the safest part of the UK for unborn babies, particularly those diagnosed with disabilities. Northern Ireland rejected the 1967 UK Abortion Act, and since then, unborn children in the region continued to be protected by the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. The new law repeals the sections of the 1861 Act that defend unborn children.

Pro-life leaders have described the current situation as a state of “legal chaos.”

These brave folks are willing to give up everything as a means of protecting the lives of the unborn, a noble gesture that we sure could use a lot more of here in the United States. The fact that thousands of babies are murdered here, in the supposed land of the free, is an atrocity almost too great to bear.

How can we expect God to bless our nation when we murder our own children for the sake of convenience? Why would He ever reward the wicked? If we don’t want to experience His judgment, we better start working harder to eradicate abortion and make it a punishable offense.



  1. Abortion does not belong in the law or politics, a true conservative is for young women having total choice not old elites making money

  2. Good for them, unlike the rest of the UK, they are resisting. BTW, Northern Ireland are not all Irish, they are Scots and English, with some real Irish still there. So I wonder who this article is referring to, the Irish-Irish or the Scotch-Irish.

  3. Didn’t you get the memo??!!

    Prince Charles and the rest of the sick ‘royal’ family of the brutish empire have ordained that there are too many people on the planet; much more than they can reasonable hope to have under tight control in their dystopian “Brave New World’ nightmare, which they are using international bodies such as the United Nations to implement.

    As such they have ‘decreed’ that the ‘carrying capacity’ of the planet under the low technology regime of ‘sustainable technologies” which they are in the process of clubbing their way towards, is less than 1 billion people. Currently there are over 7 billion people alive, as they bemoan daily. As such they have decided to use disease (AIDS epidemic anyone?), poverty (industry and business killing legislation), and enforced ignorance (mandatory stupidity a la the bloated, useless, and unconstitutional US federal department of ‘edumacation) to kill people fast. How they have bemoaned the fact in their writings among themselves that war does not kill enough or fast enough).

    So having god’s work being done (ie; birth of babies) while they are carrying out their master Satan’s work (ie; killing people, including babies) cannot be tolerated. So thru the use of demonic word play they portray the killing of innocents not as the demonic act that it is, but as a ‘right’ of women. So they turn women, whom god has fashioned to be the means for the extension of the existence of the human race into the future, into the destroyers of that future in order to chase after the false idols of ‘independence” and ‘career’.

    So at the end of their lives they have no issuance, no contribution to the future, no one who cares about them deeply, but they can proudly proclaim on their headstones, ‘Here lies Susan. She enjoyed 53 246 steaks.’

    The spiritually bankrupt have allowed themselves to be nudged off the pinnacle of glory as a member of the race of beings who are forged in the living image of the creator, into mere consumers, the same as any beast. And the most unpalatable and destructive thing they consume is the concept of the normalization of the crime of murder of children, whether born or unborn.

    So Prince Phillip and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was once a card-carrying member of the Nazi party formed the World Wildlife Fund in 1960 to accelerate their dreams of genocide after it’s former vehicle, Nazi Germany, was destroyed.

    The WWF purchases land on the borders of African, Asian, and other countries and uses international bodies to force the status of UN protectorate upon the land in spite of any objections of the countries whose land is forcibly taken for this purpose.

    These protectorates protect gun running, armed (by guess who?)revolutionary fighters, and prevent neighboring countries from linking their economies by means of a train line or a road between them. So each remains isolated with only colonial era train lines running to the coast to enable the easier and faster looting of their natural resources.

    Prince Phillip even quipped that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help ‘solve’ the ‘over’ population ‘problem’. Imagine having a ‘dream’ to kill billions.

  4. John Smith is apparently unaware that there are many, many pro-lifers who are ready NOW to ADOPT abortion-threatened babies, including those who have birth defects and require special treatment, even for life!!! I would also ask him this: Your life will end some day. Just after death …. what then??? Jesus is “standing at the door” inviting you to come in to his fellowship, Rev. 3:20. Why not listen to all the words of the one who created you (get all the help you can from those who truly understand God’s word) and then obey them??? Have you ever considered that you MIGHT BE WRONG about the need to obey the words of your creator??? Why wait until you die to learn to your woe that you were wrong??? Do not concentrate on others you see who pervert God’s Word, often for personal gain. If they are hypocrites, they will be headed to the same place you are going, so WHY GO WITH THEM??? Find a Bible and read Luke 16:19-31 about the rich man and Lazarus. This will give you an insight into where you are currently headed. Search and find a congregation of those who rely ONLY UPON GOD’S WORD without any corruption by mankind and study the Bible with them. May God bless you in learning and obeying His Word!!!

  5. Hooray for the pro-life Irish!!! I would add Jer. 1:5 to the proof that life begins at the point of conception. There is a bill in the U.S. Senate right now to DEFINE LIFE AS BEGINNING AT THE POINT OF CONCEPTION!!! Do everything in your power to get this bill passed ASAP!!! Vote ONLY PRO-LIFE REPUBLICAN in upcoming elections so that we can take back the House and get this bill passed!!! SCOTUS behaved cowardly in 1973, claiming that they could not determine WHEN LIFE BEGINS and passing the buck to Congress to define it (as if they would) !!! The consequence has been the SHAMEFUL AMERICAN HOLOCAUST EXCEEDING THOSE OF HITLER, STALIN, AND MAO TSE TUNG resulting in >63 million (and counting) innocent lives taken!!! More lives of women are taken by abortion than by preserving these innocent lives!!! STOP COMPLETELY turning over >$500 million/yr of TAX PAYER DOLLARS to PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and use these dollars for RESEARCH by American Medical Research to better understand more completely any effects on mothers of the birthing process. Planned Parenthood focuses only on enriching their coffers, instead of providing health care for mothers and their offspring.

  6. Manning a pro-life barricade as the pro choice folks yelled and hurled insults at us, I faced a big lawyer who mocked me and seemed very curious about why I believed as I did.

    “You mean to say you never approve abortion in any case!?” He laughed disbelieving. For a moment, I tried to be quiet as he showed his contempt.

    “Well, I might approve one category “I said.

    What? “ he asked delighted

    “If we could make it retroactive in your case,”I said. I can still hear his roar of laughter.

  7. I had a comment on here, but it got taken down because I posed an opposing opinion that pointed out the deep contradictions and hypocrisies in the anti-abortion movement. Guess we mustn’t allow any challenges to the self-righteous anti-abortion opinion be aired lest the faithful be “triggered” and begin to question the true motives of their leadrrrship.

  8. This is awesome courage and establishes a level of sanity that has has been completely lost in the USA.
    (Ala Planned Parenthood murderers for profit with government taxpayers money) “If God in Heaven doesn’t judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gemorah”. Billy Graham

  9. I have to say something here. My mom was raped by her biological father at 15, in 1960. She gave birth to a “blue” baby, that died 24 hours after birth. An autopsy confirmed that since the baby was born through incest, it’s internal organs developed in the chest backwards, which is why the baby never got enough oxygen. Legalized abortion could have prevented it from happening

    • No one could have called what happened to your Mom’s incest child…it could have been born normal as well, no one knows.

  10. It is time to end this sacrilegious act of abortion. A fetus is a living human being created by God and abortion is the MURDER of this baby. The time to prevent a pregnancy is before intercourse. If you don’t want a baby, stop screwing around. Simple as that. If you do get pregnant, there is always adoption. As far as incest or rape, the baby is not to blame and does not deserve to die. We are not supposed to play God. Give the baby up for adoption.
    Abortion needs to stop and it is time for we the people in the U.S.A. to step up to the challenge. Shame, shame, shame on the pro-abortionists.

  11. Well if it’s mostly democrats who have the abortions then wouldn’t it be just one less liberal to deal with later down the line? You would think that they (democrats) would just keep pumping the babies out just to have one more vote for their causes and socialist agenda. I’m not saying that abortion is right but for these liberals I can make that exception. Just saying the last thing America needs is another AOC.

  12. John Smith, I think it’s you who is the idiot. Whether or not you like it, the USA has murdered over 50 million unborn children. That’s an atrocity as great as what Germany, Russia, and China have done.

  13. John Smith have you consider leaving the planet? It appears not only are you dumb. You are also cruel and support the Killing of babies by the painful death of abortion.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  14. You are absolutely right, it is pure murder to take an innocent life that can’t defend it’s self, when is America going to stand up and say no more before God sends judgement on this nation, and believe you me it’s coming, when are the Christians going to start fighting against this, we have been silent long enough, keep printing your articles on this, I am praying all the time that something will be done in Washington to stop this, President Trump is trying to, but the demonRats won’t let him, they are fighting him all the way, every baby’s that’s murdered, it’s blood is on their hands and judgement day is coming!

  15. Not one -NOT ONE- of these “brave” hypocrites will step forward, though, to shelter all the women experiencing incest, rape by men who aren’t vasectomied, or to adopt all the unwanted babies.
    I propose that, to end the abortion issue, both Ireland and America enact the following rules: 1) All males are given state-subsidized reversible vasectomies at the age of 16. Reverse surgery will be allowed only after the age of 22, with proof of no felonies or drug convictions for the previous five years; proof of completion of high school or a GED; proof of steady gainful employment for at least the previous three years; no evidence of active substance abuse or psychiatric diagnosis, and a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!!! and 2), every anti-abortion activist must be given permission to protest, granted upon agreeing that the protestor will never seek an abortion themselves (or encourage a girlfriend or wife to do so), and that the protestor agrees to adopt unwanted fetuses otherwise scheduled for abortion, in whatever number is needed to prevent any abortions from happening. Now THAT will fix the “abortion problem” quickly, one way or the other!

  16. Well then Mr. Smith if you believe we are overpopulated and running out of resources then please do us all a favor as Mr. Scrouge once advised and decrease the surface population this season by ending your life. Now I say this only to point out your hypocrisy and love of self as you obviously deem yourself to be so needed by the rest of us and much too important of a human being for some bizarre reason. I feel sorry for you Mr. Smith. May God have mercy on your soul as there is always time to find Him before you pass on.

  17. What is a true abomination is that “some woman” are too lazy and inconvenienced to take any contraception which, BTW are certainly available, but not to self, preoccupied to have an abortion! In devaluing the child they conceived and now carry, they also devalue all life, including their own.
    The time will come when they are old and ill. Their life value will be seen by others as diminished and valueless. By their own diminished values, concerning life in general, they will have condemned themselves to be “aborted” from life and society for the convenience of others. That will be true irony!

  18. I am not suprised that the liberal faction of the UK government has passed this atrocity. Hooray to the god-fearing medical workers who stand up for their beliefs. I only wish that the Americans did the same. As a pharmacist I would not fill any medicine that would cause an abortion which is why I worked as a hospice pharmacist and also in a men’s prison

  19. Good I wish they would do that here but the liberals rule this country we have no say anymore without trump I don’t know how this country would survive 💥

  20. I applaud these people for being part of this RIGHTEOUS cause. Abortion is an ABOMINATION as per Proverbs 6:17 (taking of INNOCENT life) which is WORSE than SIN, and needs to be STOPPED. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  21. Not only is the horror of abortion the taking of a life of an innocent child, but it promotes and furthers the abuse of women, human trafficking, incest, deplorable immorality and the great damage to a society that desires healthy and moral families.
    Many women have died from abortion and the brainwashing lies of those who say they have not been harmed is a great deceit. Husbands and children also suffer the great consequences of this inhuman act. Yes, there are hard situations that need compassion and love. Evil is never the answer to evil. May love of God and the family triumph over this travesty and may God protect the health care workers who take their oath of saving lives seriously.

    • What a load of nonsense. Banning abortions promotes child abuse and stupid religions and adds to overpopulation. You are just another right wing dunce.

  22. Good for them! They have the courage of their correct convictions. Americans should do the same, and should have years ago, but too many are afraid of what the baby murderers would do to them. They should feel the fear and do it anyway. The more people who get together to do what’s right, the more chance there is of getting rid of this diabolical blight on humanity.


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